Saturday 10 September 2016


I don't think there is much competition.


  1. tris

    Or you could save untold billions and keep the EU secure from our enemies
    by dismantling the snp extremist executive ( which constitionaly is what it is the Government being
    just a nationalist construct )

  2. I am sure the Azores would be willing to accommodate them for a small fee.
    Mid Atlantic location and a great opportunity for inflating the expense accounts.

    1. They need excuses?

      I thought they just inflated them anyway.

      I'm just not sure what the people of the Azores have done to deserve that bunch.

  3. Tris

    I was thinking about blogging about this, the estimated cost is around 7BILLION, given it is not being managed by the Scottish Government that will be closer to 10 Billion and above. An absolute joke. They should just build a new one in the North somewhere, we are after all in it together, of course they won't do that, they are going to take over the NHS Head quarters in London and refurbish at a cost of around 500 million and move the NHS to another building at a cost of around 200 million. You just can;t make it up. All of this while May is threatening more cuts to social security, this country is morally bankrupt in the extreme and I am sick of it. If no voters love Westminster so much, go and f live there and do us all a favor.


    1. Beyong belief that they would spend all that money on parliament at a time when working folk are starving and pensioners are cold.

      As you say, the chances of it coming in on time or on budget are zero.

      It would be a boost to the north of England to have parliament there, but can you imagine all these belted Earls turning up in Liverpool... seriously?

      No chance.

      Nothing will ever stop them paying out big money for whatever they want for themselves no matter how many people starve to death in the process.

  4. Traitorous dogs left to your ilk and we would be under the
    Nazi jackboot .Westminster In lall the world stood alone against
    Nazi tyranny the snp wanted to join forces with herr hitler ..

    Hang your heads in shame Westminster with Patriotic Scots
    Sacrifice gave you the freedom you live under.

    1. Way to go, coming to someone's blog and calling them traitorous dogs!

      Try punctuation. It will make your rants a bit easier to read.

      However, as I recall, Westminster got a bit of help. Y'know, Canada, India, Australia, Free Polish, Free French, USA, Soviet Union, to name but a few.

    2. The SNP bit is an outright lie.Nazi support was much closer to Westminster than many think, Daily mail was pretty enthusiastic, did you see the queen learning how to Seig Heil, as far as England standing alone, I'm sure that's what you meant, the Commonwealth might be a bit miffed at such an educated comment.

    3. Oh yes. There was quite a movement for Hitler, and as you say the Daily Mail was a staunch supporter.

      Yes, the Empire, as it was then, was drafted in to assist. In some cases willingly; in some less so. In the end, I wonder, had not the Soviets decided to take so much manpower from the Western front in order to deal with the Eastern front, what would the outcome have been.

    4. Hitler was defeated by the USSR. What was it, about 20 million Russian dead?
      The Allies took years to land on the French beaches to enable Hitler to degrade the Russian war machine. This was a deliberate act by the West.

    5. Yeah something like 20 million.

      +/- 4 times our population.

      I'm not an historian, but I'm guessing that, without Soviet involvement the outcome might have been different.

  5. Given Scotland deficit is the largest in Europe, no, it would be less expensive to repair our parliament than set up a separate country.

    Use your brain.

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