Tuesday 5 July 2016


Is it any wonder I mistakenly thought her name was Andrea Loathsome? 

No minimum wage? So employers can go back to the good old Thatcher days of paying £1 an hour. And, of course, you'll have to claim benefits and be labelled a scrounger by some coked up toff.

No maternity rights? So you give birth Monday afternoon in the office toilets and straight back to work or you're fired?

No unfair dismissal rights? So you can be sacked without notice for wearing the wrong hairstyle or being a minute late, and then be called a scrounger for claiming benefits?

No pension rights? So that after a lifetime service you can be chucked out at whatever they've put the pension age up to, without a penny and only the horrifically inadequate state pension to live on. And, needless to say, you will have to claim pension credits and housing benefits and be called a scrounger? 

And what kind of employee does she think will work for this kind of employer? Presumably someone forced to by the unlovely Crabb man on pain of NOT being allowed to claim benefits, but still being called a scrounger for trying to.

No wonder the officials at the Treasury said she was the worst minister they had ever had, with no grasp of issues and even the terminally dim Gidiot wanted her moved.

I'm begin to wonder how she manages to get herself out of bed in the morning without some help!
If you fancy a laugh over the leadership contenders, listen to Ken Clarke discussing them with Rifkind.

Fox and Crabb have gone now (how embarrassingly low their votes were, showing even Tories MPs don't think much of them). Wee Govey is last, which leaves the contest looking like it's between Leadsom and May. What a bloody choice! 

Attila the Hun or her stunt double!


  1. We really need out of this Union, ASAP.

  2. The thing that really bothers me, as the pound plunges and companies are looking at taking their jobs out of the country, folk are applying for passports from whatever country they can (any one with parents or grandparents from another EU country), the Conservatives are stabbing each other in the back... all that Great British stuff can wait till we've sorted out a leader. Meanwhile Cameron does nothing. And Labour is failing to provide any opposition because they have some stabbing in the back to do themselves.

    (And Labour has failed to do what it most wanted. Instead of trying to help the poorer people in the country, they are obsessed with saving multi millionaire Blair from facing up to his lies and deception of parliament and the people.)

    You're right. Let's get out.