Saturday 23 July 2016


1. Hello. As you can see I'm having my bath,
so off you go and look a the nice pictures.
2. I'm glad that David Cameron has gone.
3. Twitter friend @mrpaulaitken had a weekend away with his camera.
The cliffs at Arbroath.
4. More from Paul.
5. It's nice to chill with a friend when you are an orphan. Not all humans are horrible, you see.
6. Wisteria, I think.
7. The magnificence of a tree.
8. White Giraffe.
9. I cannot  believe the English are thinking of reintroducing fox hunting.
10. Dordogne.
11. The healing power of a dog's love.
12. Marigolds.
13. When I whistle like this, you come running, Tris, OK?
14, I'm a sloth, so, if you come back in an hour, I'll still be in this position. And that one above can whistle all he likes. I'm not budging!
15. Wild flower meadow outside Holyrood.
16. Jutie's alpine rockery (or a part of it).
17. Glencoe, et une autre vache écossaise.
18. A sad looking Macaque.
19. WOL (for those who remember Pooh!)
20. Well, if I have to have a bath, I really don't see
 why he shouldn't. He's dirtier than I am.


  1. Thanks Tris,
    Another fine collection to start the day with smiles :)

    1. Hello Australia, and Issy. :)

      Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Trees Bah ! Only good for firewood

    Help Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell
    Broke into my home last night and stole some
    Of my private papers .....
    They have launched a crime wave across
    The United KIngdom and Scotland
    This could be your last soppy Sunday

    That Corbyn fellow lot to answer for .

    1. Aye firewood Niko. And of course building the UK's "Heart of Oak" ships when they were out ruling the waves

      That's why we have so many bare hills in Scotland.

      Hope you don't find the piece of rotting fish they hid when they broke in.


    2. Oh Niko, after that comment I'd not go walking in the woods again, if I were you!

      Anyway, Jeremy had a word with me before he broke in. I said it was hardly worth it; all you had of interest was a few Page 3 girls from Rupert's Sun... but he went ahead anyway. Maybe he likes Page 3 girls.

      The last crime wave across the UK was the Tories election fraud, and it looks like that has been parked by someone higher up, so I'm sure that this can be too!!

      Now, go and hug a tree and tell him/her that you are sorry!

  3. You're keeping up a great standard with these Tris, well done.

    Muchly enjoyed the funnies yesterday.

    1. And thank you for yours, Gerry.

  4. loved the alpine's and the Holyrood meadow. Cute sloth and never seen a white giraffe before. Arbroath looks nice, I've never been.

    Mind you with the first and last pictures it was more Soapy Sunday than Soppy! Loved the way the orange primate was using the white one as a climbing frame!

    1. The Alpines are our own Jutie's of course, and yeah, beautifully done. I love these wild flower meadows. I'd love to have one in the garden, but I can't sow seeds in my garden becasue of all the cats in the neighbourhood.

      Arbroath cliffs are lovely. The walk from Arbroath to Auchmithie is on our "to do" list for this summer. Thanks to Paul for letting me use his pics.

      Brilliant. Wish I'd thought of Soapy Sunday! Mind, I didn't think of Soppy Sunday. That's down to John.

      Maybe you lot should write the blog and I should read it :) :)

  5. I might have another soppy piccie in the near future Tris, as i'm puppy hunting. Everyone likes s cute puppy picce.

    1. Always welcome Jutie. :)

    2. Has that coo had an extension, wi' extra legs?

    3. Hmmm... nope... there blades of grass there making each of the hind legs look like two legs... I promise it's not some horrific monstrosity. This is Glencoe, nowhere near the Britnukes.

  6. Photos 3 & 4. The great Scottish geologist James Hutton traipsed around these parts formulating his theories of rock formation and "Deep Time"

    1. Well, Paul's a kinda intellectual sort. Who knows what will come out of his weekend away!!

  7. Dear me, what happened to that poor giraffe's freckles? The photo from the Dordogne looks as if it hasn't changed over the centuries - a bit like me, I suppose....

    1. He's in an advert for Persil.

      Do you have a picture in your attic?