Friday 2 September 2016


Nicola Sturgeon gave a statement on the outcome of the EU referendum. She set out what action the Scottish Government will now take to safeguard our future in Europe, following the unequivocal vote for Scotland to remain in the EU.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014.

During the 2014 referendum we were told that only a No vote would guarantee that Scotland would remain in the EU - this has proved not to be the case. We believe this is a democratically unacceptable situation.

2. We will take all possible steps and explore all options to secure Scotland’s continuing place in the EU and in the single market in particular.

We are clear that the Scottish Government must be fully involved in all decisions about the next steps the UK Government takes. The Scottish Government will also seek discussions with the EU institutions and its member states, including the earliest possible meeting with the President of the European Commission.

3. The Scottish Government will begin to prepare the required legislation to enable a new independence referendum - if and when Parliament so decides.

When the process for the UK to leave the EU begins in three months time, it is expected to take two years to leave. If the Scottish Parliament decides that a second referendum is the best or only way to protect our place in Europe, it must have the option to hold one within that timescale.

The need to act decisively will be tempered with the need to build consensus. While many people who voted No in 2014 are reassessing their decision, we will not simply assume their support - we will be straight and honest with them.

4. For citizens of other EU countries living here in Scotland - you remain welcome here, Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued.

The Remain vote in Scotland was won by a campaign that was positive about the EU and about the benefits of migration. Scotland has voted to renew its reputation as an outward looking, open and inclusive country.

5. Our business community can be reassured that as of now we remain firmly in the EU.

Trade and business should continue as normal - we are determined that Scotland will continue to be an attractive and stable place to do business.

The survey Nicola referred to is available HERE


  1. Oh Dear threats and threats and more threats
    its only a few days since you were all walloped
    in the snp organised referendum you all know the once
    in a generation event..Oops that was said by that tosser
    Alex Salmond and dont me nuffin all the extremist nats now say.

    Westminster will not and should not agree to the exteremist seps
    running roughshod over the settled will of the Scottish people
    still that bloody difficult women M/s May will never ever agree to
    it damn good thing to....

    1. Ahhhh Niko and Theresa agree.

    2. tris

      The Enemy of my Enemy etc still holds true

    3. So Niko, you'd rather live (barely) under the Tories, than live in an independent country that may one day elect a labour government?

      SLabour tribalism, writ large.

    4. The Tories could be in power for the next 15 years.

      Still, even when we have starved we'll still be GREAT British corpses, and we'll still have Trident.

      How the world will fear and respect our cold dead bodies.

    5. I'll be fifty this year, the Tories have been in power for the majority of my life, then when you include the red Tory era under Blair; it's beyond time we got outta here.

    6. Couldn't agree more. It's a future I can;t really conceive.

  2. More than 120,000 SNP members will also be sent survey packs and asked to canvas the views of 15 people each over the next three months. ..

    Yeah well Taz will be waiting and if he wont bite I blood well will
    worse than Jehovahs coming round day and night banging on yer front dooor peering through yer letter box wide mad grins on their moonie faces.

    1. LOL. That made me laugh. Although I'm a bit confused about whether they are Moonies or the Jehovahs...Maybe they are Seventh Day Adventists.

      We get a lot of strange sects knocking at the door.

      Taz has already filled the survey in, so you don't have to worry.

      I've seen his answers... I don't remember a question about how many walks you get a week by order in an Independent Scotland. I musta missed it.

    2. Nikothingy is allowed a letter box?! With all those sharp edges?! Post-traumatic stress disorder!

    3. There will be these great knowledge people informing the people of Scotland that we will now servive the natural resources are fished Bit please inform me the natural resources of this great Britain what are they and where are they because the water that feeds the lower hafe of ENGLAND comes from Wales aid the middle
      and rest of the country is supplied by Scotland There has been water restrictions in the greater part of Essex for several years So let's call for your great plain of servival

    4. Anon, I get your meaning, but not your point.

    5. We are one of the best served countries in the world for natural resources. Rain falls out of the sky, the wing blows like crazy and the waves batter the coast 24/7.

      Additionally, although far from perfect, at least we have continued to harvest water, keeping it in public hands, instead of farming it out to people who see it as a means of making fortunes, and to hell with droughts.

      We'll be fine.

    6. It's cutlery they won't allow him, Dan.

      That and glass windows.

      The edges of the letter box are smoothed and Taz is there to make sure he doesn't try to squeeze out.

  3. tris

    Just done the wee survey NO figured large in my reply
    Taz was not allowed to take part cant be trusted

    1. Taz did it this morning, and he added a note. Don't listen to anything Daft Niko says. He's only out for the weekend.

  4. The last referendum was lost because we failed to maximise our vote amongst those who felt they had much to gain and nothing to lose through independence.
    This vote is still very important but will be joined by many middle class No voters who will soon realise that continuing to allow London to make choices on their behalf is going to cost them money.
    I fully expect a three pronged attack from HM press:
    Scotland is too poor,blah blah blah...
    The EU is undemocratic,will treat Scotland like Greece,blah blah.
    The only solution is to remain hitched to England's Tory star for better or worse,blah blah (almost certainly the latter for us).
    The propaganda from the British Union establishment is now on a par with that of the former Soviet Union and we know how that turned out,so there is hope that we can overcome their misinformation.

    1. We have on our side now the fact that they tried all the fear
      stuff out already

      The frigates are binned;
      The tax jobs have gone to London;
      The armed forces here have been cut and bases are being shut down;
      The passport jobs have gone;
      Pension promises are broken (ask the women);
      We have been pulled out of the EU despite 63% voting to stay;
      The pound has lost value;
      The interest rates and all savings are demolished;
      And Trident will be renewed and put 25 kms from Glasgow town centre.

      The queen got her way over Brexit; she'd have some nerve to get involved again.

      What else can they say...?

    2. Blah blah blah blah tgat is the most sensible thing I have heard from an
      Extremist nat since the snp have
      Mobilised thier extremist thugs to
      Go around and intimidate any known
      No voters

      Is it true you have been instructed to
      Return as many times as possible to any no voter who refuses to vote yes or
      Indicate they might .

      Seems to me to be classed as harassment ,,,

  5. I just dingie the threads started by Yoon Niko.

    Can I recommend readers who have not done so, to read that link to the Canary. Its very entertaining.



    It's in the sidebar at the moment, but may change soon.

    It's really hilarious.