Sunday 25 September 2016


Theresa May claiming SNP partly responsible for Brexit ( Scotland on Sunday) is indeed beyond parody !


  1. It's truly amazing the amount of guff the SNP get blamed for. That'll be why 50% of voters intend to vote for them.

  2. Even Labour think this one is daft...well Malcolm, who's at the sensible end of Labour. Kez probably agrees with Tess. Did anyone tell May that 62% is quite high in comparison with 48%. I think maybe the jobs a bit too much for her.

    As for the first picture, I say "JUMP!"

  3. Well it worked before, although he did have 2 flags.
    It must be something in the water, there all nuts down there.

    1. they're all nuts

    2. Well certainly the three Brexiteers are.

      Dunno what Alexandre Dumas would have made of them!

  4. I saw the article in the Holyrood Magazine, and she claimed that the SNP, 9 years in Government, made voters reactionary to the establishment, erm... so they vote by a 24% margin to stay in the EU and, um, increased the share of vote for the SNP and..wait.. polled Nicola Sturgeon as most popular leader in the UK and the SG as most popular in Europe.
    Well, OK, she didn't say any of the bits connected to reality it after 'establishment'.
    I guess she's not getting much sleep after finding out saying, "We're British, so there", doesn't cut much ice anywhere now.
    I think one of the things the Remain folks in England didn't point out in their brilliant campaign is that, if one checks back in history to the 70s, before joining the EU, Britain was known as the Sick Man of Europe (and it's about to have a massive relapse).

    1. LOL. I should try to find the article.

      She thinks it's the SNP's fault that the English and the Welsh voted for Brexit? OK... she's a loopy as Boris and Fox.

      She might like to remember that she, as Home Secretary, didn't promote Remain at all. And apparently got a telling off from her boss about it.

      Maybe it's all her fault.

      Next she'll be having a go at Munguin's Republic and blaming us because we didn't campaign on one side or the other.

      The SNP was the only major party that was undivided on the issue; Nicola and other senior figures campaigned relentlessly, unless Mrs May.

    2. It's derivative. The SNP got blamed for the Tories winning a majority in England in 2015. From there on, everything the Tories do this term is the SNP's fault.


  5. Totally unrelated, but I know that a lot of Munguin readers are interested in Orangutans, so I'll leave this here.

  6. Democracy requires openness to function.It was easier in Ancient Athens to inform the voters, in fact they could see if it worked or not. So much easier to fool people nowadays, specially those who get their information from the, obviously unbiased media, hence the shambles of Brexit. Having worked on the xenophobia they got themselves into this state. May is there, like oor Kezia, there until she is of no further use as a patsy. Helena

    1. It seems that democracy is decided by the press, mostly foreign owned, and certainly with proprietors that live abroad.

      Telegraph owners live in the Bailiwick of Guernsey; Daily Mail in France; Independent in Russia; Time/Sun in New York.

      And over years they have persuaded the population that the by and large well mannered, polite , hard working Europeans are a threat. It is they who bring down wages, not the greedy, fat, lazy (Mr Fox's words, not mine) employers.

      Also 75% of people claiming benefits are just scroungers... not bankers or Lords or MPs (unless of course they are SNP MPs).

      Democracy by the foreign press!!

  7. How dare those pesky nasty Scots stand up and vote by 62% to stay within the E.U. when it was perfectly clear that the London crowd all wanted out.

    There are some nasty rumours floating around that there are some certain, as yet unnamed, individuals within the Tory party who are not all that happy with the lack of ideas coming out of Number 10. This is obviously as a direct result of untold pressure from those pesky nasty Scots! LOL

    1. Well, it seems that everything is our fault. Mrs May apparently blames the SNP for encouraging Scots to be anti establishment But that is a bit odd when you come to think about the voting pattern, in which us unruly anti- establishment Scots voted with the establishment (in the form of the prime minister) who wanted to remain.

      I sometimes wonder about her. No, I mean I sometimes DON'T wonder about her. Usually when I'm asleep.

  8. That's Nico's hat, I'd recognise it anywhere!

    1. Wheesht!

      We're trying to keep that quiet.

      Last thing we need is May finding out about Nicola stirring it up dan suff!


      I think we may be a wee bit too late. Methinks she has already found out!

    2. Best give it him back. We don't want his wee head getting cold. It might slow his brain down...

  9. We'll I'll say this if the uk jumps out of the airplane without a
    Parachute not many will be left onboard just a few numpty snp extremists
    flying the plane into the nearest mountain all the time singing the snp
    party anthem .......Anarchy in the Uk .....

    Wot gets me with you extremists apart from your mindless extremism
    Is you take part an election /referendum you lose AGAIN then you attempt
    to slice up the result to imply you extremist won when you didn't .
    You lot knew the rules when you took part and lost again.
    If you don't like the result don't take part at least it has the benefit
    Of being honest not wot you lot show much of.

    1. Which party's support has crashed in Scotland, and which party's popularity has increased? It ain't "Labour", it ain't the Tories and it certainly ain't the liberals (no need for the Democrats bit).

    2. What you belly aching about now Niko?


  10. Yeah ! Extremists
    Remember this you lot have to gain a larger % to win
    A yes vote we patriots only have to increase by a small
    % to see you lot off again .
    And in this game of % we are pulling ahead from you
    So suck on that ...

    Labour gains North Lanarkshire Council seat from SNP

    1. Loathe as I am to respond to this poster, I have to point out how misleading the Coatbridge result is.

      The ward is a 4 member multimember ward. It got 2 SNP and 2 Labour councillors in 2012. The combined first preferences of the two Labour members in 2012 was 51.6 % of the vote. That of the SNP was 30.7%. If 4 members had been up for election last week then once again then the result would most certainly have been 2 Labour and 2 SNP. Because the Labour vote was DOWN to 41.7%, and the SNP was UP to 39%, and you need 20% in a 4 member ward to get elected. The Tory was up to 11.3% btw.

      So I wouldn't go crawing at your wonderful success. You scraped the seat on the 5th ballot once ALL the other candidates were eliminated. Every other party which stood against you increased their vote ( 2 didn't stand last time at all ).

      If you don't understand the STV system the SNP website explains it very well. But Your stunning result if replicated at a full election across the whole country ( Labour DOWN 10%, SNP UP 8% ) would see a lot of Labour cooncillors seeking real work.


    2. anon

      snp math at work ....I see you won really it's just the wrong equation
      was applied..

    3. No, Niko. That's not what he is saying.

      In multi member wards using the STV system, by-elections give a false impression of the situation.

      In my ward in Dundee we have three councillors. In by-elections you can pretty well guarantee that the SNP will win.

      It works both ways. It's a daft system to use for by-elections regardless of which party is the most likely to win.

      But if you want to believe that, it's up to you.

    4. There are 4 electoral systems in Scotland. Your party loses in all of them. But STV is not designed for the by election of only one of the members of the multimember ward. The Holyrood additional member system procedure would be better. And fairer and cheaper. The party elected should just put up a candidate and they should serve the rest of the council term.

      In Coatbridge, every other party did better than 2012 except Labour. Labour lost 1 out of 5 of their voters. They got in on the last count. If they were doing as well this time out as last time they would have exceeded the quota on the first count. The system is perhaps too complex for idiots, but the SNP website does explain it fairly well.

      I was loathe to reply to the comment of such an obvious thicky, and it will be unlikely I will waste my time again.


  11. tris

    Loads of Blairites Tory msm all the capatlist propaganda
    Machines keep telling us a left wing Labour Party is
    Doomed to total annilation and political death.
    We have heard that from the creation on the Labour Party .

    As an old labour lag speaking for most we say

    The proposition is a left wing will be annihilated
    Well it's time to test the proposition to the end
    Because in present day society in the uk
    We have nothing ! nothing ! To lose but
    Everything to gain .

    Well maybe not me my day is almost done but those
    That come after can and should have a better day in the sun

    1. Yeah Niko. It's kinda the way I wold look at it.

      If you never try, you'll never find out if it is possible to have a left of centre Labour Party.

      If it doesn;t work, it will not work, but if it does perhaps the UK can rid itself of constant right of centre governments.

      If Mr Corbyn would be unable to win, does anyone seriously think that the king drip Smith would have been able to?

    2. Erm, quite so, Conan!