Saturday 3 September 2016


1. Hi there, Welcome to Soppy Sunday. I'm hanging on for grim life here, coz if I don't I'm gonna fall, sure as eggs is eggs.
2. English Lake District.
3. No, I don't think you have a temperature...
4. Edinburgh.
5. This beats having a field on a farm.
6. Croatia.
7. Am I handsome or am I handsome? That is the question.
8. The bridge over the Atlantic.
9. I bet you would never have guessed that I would have blue eyes.
10. Beddgelert, Wales.
11. Plenty to eat here, before the snow.
12. Yes, you can. Fox hunters and Badger killers beware.
13. Lake District, England.
14. Gordon's got another vow? Naaaah!

15. Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna.
16. A dog is an orang's best friend.
17. Northern Lights
18. This is us with our mouths open.
19. J K Rowlings wants me for a part in her new film?
Hmmm.... I don't think so.
20. Every time you see me I'm hanging on tight.
Anyway, hope you had fun. See you next week.


  1. Love orangutans, they look so 'human' If only they could talk. I watched a documentary many moons ago, about a lady who taught a chimp sign language, absolutely fascinating,

    And the Clachan bridge over the Atlantic - well that went into the 'you learn something new every day' category.
    Thanks again Tris :)

    1. They are awesome. Wish I'd trained to work with them when I was a kid, Issy.

      Glad you learned something and enjoyed. :)

  2. Nice picture of the Schonbrunn Gardens!

    I looked up Clachan Bridge. I discovered it's about 225 years old and was designed by John Stevenson and not by Thomas Telford as sometimes incorrectly attributed. I also discovered that the old stone of the south wall of the bridge has become colonized by Erinus alpinus. This is not unusual for a stone structure of this age. The bridge could be torn down and replaced with a modern steel beam structure that would be resistant to vegetation. ;-)

    1. PS: I also looked up the oldest bridge in America. It's the Frankford Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia, built in 1697. (I don't think the white metal railing is from 1697 though.)

    2. Ah, a very nice looking bridge in Philadelphia, and as far as I can see, bridges behave better in America, not having any horrid old vegetation in purple clogging it up. Actually I've got a wall in my garden that would benefit from something of that nature growing in it. i wonder if the old bridge could give me some tips!


    3. We could build you one of those very reasonably. That one lasted for four months before it fell down.

      (How do you get Blogspot postings to accept clickable links?)

    4. I cheat...

      Oh alright, I'll tell you. I copy the link, then paste it on the Guardian comments section, highlight it, click on 'link', then copy the resulting link then paste it on here.

    5. Oh brilliant. What a bridge...

      At least the Tay bridge lasted longer than 4 months!

  3. Ach I just love Soppy Sunday - they were great. Cute owl and brilliant elephant, lovely scenery but as usual our orange cousins just steal the show. And Issy is now a fan! What they'd say if they could talk is "don't buy palm oil products, it's destroying our homes and thus killing us off".

    I've been to (well outside!) Schonbrunn but not the gardens so nice to see them.

    1. I discovered that these noodle things they sell in Chinese supermarkets have palm oil in them. So won;t be buying any more of them, even though they are delicious.

      Schonbrunn was particularly beautiful. The gardens are round the back of the palace. We took some pictures there with Munguin, but sadly they were all lost to us when I switched off my phone in my pocket, by accident. Munguin was displeased to say the least.

      The palace, itself, was crowded with thousands and thousands of people, all paying ridiculous amounts (€28) to go round. It struck me that the main excuse for maintaining the Windsors is the number of tourists they bring (to London). But it seems to me that the Hapsburgs continue to be a massive tourist draw to Austria nearly 100 years on. Maybe we could try that?

  4. The Welsh photo is beautiful. Must have taken a stiff climb to get there.

    1. I'm glad Munguin has enthusiastic climbers on his extended staff... I'd not have much liked to climb up there!!!

  5. All those pictures of young Orangs Tris are you 100% certain they are Orangs cause they look awfully like a certain Professor I know about! LOL

    1. LOL. But I doubt he would manage any of the tasks they are carrying out.