Saturday 20 October 2012


Will there be any yoghurt today, Mr O?
First Class Photograph
Lots of Love...hmmmm
Dave wants us all to be privileged. Not sure how that works...
Gideon's been thinking....well, that's a start.

Bless him...look at the Tony Blair hands.
You probably won't Andrew; In a few weeks most of us will have forgotten you exist.


  1. Liked text one as I had to decipher it, alligator.

    TUC Boo Ed Milliband at gathering today did J Murphy forget he is one of ours.

  2. Oh! well the snp are in the nuclear club at last

    What the leadership did not offer was a single convincing answer to the question about hypocrisy they will now face from today until the referendum. Where I stand just now, I think the SNP just lost the referendum. They think this has been clever but it hasn’t. People can sniff a sell out and a party divided will win nothing. Many people have said to me ‘Alex and Nicola can delivery their own leaflets”. That is how they have motivated the Yes Campaign. If they lose, Salmond’s leadership must be untenable after this. Can Nicola redeem herself? Time will tell. Would the SNP now survive in its current form if it limps through the referendum campaign like it currently is? Again, only time will tell.


    and whats your opines on robins blogg it does have the distinction of being honest consistent and true to the 'MAN' who wrote it.


    and whats your view ???
    But what now? Well, there are bound to be consequences. This is the most wounded I can ever remember a political party. I hugged more than one person in tears on the way out of the hall (and they weren’t all women…). I think six people individually came up to me and asked out loud if they should stay in the party. There is a strong mood for a walk-out

  3. Niko I know it will get your single brain cell into warp speed but Independence is not the SNP they are the only democratic party in power within the UK. The SNP could lose 50% of its members and they will still dwarf the unionist parties members in Scotland.

    The democratically elected government after a Yes vote in 2014 will start the Scottish Constitution ball rolling where we the people will design and contribute into what clubs we join. Exiting isn't it and with your leader getting a rapturous endorsement from the workers of the UK it is about time you listened to Taz.

  4. ch

    I Do despair of you what is your feeling on how Alex has manipulated the snp.
    To take a position solely as a cynical political ploy at the same time as abandoning a piece of the snps soul.

  5. Yeah it was clever CH. Jim was probably too busy counting his bother with all this TUC stuff.

  6. Guess whose conference Niko! then and go and finish your game of snakes and ladders before the years out.

  7. Niko.

    I'd say to the people who say that Nicola and Alex can deliver their own leaflets that a) probably they won't feel like that when they get over their disappointment, or b) if they decide that they would rather stay in the Uk because of that, they haven't thought it through very much.... on the basis that staying in the UK is staying in Nato, without the safeguard that we take no part in any action that is not sanctioned by the UN (because the UK takes part in whatever America tells it to take part in), and we don't have nukes on our soil, because they are dangerous things to have 50 miles from your biggest city (because staying in the Uk means not only THESE nukes, but the next lot, will stay right where they are.

    But hey, that is their affair. It does sound like going in the huff and throwing their toys out of the pram.

    Independence is more than the SNP. Maybe they should join the Greens, or the Labour group for independence...

    If they have a problem with killing there's not much point in joining the Tories, and there's not much point in joining the Liberals, no matter what they believe, because they are probably going to cease to exist.

    My problem is that I can't really talk about it dispassionately. I'm a pacifist. I wouldn't want any weapons anywhere. I just don't believe in wars. If Mr Blair had some sort of problem with Saddam Hussein, in my opinion neither of them should have sent innocent people to die for them, they should have had a duel, or a boxing match or tossed a coin...

    I realise in practical terms that we are going to have to have some sort of defence force. Everyone does. Liechtenstein and Andorra have. Even the Vatican City has Swiss guards.

    So reluctantly I accept that. But I'm damned if we should have to pay £75 billion for WMDs when our pensioners go cold and hungry, and we are obliged to take chemotherapy patients off sickness benefit for lack of funds.

  8. Oh dear CH... Old Ed went down well there at the TUC march...

  9. What's this?,

    Ed Milliband got boo'd at the TUC march and rally today?

    Surely this can not be true?

    Jim Murphy was made aware, wasn't he, that it was Ed Milliband who was to speak to the TUC and not Alex Salmond?

    Wonder how Murphy,Curran, Lamont etc feel about their glorious leader being boo'd by the TUC?

  10. Niko -

    You have told me that you are mad before but I didn't believe you. I still don't.

    I admire your Socialist values and am proud to share your opposition to the WMD abomination that all the main UK parties, Lab, Con and er.. the other one that's gone, embrace. I used to march to Aldermaston, you know? It will be interesting if an independent Scotland can remove ground zero from within 50 miles of Glasgow to, say, Aberystwyth??? Belgium, Germany and Italy will be watching closely.

    I know you never answer questions but, how much of this do you disagree with? -
    "according to the Labour Party, Scotland has become a “something for nothing” country.
    So exactly who are these people who want something for nothing?
    Is it the pensioner who wants the right to travel and the freedom from the fear of not being able to fund their care in infirmity?
    Is it the family on £16,000 a year who had to choose between prescribed medicines before this Government restored a Health Service free at the point of need?
    Is it the student who now has the right to an education so that they earn and redeem their obligation to society through a fair taxation system?
    Those who want something for nothing according to Labour are your friends, neighbours, the workers at your side, your parents, grandparents or children."

    I remain a Socialist and despair of others who have fallen by the wayside.

    Listen -

    Tris - apologies for highjacking. The top picture is classic and will be winging its way around the home counties soon.

  11. CH... she looks just like Hyacinth Bucket there doesn't she?


  12. You lot who post of this site are getting more and wicked in your satire. Naughty boys. Keep it coming:) CH's picture is brilliant.

  13. If you go to a TUC marcvh and tell thenm that you are going to institute Tory cuts, you really can't expect the trade unionists to give you a big warm cuddle.

    What you are saying is not "WE are all in this together" but ...erm, YOU are all in this together".

    Specially in a week where it has been suggested that MPs' salaries should rise by around 30% and the Daily Telegraph has been drip feeding us a pile more fraud on behalf of people who consider themselves to be our lords and masters.

    It serves him right. It is very difficult to be all things to all people, which politicians have to try to be, and Ed isn't that good at it.

  14. Barney: I don't really think it was O/T, but in any case... that's never a problem here. You make perfectly valid points.

    There is a very interesting post over at Scot Goes Pop showing good figures for independence.

    Like James, I have removed Better Nation from the Blog List on a temporary basis. It appears to be carrying malwear, according to Google!

    I will put it back in a few days.

  15. Marcia: A wee bit of naughtiness doesn't do too much damage.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it too!

    I'm thinking of making Snaps For Saturday a regular feature... although I think I may have pinched the idea from James's Photos on Friday!

    CH's picture is a classic...

  16. Barney: I should say that yesterday someone posting under "Anon" pointed out that the photo was taken a few years ago when Darling was at Downing Street. They removed their post, but I saw it on my email.

    Actually, it doesn't matter which government it was... or even if it is a photoshop job, it still is indicative of the way they all live while there's folk going hungry in the real world.

  17. Re Malware I sometimes get that on Caron's blog which I then avoid by not visiting. It is basically a tracking cookie, allegedly harmless but who really knows in these times.

  18. Yes CH. I didn't think it would be harmful. The last time I got it, Munguin did not, at exactly the same time!

    That's why I risked going in to the blog and taking BN off the bloglist.

    I don't want people to not be able to access Munguin's Republic. It might spoil their day... or not!

    I'll put it back on later, once the threat has been removed.

  19. Barney

    “To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service.”

    It doesn't say to those that have shall be given.those who do not need can have more.To those with can have a share of those who have very little.

    Thats not Universal benefit that is a universal fraud by the wealthy on the less fortunate.

    they can have a free Bus pass etc
    the less well off can lose a nurse, a much needed carer.

    the snps bastardized version of Universal benefits in a one party snp state.

  20. SEE the Scottish Nuclear Party aka the snp

    are running 40% to Scottish Labour 37% probably margin of error or due
    to the snp agreeing to nuke whomever the USA tells them to.

    and pro united kingdom party's
    are at a massive 59% even before the snp acrimonious split starts to impact on there yes campaign.

  21. Silly Niko in that same poll in Scotland for Westminster the Scottish branch of Labour are at 37% and the SNP are 40%.

    Saw this earlier and fits the dependence parties.

    "When you cannot stand on your record, when you have no positive strategy or plan for the future, the only strategy you have is to demonise your opponent to create fear and uncertainty"

  22. ch

    Thats the one mind ther is alot to demonise with Alex Salmonds snp ans more to fear.If you want freedom in a multi party democracy and not a one party state

  23. For heaven's sake Niko. Most of these things that you criticise as rich persons benefits
    were brought in by Labour.

    Only free prescriptions were introduced by the SNP. And that particular benefit was introduced in Wales by Labour, and a Labour First Minister recently said that it would stay.

    Free health care and education was Labour's plan, backed by the SNP. Bus passes were the idea of the labour government, backed by the SNP and retained by them.

    As for council tax freeze Labour fought the last election with a pledge to do that; Glasgow city council was won by Labour with that promise...

    If you were so worried about the poor getting help and the rich paying more you should have backed our Local income tax plan which would have had the poor paying nothing and the rich paying more. but you and the Tories, and eventually the Liberals blocked it, and London said they would put every obstacle in its way.

    It will happen in an independent Scotland.

    A pensioner with a small company/private pension will only pay a few pence a month. Just one of the ways that Mr Less than Average will be massively better off.

    There are people in Dundee who would save £1000 a year. Clearly the rich would have to pay more.

  24. I doubt that the 'acrimonious split' Niko, that would have in the SNP will make any difference at all to the Yes campaign.

    You see, the SNP is only a part of Yes. There are business leaders, trades unionists, Labour, Liberal, Green, Socialist, and many people who are non political but don't want to be an adjunct to England.

    If the worst comes to the worst some SNP members who can't abide Nato and are disappointed will leave and join the Greens or the Socialists, but they will vote Yes anyway.

    After the referendum, who cares what they vote for. That is their business. I may well vote for another party myself.

    But it will be a party that cares about the poor and the kind of society Scotland wants to be.

    That's not available to me in the UK because all they care about it the South East of England and being big players on the world stage.

    Mrs McGinty's gas bill is small beer when you could be having dinner with President Obama and getting your name in the history books. That's not going to happen if you spend your time worrying about Mrs McGinty and her chilblains.

  25. The quote is bang on, CH.

    I read on Wings Over Scotland, that they have descended to the "foreigner" ploy.

    Tony Benn, of all people, saying that his mother was Scottish and he'd hate to think that she was a foreigner...

    I mean she's been dead these many years, but for heaven's sake, so what if she's a foreigner? Would he have loved her any less: will he love her memory any less?

    Irish people are foreigners. The Icelanders are foreigners. So are the Bulgarians and Hungarians who make up some of my closest and most fantastic friends.

    Another of my best mates is a Jerseyman, and yet another an Englishman. He's a Jew too... and some of my mates are Muslims and one Hindu... My mum is a Christian.

    My favourite singer is an English Christian, married a French Jew (and in these days, she became French on marriage). She lives in Switzerland; her daughters, born in England live, one in America and the other in France. She doesn't see them as foreigners. They are her family.

    How pathetic is this argument?

    George Galloway was saying that he connects as easily with working people in Glasgow as he does in his English constituency. This is, I think, something to do with working class solidarity. International Socialism!

    Does he have no working class solidarity with people in Dublin, or Reykjavik, Rio de Janeiro or Madrid?

    They scrape the barrel for arguments of this type. I find it insulting and degrading.

    Do they think people are stupid enough to swallow it?

    Yes, clearly they do. Another example of how they look down upon us.

  26. Volunteer

    This is a once in a lifetime campaign. A chance to decide the future of your country. We know that the other side of the argument have fanatical supporters who will spend every day from now until the referendum working to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom.

    We have so much we need help with: from leafleting and knocking on doors in your neighbourhood to helping at Better Together events and helping to take on the poison of the infamous cybernats.

    Sign up below and we will be in touch to discuss how we can work together for Scotland.

  27. Are we all descended from a common female ancestor? Long time no see brother!

    How do these ignoramuses ever get into positions of power in spouting nonsense, mind you even Cochrane used that last QT.

  28. Aye right Niko...

    I'm no sure exactly how many folk you're expecting tae get from Munguin's Republic... but I wish you good luck with your endeavour...


  29. Where have all the Scot folk gone

    Where have awe the Scots folk gone?
    hiv the white settlers moved them on?
    It seems to me there's interference,
    a subtle kind o` Highland Clearance.

    Scotland's changing, as Scotland must,
    like a phoenix rising fi the dust.
    Are we too busy building other nations?
    and forgetting all oor Scot's relations.

    It's hard tae find the true Scottish Scots,
    atween awe the English Argonauts.
    In a shop when you mak a query,
    they caw you luv instead o dearie.

    The castle man said ahlo Guv, ah hid ma doot!
    fur that castle wis built tae keep him oot.
    How cin ye imagine the Scottish splendor?
    wi that English accent over yonder.

    The barman's in an awfy gitter.
    he gies them heavy when they ask fur bitter.
    Ind och fir heevens sake,
    it's cawed a Loch , NO A Lake!

    We gie a cuddle, no a hug.
    that's no an ear, that's yur lug.
    keep yur highbrowcooking tips.
    Scotland's veg is deep fried chips.

    Them up in Edinburgh shid get of their erse,
    ind tak their car oot o reverse
    Ah cin see it's awe startin,
    soon wul hae an English Tartan.

    It is time tae stop the procrastination,
    ind build a truly Scottish Nation.
    A new beginning, an Historic Dawn.
    Where have all the Scots folk gone?

  30. Mitochondrial Eve?

    I can't read all 7 pages of that CH... I got a pile of ironing to do before tomorrow morning LOL.

    Soooooo. We call came from Africa, did we? That makes us all foreign then, mr Benn!!!

  31. That is a humm dinger of a poem Niko. Thanks for sharing.!

  32. Scottish Independence Referendum Outcome Betting Odds

    More bookies are getting involved as the polls shift in Scotland's favour.

  33. I think that looks good CH, but I have to say betting odds have always confused me...

    I'll take your word for it.

    Who will be in power in 2014 in England?

    Oh yeah, The Tories....the blue ones!

  34. tris -

    Your comment about foreigners struck a chord. Was talking to a highly intelligent and well off neighbour of mine in the pub today here in Royal Berkshire. He was enquiring about the effects of "Salmond's Independence Referendum". To his surprise, I explained why Scottish independence is inevitable and would make little difference to how we all get on with our everyday lives. He asked, "But wouldn't it make you a foreigner"? His Spanish wife was not amused. Nor was the boss of a chain of Indian restaurants who happened to be in the party. In the end, he agreed it was for the Scots to decide. As I said, he's a bright cookie.

    Niko - "the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible"
    Definition of "equitable" -
    "even-handed, just, right, fair, due, reasonable, proper, honest, impartial, rightful, unbiased, dispassionate, proportionate, unprejudiced, nondiscriminatory"
    What's your problem?
    Discrimination against any part of society is anathema to Socialist ideals.

  35. P.S. Niko -

    Looks like your "Bar" site may be compromised.

    I've been trying to get into it but just get gobblies on my screen. Might just be me but maybe worth a look?

    Sorry, tris - O/T again but I like Niko

  36. LOL Barney. Good one. I've been a foreigner myself, so I know how it feels!!!! :)

    We all like Niko, Barney. He's a brave wee soul, carrying on fighting for the likes of Johann Lamont and her crew of crypto-Tories.

    I feel sorry for him.