Wednesday 1 December 2010


Dave Clegg ,or whatever his name is, has reassured Hilary Clinton that no matter what the Americans said behind their backs nothing will destroy the fabled special relationship between the coalition and the senior partner.

Now I find that even more sickening than Nick Cameron muttering on about how junior we are. I mean anyone who is half way sentient, and able to read words of more than three letters knows that we are indeed the junior partners, but to take insult after insult on the chin and not ever put up a little resistance, does make the UK look a bit like a bit of a girl’s blouse.

Today’s slice of goodies from the wonderful world of Wiki shows that the Americans thought that both David Cameron and George Osborne were a bit green and that George was decidedly “lightweight”. Neither of them, it was assessed, were interested in the bigger picture, simply the short term political gain for the Tories. Not that it would have taken a genius to work any of that out. The same John Humphries that made Ed Miliband look like the class dunce last week, did exactly the same thing to Osborne only a few months ago.

Clegg was talking after meeting Mrs Clinton in Kazakhstan. He told reporters all the things that they had discussed including the fact that pretty much no matter what they feel about us, and say behind our backs, we will still be their faithful junior servant.

The leaks have also brought up what a catty lot of infighting there is in the Bank of Britain, no sorry England. It seems that Mr Blancheflower thinks that Mr King should go, having been caught reflecting the same views himself about our brave "leaders". However Professor Goodhart, another BoE man, lived up to his name saying that was ludicrous and that Blancheflower had had it in for poor old Merv for ages. As my granny would say, they’re like a bunch of old tea wifies!

Pics: (1) Please can we still be friends? (2)ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  1. Tris

    Everybody slags everybody else off behind their backs its what makes the world go round.
    You should hear what Munguin says about you(perhaps you'd better not).

    we need more of it some people need to be told they are Mafia crooks(Putin) and that the Pakistanis are nuts and can not be trusted with Nuclear weapons ditto the N Korean loons .
    Sarkozy is a fuckwit Haque is Gay but trys to hide it Deano is a moron on a good day......

    cynicalHighlander a secretive tosser who wont share his secret!
    Danny is an American(poor old bastard)

    Alex Salmond is considered a potential world leader in................ bullshitting

    The snp is a party for fantasy romantics who like wearing skirts and hate the English...
    worship Robbie the Bruce who would sell them all out for a Fat Pig....

    Conan hasn't noticed his stupid Dugs are actually rats and his beard is full of his dinner.....he should have a shave and join the human race Oh! i forget he's a Nationalist.

    and that just the beginning...

  2. Niko,

    Thanks, old chum, for leaving me off your hate-list. Do your friends, sorry, should have said acquaintances, call you Piles?

  3. Niko,

    I'mreally surpeised to hear that. Imagine furry wee Munguin saying anything about me... I'm cut to the core!

    Well, who needs to pay for the Guardian when they hav a Niko to summarize the extent of the WikiLeaks? I see they are calling for the death sentence for anyone who leaks. So be careful what you're telling the world about Deano and Cynical, Danny and me... not to mention Conan and his I mean dogs.

    Did anyone mention Elmer Fudd at all? Or didn't they even know he existed. They probably thought he was the spare mop kept for the First Minister to use when washing the floor every Thursday.

    I wonder what they told the White House about you.

  4. I kept on waiting for you to get it in the neck John, but looks like you were ignored, just like Iain Gray... Who, I hear you say.

  5. How hilarious, thank you wikileaks for the best laugh this side of the coalition. No doubt one of the junior lot will be off to the USA to do a bit of that toadying that they are so famous for. Talk about a bunch of repulsive lickspittles!

  6. Dear Mr Obama, your Sirness,

    We are sorry that you thought we might be upset at being called shallow and usless by yiou and your people (and indeed our own bank soon to be ex bank governor). I hope you haven't lost any sleep over it. Slurp

    What can we do to make it up for you calling us these unpleasnt names...? Make you some coffee... Yes Sir Mr President. Coming up.

  7. I think it’s definitely time that the Half-wit in Chief whizzed over to meet the Commander in Chief to do some very needed creeping. “Call me Dave” is doing a first class job of being an even bigger Uriah Heep than Gordon Brown. Where is Dean when I am handing out the plaudits to the Tories for a job well done?

  8. I hope you haven't upset our Dean, Munguin, with all your nastiness.

  9. What nastiness? I'm cut to the quick at that implication. I'll have you know I'm a republican, we are never nasty to anyone. And here is me giving "call me Dave" and the Tories a bit of well earned credit!

  10. Trouble with Niko is that he has got an unwelcome lodger at home bringing his neighbourhood down.

    NC is a classic boot licker trying to look important at the expense of those who voted for him, how they wish for a recall motion.

    Peace loving nation the UK is more like war mongers spoiling for a fight.

    MoD top 100 suppliers: How you each gave BAE Systems £64 last year

  11. If only we didn't have to run the world Cynical.

    Just think how rich we would all be... no, let's get this right, WE wouldn't be a penny piece better off, but I guess that the rich would be even richer.

    It wouldn't be so bad, but we make such an unholy mess of running our own affairs that they must choke themselves when some twerp from the British Foreign Office turns up and says, "Now this is how we do it in England."

  12. Well now, Mr. "Name with no vowels" calls me an AMERICAN. Is there no end to the name-calling abuse I must endure by participating on this blog? (LOL) But Mr. Mixedpickel does have the flavor of the latest Wikileak controversy spot on. The majority of it falls in the category of routine gossip in State Department cables. Even our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, got it right when she reported that, while calling Foreign Ministers around the world to apologize, she was told by some that the say lots worse things about the Americans they deal with. (Why do I have no trouble at all believing that?...LOL)

    But the pointless gossip notwithstanding, here in the states the politicians, from Obama on down, are angrily pointing fingers at the "criminal" and "treasonous" activities of the persons (whoever they are) who fed the information to Wikileaks. Maybe the long arm of American justice, or failing that, its military might, may be able to come down on the international evil that is Wikileaks. Such blather....such pure political rubbish!! All designed to divert attention away from the wholesale ineptitude of American government officials whose job it was to keep secret State Department communiques SECRET!

    In an earlier time, before the DubYa Bush administration made stupidity, ineptitude, and arrogance the norm in American governance, a Secretary of State might have gotten sacked over such a thing. But it's likely that Hillary will get to keep her job. No doubt some very low level State Department functionaries will be found to serve as scapegoats.

  13. PS: We haven't heard from Dean lately. I do hope he's OK.

  14. PPS: I've always been inspired by how good naturedly Dean responds to being labeled a Tory and a Monarchist. It helps me endure being called an "American" :-)

  15. A commentator here, voicing utter amazement at some “politician’s” calls for the perpetrator of the original leaks about military matters to be executed for treason, pointed out that most of THAT material should have been for the eyes of the president, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and military big wigs all no more than a dozen or so people, whereas apparently there were about 1.2 million people who could access this stuff.

    The new stuff is a load of silly old gossip. Not much we couldn’t have guessed. China is sick of that comic figure Kim in N Korea... Nah? Once upon a time it would be handy for China to have an ally; now the richest country in the world, it really doesn’t need the tiresome Kin and his idiotic regime round its neck. Sarkozy is an ass. Nah, you’re kidding. We all knew the little fellow was so far up his own backside, he got lost years ago. We knew he was arrogant and unapproachable, and that everyone was terrified of him. We knew Brown was as mad as a march Hare, Cameron and plonker and Osborne lightweight.

    For heaven’s sake some egos may have been burst here but that really is all. I’m not at all sure how much of this stuff would put lives at risk. Of course when Brown found out he probably did a power of Nokia throwing, so if anyone was in the way... And Sarko probably threatened to execute every American in Paris (Q Music). Blahhhhh

    It’s been a big disappointment so far.

    But poor old Mr Wikileaks himself has had a very obviously trumped up charge laid against him (Surprised at Sweden). He can come and hide in my place if he wants. I support him all the way. Open government!!!

  16. I'm sure he's just busy Danny.

    Actually Dean's a bloody good sport to hang around faithfully putting a comment on most of our posts. It's much appreciated, and he gets a hell of a ribbing from everyone...

    Takes a guy with guts to put up with that.

    What I say is Dean may be a Tory, but he's OUR Tory. And Danny, you may be an American, but you're OUR American, and Niko Mixed Pickle may well be a pain in the butt, but he's OUR pain in the butt.

    C'est comme ca! ;¬) ;¬)

  17. Spot on Tris! Of course all the political posturing will die down pretty quickly. The real issue is precisely the matter you allude to......the fact that high level material is so widely available in government databases to a million people or more, right down to the lowest levels. This just invites the compromising of classified information, even the TINY bit of secret material which really NEEDS to be secret. And it is precisely this issue involving the administrative handling of classified material itself that makes high level officials culpable in this. It's NOT really about whatever low level functionary hacked into the database and leaked the information.

  18. PS Tris: And I feel honored to be thought of as "our American." American I may be, but politically, I'm a Democrat, and not a (large R) Republican. Democrats are so totally dysfunctional and inept as a political party that we are unable to do any damage whatever, either inside or outside the borders of the United States. :-)

  19. I always suspect things when someone lowly gets the blame. It’s quite simply never ONLY their fault. Someone surely should be supervising a private with access to millions of pieces of information that could be of risk to people's lives. Management incompetence writ large

    Needless to say it is the right wing nutters that are almost literally shouting "off with his head" like a crowd of demented playing card queens.

  20. That's why we have an affinity, Danny... The UK attracts dysfunctionality and ineptitude like magnet in iron filings.... ;0)

    Well, just look at Brown and Cleggeron...

  21. Where have I been hiding? A good day ... at the Stirling craft beer society [I'm treasurer] ... then off to a eurovision party [reliving the best entries 1956-2010] ... so as seems to become a normal habbit for me on here [as a less than sober commentator nowadays] ... here is my 2 cents ;)

    "Deano is a moron on a good day......"

    .. cuts deep ... all I shall say ... I'm not the party of the league of 'Great British Socialists':

    Lord Prezza, Lord Kinnock [remember this one? "I'll never take a title"!!]
    Lord Mad-Hatterlsey ["nurses, nurses!" - Spitting image]
    Lord Mandelson ["Oh Mandie, you came and you saved me from ..." etc etc]

    .. lectures from you sir? Glass houses! Ian Gray! I would [and have] voted SNP before voting Labour!

    As for unhappy - nah, you will all see slightly less of me till the 10th of Dec, it is uni exam time, and as a forth year planning on doing EU social policy studies in Rejiavek [Iceland, however they bloody spell it, and that fing volcano!] -- I need to drink heavy and revise heavily.

    Means less online visits sadly :(

    But I leave you all with a quotation from my eurovision party, a toast! "To the liniarity of history! To a Federal Europe!" [gotta love it!, even you Americans Danny ,after all European integration is an acutely American concept :)]

  22. Dean....Great to hear from you.

    Indeed! What a cool idea:

    "The United States of Europe."


  23. Its all a storm in a teacup, but quite a funny one. It has to be admitted that it is quite amusing to see the day-to-day tittle-tattle of the US diplomatic service laid bare. Especially when that gossip will burst a few egos of our esteemed and oh-so self importants leaders.

    Poor Cameron working so hard to be loved by the good old US of A, all that effort like swimming in treacle and they still think he is a half-wit!

  24. Dean... Ha ha ha. Very good. Give Niko as good as he gives you.

    Exams, exams, exams... the horror of a poor student's existence, and get in the way of all this drinking and carousing...still, has to be done.

    Be grateful that you're not going to be burdened by a massive debt though.

    I'm fascinated to hear that you're off to Reykjavík or Reykavíkurborg as it is properly called. Mind you because Icelandic is such a complex language when you learn to speak it you will find that nouns take endings depending on case, so things will become more complex.

    Anyway, regardless of the grammar, you could get a job with Munguin’s Republic writing Letter from Iceland, sorta in tandem with Danny’s Letter from America. Would be interesting....

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re fine.

  25. Jeez Danny... you'll cause a storm if you suggest that sort of thing here.

    The one thing that could save David Camerclegg's bacon is a referendum on Europe. The great British public would vote to come out, and Cleggeron would become a hero, second only to Churchill is our fight against the evil foreigner.

    It's a sure fired vote winner. He would be returned the next election with a vote of 90% and a majority that would all but wipe the other parties from the face of the earth. Of course that would be the end of the Liberals. (But that's going to happen anyway.)

  26. Yes Munguin. It brings a tear to my eye.

  27. LOL @ Tris....

    Well, after Dean's reference to a federal Europe, I just couldn't resist. And since I actually know nothing about European-UK matters, I can speak quite freely....LOL.

  28. Danny... You know that's not true, but that aside, if you encourage this idea, we may end up with Cammylegg for 20 years... Oh lord, ...argh...glug, glug, glug

  29. A warning for Dean the Icelanders have no "C" in their language so you will have to adjust your range of expletives, remember they sent Ash instead of Cash the last time.