Saturday 9 July 2016

Rather like Scotland

Catalonia welcomes refugees

My thanks to Norway Walker for the first pic, taken by him on a visit to the country.


  1. Refugees yeah ! corse but not childless one they wont
    nave a stake in our nation or its future....

    childlessness is a curse and an indication from God on high
    an individual is unfit for high office...

    1 Timothy 5:14

    So I would have younger widows marry, bear children, manage their households, and give the adversary no occasion for slander.

    And so say we all ......

    1. LOL.

      That's what the unionists said about Nicola and Alex.

      No kids, no stake in the future.

      It was disgusting then, and it is now.

      But refugees. Hard fact of live, but we helped cause the situation; we should help rectify it.

      But we are too poor, apparently... presumably once we have spent £250b on trident.

    2. I remember some half wit rugby player (name escapes me), saying in 2014 that Salmond and Sturgeon had no kids and therefore weren't concerned about the future. My response to that was that John Swiney was also leader and campaigning for Yes and he has three kids.

      I hope Catalonia joins us as a soveriegn state soon. Along with the Basque Country of course.

    3. I remember that so well... and there was a great deal less indignation when it was levelled at Sturgeon and Salmond than at May.

      Indignation is right regardless of who said it.

      But I suspect that Mrs Lead Some (but not the Tory Party) has done herself a bit more harm than good with this silliness.

      Hear hear for Catalonia and the Basques.