Monday 9 May 2011


There have been calls for Annabel Goldie to join the ranks of the departing leaders at Holyrood. She has said she won’t go.

I say good for her. Why would the acceptable face of the Tory Party resign?

There have been losses, small compared to the other two parties, but losses nonetheless. However, I think that without Goldie, who is liked by Scots (she was behind Alex in popularity, but above the other two) the losses would have been far worse.

It’s an image problem. The Tories are associated with a variety of things, mostly old, mostly stuffy, and the first thing I would do is change the name and make it independent of, if associated with, the London Party. For as long as it is called the CONSERVATVE party, it will be associated with Thatcher and Forsyth.

They are poison...Thatcher appears to have left the public arena now, but every time that man opens his mouth with an idea so counter democratic, he makes the Tory’s situation worse.

The people of Scotland voted for the SNP only 3 days ago; they slaughtered Labour and Liberals and holed the Tories enough for them to be talking about ditching Annabel.

And then this memory from the dim and distant past puts a proposal that he will introduce a measure in the unelected House to spike the duly elected government’s independence referendum.

This is a government which the system was designed to prevent ever being elected... and yet they were, by sheer dint of numbers. With an overall majority of 10. And Forsythe wants to spike its guns a couple of days after its election?

You see what I mean about these people? They live in another world and have begun to see themselves as above democracy. “We put in a system you Scots weren’t supposed to be able to win through. Somehow you did. However we’ll spike you in the Lords.”

So I have a message to Forsyth.

Will you bloody well listen you silly little man? You may be sitting in an unelected house of peers; you may even be considered by your colleagues to be an elder statesman (although you were only ever SOS for Scotland, hardly a big gun), however, there is a “just elected” government in Scotland. Just elected with an unassailable majority. Listen to what the people have said. Don’t try to thwart democracy when it doesn't throw up what YOU wanted.

It is claimed that Alex Salmond hid the independence theme right the way through the election. Rubbish! I doubt if anyone who went to vote doesn’t know that the SNP is the independence party.

OK, it was NOT the story that people were asking about. (I went to a few hustings and it was never mentioned once.) But even if there are some people who are unimaginably stupid, and thought we were a unionist party, both Tavish and the Subway man short work of that with their “IF YOU VOTE SNP, YOU ARE VOTING FOR INDEPENDENCE” campaign, which of course was a lie. You were actually voting for a VOTE on independence, among a great number of other things. But hey, that’s politics.

So Tories, by all means have your conference; find out what went wrong and act on it. But remember:

Annabel is well liked, and a huge amount of the blame must rest with Cameron coming up here and telling us we could do better. You need to take into consideration that we are aware of the cuts, job losses and misery that you are causing. And finally tell relics like Forsyth to sit quietly in the Lords, collect their drink money, and SHUT UP.

Alex Salmond used to Praise the Lord when Thatcher came to campaign in Scotland. I imagine he must feel the same about Cameron.

And every time Forsyth opens his mouth the SNP cheer and go up in the polls.


  1. Lord Forsyth? What ever did this retard do to earn that title? This guy is what is wrong with the Tory party and you hit the nail on the head "And every time Forsyth opens his mouth the SNP cheer and go up in the polls"

    Alex Salmond called Forsyth a political dinosaur, I thought the man was dead and died years ago.

    What bothers me is guys like this are not accountable to the public and are unelected yet they are responsible for huge important bits of legislation. If the wheeze manages to bring the referendum forward then I hope he considers one fact, we have Salmond and the AV yes campaign had Clegg.

  2. What his grace the Lord Drumlean forgets is that to elect the Scottish Parliament (unlike the English Executive) we use proportional representation. So whereas the SNP got more than 50% of the seats it also got more than 50% of the votes. That is a mandate that him and his idiot friends could only dream of.

    If he thinks that using the unelected House of Lords where the SNP is not represented at all to swindle Scotland out of what it voted for is the way to go. Then he must be more of a cretin than I always thought he was!

  3. Ah'm absolutely wi ye oan Forsyth tris, everytime the man's name is mentioned ah start spittin feathers. He's an embarassment tae the tories an they should really lock him in a cupboard.


    Forsyth may be a minus fer the tories, but they've got a much bigger minus walkin the earth, an that's Davie McLetchie. He kept appearin oan the telly an ah'm sure the tories lost a few hunner mair votes every time. Scots arenae daft, an we could see that couthy an warm tho Auntie Bella may be, there's aye gaunnae be a phalanx o baldin white middle-age middle-class middlin men ahint her.

    Bella took the tories tae their worst EVER Scottish result. Jist think how bad a tory party led by McLetchie wid've done! An ah'm sure he's no the only yin, they can dress that pairty up aw they want, an it's still the tory pairty...

    Naw, they're sic a bustit flush in Scottish politics. Like the ither Unionist pairties, they'll no pick up support in Scotland till they jyne the mainstream consensus an brek their attatchment tae the Union. Until they start livin their lives like they're in the early days o a Better Nation...

  4. Aye Allan,

    Wee Forsyth is still alive and well and living in the stuffy corridors of that great English institution, the House of Lords.

    There’s an awful lot of tosh talked about that institution. Of course sometimes it does talk sense and some of the people in it talk a lot of sense, but its existence is simply wrong.

    No prime minister really wants to get rid of it, because it, and its snobby titles belonging to another age, are his (or her) greatest bribe. Some of the people in it are downright appalling.

    It was always the way to give ex prime ministers an earldom, because an ex-PM should, they thought, have status ... I’m not sure why exactly, except by convention, based on the fact that in the long gone past they were all aristocrats. They were also supposed to be wise... on which I simply refuse to comment.

    But more recently every Tom, Dick and Dickhead have managed to get themselves elevated. Junior cabinet members like Forsyth, who was always roundly disliked in Scotland, finds himself elevated to the status of elder statesman, when all that he was, was a creepy little Uriah Heap-like character.

    And his habit of opening his mouth and trotting out his far right-wing antediluvian notions does nothing but harm to a modern Tory party which we would hope was trying to move into the 21st century.

    You can’t just ride roughshod over the democratic process Forsyth, even if you once were Lickspittle in Chief to Mrs Thatcher in this country.

  5. Exactly Munguin. But relics like Forsyth, has now been far too long in a House without any democratic legitimacy, and full of wealth and privilege, totally divorced from any kind of life outside its walls.

    Someone needs to wake the old buffer up and tell him about the milleneum.

    Although, as clearly I'm not a Tory kind of bloke, I'm perfectly happy for him to go on spouting his drivel and doing their party's image untold harm.

  6. Mrs Pangloss:

    I can't tell you how it warms my heart and cheers my day to see your name on our blog again. What a brilliant start to the week.

    Yes, a cupboard... that sounds like a plan.

    I don't know much about McLetchie, except of course his adventures with taxis, and the fact that he seems to have a permanent smug smile on his face.

    But I have absolutely no doubt that a Tory party led by him would have done an awful lot worse than Annabel's did.

    I agree that they have to change completely if they want to make headway. The trouble is that the only person who is liked is Annabel, but of course she's only the leader of the Tory group.

    The truth is that Cameron and his meddling English party have far too much say in the Scottish party.

    And there is no doubt that some of the people who would have voted Conservative, if only in the list poll, did not do so because of the effects that the English party are having on Scots lives; possibly, of course, some didn't vote because they hate the party's association with the Liberals.

    They need the same sort of root and branch spring clean as Labour say that they are going to have.

    They need to become a Scottish party, detached from Thatcher and Cameron, concentrating on Scotland.

    And we need them, because the rump of the Labour party, made up of new, inexperienced, list MSPs who never thought that they would be elected in 1000 years, are not going to be any kind of opposition, and the Liberals are now a non-event.

    It isn't healthy for a party to have no opposition, but it's most assuredly not healthy for a party with a large majority to have no opposition, even if it's ours.

    Anyway... does that mean that when Brownlie's back, we're invited round for sherry and nibbles, and then more sherry, when Mr Pangloss is off down the pub?

  7. I was just looking at Forsyth's plan up there in the picture, and thinking: Does he understand that, if they did that then the only Scottish Tory MP would be Fluffy?

    How much of a laugh would that be?

  8. Sorry but no Tris, Goldie has utterly failed as leader.

    She has overseen the slow and steady death of my party and her time is up.

    When you lose 25% of your vote, and lead the party into a historic defeat when it doesnt even get 1 in 8 Scottish votes, it is time to do the decent thing and step down.

    Murdo Fraser is the future of the party, fiscal autonomy is the future of the party, and independence from England's Conservatives (though taking their whip in Westminster) is the future.

    Goldie has failed yet again. She must go, and go now.

    As for Lord Forsyth he is correct on one thing: are we really expected to wait 8 long years till the SNP decide when is the best time for them to gerrymander the timing, question, format of the referendum?

    All of the economic uncertainty these seperatists shall put Scotland through out of their selfish desire for seperatism. It disgusts me. They do not care about Scotland at all.

    Besides what does 'Independence' even mean anymore?

    Does it mean ditching the Queen as Head of State? No.
    Does it mean adopting an independent currency? No, London would still control Scottish interest rates.
    Does it mean an independent military force, embassies abroad? No, Salmond now talks his tripe about a 'civic union'
    Does it mean border checks at Gretna Green? No ...

    WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN OR MATTER THEN? Thus Forsyth is right, let us call up this silly little seperatist pastime and force the referendum now. Scotland cannot afford to be put through the economic uncertainty , just for the seperatists to play their games at Scotland's expense.

    And as for the horrid bile and personal attacks on Michael Forsyth, it is frankly disgusting. When was the last time any of you climbed a mountain in the artic for charity? He did, don't see any of you lot getting off your arses and doing anything other than bemoaning about what might or might not have happened more than 30 years ago.

  9. Goldie is unelectable which is why she has never won an election. She always has to be shoe horned in via the 'list system'. A bit like that other waste of space Mary 'carpetbagger' Scanlon.

    Goldie should be sent packing to Europe and join the other dead sheep like Ashton. Our unelected EU foreign minister who even Belgium agrees is useless. That's quite an accusation from a useless non country..

    Oh before I forget. Happy Europe Day Dean !!

  10. Oops forgot to say. The link contains a picture of Ashton so please don't click on it unless your breakfast has settled.

  11. Happy Europe Day Hugh!!

    60 years of ever closer union :)

    God save Europe :)

    And I think this is the first time Hugh that you and me have totally agreed with each other ...

  12. Dean..

    Aye ok whatever you say ;)

  13. Well Dean, You guys are best placed to decide your leader. But don’t blame me if the Scottish Tories disappear into oblivion without Goldie to hold them up.

    You’re unpopular because of Thatcher’s legacy. Yes, I know it was 20 years and more ago, but I promise you, she’s still the main figure of hate for what she did to us. (Ask Malcolm Rifkind.)

    You’re unpopular because the polished Botox boy Flashman Cameron is not to Scottish tastes. He doesn’t “resonate” up here. He comes from another planet, never mind another country, and he’s taxing and cutting all over the place while letting the bankers and the rich get richer and richer (see Sunday Times rich list).

    You’re unpopular here because people like Forsyth are prehistoric, undemocratic, and let’s be honest, ever so slightly creepy.

    Now I don’t care what anyone says, I, a completely non Tory person, like Annabel. She listens, she’s maybe not from the same place as I am, but I can at least connect. I’ve met women like her; I’ve never come within a mile of anyone like Cameron.

    Apart from her, McLetchie is the only Tory I actually know, or would recognise.

    As for independence, what does it mean? It means a whole different attitude.

    No one has said anything about currency yet. It might be that we would have a Euro like other small countries; it might be that we would have our own currency like Denmark, or Norway, it might be that initially we would share the bank of England pound but I couldn’t see that lasting.

    It means taking fair taxation in a progressive way so that the poor don’t pay grossly more percentage wise than the rich; it means decent and fair benefit. It most certainly doesn’t mean cutting benefits to teh old, when pre election a specific promise was made NOT to do that. Not once but several times.

    It means stopping paying for nuclear deterrents that will never be used, and cost enough to stage a royal wedding every week. It means stopping sending our troops into hopeless wars that we will never ever win, to please an American president who then allows our British prime minister to be seen in the same room as him.

    It means being a modern European country, like other little European countries, looking after our own affairs instead of trying to run the bloody world, when we can't ever run trains

    I could go on....

  14. And Dean, if that fossil Forsyth thinks that calling us silly because we love our country is a clever move, and is likely to have people rush to the Tories, it just shows what being banged up in the house of lords has done for his already limited intellectual capabilities.

    He’s just a silly old man living in his past like his beloved mistress.

  15. I still say she's the best thing they've got hugh, but, why would i care; they can have Micky Forsyth, or indeed Micky mouse for all I care... I just think Annabel would serve them better.

    It's not her fault that the Tories lose elections in Scotland.

  16. Ha ha... Hugh,

    The lad got you there.... and no mistake!!!!

    PS: I'm not looking at any pictures of mrs Ashton unless I've taken a hefty doze of something illegal. She should have an adults only certificate. Is she related to the hanging baskets woman, Beckett?

  17. PPS Hugh:

    Joking apart, I've never found anything wrong with Belgium.

    I've been a few times and loved De Panne and Brussels. I also thought Bruges was fantastically beautiful, especially first thing in the morning.

    I remember we stayed in the town square because it was so beautiful ... waking up in the morning and looking right over to the beautiful Rathaus... but of course there was a drawback. The elaborate clock chimed every 15 minutes...loudly.... so it was through a bit of a blur that the literal “sight for sore eyes” was viewed the next morning.

  18. tris..
    Ha ha I've not had enough coffee yet !
    Ashton has the same turtle neck as Beckett so perhaps they are related.
    I'm bemused by your support for Goldie.
    What were her unique selling points at the election ?
    University tuition fees because we can't afford 'free education'. Well she supports Trident, Iraq, Libya and Afghan wars, EU annual costs inc bailouts, IMF bailout costs, bank bailout costs, overseas aid costs etc. Must be a cool £200Bn spent there. Yet she thinks £200m is too much to spend on educating our clever students ( even Dean ;)). Education isn't 'free' anyway. We pay through taxation and the students pay through higher taxes when they qualify.

    Her 2nd great idea. 14 yr olds to be allowed to leave school and study a vocational course at college. Follow their dream.
    Well we've all been to a Scottish school and remember the type of 14 yr olds she's talking about. Lazy bullies who disrupted the class and were keen to follow their dream of drinking and doing drugs and sleeping all day. She would have 14yr old Neds on benefits thinking they'd gone to heaven. Roaming the streets causing more misery. I'm sure the colleges were excited about welcoming the little feckers. Not.

  19. Belgium. I drove through Brussels once . That was bad. Some quaint little towns though.
    It's a non country in the sense that it doesn't have a government and is split culturally and by language.

  20. The SNP obsession with separatism, when even they are unable to explain the practicalities of it is frankly silly.

    You concede that upon independence it is likely that the SNP would settle for either London or Brussels control over our interest rates .. some independence.

    You concede that an independent Scotland under the SNP would still have the EU control our fisheries policies .. some independence.

    I repeat my question: what is the point? Being in the UK ensures that we can have more influence inside the EU, to protect our fisheries, your separatism would diminish our sovereignty, not enhance it. Thus separatism IS silly, and you DO NOT have a monopoly over patriotism, regardless of your 'mindset'.

  21. Tris

    I agree with you about Goldie, it was bad (so sad, too bad) for the torys but I think it would have been much worse for them without her. But if the torys want to self destruct even quicker who are we to stop them.

    I have always been thankful to Forsyth over the way he destroyed the torys in 1997, with his help their support can go even lower now.

    It looks like the dinosaurs in the tory party are still there and we should be glad of that. Is anyone listening to them though?

  22. What does your obsession with independence even mean?

    Would an independent Scotland have its own currency? No, it has been made clear that the SNP would either continue to let the Bank of England control Scottish interest rates, or hand those powers to Brussels ... some independence.

    Would an independent Scotland take control of its fisheries policy? No, because the SNP would keep us in the EU.

    Would an independent Scotland establish border controls? No, the SNP have refused to establish border checks with the rest of the UK.

    Would the SNP establish Scottish embassies abroad? No, the SNP have made this clear in Salmond's "civic union" speech.

    Would an independent Scotland get rid of the Queen? No, the SNP would keep the British monarchy.

    Thus I ask, what is the point of your silly little separatist obsession? Scotland does not want it, and the vote on Thursday for the SNP was NOT a vote for independence. You want to challenge me on this? Stop running and hiding, and call the damn referendum.

    Each day of hesitation leads to greater economic uncertainty, and more job losses. Call the referendum, and let us kill nationalism stone dead, for good.

  23. Rather like the United Kingdom then Hugh?

  24. Dubs:

    Yeah, I did leave out Forsyth's awesome feat of completely removing all 11 Tory MPs from Scotland, something they have only managed to improve upon in infinitesimal measure. He leaves a legacy to be proud of, does he not?

    I would have thought that a quid pro quo for giving him the seat in the lords, to which he really had no entitlement at all, having been a very junior cabinet minister, would have been that he kept his bouche firmly fermied!

    Alas, his type never do.

    I think in fairness Annabel and even Cameron probably wish he’d go abroad, or take up an interest in sky diving....

  25. Dean

    Your desperation is getting worse. As the plumber said to his wife "its all over Flo"

    The torys are losers in Scotland and there is no way back for them. Replace Goldie and your 15MSPs will look look the good times.

    The timetable is more powers now, independence later, or no new powers now, but still independence later. Either way the Scottish people win.

    If you cannot take a majority democratic mandate, do not let the door hit you on the way out.

  26. Dean,

    You're not listening.

    The SNP forms the government. As stated in the manifesto and in everything that Alex said before the election, the referendum will be held in the second half of the administration. I know that Cameron and Clegg both lied their backsides off to get elected, but we tend to do, or try to do what we said we will do.

    It would be opportunism to change that now. And were we to do it, you would be the first to criticise.

    Would we keep the Queen? Don’t know. It’s up to the public.

    Would we stay in the EU? Maybe and maybe not. Scotland will decide; not Alex Salmond.

    Why would we set up borders? We don’t have borders with The Republic of Ireland, despite the terrorist threat that once existed there.

    There are many things that would characterise an independent Scotland; pride for a start.

    Taxation would make a difference; sharing embassies would be a possibility, but Scotland wouldn’t need to be represented everywhere. No small country is. Britain likes to pretend that it is big and important; Scotland wouldn’t.

    Independence would mean an economic policy that would match the needs of Scotland, instead of the South East of England; a more compassionate and warmer Scotland; a nuclear free Scotland.

  27. Hugh and Dubs... I know I haven't answered your post. I've got to go out right now, but I'll read and reply later.

  28. Mick the Prick and Comb-over Neill frae chest and armpits and some ghastly pseudo-Oxbridge hangers-on and assorted proto-Neo-Con, then fragrant Thatcherite- ponces: Through the parasites out of my father's house in the 70's for offensive and ungentlemanly behavior.

    Squeaked and legged it and cat-called from a distance.

    The only one of that camp, neo-Nazi group worth anything (albeit pro-BNP

    superficially) was Ross MacKay - a decent, upright soul in purely human terms and shafted well by that La Ruesque Vixen and his uber camp trolls.

  29. Unionists are the stars of this unfolding comedy running around like headless chickens whilst Dean is throwing his toys out of the pram quicker than anyone can replace them and the gallery seats are all free for us grinning from ear to ear.

    Dean said...

    The SNP obsession with separatism, when even they are unable to explain the practicalities of it is frankly silly.

    And unionists can't justify the benefit of their Union in any coherent manner.

    When's the interlude as I need the loo and have no intention of missing a minute of this well choreographed Unionist comedy.

    Credits SNP up for an Oscar

  30. I suppose even Dean will be prepared to concede that whatever the SNP wants to do, it has a resounding mandate of not only more than 50% of the seats but more than 50% of the vote.

    Dean what does David Cameron have in respect of both of those please?

  31. Also for Dean is the novel idea of actually doing AFTER an election what it is you said you would do BEFORE an election!

  32. Oh well she's just fallen on her sword.' Fresh young talent' to take over. Erkkk......Deano !!!

  33. Bella goes, the unionist melt down continues.

    Sorry could not resist it. I have been reading the Hootsmon all weekend.

  34. Magnum

    Deans a tory he will concede nothing. I recall a tory saying before the election he would treat a northerly part of his kingdom with respect.

    But hey he was a tory no wonder we never saw any respect from El Presidenti Cameroooon.

  35. Well they wont take the SNP for granted again! Shame about Annabel I liked her. But more in the way I liked Margaret Rutherford and that is probably not a good reason for the Tories to keep her.

  36. I think this is appropriate in the circumstances.

  37. The cavalry is coming.

    The main players would have to be Scots prepared to tackle Alex Salmond on his home turf. Some of them will be politicians, all of whom must be prepared to put petty differences behind them for the greater good. From Labour we should have John Reid – where’s he been, by the way – Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander and – yes – Gordon Brown. I would certainly also have Tony Blair, others might not. From the Liberal Democrats, let’s have David Steel, Ming Campbell and, as point man, Charlie Kennedy. The Tories would certainly include Michael Forsyth and Malcom Rifkind.

  38. Cynical

    The cavalry is coming.

    You beat me to it. I was just about to put up the link to the article, its too good for people to miss.


    Read the whole article it is hilarious, I think Cochrane has finally flipped. The unionist panic is getting worse. Did something happen this week?

  39. Tris.

    "But more recently every Tom, Dick and Dickhead have managed to get themselves elevated. Junior cabinet members like Forsyth, who was always roundly disliked in Scotland, finds himself elevated to the status of elder statesman, when all that he was, was a creepy little Uriah Heap-like character"
    Beautifully written! ;-)

  40. Dean.

    "Would the SNP establish Scottish embassies abroad? No, the SNP have made this clear in Salmond's "civic union" speech"
    Well we do have the Scottish office. ;)

  41. Alan Cochrane thinks all these dinosaurs and vermine in ermine will help to save the Union ? He's definitely lost the plot. They are all despised.
    He was saying that Labour had the Holyrood election all sewn up and it was Labour's to take. He hardly has his finger on the pulse of Scottish politics.
    I'm thankful that Elmer managed to hold his seat. Every time he shows his face people will think 'failure' and ' runaway' and 'Labour negativity'.
    Like Gordon and the Skull at Westminster I suspect Elmer will be kept under wraps.

  42. Hugh: I thought that something different for 14 year olds was a better idea than having them in school disrupting other kids' educations.

    Of course I don't know all the details, but I do know its a waste of time teaching these kids history and French, re and geography.

    It's got to be worth trying to find them something that they are interested in doing.

    OK, I know, drugs and booze might figure in that... on the other hand, if they weren't bored rigid all day, who knows some of them might turn out alright.

    I felt in the last parliament that she was the only opposition leader who made any constructive attempt to work with a minority government ... and the extra police and reduced business rates were good ideas, which have worked.

    Mr Gray wouldn't know an idea if it bit him on the bum...

  43. Dubs: I agree. They will do worse next time without someone with a bit of charisma.

  44. David: That was far too highbrow and cryptic for me.... I'm used to a lower level of debate ...LOL

    Can you put it in ordinary English....:¬)))

  45. LOL @ Cynical.

    We're looking for Michael Loser to direct it for us.

  46. Munguin: That's a novelty for the unionists.

    Manifestos that you work your way through actually trying to match your commitments to deeds.

  47. Right Dean...are you up for it?

  48. Dubs: The worst thing was that he said, on camera, that he would keep pensioners' benefits at the levels he inherited, and then promptly took 25% off the payment they get to keep them warm in the winter.

    ...At the same time as gas and electricity prices were increasing at twice inflation... (and today there was a warning that they may increase by 25% for next winter).

    The lying little toe rag will kill thousands of pensioners, but they will almost certinly not be Tory voters... and he'll save ever so much on the pensions that way.

  49. Aye Munguin. She is a bit like Miss marple as portrayed by Ms Rutherford...

  50. Most appropriate video. (What an amazing voice that man had... and that moustache... phewwwww)

  51. Cynical/Dubs: He is of course, completely bats, and needless to say, just like old Forsyth, an enemy of democracy.

    First on the question of Goldie he worries that she “has been too keen on being liked, rather than bashing the main opponents of unionism”. Don’t tell me he doesn’t see the irony of that, given that we are supposed to live in some sort of democracy (albeit not much of one).

    Secondly he thinks Cameron should listen to old Muddle head himself... Not advice I’d be likely to give anyone. Cameron didn’t even think he was good enough to be Sec of State for Scotland, one of the non jobs of the cabinet that my gran’s cat could do.

    The he says that the Liberal Democrats are dead in the water north of the border. Well yeah; they are only dead ion the water because they are in league with the Tories, who have been dead in the water since Forsyth killed off any interest in them at all.

    Then TOTALLY out of touch, he suggests that we should be hit with a cross party of the most repulsive, disliked people in the country... I would have thought he would have had plenty of examples now of how badly the Liberals and Tories work together... add the idiot phone thrower, the Celtic chairman, the “dead in the water” Liberals, which he had just derided, Alistair Darling who’s chancellorship we are still paying for, Malcolm Plummy Rifkind, for god’s sake Michael Forsyth and worst of all Tony Bloody Blair, and all led by Botox Boy himself.

    They are all millionaires, many of them have titles. It sounds like the Devil’s football team. They’d get laughed out, or stoned out of the country.

    We voted SNP; we knew there would be a referendum. We are not all the drunk, betting shop, subsidy junkies you think we are. We have schools, and universities and some of us can read. Can we be trusted to make a choice?

    They should be careful. If they send all these people up to tell us what we must do, they could turn the tide for us.

    They must be very afraid of losing us. What have they not told us?

  52. Aww thanks Allan...

    LOL. When I read it I thought someone else had written it!!!

  53. Yes Allan. We do have Dover House, and I believe that in the middle of the financial crisis last year, that fool Murphy used some of Scotland's money to have new curtains and carpets.... more than so many Scots could afford to do.

  54. I agree Hugh. They really don't seem to have any idea what is going on, or what we feel.

    For a political editor for a major paper I'd have expected better.

    All we need is Michael Forsyth to come and tell us off, and we'll be as good as gold.

    Why don't we ask Thatcher as well... that would just put the lid on it.

  55. Cochrane must have flipped his lid if he thinks that putting together a mad hatters tea party of the most odious quislings ever to come out of Frankenstein’s lab is going to swindle the Scots out of what many more than 50% of them voted for. Aren’t the unionistas amazing! They say that all the Nats have to do is get a majority in the Scottish Parliament then we can have our referendum no questions asked. Of course all the while they are sniggering up their sleeves because they designed the very system to make sure that they would always have a cross party majority. Then oops the SNP go and do several amazing and impossible things all in one day. Then it’s a quick scramble to re-arrange the goalposts. Don’t they think people will notice?

  56. Tris.

    "We do have Dover House, and I believe that in the middle of the financial crisis last year, that fool Murphy used some of Scotland's money to have new curtains"
    In that case lets hope its (curtains) for Dover house!

  57. Cochrane is right, we spent all our time being reasonable, and you Nats go and steal Edinburgh Pentlands from us. We must realise that there must be a united unionist front to defeat the menace of the separatist insurgency

  58. Dean.

    Man the guns, we're coming to grab Ayr and planning a massive border raid on the two border Tory seats. If this momentum continues then watch out Berwick Upon Tweed.

  59. Dean I’m very sorry if old “taxi to the golf club” McLetchie did not manage to persuade the people of Edinburgh Pentlands to vote for him. Shame! Never mind he can do what Rifkind did when they told him to sling his hook and go and find a “safe” Tory seat! Oh...there aren’t any!

  60. LOL Allan ...Nice one...

  61. Awwww Dean, Sorry... Look, if you promise to be good, we'll give it back...we have a few to spare! :)

  62. Berwick might surrender pretty quickly Allan...get its free prescriptions, and escape private health care, private water, and continual wars.

  63. I'm sure he'll get a seat in England, just like Mr Rifkind, Munguin.