Tuesday 13 September 2016



But like everything else that attends the Houses of Parliament in this antiquated kingdom, people like Eton Dave can't just resign and let his constituents down... you know, those people who bothered to vote for him back in May last year. Those people who thought he wanted to be their MP.

So people like Dave are offered a position as a sheriff and steward of some ancient Manor that doesn't exist and whose duties are zero, but the holder of which, in the mists of time that Westminster exists in, could not be both that and an MP. And so the upshot is that, without any notice at all, they get to go, complete with pensions and what have you. (I should say that I was under the impression that it was the Queen who did this appointing lark, but it seems to have fallen to the boring bean counter, the funeral director of Downing Street. I hope the ceremony was short otherwise everyone will have fallen asleep.)

It serves Cameron right that he lost his job. He decided to offer a referendum on  the EU, which was fairly far down most people's list of worries, in order to save the Tories from their barking mad right wing Europe haters that have been a pain in all prime ministers' backsides since Heath's day.

He did it, and then told us that it could cause world war three if we voted to come out. What kind of muppet, aware of the possibility of a world war, leaves the decision that might preempt it, to  untrained, unqualified people to make at the behest of batshit mad headlines in the lurid lower organs of what passes for the press in this benighted place?

Cameron apparently.

This blog wishes him well in his retirement, as we would almost everyone. But we didn't like him. We said years ago that he would be a terrible prime minister for ordinary people, and we were right. Not half bright enough and too far removed from any notion of normality. 

As we predicted, he was not a success. He did nothing that was in anyway impressive. His legacy was supposed to be the Big Society. It is in fact the Broken Society.



  1. An article that was in the New York Times last July.


  2. And one from yesterday. At least he will be busy discharging his duties as Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead. ;-)


    1. Thanks Danny. Always interesting to see what someone else has to say about him. Although I haven't looked to see what UK papers say. I imagine they will be split along the lines of pre/anti Europe.

      I'm struggling to think of achievements of Cameron, and the only one I can think of is the one that the NYT mentioned: Equality of Marriage Rights in England. And that was done with the help of the Liberal Democrats.

  3. That's a very funny cartoon. LOL


  4. Tris

    I blogged when he resigned https://grumpyscottishman.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/cameron-a-legacy-of-shame/ that his legacy would be a legacy of shame and nothing has changed, if anything I regard him even worse and up there with Blair. Cameron had his war, or at least his getting to bomb defenseless people and children in Syria and he has left the country in more debt and in a worse state than even Brownstuff.

    We are plagued by poor PM's in this country and now have a poor mans Thatcher but probably as sneaky and as full of loathing for the poor. Cameron, like Blair, should take his money and bolt. He will be remembered for failure and for making the UK an even worse place than it was, his legacy of shame will be more austerity, more cuts and more misery. I don't wish misery on the man or his family but I don't wish him any success and hope that he stays well away.


    1. I argued years ago with Dean, when he was a Tory before, that the likes of Cameron would be a disaster as an MP because he didn't have...couldn't have the vaguest idea what it was like to live in a house that didn't have long corridors; that he couldnt imagine what it would be like to go to the local school and walk home in the rain; that he had no idea what it was like to not get a holiday this year because the car had had to be replaced, or the central heating boiler had broken.

      Never mind not being able to imagine not having enough to eat, or being hungry or not having shoes that fitted...or any at all.

      He ran the country without any of the knowledge of that and with no empathy at all.

      His big society was a joke; his choice of top advisors turned out to be catastrophic; his ministers inept and incompetent and utterly driven by ideology and not practicality or genuine need.

      He involved us in two wars (Libya and Syria) In Libya we left the place in complete turmoil, rather like we left Iraq and Afghanistan. In Syria we started off on one said and ended up on the other.

      He promised Scotland the Earth and gave it a small piece of the Gobi Desert.

      He played politics with the future of the country with Brexit, and then left others to sort his mess.

      To say he is a failure is bumming him up.

      Still he does wear smart suits, his ties are impeccable and he can stand up straight and sing GSTQ.

      That's about that. Bloody bravo. Worth the money his parents paid for him to get qualifications.