Sunday 3 July 2016


Commiserations and congratulations, Iceland.

As you won with dignity, you lost with dignity. 

You did a great job for small countries on and off the pitch.

You've done your country nothing but good in this tournament. No one is going to forget the Viking Chant in a hurry and people who never before gave your country a second thought will be wondering about holidays among the charming Vikings.

We, as another small country, are seriously proud of you. Við elskum þig Ísland.

Murdo says that if you cut him he would bleed red white and blue.

(I wondered if that meant he too was Icelandic) but it turns out that he doesn't really have any blood! It fittingly come in TUBES!

So if he ever needs a transfusion...Tesco's is yer man!


  1. but you see it's not a Viking chant. I came across a video on the web and the Icelandic fans say they copied it from - wait for it - Motherwell supporters. It's a Scottish chant that tbf the Icelanders have taken to the next level.

    So there you go the links between Scotland and the Nordic nations are many :-)

    1. The Vikings of Motherwell...

      That we belong with them is now confirmed beyond all doubt!

  2. And just to show I'm not making it up

    1. I always believed you PP.

      I know you wouldn't lie to your employer, Munguin!

      :) :)

  3. Tris

    I must admit I cannot stomach Murdo Fraser and is it just me but is he really showing his true colours now. He is really starting to show that he is a nasty piece of work but bring it on. The Tories are mental, Labour are mostly mental, the Lib Dems are irrelevant, UKip are worse than mental and the SNP are mostly ok but need to reign back a wee bit on utopia EU. The first sign of real trouble and they all collapse and start fighting each other. We really do have a pretty much useless bunch of politicians in this country. They are all mostly shit.

    Iceland were brilliant, good for them.


    1. Murdo becomes more idiotic by the day.

      Red white and blue... Yeeeee gads.

      When I ask for explanations of any of the thing the Ruth Davidson Party says on Twitter, I never get an answer.

      As for Iceland... wish I'd be born there.

      I wonder if there's anyway I could get an Icelandic passport.

      Still... a good thing coming out of Brexit today is that property prices are on the way down. Standard Life has suspended trading in its property fund before it goes through the floor, so at least for a little while young folk may be able to get their feet on the ladder, before they stop building altogether.

      And Nigel has resigned. Jobdone apparently.

      No point in him going to Brussels any more, except that the beer is better over there and the fags are cheaper. I wonder what he's going to do with his spare time...and what loonie we will get as leader. David Coburn anyone?

  4. Have you also noticed that Tom Harris is back?


    1. Douglas: It amazes me that the BBC thinks it appropriate to ask the opinion of people who were deselected so overwhelmingly by the public only just over a year ago.

      If I had faced that kind of rejection from my peers I'd be ashamed to go on the tv and tell people what I thought about anything. The message I would have taken from being voted out of office would have been... No one wants to know!

      I suppose as he's no longer an elected politician, with all that big money, he'll be glad of the BBC fee, and of course the BBC wants to keep it anti SNP, anti Independence. I note that the Greens, now represented much more strongly in parliament with THREE times as many MSPs than before May, have not been invited. Nor have the Liberal Democrats.

      I suppose the BBC thinks that they can;t be trusted to tow Westminster's line.

      Democracy? State Broadcaster? Duty of Impartiality?

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!