Sunday 28 October 2012


OK, I know they are a day late, so shoot me!
Forward indeed, young man
Conference Time
And here comes David Cameron, no wait, David Steele, oh well, here comes someone
Meanwhile Johann's first shadow cabinet meeting is going off the rails
And this fellow shows that there is one rule for them and one rule for us. Ever thus under the Tories...
...Who are doing a nice job of governing Britain, as can be seen by teh number of loyal supporters
This fellow doesn't seem to want to be part of the mass demonstration above, preferring to make his point quietly
And people all over Britain who are not ashamed to be who they are, Mr Mitchell.
And who wouldn't say that at his age... actually, can you imagine all these sweeties mmmmmm
Cleanliness is next to godliness, and we are very godly
Click on this (and all the others) to make them bigger.
What was Whatshisname saying about getting the facts and the figures?

Well here's some more for you SoS.


  1. All very funny pics, but totally fails to make any case at all.

    So lets apply some scrutiny here:

    1. Under SNP plans, we'd have separation of fiscal policy (but not monetary policy)

    Does it make sense to have a competitor, foreign, nation control your monetary policy? Further, does it make sense to separate fiscal and monetary powers in a single currency? The answer to both is 'no'.

    2. No nuclear, but in NATO

    So you'd not have nukes, but you would be in a pro-nuke club? And as the rules of NATO make clear, you'd also have to legally give safe harbour to allied nuclear vessels in need of repair, rec time etc?

    Isn't this like having a no knife policy in a street gang?

    No sense whatsoever.

    3. EU membership

    Except they haven't asked the commission what the position for Scotland and rumpUK would be vis-a-vis EU membership ... So they don't know, haven't asked, but still talk as if they have the answers ... there is a word for that kind of behaviour you know...

    That is enough to be getting on with. SNP = making it all up as they go along.

  2. Well, they weren't supposed to make any case Dean. It's the weekend and I just put up some funny pics I've seen in the week. Besides which I managed to catch a stinking cold yesterday and I've been up all night, so I'm not really up to making cohesive arguments.

    But hey, I'll try...

    Finance ...well, in the EU countries like Germany and Finland remain separate, but share the same currency. This doesn't work when the two countries are poles apart in productivity, Germany and Greece, but it works perfectly alright between Germany and Austria, for example. As Scotland and Ruk have approximately the same kind of productivity, it could work well.

    On Nato, I personally would have preferred to stay out, but Scotland would only be like most members of the alliance. Only France and England have WMDs.

    Of course no one will ever use them, and England only gives American missiles a home (and pays for them) to stay in the top boys club.

    BUT, one of my big worries about having them 50 miles from Glasgow is the local danger. I see that the English have said NO to having them at Devonport because there are too many people nearby.

    Glasgow clearly does not constitute too many people.

    There is a precedent for assuming Scotland would remain in the EU as I have explained before. Barroso has said that as EU citizens we have rights... they wouldn't chuck people out. Alex Salmond has listed the people both in Scotland and in Brussels who have indicated this.

    When the EU rules on it we will know for certain. That official ruling couldn't be given, despite what Moore said, until the Edinburgh agreement was signed, presumably because the EU couldn't talk to a "region" who had no permission from the "government" to hold a referendum.

    At the very worst, which I cannot believe will happen, no one seriously thinks that we wouldn't be allowed to join. And as for being forced to join the Euro... Not till the fiscal indicators lined up. And that would take forever, as we all know, particularly with the € in its current state.

    Sorry if that is a little muddled.... mea culpa. My head isn't working. :)

  3. BTW, I see that the british government has said that the figures don't add up... But the british government doesn't have a very good record on figures, so perhaps Moore would have been wise to skirt around figures...

    ...lest someone say...West Coast trains, or How many badgers were there? to name but two recent cock ups involving figures...

  4. tris shoot you happy to oblige

    bang bang

    Brownlie is the one with the starting Gun so he is.

    what a turncoat

  5. Where you get that photo of me, Niko?

    I thought it was only me mammy that had that one.

    John Brownlie ... a turncoat. You can't be serious? Can you?

  6. Tris

    A quick laugh to cheer you up since you are feeling unwell. London Labour has released details of a poll where Lamont is seen as "authentic" and "honest". The poll must have been round John Smith House.

    Its in todays Daily Record sister paper the Herald, they must be the only paper who do not do irony.

  7. yay.... thanks Dubs...

    There's nothing like self delusion in others to cheer a laddie up when he feels a bit under the weather .

    Cheers mate!

  8. I don't think it matters what side of the fence you sit on, we should all be able to laugh at politicians of all parties no matter what party we support. Thanks for letting us see the funny side of the debate. Looking forward to the next installment.

  9. Effiedeans: Yes, I agree that laughing at them is important. Even with all the laughs (and this is peanuts to "The News Quiz" or "have i got News for You"!... and "In the Loop"), they still strut around full of self importance, refusing to let us see their expenses, demanding first class travel, getting round the new rules by letting out their houses to each other...

    So it's important to bring them down a peg or two, just to remind ourselves (and them if they dain to watch, listen or read) that actually, they are just like the rest of us, and some of them (from all corners) are pretty pathetic, just like the rest of us.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it... I save all the ones I see during the week and usually put them out on Saturday... Stay tuned! :)

  10. Dubs

    Comment of the week

    John H Burns:
    "October 23 will always be known as a watershed in Scottish politics - Salmond will never again be believed."
    Political timeline

    Iain MacWhirter
    Salmond has lost face defending the indefinable

    It is simply not possible to reconcile what the First Minister, Alex Salmond, said to Andrew Neil in the now infamous Sunday Politics interview in March, and what the Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said in her statement in the Scottish Parliament this week.

    Oh well! every politician has shelf life

    Still you nats can make up a funny cartoon or even distort a Campaign slogan.
    We will get on with winning a positive yes to the Unted Kingdom

  11. I'm not sure that it is impossible to reconcile what the two people said.

    If anyone bothered to listen to the explanation. Which they more or less did.

    Alex may appear damaged, but in fact that's only because the press and the unionist parties have spun the myth that he was actually lying instead of being clever with the truth.

    There will be a decision made on whether or not the FM did mislead with what he said, by parliamentary standards.

    Interestingly though, there are many other people of talent in the SNP should it turn out that for whatever reason, Eck is damaged.

    And Alex Salmond is one man. There are other people in the YES campaign.

    Unlike the three opposition parties who haven't actually GOT a leader right now.

    Ruth Monica Bill Davidson-Cameron is a pathetic excuse for a leader and Johann tries, bless her, but she has to READ everything she ever says... For goodness sake, if she had ANY passion at all, by now she should be speaking from the heart and reacting to the answers she gets instead of reading her second question.

    Oh and while you're there Niko. If you see her at any time, could you ask her nicely if instead of reading a whole one act play before she gets to the question, would she just remember there are other people behind her who have proper questions to ask, about their constituents' problem. So could she can it a bit.

    Actually the same goes for Ruth Romney-Davidson-Cameron.

    Poor wee Wullie Thingy didn't get a chance to ask anything this week, and Caron's nose was well out of joint.

  12. tris

    too clever by half as they say
    he lied outside with Parliament.
    so whats the point of referring hiself to independent panel of advisers.

    Oh well here is the answer

    ALEX Salmond was last night accused of attempting to rig the inquiry into his conduct after one of his investigators said that he has been “stood down” by Scotland’s most senior civil servant.

    Never mind perception is everything
    and we the people know he was lying like a toad.

    For me i dont want him to be booted out as fuehrer of the snp.
    Nah i wanna see and hear him say at the referendum conclusion.

    He has lost his fight of a life time.

  13. Dean as to No 1 Where does money come from? As to Nos 2&3 get a life I thought you had a recent education which has obviously failed you and Scotland.

    Niko see your doctor as soon as possible as you are in danger of self harm, not advised.

    Sheep to Willie "hurry up and hang up as no one is coming to rescue you, not worth the effort.

    'Clean up Scotland by binning it.'

    I see Caron was trying to smear the Yes campaign with her alleged assertions on events in Dunfermline, sad that people believe half of the guff she prints.

    This might be of interest Vince Cable and the coalition twist to the Cambridge Mafia

  14. Alex Salmond, Niko, will spend the next two years being accused of everything. There will be people in MI6 right now trying to work out if he ever met Jimmy Savile or Garry Glitter (never mind that Savile more or less lived with the thatchers every Christmas).

  15. I don't read Caon any more. You can tell in advance what she is going to say. It was what Willie said last night. Not much original thought.

    I liked this bit of the article:

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    Leon Brittan hired Clegg to work for him at the European Commission and indeed encouraged him to take up a career in politics (he didn’t quite succeed in convincing him to take up Tory politics).

    Meanwhile both Norman Lamont — Cable’s contemporary at Fitzwilliam College — and Michael Howard hired Cameron as a special adviser in the 1990s, giving the young Tory his first experience of Whitehall.

    Imagine hiring Cameron to advise you on anything other that what tie to wear for what kind of dinner. Really, the man in a numpty.

    We must have a competition on here to find a policy that he has come up with that has actually, in any way at all, worked.

  16. Niko...

    I've asked you on numerous occasions and you've never yet come up with a positive reason to say in the united kingdom. Not even one.

    You'll need to get your thinking caps on to come up with a campaign that doesn't just lie about Salmond becoming a dictatorship like North Korea, or Zombies attacking Scotland, or being kicked out of the EU (about which I have to tell you most Scots don't give a damn...nor do most English).

  17. Niko and I are the only sensible chaps here! (both unionists as it happens....)

  18. Dean,

    Do not encurage him despite the fact that the two of you support right-wing parties.

    Mrs N. told me, in the strictest of confidence at the bingo, that he is not nearly as mad as his politics and comments would suggest - unless there's a full moon when the howling can be heard as far as Westminster, terrifying the plebs and Taz.

  19. Ha ha, Dean... says who?

    Oh yeah... hmmm, well, you know what they say about self praise :) ?

  20. I've even heard him in Dundee, John. And normally nothing gets here...

    How's the weather been on the islands?

  21. The entire rammy concerning this so called EU advice issue only really proves one thing; unionists have nothing to back up their assertion that staying in the UK is the right thing to do.

    All they have is negative spin, nothing more. No cogent positive arguments, no verifiable facts or figures.

    They don't even have history or previous example on their side.

    Rennie 'offering' to listen to the SNP on more home rule, the Lib Dem's are nowhere since getting into bed with the tories (which used to think was quite brave but don't any more.) And labour, talk about trust? Labour are the most untrustworthy bunch of sheisters, and that is verifiable with previous example and history to support it.

    At least you know where you stand with the tories, they're a bunch of shits. Labour on the other hand, are slimey, slippery lying two faced hypocritical shits.

    I can't quite figure out why anyone believes the crap they're peddling, I can only assume labour rely on faith-based politics.

  22. Pa: It's true that when you haven't anything very positive to say for your own side... and let's face it, what can they offer us?... your only argument is to "dis" the other side.

    What Willie Rennie says may or may not be said in good grace... but at the end of the day his party is so small and his support likewise that it doesn't add up in numerical terms.

    I reckon that Salmond is probably prepared to listen to what anyone has to say, but the idea that the Liberals are going to be inviting the other parties to join them in discussions about what Scotland will look like post 2014, whichever way the referendum goes, is plain silly.

    If we vote no, we will get a very quick thank you present from Cameron... or whoever has replaced him... then, safe in the knowledge that independence has been put to bed for years, they will drop all manner of shit on our heads.

    Another reason why we should vote YES.