Saturday 24 September 2016


1. Morning all... hope it's a good one where you are. 
2. Wouldn't you like to be here?
3. I'm just kicking up some dust...
4. Icelandic lights.
5. It's OK, I got the little one's back.
6. Gerry's nasturtium (or at least one of them!). 
7. Grey Whale.
8. Looks like the perfect holiday location.
9. Eight pints of full cream, milkman.
10. Reminder that it's autumn.

11. Odd, I don't remember you hatching!!
12. Tay Rail Bridge.
13. I'm just keeping my beautiful eyes on things.
14. Well, have you ever tasted cattle cake?
So maybe if you had you'd prefer cat too!
15. I wonder how the water is!
16. Greenland.
17. Hello, little one.
18. Well, you have to get the last drop out of these cans.
19. Colossi of Memnon.

20. Look, I was having a lie-down and you woke me up.
So why wouldn't I look cross? 


  1. you've outdone yourself this week - some corkers. Love the little and large horses. The coos and the cats were funny and the knitted birdie with the real one - haha.

    Some lovely scenery too. If you want to see some lovely scenery and a cracking story can I recommend Scotland's Lost Meteorite on channel 4 od. Did you know that Scotland has one of the largest meteorite craters on Earth because I didn't? And Scotland used to have polar bears! Okay it was a wee while ago but still.

    1. Panda Paws, where is the crater? Would be good to have a look and see what remains of it.

    2. hi! It's at Lairg in Sutherland but it's buried under layers of rocks deposited since. So you can only detect it using hi tech equipment. However the area is spectacularly beautiful so it's worth a visit anyway.

    3. Sounds interesting... and very beautiful PP.

  2. Thanks for this.

    It is completely beautiful.

  3. A mountain featured in that programme, Stac Pollaidh, is very accessible from the road. It is small as mountains go, but well worth it for the spectacular views. It only takes an hour or so from the car on a well made path to the summit ridge. If you don't have a head for heights, leave the actual summit alone, and just go to the Eastern summit.

    1. Ah... I can't stand on a chair without getting sick.