Monday 22 October 2012


I don't want to make this blog a series of videos uplifted from Youtube, but Cynical Highlander pointed this out and  I think that it should be seen by as many people as possible.

You'd have to be mad to say "yes" to what he's proposing here. 

Let's try to get this seen by as many people as we can. It's short and sharp and might make people think...


  1. unless i am mistaken the Scottish people in 2010 had the choice to vote for Nationalist mMPs at Westminster or pro UK MPs at Westminster.

    the result was pro-union MPs won
    the Nationalist MPs lost big time lost

    the Scottish people voted for Scotlands MPs within the UK

  2. No, you're quite right, they did. And they voted Labour and to a lesser extent, Liberal Democrat. Absolutely true.

    But you see, Niko, they had been told that a vote for the SNP was a vote for a Tory government.

    They were told that the only way to keep a Tory government out was... to vote Labour.

    So they voted Labour.

    It's a complete and utter mystery to them why, having voted Labour, they got a Tory government, which was aided and abetted by the Liberals.

    Unless I'm mistaken, a year later they had the chance to vote for unionist MPs.

    They returned what was imagined by T Blair and his friends, to be an impossibility. An SNP majority government.

    Which meant that they got a referendum, because that is what the SNP had in their manifesto...

  3. Vote Labour get Tory.

    that has a nice sort of ring to it don't you think Tris? :D

    Vote YES in 20124 get the future governments that you vote for has an even better ring to it.

  4. It was a good speech. I watched it from the balcony.

    Here's the bit about turning the tables and imagining that we were voting to join the union not leave it.

    Mr Jenkins asked delegates to imagine that the debate was not on whether Scotland should vote for independence, but that it remained independent and the referendum was on whether to join the union.

    'A campaign being run now to persuade Scotland to join the union would be, in my view, an impossible campaign to run. Just imagine some of the leading propositions, the case that would be put to the Scottish people:

    '"Your main parliament will move hundreds of miles away, and your MPs will be in a tiny minority; you will get a government you didn’t vote for; all of your oil and gas revenues will be handed over to the London Treasury; the biggest nuclear weapons arsenal in Western Europe will be built on the River Clyde, 30 miles from your largest city.

    '"You will be joining a country where the health and education services are rapidly being privatised; now and then you will get dragged into an illegal foreign war; an austerity budget will be imposed from London, cutting jobs and threatening the provision of vital public services; weak regulation of the banking sector will bring your economy to the brink of disaster.

    '"And, on top of all that, the most vulnerable people in society, instead of getting protection and support, will be interrogated and humiliated in order to deprive them of the very meagre level of provision to which they are entitled."

    'I ask this conference – who in Scotland would vote for that package? Who in Scotland would vote for that union?'

  5. Niko as many times as he could get away with.

  6. It's what happened though Arbroath, isn't it... :(

  7. Yes Doug. It's the kind of thing we need to get people thinking about.

  8. Vote early and vote often being the motto, CH?


  10. Watched Tommy on Thursday night Tris. Didn't he do well, not that I ever had any doubts about it.

    I kinda felt sorry for the three unionists, well almost felt sorry for them. Tommy just sucked all their bile in, stirred it around and spat it back out in so many shovel loads the three unionists didn't know what to do with it all. :lol:

  11. Nikolai (a russsian cousin to niko)October 23, 2012 9:30 am


    Unless I am mistaken only 25% of the electorate voted for the seperationists hardly
    A ringing endorsement for the scottis nuclear party
    And the reason Alex has been back pedaling on all the nat policys
    Adopting most of the uk supporters Position

  12. I don't think the union can get away with counting the votes of dead people, those that can't be arsed and those who choose not to vote as votes in their favour.

    If memory serves they've used that particular lifeline.

    And, i'm happy for the SNP to adopt the same sort of policies as the rest of the UK if they're good for us or gets us a yes in 2014, I mean, if the SNP were to say no to things just because the rest of the UK was saying yes...

    What kind of political numpty would have that as a way of selecting policy...

    Oh, hold on.

  13. Nikolai (a russsian cousin to niko)

    If I can Put in my take rather than Pussy footing around the facts since only c56% of the electorate voted then that means that only c31% voted for the unionist dependence parties. Apples and pears are fruits but have unique tastes and levels of sweetness or bitterness. I prefer the sweet ones rather the sour bitter ones which you appear to prefer.

  14. Niko,

    "The Scottish voters voted for Scotland's MP within the UK" yes, and we all know what happened. Still it could have been worse because Darling's cuts would have been deeper and more brutal and, if Jo Lamont was First Minister, she would be his partner in crime. I remember them both when they had anti-nuclear and "socialist" pretensions.

    As for this video, no doubt the BBC will show it on a continuous loop on a daily basis right up until the referendum. Then again, perhaps they won't....

  15. Yes Arbroath. He's a clever man whose heart is in the right place... even if sometimes he does very silly things.

    Does anyone know where the court case is with him and News International, seeing as it would appear that some of the witnesses that put him away are more than a little questionable (as Ian Hamilton has been pointing out since the trial)?

  16. Ahhh Nikolai Nikolaevich... Niko has spoken a lot about you. Mind you, so has Taz. He said, well barked, you were an old blether... and I see he was right.

  17. Yes Pa. That got old quite quickly and started to smell... or maybe that was the corpses in the polling booth...

    Anyway, I'm inclined to agree. The unionists are using every dirty trick in the book, from you'll need passports to go see yer granny in Carlisle to Scots travellers will be open to kidnap and murder anywhere in the world if they don't have England to look after them. They are happy to celebrate a war that killed millions of people, to create some brit flag waving. So the Yes campaign can't just sit there are take it all.

    Adopting the policies of the rest of the UK is no bad thing when they are good policies. Neither is adopting policies from France, or Sweden, Malta or Botswana.

    You're right that to oppose for the sake of opposing is the game for numpties.

    And we should remember that the RUK has frequently adopted sensible Scottish policies.

  18. Ha ha, CH ... that's Nikolai Put-in his place...

  19. Hello John...

    If there had been a Labour administration without any Liberal input, it would have been like we were back to the old days of being directly ruled from London.

    Mind you, with the leadership the Liberals now have in Scotland, no doubt they wouldn't be the same force that they used to be.