Thursday 14 July 2016



  1. The First Minister is looking at every possibility ..

    she'd better !

    the one were she loses is looking the clear favourite

    This time its Nicola who is going to get a handbagging
    Cameron could not give a toss for the Union Theresa on
    the other hand is a fully paid up member of the orange order.
    Nicola can see as many experts she wants but it aint gonna
    matter she can fire up the base until they burst into flames
    but it aint gonna matter....

    The Union will still be here in a thousand years with Scotland
    still an integral indivisible part.

    1. I think the word invisible would be more appropriate.

    2. I'm just thinking of the last guy that thought his Reich was going to last a thousand years.

    3. @ Anon

      Am I right? Are you Boris Johnson? Do I claim my 5 groats?

      This Niko guy should lay off the drink if he cannot handle it.


    4. Does anyone know where Niko lives? Is it anywhere in Britain do you suppose? If so, one wonders how he can be so consistently wrong about everything British. (Or is he just putting us on?) Did he advise the Irish people on their hopeless quest for independence from the thousand year British "Reich" some years back? Or perhaps the Americans in 1776?

      One may paraphrase Dr. King and correctly observe that the arc of history is long, but it inevitably bends toward the independence of free people. One must never contemplate or advocate violence, but it sadly played a part in America and Ireland, as history observed the dwindling of the United Kingdom. As I have pointed out before, Americans DID find that the thousand year monarchy......AND a slightly less aged but equally dictatorial parliament in London.....folded like a cheap suit when the bullets started flying.

    5. Niko, would you seriously prefer Scotland being treated as a colony Ad infinitum, rather than make it's own decisions; for the benefit of it's own people, really?

      There will never be a socialist UK, that dream died the first time a Labour politician donned a dead ferret jacket. I'm not saying an independent Scotland will be a socialist paradise, but it sure as hell will not be a far right warmongering nation either.

    6. I really can't understand that attitude. The UK is destined to be right wing. Even Labour is right wing.

      For Labour it it more important to have nuclear weapons than that children have food. And when they elect someone who cares more about hungry kids, Labour does its best to bury them and replace them with someone who wants to rule the world at America's right hand no matter the cost.

      I'm not sure that in reality Jim, there is such a thing as a socialist paradise, but a reasonable regime that cares for people and discards useless bombs for the sake of prestige would be seriously nice.

  2. Danny

    There is a bloke (white)quoting Martin Luther king ??? How very dare he in a nation that routinely slaughters innocent people of colour alongside their own defenceless children....

    do not dare to lecture me ! you sir go and hang your head in shame
    and stand quiet in a corner.

    Here, Bullet
    If a body is what you want,
    then here is bone and gristle and flesh.
    Here is the clavicle-snapped wish,
    the aorta’s opened valves, the leap
    thought makes at the synaptic gap.
    Here is the adrenaline rush you crave,
    that inexorable flight, that insane puncture
    into heat and blood. And I dare you to finish
    what you’ve started. Because here, Bullet,
    here is where I complete the word you bring
    hissing through the air, here is where I moan
    the barrel’s cold oesophagus, triggering
    my tongue’s explosives for the rifling I have
    inside of me, each twist of the round
    spun deeper, because here, Bullet,
    here is where the world ends, every time


    Colony or an snp fiefdom wot a choice see Nicola is backtracking
    already Independence is just an option

    1. "SNP fiefdom", how so? There maybe a resurgent Labour party, or a brand new political party, what is certain Scotland's interests are not on the radar at Westminster.

      Your cage got rattled a bit there, good poem; who is it by?

    2. Found it, Here Bullet by Brian Turner; here he is reading it...

    3. Good. I couldn't reply last night. I wrote an answer to Niko and it wouldn't post! OK. On with business.

      Niko. The FM always said that this exercise was to keep Scotland in the EU. She always pointed out that it was the clear (if not settled) will of the Scottish population. (62-38 is relatively decisive).

      Nothing new here. All the video tried to show was the amount of work that was being put into finding a solution that will best meet the needs of our people.

      Nicola is aware that, 55-45, two years ago (notwithstanding Brown and the vow) the people voted to remain in the UK. She's smart enough to see that, whilst independence remains her goal, she has to run Scotland for everyone. Obviously including the 55% that voted to be ion the UK.

      However, there are people, who, when given the choice EU or UK, will chose EU.

      Seems to me that regardless of party politics, Nicola is doing the right thing here. A bunch of experts working out what the possibilities are.

      I see it is positive that Mrs May is coming to Edinburgh. If her answer was Britain (England) voted 52-48 for Eexit: live with it, that could have been said on the phone. It seem to me that Tess is prepared to listen. Maybe that's on the advice of the Rt Hon Ruth. Possibly Fluffy!

      As for the thousand years... Yep, Anon. It's not a length of time I'd use.

      He COULD be Boris, SA. After all he does a lot of quoting in Latin and Greek!!

      Believe it or not, Danny, he lives in the capital. Of all the palaces in Scotland beautiful Edinburgh is the most British, I think. He must have caught the bug!

      I hope, though, that we can stop the bullets flying. We've seen too much of that in Northern Ireland. In a way I'm surprised Mrs May's first visit wasn't to Belfast. Being dragged out of the EU is a worrying prospect for them.

      Great poem!

      Jim. I've never understood how people can be so negative about their own party.

      In an independent Scotland, I'd imagine the last thing it would be is an SNP fiefdom. To think that Labour, unshackled for the mess that that part is in the UK, wouldn't pick up votes and become a leading light again, is just plain silly.

  3. I refrain from feeding you under-bridge gowks, but I recall racist posting from you before. The colour of a man's skin is no more important than the colour of his eyes. You attack someone by assuming they are white. Their arguments are valid or not whatever amount of melanin they may have.

    Have you thought of seeking help for the apparent drink problem you have? AA is very good, and can be found pretty much everywhere in the world.

    All I assumed was that Danny lived in North America.


    1. Yep, Danny may well be any colour under the sun. I wonder why it was assumed that he was white. I wonder why it would matter.

  4. Westminster is claiming that it is going to renegotiate their trading terms with the EU as a single entity.
    However,the EU is likely to take a different stance,citing Scotland's clear intention to remain part of the EU on current terms.
    That means this tine around,Westminster cannot bring Scotland"s resources to the table as a bargaining chip and that mainly all that they can guarantee during negotiations are financial services and even then,no certainty that much of that will not have fled to Dublin,Edinburgh,Frankfurt etc.
    They are going to be arguing from a far weaker place than on previous occasions and excluding us from the negotiations will only undermine their case even more.

    1. bringy

      Dont be silly


      so I am a mad drunken alcoholic racist troll.......
      oh ! well there you go

    2. No, you are not, Niko, you are just a wind-up merchant!!

    3. Well said, bringiton. Britnats are only just beginning to realize their so-called united kingdom is finished thanks to britnat arrogance and ignorance.

    4. I think John has it right. Niko is just winding people up, like he's been doing on here since 2009. He's working towards thousand years of winding folk up.

      Regardless of what happens, one of Mr Cameron's legacies, of which he talked so much) will be to have brought about the end of the UK.

      Good job, I say.

    5. Brownlie and tris and snp drones

    6. Awww Niko. Is that you?

  5. Theresa May's soul caught on camera revealing the depth of her character:

    1. I thought that was Ms Leadsom, who I see has put her foot in it again.

      Never trust a man. ... or clearly someone who isn't a mother.

      Jings. What else?