Saturday 11 December 2010


Bruce Anderson, The Daily Telegraph, the paper of the establishment:

“....... Most of the students still do not understand the damage that Thursday’s riot did to their reputation and the extent to which they have alienated every decent person in this country....... The public is beginning to draw the obvious conclusion: if the police cannot even protect the Duchess of Cornwall, why should we believe that they will catch a burglar?....”

Of course being Scottish and having no need of any more qualifications may affect my views, but should this make my views so different from Anderson’s “decent people”? Will the Telegraph’s establishment move forward on this, based on what they fondly imagine “decent people” feel.

The riot was unfortunate, no doubt about that. There are people in hospital, one having had brain surgery. There are broken windows in the Supreme Court and some other government departments, and there is graffiti on some statues. Someone tore down the union flag.

Apart from the first one, none of these things really matter. I suspect that there are people working in Whitehall who will be relieved to know that their bombproof windows have been tested and found wanting, and hoping that the authorities will replace them with something that works. As for damaged statues and flags? Insulting to people’s memories, yes, maybe, but in the end they are stones and cloth. “Clarke’s Criminals” or “Smith’s Slackers” can repair the damage.

So am I out of line with “decent” people; am I an “indecent” person; or just a Scot? Or is Anderson’s, establishment coming at this from the wrong angle?

If they cannot protect Mrs Parker-Bowles how can they protect the masses from burglary?


Clarence House sent the prince and his ‘wife’ out in a large-windowed Bentley or Rolls, her replete with jewels and clothes worth a fortune; him looking like a tailor’s dummy, and straight into the riots? I suppose they knew that there were such things as riots, and students, parents, lecturers, ordinary people? Yes?

Did it not occur to them that to rub this outrageous display of publicly funded wealth in the faces of people who were facing a struggle for the rest of their lives with the fees repayment, was a tad on the insensitive side? Do they not care, or are they just too stupid to understand? Or was there something more sinister?

Recent polls have shown an overwhelming majority of people don’t want Charles as king, or Mrs PB as queen. If Anderson and his like think that the days of “decent” people being repulsed by people standing up for their rights against a shower of lying, self serving MPs and an imperious, self important, relic of a prince, they are bang out of line.

It would be incredibly stupid of them to plan for future events, of which I’m sure there will be many, based on these suppositions. ‘Off with their heads’ was probably not really what the students, parents, lecturers and other people on Thursday’s protests had in mind. But it could easily come.

And Cameron-Clegg may wish to reflect that what happened to Charles the other day might spread to people who will promise anything to the public to gain power.... and once they have it discard their promises and pledges like Tesco carrier bags.

* I abridged Mr Anderson’s comments. He does question Stephenson’s management of the riots. Click on the quote or here for his piece.

Pics: Mr Anderson, who writes for David Cameron, wrote for Mrs Thatcher and who, according to Wikipedia, approves of torture, even of children in supposed ‘ticking bomb’ situations. (Wonder if he would do it himself, or who exactly he’d find who would.) together with scenes from the London protests


  1. tris

    With all the serious events going on within the UK does a few students having a scuffle and a broken window screen (which can be repaired in a few minutes and you wont lose your no claims bonus ) carrying the most hated royal in the UK media...........warrant the level of Bullsh##
    which is being generated in an attempt to portray Cameron as standing against the forces of darkness.

    Can anyone tell me the last time that F#ckin@ to''ers Cameron stood in downing street jabbing his finger over say our forces being killed in foreign lands or how the wankey bankers need to hunted down and brought to book for all the damage they have dun??.
    Eh Deano???

    Nah! ya cant because he is more concerned with tea with the queen than what really matters to us ordinary(non Eton ) Plebs.

  2. Well said Niko.

    I must go for a lie down now.

    Agreeing with Niko is like being a student again.

    Not one like Dean, obviously.

  3. Well said Niko.

    You could see his polished little face contorted with disgust for ordinary people fighting for the right to what he got for nothing.

    They can pretend all they like that the poor will be helped but I’ll bet you any money you like that it will be a token.

    He can afford to pay the £9,000 and year, nay even £90,000 a year, to get his kinds educated. They won’t have to work in McDonalds, or in the local bar to make enough money to get by, and end up writing their essays at 3 in the morning worn out and stinking of burgers.

    And it’s all about this stupid old man and his damned “wife” (of sorts) having to get to the theatre on time. It’s as if we common people have besmirched the sanctity of Charlie and his mrs.

    Well that kind of thing is just stirring up more hatred. Charlie too got his degree for nothing. And Wills came to St Andrew, where he probably had to pay foreign student fees.

    Good because that’s what he is!

  4. Yes Conan...

    Does it make you feel all young and rebellious....?

    Now don’t get dizzy with it all! (it’s not the drink at this time of night surely?)

    Mind you Dean has the right to his views and his admiration for the royals may not be our cup of tea, but it’s his, and as such it’s welcome on this blog.

    But as for me, I smell change in the air, and I too am young enough to enjoy that.

    Onwards and upwards.

  5. What Niko not clammering for a resignation has he left the Labour party by any chance?

    A lot of people are having trouble with this and can't equate that these students are standing up for our freedoms although that isn't their motivation, more power to their elbows.

    Sorry if that is not Purrfect for some of your contributors.:)

  6. Maybe Niko is just being serious for once.

    I could suggest that Paul Stephenson resign, but of course the chances of that are so small as to be laughable.

    I guess they will find some constable upon whom they can lay the blame and sack him.

    The MPs lied. If they had lied to me about something and it was going to affect me, very seriously, for the rest of my life, then I would do the same.

    And the people who are criticising some of the more outré things that they have done have, perhaps, never been involved in this sort of thing. There’s an adrenalin, the same sort of thing that perhaps soldiers get, that carries people through the risks; there’s a feeling of togetherness too... it’s a good feeling and one which people maybe should have when they are young and fighting for their rights.

    I’m guessing that the next liberal promise to vanish off the face of the earth will be MP Recall. Because I’m guessing that almost everyone of the Liberals that voted for this, and many of the Tories too would be recalled tout de suite!

    As for Charlie... tough, who cares? Not me.

  7. The sight of the Cenotaph being abused, the statue of our wartime leader defaced, and the police service assaulted by anarchists, rebels and marxists is a reason why we need to see our police issued with watercannon.

    Never again, kettle them, water canon them - do what need be done, anything, to contain these enemies within.

    No compromise, law and order is the root of ANY civil society. And if a car containing the heir to the throne is attacked again - shoot the terrorists responsible, it isn't like the royal protection squad don't have guns. Try using them on these terrorists.

  8. tris

    I am being serious nearly dropped me cup of tea whilst watching Cameron outside( just to give a bit more dramatis) no 10 over what.

    Cameron and Coulson just thought this would be a nice bit of theater and the Queen would give them an invite..Plus look at the nasty students trying to commit regicide

  9. To hell with democracy eh Dean we are born to lead just you lot follow orders in fact lets ban all political students as they are the trouble only interested in their political agenda.

  10. How priceless to see Big Ears and Princess Parker-Bowles get the wind up em! I would love to sympathise with the royal leech after all having your Rolls-Royce limousine attacked by baying mob shouting “off with their heads” must be pretty scary for your average blue blooded one. But then as far as they are concerned there is nothing average about them.

    I just find the cringing sycophancy of some that want to keep these odious spongers incredible. They owe their position to being part of a long line of thieves who were able to suck and suck and suck the life and wealth out of everybody else some-time in the middle ages. And they have been able to hold on to it all because we connive with them in their view that they are special. Big Ears will very quickly squander that store of connivance when he becomes king because he really believes that in the 21st Century he has a God given right to be king. And if he thinks he can act like Richard III or Henry VIII in this day and age he is very much mistaken. So I for one can’t wait for him to take up his crown, roll on the republic!

  11. Oh Dean, if they shoot anyone for throwing paint on someone's car they will have a full scale revolution on their hands. People will turn on them. OK the Queen is popular I’ll grant you that; but him and his selfishness, almost no one except those who wanna be his friends like him, and she’s an arrivist who isn’t even properly married to him by the

    I mean come on, why was he there? Clarence House apparently didn't know that there were riots; then the police couldn't contact the royal protection squad of 3 cars (how much does it cost for this eejit to go to the theatre?) because they didn’t know the frequency... and no one had a cell phone... Either this was a message to the government... don’t cut police numbers otherwise Chick could get it... or they are totally hopeless despite the hundreds of millions the protection squad costs.

  12. Yes Dean apparently the Cenotaph was assaulted by one Charlie Gilmour a 21 year old Cambridge History student and adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. In his defence he claimed he did not realise it was the Cenotaph but was now sorry for his moment of idiocy. Two things really: first it’s a better class of anarchistic terrorists you get these days if they are all Oxbridge educated and second what exactly do they teach in history at Cambridge if you don’t know that that big stone thing in the middle of Whitehall with all the wreaths round it is the Cenotaph?

  13. I know you’re serious Niko, and I’m with you.

    Cameron is making such a prat of himself over this. Not that he cares one way or the other. I haven’t seen him since last night but it was so very obviously faux anger, (note to Eton: Drama classes are crap).

    If he thinks the country gives a stuff about old greedy guts and his avaricious woman, he is so very wrong.

    But be careful with your cup of tea. Don't want mrs M to spend her evening cleaning the carpet, washing and ironing your clothes and making you more tea! Do we?

  14. Munguin: I don't wish violence on any of them. But Cameron and his nonsense is going the right way for it to happen. People in the 21st century won't take that kind of attitude, even from a Eton boy.

  15. “Call me Dave” has woken up to the fact that it is not just a few disgruntled anarchists hell bent on violence. He has claimed that it is no longer possible to blame the scenes on a small militant element. So that will be the non militant majority then Dave? Thanks for that insight.

  16. CH. Sometimes you really just have to say, enough is enough. We're only at the bottom of most European league tables in things because we just take whatever comes our way from our corrupt government.

    And no other European royals live like the Windsors.

    In Holland Windsor would have been off to the theatre on his bike.

  17. Munguin,

    I am with you there - either this young fool is a complete idiot for not recognising the bloody cynotaph when he see's it, or (more likely) he knew what it was, and did that pathetic, disgusting display of indecency anyway.

    Either way - an apology isn't enough - millions died in the war that commemorates - imprison him for public indecency, public outrage and vandalism of state and private property. No bail, no hope of parole.

    Disgusting, and worrying too.

  18. Deano

    not being a fighting Man doesn't appreciate most soldiers etc whilst honoring their comrades.
    Also understand the charade of the cenotaph being used by the state to suggest respect for the dead although they use the armed forces both alive and dead and then cast then aside like a bucket of warm sh#t(but will shed a tear as the camera zooms in full screen)

    Deano Sharia law is ok then ??

    Shoot us Deano please do being dead is preferable to living in an English Tory world

  19. Tris,

    Whatever you think of the monarchy as an institution - a bit my bottom dollar the Queen is cheaper, and more value for money than either Sarkozy or Berlusconi!

    I know who I feel better being represented by - better a sensible, diligent and unelected Queen than some corrupt, foolish, egotistical politician!

  20. Niko,

    Honouring our war dead is too important for me to play your pathetic peurile political games this time Niko. Shame on you for defending the desecration of their memory.

  21. Aye Cambridge is worth £9,000 a year then Munguin isn't it. Lord they come out of that place even less educated than when they went in.

    Mind you a little bird told me that there are certain places kept in Cambridge for people who will bring something extra to the university..

    ... and they get in no matter how thick they are.

    Rugger and Rowing.... (Prestige in sport against Oxford
    People with titles... (Lord this and that in the college is always good for its image.. plus papa is likely to send something nice up for high table)
    People with money (even if they are common, might pay for the chapel roof or a new library....)

  22. Dean... If you think that Chick will be cheap, you're off your trolley.

    That man is only satisfied with the best of everything, unlike, I would agree his mother ho seems to be a bit of a tightwad... both with our money and most certainly her own.

    But when he gets the keys to the palace wait for the splendour. Him and his common law wife will really show people how to live it up... and i bet all the things that the Queen has loosened, or rather Phil has, will be put right back in place.

  23. I’m afraid Dean that I don’t concur with you lock em up and throw away the key attitude. Kind of reminds me of the way Leopoldo Galtieri or Augusto Pinochet would have dealt with this situation. Dean have you ever stopped to consider that it’s you that is in the minority?

  24. The law obiding majority want peaceful protest and the rule of law upheld.

    Unless the majority have decided to start living in an anarchist commune, I rather think I am onside with the majority.

  25. Corrupt, foolish and egotistical are three words I am sure will come to summarise the reign of Charles III!

    I don’t suppose that the French President is any cheaper than the Queen but what he is, is accountable to the people who elected him and he can be got rid of if he proves corrupt, foolish and egotistical. How do we get rid of King Charles when we don’t like him anymore?

  26. I was meaning as a student Dean not as a subject of Brenda!

  27. Dean Treaty of Versailles or kettling as its called nowadays. When you make stupid unattainable orders then accept that there will be a backlash.

  28. Cynical,

    The police are a heck of a lot less tough than on the continent! Over in Berlin, if these terrorists had made a display like this - the water canon, army and rubber bullets out be out!

    I commend our police for doing an excellent job containing these terrorists.

  29. Niko:

    "Also understand the charade of the cenotaph being used by the state to suggest respect for the dead although they use the armed forces both alive and dead and then cast then aside like a bucket of warm sh#t(but will shed a tear as the camera zooms in full screen)"

    If you never say another sensible thing in your life, you have atoned for it with that summation.

    The politicians of all colours that hide behind the troops. The send them to do things that are impossible, for THEIR glory, and because they know that by and large soliers are respected as a body of men, although not individually, they use them on occasions like this.

    What sickening hypocrisy. If the idiot Cameron cared a hundredth as much about the soldiers as he appears to care for a piece of stone where those and such as those can go and shed a tear on Novermber 11 at 11 am, and compete with each other as to how statesman like and severe they manage to look when they personally are responsible for deaths that never need have happened,...... then the troops who apparently are no bloody use would be back home here instead of fighting someone else’s war for one of the most corrupt leaders in the world, installed at the West’s behest.

    Wake up people. You are being conned. It’s all about the scum at the top and their world.

    And Cameron wants the Daily Mail on his side tomorrow. Never mind what it’s all about. Never mind that this prat could bring back soldiers now if he wasn’t afraid that Obama would cut him right off. No just worry about some bloody paint and their bloody flag and some elderly privileged man and his elderly privileged wife (?)

    Bravo Niko.

  30. Canon Law Dean?

    It's [water] cannon.

    Bloody students.

    Tory canon fodder.

  31. Deano

    seeing as it your party which has been busy filling in the war graves with the Glorious working class dead for the last few hundred years(and more)

    you got a nerve

  32. Dean. The police are stoking up trouble so that Cameron won't be able to reduce the money for them... thus saving their jobs.

    Not so daft is Plod when it comes to saving his own bacon. Might not be able to use a radio or make a cell phone call, but he can sure save his own job, even if it means dragging disabled people from their cheelchairs and stirring up a bit of hatred.

  33. ouch wheelchairs...

  34. Dean its called respect and they have none for us even when they lie for votes to get a bit of fame.

  35. tris

    Father always said

    'All wars are about keeping the rich man in his castle'

    he wasn't wrong


    I totally agree with the Mail on this one!

  37. any way

    The xmas tree is up Mrs M and Miss M and Grandson and meself(doing all the donkey work) have done a fine job

    Mr M is watching X factor on ITV 2 (PLUS facebooking on her net book)

    Taz is laying on rug in front of fire and i am up the wooden hill off to bedfordshire.

    Yawn! early night for me YAWN!

  38. Yes CH, that's exactly how it is. They despise us, and they use us to further their own political ambitions. They should know that almost every political career ends in ignominy... and yet they are stupid enough to believe it won't be them... Cameron's riding for such a fall!

  39. Well yer dad was right Niko. And these days they make sure that them and theirs are as far away from any action as is possible.

    Bet it was a joy to watch the little lad do the tree, even if you had all the work to do.

    Very early night Niko...

    Still it's better than going out and getting caught in a riot...


  40. Listen to what people are saying Dean. Leave your inbuilt prejudice at the door, and think...These people’s faux anger is just that. They kill real soldiers, some young lad peed on a bit of concrete. He probably didn’t even notice who was atop it. When you’re kettled on a cold day you really need to pee somewhere. And at least by doing it that way he his privates from sight and saved being lifted for exposure...or indeed dying of it in the cold!

    If Cameron gave a damn about fallen soldiers he’d be doing something about the ones that are falling right now.

    For heaven’s sake don’t listen to what The Daily mail says about anything... not ever. They lie. They’ll say anything at all to sell papers to their audience.

  41. Sorry Tris,

    People like me, with Jewish blood would have been in bloody death camps if it weren't for Churchill, and those army boys - it is NEVER okay to desecrate or play down the desecration of their memory. Not ever. The Mail is right about it.

  42. Well, I respect your opinion Dean, but I have to say that to me a staue is a statue and a flag a flag... and a plinth is a bit of concrete.

  43. But Dean, you really have to accept that Churchill didn't do it all on his own. Churchill was a great PR man. he knew how to appeal the the then English (and probably Scottish ) sense of Country, of King, of Empire.

    He gave people courage; his aristocratic English voice calmed them, because at that time people felt safe with aristocrats in charge.

    But the people who won the war, who saved the Jews, were the people on the ground. The soldiers, the people who went through all kinds of hell and saw the most horrific sights and had their bits blown off, and got frost bite and lost feet.

    Not someone sitting in a room playing at soldiers.

    It was great that they had him. But the hero bit... no, I don’t really think he was that...and he probably would have agreed. He did his duty. He had a great time doing it. But it was the men that won the war. That and the fact that the Russian winter killed hundreds of thousands of germ,an troops, and the Americans poured in millions of $

  44. Niko said..

    " Mr M is watching X factor on ITV 2"

    Perfect. They have you exactly where they want you.

  45. Monty:

    How you doing? Where you been?

    Not demonstrating in london I trust!!

    (I think he meant Mrs M... )

  46. tris..

    Sorry been busy. Yeah Niko is ok for a mad Liebour person.

    I've been busy investigating Dean's background for a documentary I'm doing ;)

    I'm thinking 'Me and the wet works brigade. How I infiltrated blogs using black ops and bullshit...'


    'Undercover Tory boy is grandson of Berkenhau hero'


    'Dean. Total wank or serious person ? '

    What do you think ?

  47. As I always say, he's maybe a mad Labour person, but he's OUR mad Labour person, and really you can say the same about Dean. (Well obviously except he's not Labour!!)

    Oh the first title sounds good... well, it sounds long and that's almost the same thing... :)

    Well, anyway, it's nice to see you around again.

    I must try to find happier things to blog about...

  48. tris..

    Aye true enough.
    Find something cheery to talk about ;)

    ( Irish banking)

    SNP Global warming fun..

    MPs filling their boots in Cancun..

    Why we are where we are...

  49. Ha ha.. you cheerful soul...

    OK, I'll try somewhere else for my ideas... LOL

    Off to bed. That's where I think best

  50. Monty,

    Oh, a joke about Tories & the holocaust, aren't you the original Bernard Manning.