Wednesday 14 September 2016


Some customers chatting in my work: "When I voted Brexit, it was to keep foreigners out, not so I need a visa to travel. It's ridiculous"
Surprising how little people know. And how ridiculous they are in their expectations. Keep the foreigners out, but the Brits must be allowed to travel unhindered wither they will. Dumb asses.

So how are we going to manage this Dave? Which one are you working towards, you and your half baked colleagues, Boris and Foxy?

David, bless him...has a sorta kinda, well almost plan. But he's not going to tell you about it, till it's over, and maybe he's got another 5 years on the gravy train.
Thank goodness that's clear then. For one ghastly moment we thought you hadn't got a clue.
Never does any harm to remember how the foreign scarecrow, i mean secretary, will fight Scotland's corner in all these negotiations.
Nothing for us to worry about there, then.
Interesting... But well done, John.
And now the Establishment is kicking off. You can see why Cameron twice broke his promise to stay. Once to the country and once to his constituents. This is all just too difficult for a simple rich boy. But can you just imagine if the House of Lords, the totally unelected chamber, decides that the referendum doesn't count for much, or indeed for anything.  What will the skinheads, fascists, racists, and the rest, do to the foreigners then?

Talking of which, I know this is largely a Scottish blog, but if anyone is reading it in the Milton Keynes area of England, and they have an idea of who this is (caught on security camera), please get in touch with the police. This piece of racist filth killed a baby yesterday, by attacking a pregnant woman, because she was foreign. If anyone can help put him away they'll be doing the world a favour. Story here.

And I think we might like once again to pay respects to the politicians and newspapers (you know who you are) who stirred up all this xenophobic crap.


  1. What is notable about this whole mess is the conflict between the supremacy of England's parliament and the democratically expressed wishes of their people.
    This is also at the core of the British Labour party's woes.
    Politicians and unelected Lords are demanding the final say in deciding whether to formally trigger the EU exit proceedings and you can bet your boots that it isn't to ratify the democratic decision of the electorate.
    Should May concede to this then it will be electoral suicide for the Tories and probably lead to great unrest within the Kingdom of England.
    What a tangled web we weave.......

    1. It is a vexed question.

      In Scotland the people are supposedly sovereign, as I understand the law. The queen is queen at the will of the people, whereas in England it is God's will. Foreign treaties are signed under British/English law in the name of the queen, not of parliament. They are made by the queen's ministers on her behalf acting with royal prerogative.

      Parliament in England is supposed to be supreme, the ministers are there by the queen's command.

      And referenda are supposed to be consultative.

      But in the information pack handed out by the government before the referendum, it was stated, clearly and as a fact, that the government would enact the results of the people's vote.

      So the question is...Does May press ahead with the LEAVE vote of the people of England and Wales, or does she give in to those in the Lords and the Commons who say that parliament is supreme and must be consulted?

      If parliament is consulted and decides to put aside the verdict of the English and Welsh, and therefore British public, what will she do?

      If she abides by the rule of parliament and discards the votes of the referendum, what will happen on the streets?

      Maybe it's what she wants to do, and maybe she is waiting to the depths of the winter when turning out on the streets and rioting is a minority interest.

      In any case, they will get what they wanted, which is that foreigners will move back home rather than be murdered for speaking their own language.

      I wonder how welcome Brits will find themselves in Europe in the future.

      May be best to look at holidays in America, or China!

  2. I remember making fun of the average US citizen for having no knowledge of the outside world. I even convinced a friend of my US cousin that i wanted to make her my 8th wife and take her back to my harem in my castle. She believed this, even though she was college educated.
    I think i can safely say that the average UK citizen has no knowledge of the workings of their own country.

    1. ...Or an inbuilt notion of superiority based on being told over and again by people like Cameron that the Uk has clout; is respected or feared; matters, etc.

      They simply think they are better than other people.

      Nope, they don;t know anything about how things work, here or anywhere else.

      Some apparently voted against the EU because they thought all the Pakistanis would be sent home. Or some even believed that £350 million per week would be spent on the NHS... Idiots.

  3. From what I can see this is an unholy mess which has been under construction by the two Tory parties in the Palace of Westminster for decades now. Both used Europe as a means to deflect criticism from their own actions and now it has come home to roost. I do not think that those who voted to leave had a clue about the consequences of their actions, the pity is that the rest of us may yet suffer from them.
    As for Europe not being democratic, it is more than a State with an u elected second chamber which is larger than the elected one. Helena

    1. Yes. I wonder, when we come out, who they will blame for all the ills of the world. The SNP probably!

      I thought too as Farage went on and on about Europe not being democratic, just how he had the gall to say that given how democratic Britain is. Queen, privy council, prerogative, HoL, FPTP... Sheeesh... by contrast China is democratic.


    At last someone comes up with an answer to the unaswerable question"What does Brexit mean Brexit actually mean?" LOL

    I wonder if the customers in question were Mrs Thatcher MkII and "the aliens will attack" Hammond. LOL

    That sick bastard needs locking up and the key thrown away.

    I wonder if Maggie MkII will apologise for this attack like she did over the attacks on the innocent Polish men in Harlow and Leeds.

    Maybe she is on the phone as we speak to apologise to Nicola Sturgeon over this xenophobic attack as well.

    1. Good lord Arbroath.

      Racism again.

      I wonder if it is safe to go to England any more. I can't speak English becasue they'll know immediately where I come from and beat me up... and I can't talk french because they'll think I'm Polish and try to kill me.

      In the interests of balance, of course I know they aren't all like that south of the border, and indeed there are some vile racists in Scotland too.

      But seriously the racist attacks are becoming quite frightening.

      They won't have to send people home; they'll escape themselves. Then where will we be?

    2. We need to be careful on the attacks reports. The media selectively report everything. It suits their narrative at the moment to report attacks on EU citizens.

      Google the homicide rates and the country of birth stats.

      About 2 people a day on average are murdered in the UK. You would expect about half a dozen Poles statistically to be among those in an average year. There would be reasons perhaps for that figure to be higher or lower, but it would be highly unlikely for there to be zero murders of Poles.

      I do find the current reports highly disturbing. I encounter EU nationals through my work pretty much every day. I have no problem at all with them. Sometimes getting information I need to fault find can be slightly difficult because of language problems, but answering technical questions is difficult for many native speakers. And I couldn't order a cup of coffee in Polish, so their linguistic abilities are better than mines.

      The economy is now very much dependent on migrant workers. We had chronic and high unemployment for years before the Eastern European countries even joined the EU. Even places like Japan - where migration is minimal - have unemployment. Which group of foreigners do they get to blame?


    3. Apparently statistics show a big rise in attacks on disabled people, presumably since the government starting classifying them as scroungers and telling to get on with a decent day's work for an indecent day's pay.

      Likewise there has, apparently, been a massive increase in attacks on foreigners, some not even from the EU, some not even foreigners... and most recently a Scot, for wearing the kilt.

      A story I herd on the radio on the day after the result of the referendum involved some old woman who was taken in to hospital and was being treated by a doctor, clearly of middle eastern origin. The old woman was indignant, saying that she had voted to get rid of the likes of him (the day before yesterday). What was he still doing here.

      Then there were the drunk teenagers swigging bottles of beer (on an early morning tram in Manchester) who decided to have a go at an American, for heaven's sake. Who knew the USA was in teh EU? Clearly drunk Mancunian teenagers!

      I was in Budapest and Vienna a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky that no one decided that I must be foreign because I wasn't speaking Hungarian/German.

      I'm sure we will find that we need the EU labour.

      A good deal of the long term unemployed list are unemployed for reasons: criminal records, drink problems, drug problems, being overweight, health issues, being too old to do the kind of job they were once equipped for...

      Yep, there are the lazy ones too, or those working on the side, but they are probably pretty much a minority.

      Good luck with getting the core unemployed work.

  5. Thanks for that. Your chart about what we think we know, and what we ought to know is the frightening thing about our new century. It is sites like this, and some others, that try to be the wee voice about facts mattering.

    If you really believe that immigration is an issue, then you will obviously up the ante in any poll on the subject. We are about to be overwhelmed by hard working Poles, Asians, Poles again, Jews, people just generally running away from persecution. You will maximize your numbers, so to speak.

    It is hardly a surprise that your most despised group has the highest difference between reality and fear.

    One has to 'up' the threat that your most feared 'other' is the worst of the worst.


    My greatest fear is that the Scottish Referendum Result actually reflected reality for people with a somewhat tenuous grip on reality. That nothing we can do or say will rise them from their lethargy. Despite the fact that we are right and they are the three monkeys.

    It is going to be hard, very hard to get a handle on the soft 'No's' without, perhaps, losing some 'soft' Yeses. Transfer votes have to be in our favour for that to work.

    I am so glad I am not a strategist.

    1. I often look at Nicola or one of her ministers and think... I wouldn't have your job for 5 times the money. Trying to work out a strategy for taking Scotland forward is just scary.

      I never underestimate the tenuous grip some people hae on reality.

      The BBC did a feature the day after the referendum, asking random people why they had voted, and the answers were scary. Some of them had no idea that the EU was. The theme that came up though was that they wanted rid of foreigners. I don't say that it doesn't happen in Scotland. I know for a fact that it does. I personally know racists. Their ignorance stuns me.


    1. Very revolutionary... but I've seen too much of what communism did in reality rather than ideology for it to be my choice of future.

      I was recently in the House of Horrors in Budapest, which left me speechless.

    2. Like most good ideas, like religion as a set of reasonable rules to live by, political doctrines are corrupted by the people that thrive under them. Beria is a classic example of an utterly horrible person who would have found a way to use any system for his own purposes.

      J Edgar Hoover, it is alleged, had so much 'dirt' on the politicians that J F Kennedy appointed him as head of the FBI for life. Strangely, as I have a recollection of this, I can find it nowhere on this internet thingy.

      Tris, good ideas are corrupted by bad people, that is the take away for all political ideas.

      Even nationalism, our sort of nationalism, has been degraded by the likes of Nigel Farage who see's it as an end in itself, an ideology based on ethnicity.

      That is so far away from where you, and I, are coming from that it is frankly disgusting.

      Anyway, that was the best version of the song I could find.

  7. I think Mr Farage's nationalism considers that HIS country should rule itself becasue HIS country is the best in the world and other people are pretty much useless.

    Our kind of nationalism says we should work together and get on with everyone and why not... but that to be ruled by another nation, with that nation's priorities is a bit silly.

    let's run our own country while recognising the greatness of other countries and welcome people who wish to be a part of our country (specially as we need immigrants).