Wednesday 10 October 2012


So,  Pa Broon asked the other day, who is your most disliked politician, and then tapped the ball in my direction.

So here I am running with it... just for a bit of fun.

Here's how it works:

You post a list of your five (5) least favourite politicians, starting at number 5 and working up to number one (1), which is the politician you dislike most intensely.

You can add a few words about why you dislike them if you wish, but you don't have to.

Anyone can join in no matter where you come from, whether within the countries of the UK or anywhere else in the world.

The politician can be from any of the UK countries, and from any of the chambers, including the European Parliament and the House of Lords in England. (UK countries do not include the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.)

You can't (please note Niko) hate Alex Salmond (or anyone else) more than once.

Also (Niko) multiple anonymous posts naming Alex Salmond as their number one hate figure will be judged with great suspicion and will cause Uncle Tris and Taz to check the IP addresses!

The survey will close on Sunday at 9pm Scottish Summer Time! (OK. I know, there is no such thing as Scottish Summer.)

At five minutes past the closing time, Tris and his army of volunteer staff will count the contributions, allotting between 1 and 5 points to each name mentioned depending on their position in each list, ie, 1 point for number 5 on the list; 5 points from number one on the list.

The electoral commission has asked Munguin to be the guarantor of the veracity of the counting teams, a position he is happy to accept (for a small consideration).

The politician picture featured is not intended in any way to indicate the blog's personal feelings in this matter, and is in place for illustration purposes only.


  1. 5. Johann Lamont

    If you're looking for charisma, you're freezing cold.

    4. Ed Balls

    Possibly the most hypocritical man in politics. Also blinks to much and is married to Yvette Cooper who is also a throbber.

    3. Ruth Davidson.

    She's a no-mark, a black hole, in political terms; a null value. She wouldn't be in this list at all except for her offensive mutterings over the last couple of days about Scottish people.

    2. Ken Mackintosh (and people who look like him.*)

    He's a liar, but worse than that, if you didn't know it, because he sounds so reasonable, you'd believe the shit that pours from his mouth.

    1. Tony Blair.

    The face of new labour, the man who turned the UK into a nation of cynics. The tories lied, hung themselves in wardrobes while masterbating and ended up in jail; you knew where you stood with them.

    Blair introduced serious professional spin into politics, an area that was already riven with lies and deceit, that duplicitous war criminal professionalised it, he successfully managed to polish a turd and got a load of people to swallow it.

    Well I didn't you pernicious toothsome little shithead, I never voted for any of your crowd and I never believed your dribblings either.

    Cheers Tris.


    * Douglas Alexander. Possibly the same person.

  2. I realise the following list is a bit retro, and it's hard to believe there are no Tories on it, but for visceral personal dislike it's terribly difficult to see past the New Labour brigade -

    5. Jim Murphy
    4. David Blunkett
    3. John Reid
    2. Tony Blair
    1. Denis MacShane

    Not even the crime of Iraq can quite eclipse the crime of being Mr Denis MacShane.

    Honourable mentions go to Liam Byrne, Alan Milburn, Ian Davidson, Brian Wilson, Nick Clegg, Margaret Curran and Tom Harris (internet troll version).

    And a special word of encouragement for Willie Rennie - just keep doing what you're doing.

  3. My list would be very retro indeed.

    5. John Tyndall

    4. Margaret Thatcher: Only fourth?

    Read on...

    3. Nick Griffin

    2. Tony Blair

    1. Ian "Ah'll gie ye a doin"


    Bullies, the lot of them

  4. Morning guys.

    Thank you for your contributions, retro and otherwise.

    Thus far I'm surprised at the variety, at the same time as noting that there isn't one name there (and that includes supplementaries, James and Pa!) that made me think... "oh, how strange".

    I should add that I may have been wrong to restrict the choice to 5!!

    The other notable point so far is that there is only one name that occurs on all three lists. Hmmm.

  5. I think the restriction is good, it focuses the mind.

    Tony Blair being the common factor is interesting, I think on balance, the damage he did more than eclipses any of the facile nonsense the current crop of fannies do/did/are doing.

    Looking at other people's lists, I know I'll kick myself for missing names out (Davidson for example, the peerless labour knuckle-dragger,) but lets be honest, you could easily list 50 or 100 that you wouldn't trust with a blunt edge or the church petty cash.

  6. I'll refrain from making comments on why I'm putting them on this list.

    5. Margaret Thatcher
    4. Johann Lamont
    3. Ruth Davidson
    2. Douglas Alexander
    1. Danny Alexander

    I have a number of other ones but I think that's fine for now.

  7. Pa broon so uncouth still a Nat no doubt

    my nomination is Alex Salmond and his obsession with 16 and 17 year olds voting .

    Seems a bit to jimmy savilleish
    to me :D


  8. 1 Ian Davidson
    2 Margaret Curran
    3 Jim Murphy
    4 John Reid
    5 Tony Blair

    I was going to include Thatcher but she was not hypocritical in the same way as those mentioned. They have all dragged the Labour party not just into the gutter but into the sewer. Thank goodness for Cathy!!!! Tris's system being a tad complicated for a simple chap like me I should point out that the least likeable is at number 5.

  9. 1.Ian Davison
    2.Jim Murphy
    3.John Reid

    All 3 are disgusting repugnant individuals where party/self comes before anything else.

    4.Gordon Brown

    For harming many millions of people across the world in crawling to the bankers.

    5.Tony Blair

    For harming many millions of people across the world in his waremongering and other corrupt deals.

    1. Oh! Come on there is some good in every person

  10. Funny how Cameron has AGREED to 16/17 year olds getting the vote then isn't it Anon?

    If there is good in every person Anon why don't you start by taking the names suggested already and give us a list of THESE names and examples of the good in each of them, always assuming you can find the "good" in each of them.

    I'll get back yo you later Tris with my top five, trouble is there are SO many to choose from it may take a while. :D

  11. Theeforsakenone: Hi there, and thanks for that contribution, interestingly the first not to include Tony B£air!

  12. So Niko, I mean Anonymous, what about the rest of the nominations. Just Alex Salmond isn't enough.

    And I can't help feeling that there is a certain irony in referring to Pa as "uncouth" and then going on to suggest a connection between the first minister and paedophile of repute.

    Oh and Niko, I seem to remember that both the Liberals and Labour were keen enough on "courting" 16 and 17 year olds as potential voters.

  13. Right John, I see what you mean about it being too complicated for you? You got it round the wrong way!


    Still, I agree with your choice!


  14. Indeed there is good in everyone, Anon, and I try hard to see it.

    For example, for all we know maybe Spud Murphy helps old ladies cross roads...

  15. Worst to 'least' worse.

    1. Thatcher. I lived through her reign of destruction. Enough said.

    2. Blair. Another warmonger.

    3. Forsyth. Thatchers disgusting little Scottish pet. A sick excuse for a Scotsman

    4. Lamont. A traitor to her so called 'class' and country.

    5. Baillie. A Shadow Health Minister who is the size of a sofa, yet has the nerve to discuss 'health' issues. And she's another self-serving traiterous lapdog.

    That'll do for now. :-)

  16. Arbroath, Anon is just Niko with a frock on!

    Take your time finding the right ones from the hundreds available to you.

  17. Thanks Juteman...

    I think one day Baillie will be the leaders, don't you?

  18. CH... I hadn't realised that Davison was so unpopular.

  19. I don't think you'll see a challenge to Lamont before the Referendum, Tris.
    I would think any candidate with sense, will wait to see the result. If, as i hope, it's a YES, then anyone who was a vocal Unionist is finished in any future independant Scottish Labour Party.

  20. Good point Juteman...

  21. So here are my choices...

    1 Tony B£air
    2 Margaret Thatcher
    3 Douglas Alexander
    4 Johann Lamont
    5 Richard Baker

    Just like the rest of you I could have gone on and one. It pains me not to include Murphy, or Maude, or Andrew Plebman-Mitchell. Pa is right, after this week's effort Davidson should be on it. Gordon Brown who messed up pensions for millions and ruined people's old age... and then and couldn't even admit to being Scottish, should definitely figure on it...

    I don't need to explain to anyone why Thatcher and Blair are there; that's too obvious for words.

    Lamont has just sold Scottish Labour down the river to keep in with her English mates, trying out 'the something for nothing Tory speech' a couple of days before Balls announced it in England.

    Richard Baker is on the list not because he has done anything to any of us.

    He is simply offensive in his being in parliament never mind any actions. He appears to me to be a monumentally vacuous man. Just what he is doing in the shadow cabinet I have no idea, but the notion that, no matter how slim the chance, one day he may have some actual power frightens me silly.

  22. tris

    thats it muddy my good name typical typical

    my list is

    1 Alex salmond
    2 Ian paisley
    3 David Cameron
    4 Gideon Osborne
    5 John brownlie

    Thatcher. I survived her reign of destruction. (many didn't)Enough said.

    But she is a sad and battty old lady now and while hating her politics is understandable.
    she herself now is a nothing
    and not worth the energy to hate.

    And one thing for sure after Thatcher there are no partys of the left only,
    partys of the right or centre right
    politics of the left is in this era dead..

  23. tris

    Nihil est incertius vulgo, nihil obscurius voluntate hominum, nihil fallacius ratione tota comitiorum

    nuff said

  24. Has anyone ever seen Richard Baker and Duncan Hothersall in the same room at the same time?

    Just asking...

  25. 5. John Prescott
    4. Jim Murphy
    3. Gordon Broon
    2. Brian Wilson
    1. Tony Blair

    'Lord' Prescott the ultimate hypocrite. Slippery Jim Murphy for being an oily snake that talks down Scotland at every opportunity. Gordon Broon for ruining well ...everything. Brian Wilson whose relentless zeal when he's wheeled out on Labour's behalf squashing every glimmer of light in a case for independence is second to none. Tony Blair for being a murdering swine.

  26. Ahhhh Niko. Blacken YOUR name...surely no one could!

    I see you've added the arch unionist Paisley to your list. Isn't he dead? Not that you can't have dead ones of course.

    I agree with you about Thatcher not being worth hate, but this is only dislike.

    Heaven knows what John Brownlie's going to do you next time he sees you!!!! Right next to Gideon Osborne.... ouch!

  27. Cicero knew a thing or two about politics..of that there is no doubt, CH.

    I'm always impressed with Niko's classical education. Sometimes I wonder if he didn't go to Fettes along with Tory Blur.

    Aye Cameron's great idea to celebrate the START of a war that killed millions is comic genius. Just how thick can you be and still be able to operate?

  28. I'm more impressed with his copy & paste abilities.

    So many other names that could be added. Isn't it odd that we give these kinds of people positions of power.

  29. Well, yes, or that, Pa.

    I wonder why we give them positions of power. Is it because normally people who would be good at running the country wouldn't want to do it in a million years?

    Maybe we plebs are just useless when it comes to picking toffs...

    Or maybe we just don't understand them...

    They are hard to understand....

  30. This is totally off topic, but I thought it was amusing.

    Remember we were told how great the Olympics would be for business...well, it seems that this was rather like the boast that all the money spent on Willie's wedding and the Queen's jubilee would give a boost to the economy?

    And you remember how after they were over, they were Gideon's excuse for the economy growing in a negative fashion?

    In short, this was the worst summer for tourism since 2003, down 5% on last year.

    But fear ye not, they say the Games will act as a draw in the months ahead...


  31. Too difficult to pick from all the disgusting politicians who have and continue to infest the system, so only Prime Ministers -

    1. Thatcher (single-handedly killed economic development in the UK to feather the nest of her family and creepy friends - also a homicide)
    2. Blair (homicide)
    3. Teddy Heath (for reasons outside politics)
    4. Winston Churchill (homicide)
    5. H H Asquith (see Churchill)

    OT - Talking about killing people, at least our politicians are not yet as bad as some in the USA. See the second half of this article -

    "The maintenance of civil order in society rests on the foundation of family discipline. Therefore, a child who disrespects his parents must be permanently removed from society in a way that gives an example to all other children of the importance of respect for parents. The death penalty for rebellious children is not something to be taken lightly. The guidelines for administering the death penalty to rebellious children are given in Deut 21:18-21:"

    At least the geezer mentioned in the first part of the article only wants to bring back slavery!

    1. Copy and paste its knowing what to copy and paste and by whom so there

  32. Niko,

    Thanks for that - best laugh I've had in ages. I'll remember that when Cathy is the First Minister of an independent Scotland and they are looking for a Scottish President!

    With reference to Lamont's Cuts Commission I'll bet that out of self-interest the Labour party will not re-introduce dog licenses.

    1. Now thats one thing they should do licence proper dog lovers and stop nutters having dogs

      now Taz (even though he is 1m
      00 % nationalist) lives in the free lap of luxury having a warm bed and the finest food he even gets more er! much more hugs than me from Mrs Niko

  33. Oh Lordy Barney.

    These guys are pretty superb. Perhaps the first one should be reminded of what Jesus did to the money lenders!!

    The second one is obviously mentally deranged. There's probably a place in the Tory party for him.

  34. Hello Elizabeth... Welcome to Munguin's Republic.

    LOL I'd forgotten about the repulsive Brian much so that I couldn't remember who he was. But he's the nuclear blokey, isn't he?

    And Prescott... yuk. (I'm only taking the title for my wife. Pity he didn't think about his wife when he was having connubial relations with his secretary...)

  35. John. I wondered how long it would be before Cathy got another mention.

    Niko for President. Munguin' Republic will run a campaign!

  36. Monty: A first mention for Clegg I think (surprising) and Harman (amazing). Vaz is disgusting too.

    Lord it's so hard to pick the worst out off this bad bunch.

  37. hi tris

    Harman is like a chameleon and changes her colours to suit the prevailing conditions. A real piece of work.

    I think I boo boo'd with the list and put Tony down as 'murderer' and 'psycopath' I hereby withdraw these allegations and say 'alleged' as he hasn't been tried in any court.
    Could you remove my previous post please. ( wise in the current climate )

    So many to choose from so I'll just not think about it and do it quickly...

    5.Nick Clegg..euro sell out,liar and Dave's gofor.

    4.Keith Vaz..slippery and untrustworthy and always sounds so sickeningly sincere

    3.Dave Cameron..liar in my opinion.

    2. Harriet perfect personification of evil.

    1.Tony Blair..alleged murderer and psycopath.

  38. My five are:

    5. Nick Clegg (turncoat & Hypocrite)

    4. Johann Lamont(English labour poodle)

    3. David Cameron (head of an incompetent & agenda led government)

    2. Gordon Brown (ruined the Labour Party & the economy)

    1. Tony Blair (warmonger et al.)

  39. You can always tell some ones character by the company they keep Harriet is wed to that untrustworthy gobshite Jack ( I am alright ) dromey

    that tells you everything

  40. Niko,

    I think you're on the verge of coming out of the unionist closet - can you feel the fresh air blowing in from outside?

  41. Monty:

    Post removed as requested. You know that you can remove your own posts, by clicking on the dustbin at the bottom of the post?

    I think we can reasonably say that B£air is a murderer. He sent troops in to change regime in Iraq on the most flimsy evidence which surely any investigation would have shown to be out of date and revenge driven. He refused to allow a respected weapons team to complete their investigations, and because he wanted to hurt Saddam (or to please his boss in America and buy himself a congressional medal) he allowed British troops/planes/bombs to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

    Not a huge amount of doubt about that then.

    But yes; there is a worrying trend of being not allowed to say nasty things about people.

    No one would deny that it was tasteless in the extreme to wander about Manchester wearing a T shirt gloating at the death of a policeman, but I didn't realise that it was an imprisonable offense. No one would deny that saying unpleasant things about a kid who has been abducted was tasteless, but again, hardly the kind of thing you put people in prison for in a western style democracy. No one would deny that it was childish for someone to make comments about Tom Daley's dad being disappointed in him only getting a bronze medal, but it's hardly illegal...or you wouldn't have thought so.

    It does seem however to be perfectly legal to swear at the police if you're a posh fat cat Tory minister, with a reputation for unpleasantness, despite all the benefits of the best education money can buy.

    Fortunately there seems so far to be no diminution of the right to free speech in Scotland. So Niko, you will be alright.

    And I might add that if Blair took offense to everyone who called him a lying murdering bastard, he'd spend the rest of his life in litigation... probably starting off with ian Hyslop and Private Eye...

  42. No surprises there Munguin, except maybe Wee Wullie Whatisname from the Scottish Liberals is missing from your list (and everyone else's).

    Could it be that everyone likes him... or is it that we all just forgot about him?

  43. In fairness Niko, he is better looking than you.

    Have you ever thought that Mrs Niko may prefer his politics?

    And as for Dromey... amazing. He's even thicker than 5 short planks...Harry's bit of rough.

    She is related to aristocracy after all.

  44. john: Niko's positioning himself for when we win.

    In case Taz is the first president.

  45. Holebender: Sorry, I seem to have missed you comment there, amongst so many. :¬))

    You have a point. But let's be honest, would you want to see them together?

  46. Sorry Tris I'm still having trouble picking my top, or should that be bottom, five. Any way for the moment I think I'll settle on these five.

    1. Cameron

    This is a late change to the line up, caused by his incomprehensibly ludicrous idea that we should all be CELEBRATING the START of WWI like we did with the queen's golden jubilee.


    For just being the slimy, conniving, lying, nasty piece of warmongering work that he is.


    I think this says all that needs to be said about Brown.


    He is included for his thuggish appearance and attitude and two faced hypocrisy.

    5.Davidson (Ian AND Ruth)

    Sorry Tris I've cheated here.

    Davidson I. is included for being the biggest thug of all time in the HoC.

    Davidson R. is included for being the nastiest piece of work to hold anti Scottish views and air them in public for some time.

    Hope you let me get away with the doubling up of number 5. :lol

    As others have said there are SO many others that could be included we are all spoilt for choice. :D

  47. Cheers tris..
    Getting used to this blogger ;)
    Yes it's amazing how much of our freedoms have been removed in the last few years.
    If someone had told me I could be in jail for wearing an 'offensive' t shirt or saying what's on my mind, just a few years ago, I'd have thought they were barking mad.
    But we're here now unfortunately.

  48. Wee Wullie whatsisname the leader of the Lib Dem erherm "Group" is missing because he and they are just sucj a toatl irrelevance its not worth giving him one of the five spaces (Ruth to by the way)

  49. I suspected as much, Munguin.

  50. Looking at the top photo, i wonder if the Spitting Image folk knew what was going on at the BBC?
    The puppet is surely an amalgamation of Thatcher and Saville?
    After all, Saville was a major contributor to the Tory party, and a friend of Thatcher.

  51. How could have I forgotten Paisley?

    Juteman: The rumours I heard about Savile was he was into necrophilia, hence working in hospitals as a porter.

    The rumours I heard about Thatcher are just too disgusting to repeat...

  52. "The rumours I heard about Thatcher are just too disgusting to repeat"

    Surely not. A Dundee Utd supporter?:-(

  53. What's all this then....? Indeed!

  54. Euch Conan...

    Actually I ask myself about Paisley as well. Or indeed Mrs Robinson, who also, it seems, liked them young!

  55. I liked Mrs Robinson when I was nine-teen. As for Wee Wullie I feel a bit sorry for him. He seems like a nice guy who is quite bewildered by being promoted into a position beyond his capabilities. You also have to wonder how many deaths Paisley and his opposition caused by their rhetoric.

  56. Ah, but which mrs Robinson, John?

    Was it that mrs Robinson that was president of Ireland, and who went on to work with refugees (cocking a snoot at mrs Thatcher who went on to do nothing ...except make money... saying that once you have been prime minister of Great Britain anything else is a demotion!)?

    Or was it Mrs Robinson from that film with Dustin Hoffman?

    Or was it the one who was an MP, AM and councillor, taking her salary and full expenses, and still doing deals on the side, and who got off with a lad young enough to be her grandson, and vulnerable because he had just lost his father...?

    I suppose there ARE other Mrs Robinsons in the world, are there?

    Yes Willie Whatsit is out of his depth, but it such a waste. He could be making a difference; instead he apes mrs Lamont's visceral hatred of everything the SNP does, just like Tavish did before him.

    Paisley was a bigot, and bigots in power bring nothing but misery. Yes, I wonder too how many people's deaths he was responsible for. Every bit as bad as the other side.

  57. 5. Ian Lang ( Thatchers Ass Kisser )
    4. Jack McConnel ( Tory )
    3. Jim Wallace ( Unionist Wanker )
    2. Johan lamont ( Cow )
    1. Thatcher ( as a teen watched that bitch destroy the dignity and self esteem of my Dad )

  58. Oh Lord Anon...

    I'd forgotten about that slimey tosser Ian Lang.

    I saw him give an interview for Thatcher's life story, and couldn't believe how incredibly greasy he was.

    Another one in the House of Peers!

  59. OK... Tis done.

    All I need is to total them up, and then I will post the winner and runners up...

    Arbroath... Of course I don't mind you cheating... I gave both the Davidson's a point for you.

  60. Thanks to everyone who took part in this bit of fun (and opportunity to say agreeably nasty things about people we dislike):

    The winner by a mile was Tony Blair who was mentioned 13 times and had a total of 56 points.

    So, well done, Tony. To add to your congressional medal you can be proud of being head shoulders and torso above every other politician in the UK in the Munguin’s Republic’s Roundly Disliked stakes.

    Doubtless Tony will be happy that the runner up, a good way behind with a mere 22 points in 6 mentions, was his friend and mentor, Mrs Thatcher.

    Not surprisingly David Cameron trots in third with 14 points in 4 mentions, closely followed by his new fan Johann Lamont with a respectable 13 points from 6 mentions.

    In 5th= place we have the ever charmless Gordon North Britain Brown, probably Britain’s worst prime minister since Tony Blair, excepting, of course, the present dipstick. Gordon has 12 points in four mentions as does Ian “Doin” Davidson, so well done to you both. You more or less deserve each other.

    John Reid on 10 (with 3 votes) comes equal 7th with Jim Murphy, who took 4 votes to make his score. They are followed at 9th= by Ruth Davidson on 7 points from 3 votes and Wendy Alexander’s brother, wee Dougie, with 7 points from 2 votes!

    Just outside the top ten are Dennis McShane with 5 points from a sole voter...(bet you’re pleased ,James)...and Alex Salmond, who also got one vote and 5 points (bet you’re pleased, Niko).

    The rest are also rans... except, I have to say, for John Brownlie, who managed to get one vote and one point, without actually being a politician.

    Well done, John!