Saturday, 13 October 2012


Over the last couple of weeks I've been saving pictures for articles I thought I might write, but didn't get around to... Of course they are now out of date, and you may have seen them anyway, but in case you haven't, here they are for your delectation. As always, they can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Whit an eejit, indeed!
Morecambe and Unwise
Ah, that's quite something for a lassie from Anderston
Doubtless he thinks about it first thing in the morning until last thing at night.
Stop the world, we want to get on, to quote a weel kent phrase or saying.
As we said. whit an eejit.
Of course it is, Boris. Londoners are far more important than mere Scotchmen
Being nice to ghastly little plebs, huh? I must have blinked and missed it.
Actually, it really does suit her.
Looks like Alistair has his hand on Annabel's shoulder. I hope he won't ask her about her tartan knickers!


  1. Even a unionist like me had a chuckle at some of your captions, funny but not overly cruel. Good to see that there is humour in the debate.

  2. tris

    I found your pics an affront to freedom of speech and could be a be breach of her majesty queen of Scots peace.

    next yer be wearing a white Tshirt wid vulgar anti Unionist comments written BADLY in blue biro

    (no doubt Brownlie can help youse there)

    remember we got yer number

  3. tris

    and here is the real
    Johann Lamontwid her carry out to my place Ooeer! I say

    Johann Lamont

  4. «Alexey Fyodorovich Karamazov было третьим сынком Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov, добра землевладельца - известного в нашем заречье в его собственном дне (и все еще после того как я вспомнен среди нас) owing to его трагичная и неясная смерть, которая случились точно 13 лет тому назад, и которая я опишу в своем правильном месте.»

    I hope that that is a suitable welcome to the blog Effiedeans!

    Thanks for your kind words.

    It is obvious that unionists are just as entitled to their point of view as nationalists are to theirs.

    I can be extremely rude on occasions about some politicians, and others, and I loathe it when people lie to try to make a political point no matter how that affects other people.

    Mostly I enjoy a little humour in these discussions...

  5. Mr Brownlie has promised me, Niko, that should I ever want to write vulgar slogans on a t shirt, he will be happy to lend me his green biro.

    Taz said that if I have any problems with the spo9llink or gramar he wull hellp em. Not what like that I shal, of coarse.

    Ahhhhh... it's you that has my number, is it? So could you give over with the heavy breathing calls least after 10 o'clock.

    LOL LOL LOL...the day that Johann Lamont comes over to your place, I'll eat Mrs Niko's 'Sunday best for church' hat!!!

  6. Was that double dutch tris as after reading her blog humanity and education is something that is severely missing.

    As to your second pic 'Some mothers do have em' or 'Move over Darling' would be my initial takes, there must be better ones.

  7. It's the opening sentence of Les Freres Karamazov in Russian, CH, as effiedeans says that she reads Dostoevsky in Russian...

    I didn't read any blog though...

    'Move over Darling... oh no, wait, that was last night!' seems a good one.

  8. I remember MANY moons ago there was a club called the Tufty club. I think this group of numpties in your article should all be sent application forms for the NUMPTY club!

  9. tris

    did you mean Schnapps??? now your talking


    Throughout his career, Jeremy Hunt’s advancement somehow always seemed to involve his path crossing that of the former Virginia Bottomley, known since 2005 as Baroness Nettlestone. Now – with the help of some initial sleuthing by regular Slogger Jackie – I can offer readers a big clue: they are cousins.

  11. Signed CH, with great pleasure.

  12. Ha ha Arbroath... What a club of privilege and wealth that would be.

  13. Is that Grant Schnapps you're talking about there Niko?

  14. Wow CH, that's excellent stuff.

    'My dad worked for the NHS'... Yeah, of course he did Jeremy!

    And he managed to fiddle a contract with the British Council, and then when he messed it up he managed to fiddle another one.

    High time he was sacked.

  15. The slog blog has loads of dirt on oor Jeremy 'unt

    Just root around and wonder why Cameron keeps the worthless piece of same class flotsam.

    Answers written on the outside of a short straw.

  16. Sorry Lupus, there's TOO much space on a short straw for me to send you an answer. I am currently looking for a pin head, that might be a more acceptable amount of space which I can more easily fill. :lol

  17. Pin head and a very large nibbed pen methinks!!

  18. Crikey I forgot about the large nibbed pen.
    Thanks for reminding me Tris. :D