Thursday 28 July 2016


Much is being made by the tabloids (and that really means all papers in the UK now) of the SNP losing the case against a Christian organisation in the matter of the Named Person legislation. Although it's rather less cut and dried than they have made out, as a glance at Lallands Peat Worrier will tell you, let's not get too cross at the opposition parties for getting all worked up with excitement. It isn't often they have anything to get worked up about, after all.

But for all the bluster, the court only pointed out that the legislation needed refining. Mr Swinney has said they will do that. Barnardos Scotland seems happy with that result.

Update: The BBC has finally changed their story. Maybe some of the Unionists who were making capital out of this would like to apologise.

The Christian Institute, as Lallands point out have won a Pyrrhic Victory.  

Just as an aside you wonder at a Christian organisation being so dead set against legislation so likely to be helpful to kids in danger. Don't you?

Anyway, as I said, there was another court case today. This time not perhaps so grand as the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, but the English High Court, and august enough organisation, has ruled that Mr Corbyn has every right to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party without having to be nominated.
Mr Corbyn replied:

So the fight is on. It's Jeremy versus Own.

I wonder if the people backing Owen Smith have wondered where the funding and support will come from in a Labour Party led by the right winger.  Possibly not from Unite or Unison it seems. Still maybe Barclays, Lloyds and Mr Murdoch will take over as long as he pursues the "right" agenda.

So, this is the kind of man Jeremy is... Just like the SNP he knows he can't rely on the  right wing press to give him a fair hearing.
And he can't be accused, like so many of his contemporaries, of having his head in the sand (as it were) over the Iraq war. He knew what would happen, he predicted it, and he was right.
On the other hand, we have a man who inspires such enthusiasm in his followers that they look either like they have been drugged, hypnotised, or are just plain bored to death!
When are the tea and biscuits? That what we came for!
Not sure we could make enough tea and biscuits for this lot though. Still they don't look like that's what they came for.


  1. Umm problem is if the snp proposed
    Locking children under the stairs all
    The Nats would say jolly well done and
    A what a very fine thing to do,

    You get a chance to stick it to your sworn
    Enemy you take natch ! I mean the Nats do
    So why not the patriotic Unionists .

    Wonder who is my named person to
    Keep an eye on moi !

    1. Didn't realise you were under 18 Niko.

    2. It's Mr Brownlie, Niko. Mind, I'm no sure he's happy about it. He may delegate to Taz!

    3. Only mentally, Gerry!

  2. "You get a chance to stick it to your sworn
    Enemy you take natch ! I mean the Nats do
    So why not the patriotic Unionists ."

    I know what each and everyone of those words mean, and yet when you put them together like that I have no idea what it is that you are trying to say.

    1. anon

      It's a kind of interior monologue thingy......

    2. Niko has his own language, Anon.

      It's a kind way of saying that he speaks to himself!

  3. Niko - The natural progression of things means that adults will, at some stage, be given a Named Person.

    In fact, it's beginning to happen, piecemeal. If you rent out a house, an electrician has to go round and check every electrical appliance belonging to the landlord, because we "stakeholders" (i.e. proles) are obviously too dumb to look after ourselves without state intervention at every stage.

    Your "doctor" has probably questioned you about smoking and perhaps drinking and if relevant, tried to exert pressure on you to stop.

    The nanny Natz have reduced the drink-driving limit so low that you can't risk having one drink when out, thus further destroying the rural pub and restaurant industry and endangering tourism itself, which is a main source of income where I am.

    In conjunction with the new alcohol limits, bus services have been drastically cut. So much for the SNP's "green" obsession. People are expected to stay indoors or get taxis home long distances, as the last bus now leaves town at 7.30pm rather than around 'closing time'.

    The SNP and the others to a lesser extend treat the people with contempt. Attempting to control their children with GIRFEC is something every person in Scotland should rise up against.

    "The Christian Institute, as Lallands point out have won a Pyrrhic Victory.

    "Just as an aside you wonder at a Christian organisation being so dead set against legislation so likely to be helpful to kids in danger. Don't you?"

    For a start, there are various groups involved, although clearly Christians do not want their children interrogated, monitored and conditioned by agents of such a deviant and subversive regime as the one we currently have.

    The Christian Institute is against this legislation as it is clearly not in the best interests of families. It is clearly a means to collect information on children and parents to ensure that they remain good little proles, like the writer of the blog post.

    We don't have the freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4 if the SNP says it could offend some group or other or put people in 'danger' or contribute to the Climate Change Monster.

    Anyway, GIRFEC and the Named Person is about *wellbeing*. Rather than spending very limited resources on children known to be in problem families, the net will cover every person under 18 and will make sure that they are allowed to watch their favourite TV shows and have their rooms decorated to their tastes. This grand diversion will likely increase child abuse and also lead to gross miscarriages of justice due to misunderstandings and malicious behaviour.

    You might feel so insecure and pathetically weak that you need the government to dictate how you should live your life and what you should believe, but some of us want freedom and will fight the namby-pamby fakes who are grinding this potentially great country into dust.

    It might seem a 'Pyhrric victory' but it's better to try than to submit yourself to the government as a domesticated pet, staying indoors, handing in your airgun (all good totalitarian regimes disarm the people), letting some government agent check your domestic appliances and be the 'head gardener' of your children because you have a prior commitment to being a brainwashed idiot who believes that the government is like the tooth fairy and rewards proles for their good behaviour.

    Except that the more you comply with their insane control freakery, the tighter they will turn the screws.

    1. You better get off the pc before nurse catches you using it.

    2. My "Doctor" doesn't want me to die of Emphysema, as my brother in law is doing in a protracted, painful way.

      Reduced drink driving limits have probably saved lives, admittedly a high price to pay for not having that second pint with your pub lunch.

      "...clearly Christians do not want their children interrogated, monitored and conditioned by agents of such a deviant
      and subversive regime as the one we currently have."


      Air rifles that can easily kill babies have effectively been taken out of the hands of fuckwits.
      If you want a firearm, get a licence like the rest of us do.

    3. Stewart, I think you should get on the first plane to the Midwest of the USA, there are groups out there who will welcome you with open arms.
      You appear to have the anarchist's manifesto of pat.

    4. First of all, what Conan and Jutie said.

      I recall that in England, it is not necessary to make a home you are renting habitable. Obviously that's preferable to having it checked over by an electrician.

      If you think that doctors asking how how much you drink and smoke, or indeed commenting on the fact that you are putting on a lot of weight is something dreamed up by the SNP, then you are either very young or perhaps very old and forgetful.

      It's been going on for a very long time.

      Irritating to the likes of Nigel Farage it may be, but cigarette smoke, at first hand, or secondary, is harmful. And if you've ever seen someone die of cirrhosis of the liver, you'll be aware of just how awful it is. Likewise, kids of 16 and 178 being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and being lumbered with all that entails, is worth a bit of effort to avoid.

      I suppose that if you've never known someone who was killed or injured by a drunk driver who thought he was fine to drive, then I suppose it is a pain not being able to get a few under your belt before you drive home.

      The limit has only been reduced to that of other North Europe countries.

      It would probably be nice (at least for some) if we could behave exactly as we want to, regardless of how it affects other people, but we'd all get a bit fed up with that after a while, wouldn't we.

      "....a subversive regime"? Get real.

      I'd rather that than we have a situation where no one cares that kids are eating out of wastepaper bins, or being beaten senseless by their mother's latest boyfriend. Read about the case of Brandon Muir in Dundee. Hopefully it will make you cry.

    5. Oh, and that doesn't begin to talk about sexual abuse which we all know goes on.

    6. Ha ha , Quine. Maybe not just the Midwest though. There are Trump fans all over.

      And not just in America!

    7. conan

      Emphysema ? you a smoker now that has shocked me
      do they allow that sort of thing in the snp quelle surprise.

    8. No I'm not a smoker Niko, although I indulged in the odd herbal at parties many moons ago.

      My brother in law, was and still is, when he can manage to pull out his oxygen tube.

    9. conan

      good for you ,,,,live long and old fart

    10. Feel the love there, Conan?

  4. My experience with Christian fundamentalists has,in general,not been a good one.
    In general,I have found such people to be motivated by self interest who rarely get beyond the teachings of the Old Testament Eye for an Eye philosophy.
    They share much with Muslim fundamentalists in that regard.
    Christianity and socialism should be easy bed fellows but in practice never seems to work out.
    I think money gets in the way for too many.

    1. Someone once said that Christ was the first socialist.

      So I though, interesting.

      But I look at the churches and I think... Well, if he was, the modern day interpretation has it all wrong.

      Big time.

  5. Glanced at the (Scottish) Daily Mail front page in Lidl. Unbelievable lying spin on the judgment and the Scottish Government reaction.

  6. And people actually believe the guff they write!


    1. And people actually (want to ) believe the guff they write!

      And Mr Candy gave 200 million to his brother as a gift
      out brotherly love as his father wished...nothing whatsoever
      to do with tax evasion at all.
      some people have minds like sewers as mother was want to say
      looking over her glasses at me

    2. Perish the thought that your evil mind would think that they were up to avoiding tax... Tut tut Niko. I'm shocked!

      Hmmm... I'm sure your mother knew a few things!


  7. Child abuse storys weary me they make me feel old
    you look at your grandchildren and the thought of
    cruelty towards the innocent is to awful to bear .
    They talk about named persons although many of these poor children
    were actually under the protection ? of the social services.

    1. Not many things make me angry enough to hurt people, but cruelty to children or animals is high on the list.

      I'm not sure how it will work, and of course in the end nothing is foolproof but if it saves other kiddies like Brandon Muir being jumped on by some drunk druggie who's sent his mother out to sell herself so that he can get more drugs, then I'll risk a bit of interference in family life.

      It's a sickness, Niko, to want to hurt a defenceless being.

  8. Replies
    1. Sorry, Dan, what's voluntary?

  9. Stewart Cowan,

    As far as I am concerned your use of the word 'NATZ' immediately negates any sensible comment you may wish to make. Fortunately, on this occasion, there were no such comments to negate.

    Perhaps you should get informed about your subject matter and try again?

    1. Yes, it's not the best way to construct you argument. We've all heard the Natz thing before. It lacked taste the first time, but it's tired to death now.

  10. What an abundance of human misery we might have been spared if his party had taken on board and voted accordingly on Mr Corbyn's speech concerning the Iraqi invasion. If for nothing else than that speech those who are trying to unseat him should hang their heads in shame.

    1. Indeed, John. So much misery for one congressional medal, and a hundred million or so.

  11. Can't help but notice that extracts from the completely impartial Daily Mail is polluting your pages. Did you know that whilst his paper is supporting brexit from the EU the editor, Paul Dacre, has collected around half a million pounds over the past five years from the EU's CAP for his estate near Ullapool. What an ungrateful bastard...

    1. Yes, it's unfortunate that the Daily Mail is stuck up there, with an embarrassingly WRONG headline. Dean, please write something new.

      Nothing about Dacre would surprise me.

      He's really quite the pits. Did I read somewhere that he's on his way out?

  12. I'm sure Stewart and his ilk will be pleased there were no named persons trying to prevent internet child abuse as reported today by police in Scotland.

    1. I've only just heard about that.

      Can't help thinking that parents really should try to keep up to date with their kids internet browsing.

      I dunno, make them show history randomly.. walk in unexpectedly... make sure they are using parental controls.

      I know you can't be everywhere, but seriously, you need to be trying to be everywhere when there are so many evil perverts out there.

  13. Talking of court action, anyone know the verdict in the Marie Rimmer case? I cannot find news anywhere online.

    1. No, I've not heard Brian. Was it not adjourned or something?


    2. It seems to have been adjourned, yet again, till the end of August. I can't remember the exact date.

    3. AGAIN? They waiting till she's retired?

      In any case she'll get off with it. They always do.

  14. Tris

    To be honest, working with young people full time, I don't see what named persons adds to what is already there to be honest but I am yet to see the policy on how it will work in my field. Of course the media will play anything that even mildly goes against the snp as some form of defeat, clutching at straws I suppose. SNP bad lives another day.

    Owen Smith is just a patsy, I can't see Corbyn losing but if he does it wouldn't surprise me if they just go ahead and destroy the party rather than do the decent thing and either defect, resign the whip or form a new party in the the process. They are scum bags in my opinion, Corbyn hasn't done that badly and I think his approach actually works. people are sick of how politics are done in this country and only the deluded and the media don't see it. What didn't they get about the EU vote.


    1. I don;t know enough about how it will work, Bruce, to judge whether it will make much difference.

      It seems that most kids charities favour it though.

      Owen Smith is a bit of a numpty in my opinion.

      I thought Eagle was a clown, but this one is even worse.

      Still, you have to laugh at their sense of entitlement.

      400,000+ members want Corbyn, and 178 MPs want Smith or Eagle. So obviously the MPs are more important.

      Yeah, that will work at election time.

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