Wednesday 24 October 2012


Arbroath has let me know that the BBC is looking for people to make up an audience for a referendum debate on the 5th November from 6 pm. (Interesting that they have chosen that date and that time for a debate, more or less guaranteeing that anyone with kids will not be available to take part, but also reminding us that this is Guy Fawkes night, a night when, in 1605, a group of people attempted to blow up the House of Lords at the state opening of the English parliament.)

In order to create the impression of political balance the BBC ask you to disclose your political affiliation, if any, when applying for tickets. Further details here.


  1. Is the debate in Glasgow ? Get as many people as possible to apply ( as lifelong labour voters) then don't turn up. That will leave a couple of SNP supporters in the audience.

  2. I here they are gonna do alex for misuse/improper use of public funds
    And misleading parliament yep may get his resignation yet.

    Seeing as Alex is attempting to. Blow our sacred union apart the 5 nov is entirely. Appropriate. Oh. Yes indeedy
    Monty. Inherited my labour. Allegiance from. Me father andhe. From. His.

  3. 3 generations of servitude to your betters in that London Nikolai ?
    Take a bow.
    You must be very proud ;)

  4. I see Niko has gone all dotty again Tris.
    Seeing as he is so dotty does ATOS know about his computer "skills"?
    I'm sure they will be able to have him transferred off his disability benefit onto job seekers in no time at all.

  5. Here's a thought about the application for the "debate" Tris.

    When applying to be an audience member "Think Unionist", "answer unionist".

    When putting your question "Think unionist" but take your real question with you in case you are one of the "lucky" ones to get a chance to ask "your" question.

    Can you imagine the chaos you could create by asking your real question as opposed to the question they were geared up for you to ask?

    Evil I know but hey we are talking about the BBC here and as they regularly show anything goes. It's all fair in love and war.

  6. Ha ha... Monty. They haven't said where it is. Clever, huh?

  7. Poor old Niko, Arbroath. Multiple personalities... delusions of something or other...

    It's our duty to look after him!

  8. Imagine, Monty...

    His grandad must have been a Labour guy when they were socialists...

  9. The state that the BBC is in at the moment, Arbroath, who knows! They probably wouldn't notice.

    They are all too worried they are going to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting Savile and his underage girls.

  10. I'm very suspicious of the fact that Guido and Niko end in "o" - could they by any chance be related?

    Carried out a straw-poll in the pub last night - all SNP apart from a Rangers supporter who thinks that the sale of Union Jacks outside Ibrox means they are part of the No campaign. They all confessed that, despite them representing the "Highland and Islands" none of them had heard of the two who resigned.

    I understand that there was an SNP convention that list MSPs who resigned from the party resigned from Parliament but obviously these two's principles did not extend that far.

  11. so Arbroath likes to attack people with disability's no surprise there.
    bet she just love to push me wheely chair over and punch me in the face


    most of them down your pub hadn't heard of Alex salmond they thought he was a salesman for John west so they did.

    Just love the way you lot turn like maddening beast on your erstwhile comrades.
    You can never ever be allowed nay real power over people in a nation
    god alone knows what you would do to any opposition,

    luckily i sleep wid a baseball bat under me bed

  12. Oh dear Niko's hit the bottle again, no surprise there then.

    As usual Niko I post ONE thing and you, through the bottom of your glass see something completely different.

    Don't worry Niko I will NEVER punch you in the face, I have standards and fortunately for you you are far BELOW the standard required to be met before I consider punching any one in the face, or any where else for that matter!

    I know unionists don't have ANY standards but hey that's the burden they have to bear, at least we DO have standards and it is because of OUR standards that Scotland WILL be Independent in 2014. Just make sure the door is shut behind you Niko when you leave. You be able to see if it is 'cause all our lights will still be on using up all our excess electricity that we used to sell to England but come 2014 they will not be able to afford to buy it!

  13. Hmmm... That means that Bozo might be related too, John.

    I think a lot of these list MSPs just turn up for the debates. There are certainly a few that do stuff. We've a Labour one here Jenny Mara who's never off the tele or out of the newspapers. Sometimes she's following up sensible stuff, like the train fares. On other occasions it's a load of criticising Dundee City Council for the state of the tennis courts and demanding that money be spent on them. Not to mention getting Mrs Murray involved.

    Tennis... Dundee... priority ...not...a (Sort these words into a sensible sentence Ms Mara.)

    But she obviously is getting herself noticed, and like Shona Robison before her, may well go on to greater things.

    Others, it seems, particularly the older ones, may be inclined to have a very low profile role, at £55,000 a year.

    It would suit me.

    I didn't know about that convention, John. But it makes sense.

  14. I wouldn't blame Arbroath if she wanted to push it over a cliff, Niko. :)

    Mrs Niko told Taz who told me that the baseball bat is at her side of the bed, and she uses it on occasions when you get frisky in the middle of the night...which might explain quite a lot.

  15. I doubt i that would be much good to Mrs Niko, CH. The baseball bat is far more effective. Whack!

  16. No point in reasoning with Niko, Arbroath. The baseball bat is definitely the answer.

  17. Niko,

    Fret not, dear friend, as a Wee Free Buddist I am not into violence despite the obvious temptation.

    Would love to see you at the referendum date but Mrs Niko told me, again in the strictest confidence at the bingo, along with Big Elsie and Senga, that your littlesecret is safe with us.

    I thought it was very rude of Senga and Elsie to fall about laughing when we discussed your little problem but I managed, our of respect, to keep a straight face even though my corsets were killing me.

  18. I realise that it was strictest confidence stuff John, but, if you tell me I promise not to tell anyone else... Go on, you know you want to...

  19. Arbroath 1320

    Has got STANDARDS Gawd help us all sticky up nosey obviously one of your upwardly mobile Nats.
    Heard about Nicolas 200 grand a year and figgers that what she wants too.

    Aint been pished for three weeks whereupon some patio decking got burnt two patio chairs got broke somebody fell down the stairs and smashed the banisters.....and i wuz drinking neat a bottle of jack Daniels glug glug glug....
    one of the girls fell flat on her face and had to be carried home

    the following day Mrs Niko and friends had a right old moan and we wuz told next time a meal and a quiet drink.

  20. So, all this it could take years rubbish was an invention?

    Mind you, the can't count badgers; the didn't know that London was hosting the Olympics and they didn't realise that the weather in an English summer can be changeable.

    So why would they know the difference between a few weeks and 10 years?

  21. Geeeez Niko.

    At your age a meal and a quiet drink should be enough...

    You really can't go falling down stairs; you could break a hip...

  22. Holy smokes Tris, these unionists are really going into panic mode these days. They are spinning so fast that if they are not careful they'll knock the earth off its axis!

    They have finally woken up to the fact that they are on the verge of losing their favourite nuke toys.

    Don't you feel sorry for these unionists. They have al these nukes an they are about to be in a situation where they have no where to put them. rUK could soon be in a nuclear free zone for up to twenty years or so.

    Gosh what ARE they going to do?

  23. Arbroath:

    "However, the construction of replacement facilities south of the Border could take up to 20 years, they said,..."


    "Devonport in Plymouth has too large a population in the surrounding area to safely store nuclear warheads, MPs said, while the approach to the Barrow naval base in Cumbria is too shallow for the submarines to regularly dock."

    AND GLASGOW DOESN'T?...(or is it that they are only Scots).

    What this is all about it Britain's right to sit at the top table and make decisions on how the rest of the world is run (presumably reflecting the sterling job that Britain makes of running Britain!!!)

    It's about the imagined importance of a few top people, and it's only going to cost £100 billion, while the rest of the country tumbles down around our heads.

    I see ian Davidson had something to say. I wonder if he will relocate to his beloved London in 2015.

    Who needs nuclear weapons when you have him to give his "doings" all over the place?

  24. FEAR!

    This is what it's all about Tris.

    They,Westminster, are TERRIFIED that by having to remove their little collection of "toys" from Faslane and Coulport they will lose their oft mentioned "seat at the top table" because they will have no where to put their "toys" and will therefore no longer be a nuclear armed nation.

    Their fear of losing their nuke toys for around twenty years is quite obviously giving them all a lot of sleepless nights. More over they are also terrified that having lost their nuke toys for twenty years or so they are extremely fearful that they will not be allowed to get them back at any point in the future.

    In other words they are terrified beyond belief that they will have the join the BIG club. That is the club of countries WITHOUT nuke toys. In this club they just become another nobody. Now we can't have that now can we?

  25. Well, that's certainly a part of it, Arbroath. However, I suspect that, because the USA needs a dummy to follow it blindly, the President will insist that the UK, or RUK will be allowed to stay at the top table.

    I noticed that Cameron made a complete idiot of himself when he indicated that the loss of a couple of MSPs (who will continue to follow the party line), and a misunderstanding about the EU caused by Labour 'mishearing' the FM's answers to Brillo, meant that the independence movement was finished.

    It wasn't a good day... no one would deny that, but for heaven's sake, has Cameron had ANY good days since he came to power?

    Thought not.

    Well that's right wing philosophy buggered...

  26. Arbroath

    Being NATO Guarantees cover under the nuclear umbrella and of course NATO has a first strike .

    which means NATO will nuke the hell out of any of our enemies hooray.
    and having the capability to travel thousand of miles isnt really relevant where they are stationed.

    not forgetting our luvlly nuclear submarines.

    BOOM just flattened a city wid the new Nuke which was paid for from the saving the Nuke nations. Saved from allowing the Scottish defence force to carry out the non nuclear operations like sending in ground troops to pacify any survivors.

  27. tris

    'mishearing' slavish devotion is one thing but wilful misrepresentations of the known facts is another.

    Me I am happy to let the Scottish people decide on what was actually said.

  28. When Labour was a socialist party Niko, were you against WMDs too?

  29. tris

    I have always always been a nuclear lover ever since i read me first Asimov.

  30. I see Niko... a sci-fi man are you?

  31. LOL @ ch Brilliantly portrayed.

  32. Oops Niko has come full circle back to the beginning AGAIN!

    NATO has FIRST stike.
    To which the FIRST question is WHO is going to be the FIRST target?

    It looks like that "lovely" nuke umbrella will be getting a darn sight smaller in a few years then Niko. Once Scotland kicks Westminster's nukes out and there is no where else for them to go then it looks like rUK is joining the "Nuke Free" club!