Monday 15 October 2012


This is the kind of man who would make an excellent top politician. He cuts straight through the bullshit and gets right to the point. Happily he's a political advisor to Alex Salmond. Maybe one day he will be a successor to the first minister.

Listen up doubters. This man is the business.

Oh, and while I think about it, there was some agreement signed in Edinburgh today...


  1. The guy is a joy to watch CH. It's all so true and so obvious.

    I noticed the other day that if Scots were told they would be better off under an independent Scottish government 45% were likely to vote YES...

    I also noticed that if we didn't have to contribute to the UK forces, and set up a reasonable army of our own we would save over 1.5 billion a year.

    Of course that won't solve all our problems but it is a lot of money.

  2. Every 'argument' is negative from the BritNats as if they are desperate for their own future jobs mind you so the should be as they are now on very short term contracts never to be renewed.

    The Break up of Britain

  3. Oh yes. As I pointed out somewhere earlier, people like lang and Forsyth, not to mention the long it of Labour lords will be short of £300 a day, and some may be obliged to go out and work for their money.

    Labour MPs will be looking at the end of their sinecures and wondering if they can take seats in Holyrood... Their MSPs will doubtless be wondering by whom they will be bumped.

    Muddle Mundell will be jobless and all hopes of a seat on the red benches gone.

    The Liberals would have been finished anyway, so nothing there to worry about. Some of them may join the Tories and get English seats.

    The jobs for the boys days are gone.

    What a shame.

  4. he is just a shouter no wonder yo are miles and miles behind the yes to the union in the polls.

    The jobs for the boys days are gone

    oh i dunno the snp are doing right well at it still as you nats would say thats all right being one of ours

  5. Hmmm... don't think we are actually, Niko.

    We will be a lot better off under Edinburgh rule, and that seems to be the clincher.

    Watch for example, in April, when Iain Duncan Smith's welfare changes come in. In England there will be poor who will either be homeless, or in prison or refusing to pay their council tax.

    But by cutting costs of government John Swinney has found the money to make the difference up.

    This is the kind of thing Scotland does. To be fair, in the old days it's the kind of thing Scottish Labour would have done, before B£air made them conservatives.

    We don't want to see the working poor put out of their homes in Scotland.

  6. Very enjoyable!

    I wonder what the Unionist side of the debate said!

  7. A delight to watch and listen to this man. I found myself joining in with the applause at the conclusion of his speech

  8. Loved it ! Thanks so much!
    Cheered me up after the piffling dribbling of the BBBC.

  9. I wonder too Munguin. I suspect nothing very positive. They never do. More of the same.

  10. Anon: So did I. I found this really inspiring!

  11. Disgusted Dorothy... how nice to see you... and I'm glad you liked this.

    I agree, it was cheering to see such a lively, positive performance.