Friday 19 October 2012


Once upon 2 or 3 years ago our London politicians were discovered to have been stealing money from us on a massive scale. And so it came to pass that the Daily Telegraph made it its business to make the theft public.

And, because there was an election looming, all the party leaders swore that this disgusting and criminal behaviour (although they too had managed to fiddle an oversight, of course) would be stopped. 

(They even threw a few hapless idiots, that no one much liked, to the wolves and allowed the courts to sentence them to a deal less time than, in 2010, would be meted out to people who stole a bottle of water, during the time of the English riots, in a typical British "one rule for them, another for us" way.)

But, back to the tale. The authorities set up a new system of expenses and MPs were treated a tiny little bit more like "ordinary people".

But they didn't like it. Not one bit. They discovered that living like an "ordinary person"  in Britain  was pretty intolerable (second class rail fares, providing receipts, not being able to bully the staff, having to wait!) and so almost immediately after the election they began unpicking their "ordinariness".

One of the schemes they came up with was to use their taxpayer funded  homes to rent to other MPs, and to rent other properties, for which they could charge expenses. One way to make a jolly little killing. The Daily Telegraph has once more made it their business to let us know about this.

Apparently it is quite legal. And easy to do if you have the morals of an alley cat.

Step forward Liam Fox. (I hasten to add that, at the time of writing Mr Fox is only one of 27 MPs who have been implicated in this practice, but one that it is particularly satisfying to mention.)

These words come from a different time, but they are surprisingly relevant to today's situation.

"Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government.....

....In the name of God, go! "

Well, of course they won't go. They have the Speaker on their side (just like the last lot did). They have more front than Deauville. They'll stay.

But Scotland could go....


  1. tris

    you could be accused of fomenting acts of terrorism

    pic of guido infamous for a failed terrorist plot.....

    But Scotland could go

    it all adds up

    you been following Gideon to good to sit in economy class wid the plebs at Euston station........That there train guard should be given a medal

  2. A Mr Murphy is Better Off Together as well.
    Skeletons need a dark place to spend the daylight hours.

  3. Mitchell has eventually resigned.

    I think there are two Scottish Labour MPs involved in this troughing scam so vote Yes in 2014 to stop this.

  4. see the nu-snp have joined the nuclear club just to gain they hope some more votes for the snp farrago known as the failing Independence campaign.

    And then if (god forbid) the snp say to their anti NATO members we will leave NATO and be non nuclear.

    how very honest and moral straight out of the nu-Labour play book.

    the thing that gets me is they say all this as you watch them and they actually imagine you seeing such two faced lying.

    you would go out and vote for the snp I mean have they lost the plot.
    I spose they have got a model of a everyunionist.
    And they try to find out what may make them lean towards the snp position. And then make the policy to fit the Unionist viewpoint.

  5. @ Niko.
    So you agree with Scottish Labour MP's being corrupt, and diving head first into the Westminster trough?
    Please get me out of this disgusting union!

  6. ch

    On present trends the snp would provide the trough and dive in wid them.

    err! given the snp shifting positions what exactly would the difference be in or out.

  7. Grasping at straws Niko.

    SNP joining the nuclear club.

    I hate to break the news to you Bubba but we have not joined NATO yet. The debate was about whether an Independent Scotland should join.

    Now that the NATO has been debated in the open and voted on at conference we can now move forward. An Independent Scotland would look to join NATO but only so long as OUR conditions are met, most notably the conditions surrounding nukes. This means that Westminster, immaterial of Scotland's NATO membership, will have to find a new location for its toy nukes.

    At least the SNP have the guts to debate issues out in the open. I can't say that the Lab/Con/Lib/Dem crowd are so forthcoming with their issues.

    Tris, not only is there a mini crime wave going on at Westminster, currently 27 M.P.'s under investigation, Telegraph style, but we also have Osborne creating a wee fracas on the train as well.

    Finally Tris. Is it me or are Niko's posts more like a drunk who loses consciousness and then continues talking on a different topic?

    I can't make head or tail of his last post.

  8. He's licking the trough clean Arbroath his perks for talking nonsense.

    Iain McKenzie, coincidence, and cosmic beauty

  9. Well maybe I could Niko.

    I note that the guy who threw himself into the Thames and messed up the Toffs' boat race was jailed for 6 months. That's about the same amount of time you get for stealing two bottles of water, or wearing a t-shirt that offends the police.

    So yes, as Freedom of Speech is dead in the UK, I may very well become "disappeared". It's a risk we all take if we dare to speak out, unless we are Andrew mitchell.

    Still at least he's lost one of his jobs.

    Yeah I saw that about Gideon. He asked for special dispensation because of who he was (and that he's allergic to plebs never having built up any immunity!)

    Poor soul. He probably didn't know that there was anything except First Class.

    Wouldn't it be dreadful if he had caught something.

  10. Ahhh good old Spud, Juteman. I assume they have released the other names?

  11. "The Great Train Snobbery" pinched from twitter.

  12. Yes, CH, I saw that he had gone. I don't know why he made a three ringed circus out of it. It was clear that it wasn't going to go away.

    He walked into it. I don't have any sympathy for him. He seems to be a thoroughly unpleasant man. I love the story about the fact that he was so far up his own arse that he always insisted on boarding a plane last, like the Queen.

    But that he had left it so late a few times that he the gate (another gate) had been closed and they wouldn't reopen it for him... and he was left behind. What a prat.

    It seems to me that gates being closed are things Mr Mitchell should look out for.

  13. As usual you see wrong Niko.

  14. Ha! Arbroath. Niko just jumped on a unionist press headline.

    Silly Billy. Of course we're not going nuclear. Not in a million years.

    I think sometimes Niko get Taz to do the typing for him... It would explain a lot.

    27 so far... Not that the Telegraph have got their hooks into this, I guess we'll find more misdeeds.

    That's Bercow left looking stupid again.

  15. I've just seen James's post CH. Brilliant as all his posts are.

    Of course he was always a nasty little piece of work, was Mr McKenzie.

  16. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

    The Great Train Snobbery... classic!

  17. tris

    insult me as much as you like but not me (Nationalist supporting)dog.
    Taz is far more educated than moi.

    anyways having bowed the knee to NATO you dont seriously conclude the snp will not have to follow the rules

    Today, we have declared an interim ballistic missile defence capability as an initial step to establish NATO's missile defence system, which will protect all NATO European territories, populations and forces against the increasing threats posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles, based on the principles of the indivisibility of Allied security and NATO solidarity, equitable sharing of risks and burdens, taking into account the level of threat, affordability and technical feasibility.

    and the snp cant just join NATO on a whim

    Once the Allies have decided to invite a country to become a member of NATO, they officially invite the country to begin accession talks with the Alliance. This is the first step in the accession process on the way to formal membership.

  18. the NATO Handbook

    The collective security provided by NATO’s nuclear posture is shared
    among all members of the Alliance, providing reassurance to any member that
    might otherwise feel vulnerable. The presence of US nuclear forces based in
    Europe and committed to NATO provides an essential political and military link
    between the European and North American members of the Alliance. At the
    same time, the participation of non-nuclear countries in the Alliance nuclear
    posture demonstrates Alliance solidarity, the common commitment of its
    member countries to maintaining their security and the widespread sharing
    among them of burdens and risks.

  19. the participation of non-nuclear countries in the Alliance nuclear
    posture demonstrates Alliance solidarity, the common commitment of its
    member countries

    the snp will/ have agreed to sign up to


  20. I'm not sure what you are getting at here Niko.

    (Apart from the bit about Taz being brighter than you... as well as a proud Saltire bearing doggie)

    As Arbroath has said, the SNP has agreed that in an independent Scotland, they would seek to join Nato, but only on their own terms (as otehr countries have done).

    Like most small countries Scotland would not be able to afford a nuclear defence programme. The UK can't afford it, and is having to take benefits away from sick people and limit state pensions to help pay for it. Norway, Denmark, etc couldn't afford it. We can't afford it, and to be honest, I doubnt America would want nuclear weapons in Scotland unless they were sure that they could control; them, as they do with the UK.

    If they though that Scotland would be of independent mind with WMDs they'd very soon get them off our soil.

    Another thing is that if Scotland had nuclear weapons, England wouldn't... and that would mean that England would not be able to continue with its seat at the top table, but Scotland would.... but wouldn't want it.

    I've heard all this crap emanating from Willie 14 Pints about how Scotland might find itself the target for terrorist attacks, and no one would be able to stop kidnaps and murders of Scots abroad ... (that's neighbourly).

    I think Willie must have had 15 points that night.

    No Niko, I think you will find that Nato will respect Scotland non-nuclear stance.

  21. BTW... It seems to me that Osborne makes a habit of this... Note the date of this tweet... 28 May 12.

  22. tris

    do you now or have you ever agreed that banning nukes at home is consistent with being a member of an organisation.

    who will as stated use nukes against other nations.

    just tell us your moral justification for not having nukes on your land but are quite happy for someone else to keep them and use them on your behalf.

  23. Oh dear it appears that the wheels are beginning to come off the unionist defecne argument Tris.

    Now as the article says the British Military Intelligence had absolutely NOTHING to do with the terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport. I was never aware that the aircraft loader and other members of the public were actually secret members of the British Military Intelligence.

    I think it is also rather humerous that the Glasgow attack followed within 24 hours of a failed bomb attack in London. Surely had the British Military Intelligence been involved then neither attack would have got any where near their intended targets.

    Tris perhaps you can help me here 'cause I'm confused. I have no recollection of any NATO member using nukes during any time of the existence of NATO.

    If other countries want to waste money on nukes then that's their choice, however, if any NATO member owning nukes, i.e. U.S., Britain or France, wants to use nukes then they will I'm sure come up against a serious block of 26 (assuming Scotland becomes a member) countries who will no doubt be against such an action.

  24. Shockeroo..Spud Murphy renting out his London flat and then renting another London flat and charging us for it.
    Typical Labour champagne socialist and totally expected.
    Liam Fox as well.
    Charlie Kennedy and Angus Robertson as well.
    All troughing away at our expense.

  25. From The Scotsman...

    The following are a list of MPs who are claiming rent while letting out another property:

    David Amess, Southend West, Conservative; Clive Betts, Sheffield South East, Labour; Chris Bryant, Rhondda, Labour; Aidan Burley, Cannock Chase, Conservative; Andy Burnham, Leigh, Labour; William Cash, Stone, Conservative; Damian Collins, Folkestone and Hythe, Conservative; David Crausby, Bolton North East, Labour; Ian Davidson, Glasgow South West, Labour; Philip Davies, Shipley, Conservative; Don Foster, Bath, Liberal Democrat; Liam Fox, North Somerset, Conservative; George Freeman, Mid Norfolk, Conservative; Robert Goodwill, Scarborough and Whitby, Conservative; Nick Harvey, North Devon, Liberal Democrats; Stephen Hepburn, Jarrow, Labour; Charles Kennedy, Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Liberal Democrats; Jessica Lee, Erewash, Conservative; Peter Luff, Mid Worcestershire, Conservative; Anne Marie Morris, Newton Abbot, Conservative; Meg Munn, Sheffield Heeley, Labour; Jim Murphy, East Renfrewshire, Labour; Angus Robertson, Moray, SNP; Chris Ruane, Vale of Clwyd, Labour; Jon Trickett, Hemsworth, Labour; Andrew Turner, Isle of White, Conservative; Ben Wallace, Wyre and Preston North, Conservative.

  26. Well, right now, Niko, I have nukes on my land that I and the bulk of the Scottish people don't want.

    They are there because the UK, since Harold Macmillan, wanted to continue to play the role of policeman of the world.

    Initially this was a continuation of having the biggest Empire (subjugation of other nations), but latterly became a position of playing gofer for America on the understanding that there was a little role and a lot of prestige for the Brit PM.

    Once upon a time Labour was completely against these weapons too.

    People like old Michael Foot and Tony Benn marched with CND to have them removed. In her youth a certain Johann Lamont also wanted that to happen, then she avoided the question, and recently has, since joining the shadow cabinet in England, come out in favour of them, as most people in the South East of England like them, and they are the ones who count.

    They would. They are not within 50 miles of them though, are they? If Al Qaeda decides to drop a bomb on them, or fly a plane into them, they won't all be incinerated.

    Maybe Mrs lamont should remember that she probably will be...unless it's the day that week that she is at head office in England.

    No one is going to use the Nukes. They are there on the understanding of "mutually assured annihilation". But the money they cost could be used to feed poor people or look after the old or pay for cancer treatment that isn't affordable now. Wings over Scotland has a pile of maths on this. it's worth a look to see how much money we would have for other stuff.

    I personally don't particularly approve of Scotland being in Nato, but I do believe that if there is a vote for something, then the majority wins. That's democracy

    I will, before you ask, feel the same if the No campaign wins over the Yes campaign and Scotland is stuck in the UK under the Tories malevolence.

  27. Arbroath 1320

    Have you read this my dear

    Now, though, for the first time since the mid-1970s, all three Unionist parties are attacking the SNP on the same flank, denouncing its policies as unrealistic, extravagant and unsustainable and the poll evidence suggests that, however debatable its substance, this concerted Unionist attack on the SNP position is already having an impact on Scottish public opinion.

    All of which would be serious enough, for the SNP, if it simply meant a likely short-term decline in their own electoral support. This time around, though, the isolation of the SNP also means the isolation of the “yes” campaign for independence.

    For if there is one signal difference between the constitutional debate today, and the devolution debate of the 1990s, it is that the argument for constitutional change now belongs solely to one party, and lacks a broad range of support in Scottish civil society.


    Angus Robertson it just gets better and better from high falutin to low troughing in one day

    we can afford to lose an MP here or there the snp have just been holed beneath the water line

  28. Angus should know better after the last lot of claims and he wont be getting my vote ever again no matter what 2014 brings forth.

  29. Oh Arbroath, these stupid people come out with crap like this and just show what kind of people they are.

    Robertson is supposed to be a socialist, but he rants on about:

    ....the 4th largest military budget in the world. The second largest contributor to Afghanistan. The most capable European nation. A leading country in operations from Sierra Leone to Kosovo.

    “The UK provides Scotland not just with protection but influence.”

    Q: Who the hell cares George?

    A: You, George, because you got a great job and a bloody title out of it you aristocratic warmongering nob.

    I wouldn't mind quite so much if they didn't completely cock up every single thing that they do. Iraq is FAR less stable and a MUCH worse place to live since we interfere and then pulled out. Afghanistan will be exactly the same. And hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the process.

    But never mind, George. You got to pretend you were important. You ditched you constituency in the mid term for a title and a big money job in Belgium. You're a prat, a pretty revolting one at that.

    Scots don't give a damn about being the 4th biggest interferer and killer in the world you twerp. We care about the old dear at the end of the street who can't afford her electricity bill because you lot would renationalise power. We care about the sick and the poor and the unemployed and underemployed...who are being deprived of benefit so that you lot can continue messing up the world with your incompetence, and feeling proud of yourself with your idiotic titles.

    Socialist? You make me sick.

  30. Erm, sorry for the rant, Arbroath, but these people make me physically sick with their power trips. I and people like me, get absolutely NOTHING out of all this 4th largest killers in the world crap.

    They've been in Brussels and London for so long they have forgotten what Scotland is about.

    Not that Robertson cares. He dropped his voters like a hot scone when he got the chance to triple his salary and get an aristocratic title.

  31. Thanks for that list Monty. I'm ashamed to see the other Robertson, who is as rich as Croesus, I've heard, is on the fiddle.

    What a let down for Scotland and the SNP. It's not like he needs the money.

    Greedy pig.

  32. Same CH. Money grubbing b***ard.

  33. Well Niko. If the unionist parties all want to join together, I don't see why.

    They are lying about our policies, but why would they care. They lie as a way of life.

    They are all the same. I don't know why they don't save money by amalgamating into one big British nationalist party. It could sell arms and cause wars and kill people to its heart's content

    I completely agree about Robertson. Hem appears to be a cheat. That's all there is to say. A cheat.

    Would you care to comment on all the 10 Labour MPs doing the same thing?

  34. Don't worry about the rant Tris, I quite often go off on one myself. :D

    I must admit that I am shocked. No seriously I am. That mild mannered easy going approachable "wouldn't hurt a fly" Mr. Davidson is one of the 27 M.P.'s "on the take."

  35. Och bless him Arbroath... It was probably all a big mistake, an oversight.

    Either that or His Doingness is a great greedy twonk like the rest of them... Whatever.

  36. I'm for an early night. I have to get up early tomorrow morning...

    Night all...