Saturday 10 September 2016


OK. What I'm doing is running around this tree... I'll see you when you finished looking at this load of soppy nonsense human people seem to like
2. Northern Lights in Iceland.
3. A bit different here. We don't usually portray human animals, but this is a relation of Gerry's and he shared the pic with us
4. Austria...sigh
5. The thing is, you see, I'm pretty small and people is scared of me, so no one ever notices that I'm a pretty handsome animal! Which is a pity.
6. Autumnal tranquillity.
7. 'Allo there. Just checking up they buy me the good stuff!!!
8,9,10. Sunset
11. I see you made the front page of the paper today. I'll read it to you.
12. Petra, Jordan.
13 Falls of Dochart.
14. Minla.
15. St Conan's Kirk.

16. Hello. Lizzy the lizard here.
17. South China Se
18. Sri Lanka
19. Best mates.
20. Hmmm. I'm grounded for running round and round a tree. Humans have no sense of fun.


  1. Lovely scenery and some really cute animals. I'm partial to an elephant - wonderful creatures and the little birdie was very striking. Cute little primate in picture 3 albeit of the most numerous of the several species in the genus :=)

    Of the endangered primates, no's 1 and 20 topped and tailed the offerings delightfully. Lovely way to start Sunday.

  2. Morning PP.

    Always liked elephants here. And what Munguin would do without Orangs to open and close SS, I don't know. He must be paying them well! Better than he does you or me!

  3. No 1 it is not a tree young orang, just a lump of wood pretending that it is a tree even Niko knows that.

    I'm always fascinated by the Northern Lights scenes so eerie yet so endearing.

    1. "Awww c'mon... are you saying that Niko is smarter than me?" (Orang jnr).

      northern lights fascinate me too CH... as you might have guessed from the number of times i feature them.

  4. Lovely photo of 'Jack' my puppy - looking forward to the royalty cheque! Evocative autumnal photo and amazing photo of Petra.

    1. Thank you, John.

      The Czech is in the post. But as PP will tell you, some times it's an Albanian or even a Swiss!

  5. I hab vsitors over the weekend so didn't get my Sunday fix. It didn't dissapoint.

    1. I wondered where you'd all gone to yesterday. By late afternoon there was only me and Panda paws...

      Munguin thought he'd upset folk...

      But I'm glad we didn't disappoint you Marica. :¬/