Wednesday, 11 May 2016


This is Carwyn Jones, who expected to be elected First Minister of Wales today, and wasn't. Commiserations Carwyn. You have a wee bubble.
This is Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who was insulted yesterday by David Cameron when he thought no one except the Queen, Archbishop of Canterbury and John Bercow were listening. 

Mr Cameron, who recently profited very nicely from his dad's fund based the tax friendly British Virgin Islands, said Nigeria was "fantastically corrupt" (just as police in 7 different regions of England launched inquiries into Tory Party electoral fraud which could bring Cameron's government down). 

President Buhari is a big man. He didn't rant and rave at Cameron's lack of diplomatic skills. Instead he pointed out that he had done all he could do in Nigeria, and now he would very much like the money back. He says back becasue the Brits have got it. It is all either in the City of London, or other British overseas territories. 

Maybe Mr Cameron can oblige him. 


  1. Choke on that davy

  2. Tell me snp propagandist tris is not the largest
    party due the first dibs on being the Government
    like wot the snp were..back in the day


    how many snp msps and MPs are being investigated etc
    about their irregular tax affairs...plenty eh...????

    1. Nico, are you looking forward to the results of the Chilcott inquiry which has been 'investigating' the biggest lie in living memory? I understand the sales of white-wash have gone through the roof.

    2. PMSL! Go on, please enlighten us LOL!

    3. Yes Niko. They have first Dibs. And if they can get the other parties to vote for them then they have the job. But they couldn't.

      I'm not sure, to be honest, why Plaid is doing this. I don't think much good will come of it, but Jones hasn't got the confidence of the assembly.

      I think that someone will propose Ruth as First Minister of Scotland and if the parliament votes for it, so be it.

      In the same way, not much good would come of it.

      No I don;t know how many SNP people are being investigated. Do you?

      Perhaps you'd care to enlighten me?

    4. I suspect most of us aren't looking forward to the Chilcott report, John. After all, the Straw man and Mr LoadsaMoney have been allowed to see it and take out he bits they don;t want us to know about.

      So what it's going to say after all this time is that there was no wrong doing by anyone except some cleaners and the tea wifie, who will be punished most severely and that lessons will be learned.

    5. I'm waiting to be enlightened too, maraki!!

  3. A dignified response from President Buhari, take note Cameron.

    Wouldn't it be good if Plaid could form a minority government and build support for the next election as the SNP did? Go Plaid!

    1. I think that the Arithmetic is against them, PS. Labour has 29 seats. Plaid has 12, the Tories 11. They would need the votes of UKIP to get anything through. I'd not want my party to have to work with that bunch of fruit cakes, let by old Brown envelope man himself.

      I'm sure she knows what she's doing, but it's not what I would have done on these numbers.

      Yes. I congratulate teh president for putting Dodgy Dave in his place.

    2. I can see what Plaid is trying to do - they're not planning on entering Government, but on causing chaos within Welsh Labour. Wood's nomination for FM was a stalking horse bid to take Jones out.

      How well that's going to work depends on how many lessons Welsh Labour has learned from their Scottish comrades.

    3. Ah, I see, Alan.

      She's a competent politician. I reckon she probably knows what she's doing. Will be interesting if she manages to get rid of him.

  4. If we're being honest, and judging by facts and international standards, Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country.

    That being the case, it continues to amaze me that politicians *still* keep falling for the live microphone routine. In a world of smart-phones, treat every phone, every microphone as live, as an enemy.

    Besides, it is disgusting that the press made such a meal of the Queen remarks about Chinese officials. As someone who deals with them daily (been in China for 2 years come June), they really are awesomely rude and without grace. For the Queen's part, there is absolutely no scandal, I fail to see why anyone would even bother reporting her private remark. The red tops causing trouble again no doubt.

    1. Have you been advising the Chinese?

    2. I've been working here. I'm sure the Chinese gov't doesn't give two hoots what I (or indeed anyone) thinks.

    3. I don't think that anyone is saying that Nigeria isn't corrupt. Nor for that matter Afghanistan.

      There are those who might say that in Afghanistan, given that the president who served 2 terms was virtually appointed by the USA and its allies, and he was charged with setting up all the systems, reporting to Cheney, corruption was all but guaranteed.

      As for Nigeria, I think the president said it better than I could. Maybe the City of London would like to return the money stolen from "the hard working Nigerian taxpayer, up and down the country" to coin a phrase.

      On a personal note I'd like to say that one of the most decent and kind human beings I ever met was Nigerian.

      As you say though, in this day and age you would think that people would realise that very few conversations, at least at that level, are private. Given that Dodgy was looking at the cameraman when he was speaking, and given that he has been caught out before insulting the queen by comparing her to a cat, you would think that he might have got that.

      Again it's a cross party thing, as Brown found out when he called that woman "an old bigot", or John Major when he called half his cabinet "bastards".

      Then some politicians go on Twitter when they are drunk and make total fools of themselves.

      As for the rudeness of the Chinese, well different cultures have different standards of politeness. When I worked in France I remember being told off for not making a suitable reply to a "thank you" I got from a lady for whom I'd opened a shop door. My French companion was mortified that I hadn't replied with the French equivalent of "Not at all" or "It was a pleasure" and was digging me in the ribs and whispering "je vous en prie, Madame" at me. I also had to remember to use "Monsieur" or "Madame" liberally when talking to people I didn't know. I'd never say Sir or Madam here.

      A French fried here told me her mother had been in a froth over a couple of lads who had got into a lift with her and had been rude. My friend asked what they had said. "Bonjour", replied her mother..."AND NO MADAME!".

      On the other hand my Spanish friends tell me that by and large everyone there is on first name terms and even primary school children refer to their teachers by their first name (albeit with the addition of Don or Doña).

      So different people, different cultures. I'm sure the Chinese weren't rude to the queen, even if her husband called them slitty eyed!

      As for reporting private remarks, again I have to say that Philip got that bang on. People, he said, were interested in them as a family. They wanted to know all about them. If they stopped, one day, being interested, they might very well wonder what on earth they were for.

      He might be an extremely rude old man, but he has a facility for logic.

    4. Well said Tris, put it very well. As for the Chinese, they have long memories, very long Memories, do you think they have forgotten the Opium Wars, the loss of Hong Kong. Give them time they will put this bunch right back in their box and Dean, if you think that many, other than the lickspicles care what happens with Liz and family you are sadly mistaken. Liz has a function to keep the establishment happy, keep the House of Lords functioning so that those bought off can feel they have actually achieved something. Please also remember that the Chinese see Liz as the successor to Victoria whose government was involved in the Opium Wars and they are stupid enough to transfer all their manufacturing to them. Helena

    5. Being a Tory, i thought you would love Nigeria, Dean? Ok, they aren't up to UK standards at hiding the corruption, but they are an excellent example of the 'free market' at work.
      BTW Tris, you are going to lose the £20 hibiscus bet. My two plants are looking very healthy. :-)

    6. Yes, Helena, the UK has a long tradition of not being nice to the Chinese... and lots of other people. Osborne has pinned his hopes on them, the idiot.

      Wopw there Jutie...£20? Did I bet THAT much. That's a month's salary when you work for Munguin!!


      They'll grow OK, but unless you got them in the conservatory, I doubt if they will flower.

      I'll be down tonight to put weed killer on them.

      Any news about work?

    7. Just taking union advice on the work situation, Tris.
      That's 5 weeks without pay, so i'm now asking to be made redundant. There are loads of tightropes to be walked.
      If the boss doesn't do the right thing, it could be a year before I see any money.

    8. Oh lord, that is truly awful.

      Fingers crossed that your boss will do the right thing.

  5. Tris

    I don't think Cameron is that stupid, he might not have exspected the reply from the Nigerian President but the day before a corruption summit he makes the remark, which makes the news in a lot of places, and low and behold London is off the agenda. At least publicly, no I suspect he knew exactly what he was doing.

    The Queens remarks, I don't care. Again Im sure its just a coincidence that this happens the day after America is accused of having their Navy virtually surround Chinese vessals. I think Browns remarks were totally Brown and just showed us what he was like but I'm not so sure about the others to be honest.

    I just don't think Cameron or the Windsors, well maybe not the husband, make these remarks to be honest. All just a game but the Nigerian President is spot on. Lets find the money and give it back and all the treasures of theirs sitting in the British Museum as well.


  6. Tris

    Meant to say don't make these remarks to be honest without knowing exactly what they are doing.


    1. You know Bruce, I never even thought about that.

      There's a lot they need tocover up at the moment.

      Not only has Hunt got striking doctors, but he also has a 50,000 staff shortage of medical people. And his hospitals have been sending home people in their 90s to empty homes, with no food and no one to look after them!

      Then there's all the electoral corruption...

      And they were beaten in London. Goldsmith is out on his ear.

      Why didn't I think of that?

  7. Aye Tris you know its bad when you have countries like Nigeria calling you corrupt on the eve of an anti-corruption conference,big applause for President Muhammadu Buhari he shoots he scores raahhhh take that sty fumbler.

    And you are right this electoral fruad in England should bring down the government it should bring down any government that pretends to be a democracy,it will be interesting to see how the people of England react when it gets swept under the carpet with lots of nothing to see here by their beloved EBC,though i suspect they will be to busy voting for some eejit on TV who cant sing or dance to care what their government is doing.

    Have you noticed the EBC ramping up the Labour bad mantra i wonder where they got that idea from lol

    All this popcorn is going to make me fat :)


    1. Hi Derek...

      I love that, "sty fumbler" LOL Brilliant!

      Don't hold your breath waiting for the government to fall. I expect they will arrange for a tame judge to hear the cases and they will all be found to have made an genuine error (like all these MPs that OVER-claimed expenses) and lessons will be learnt.

      I think they may have adapted the Labour Baaaaaaad idea from their branch office in Glasgow. And look how well SNP baaaaad has worked here. More or less wiped them out... Oh no, wait.

      I, er, take it you're not over enamoured with the piss poor quality of programmes that the BBC puts out for your £140.

      Likewise here, so much so that I stopped paying for it. If I want to see caterwauling amateurs I can go down the pub on Friday nights!!!

      I see there's talk of you having to pay to use their iPlayer.

      Looking forward to that.

    2. lol cant claim that one as mine Tris i pinched it from wings cant remember who used it but i did tell them i was so stealing it :)

      And yes im not enamoured with their product hence the reason i dont pay for it either,i havent given them a penny since 2012.


    3. lol.

      That's very honest of you Derek.

      "I wish I'd said that."

      "Don't worry, you will!"

  8. There's definitely a whiff, of the pot and kettle, from the sty fumbler.

    1. A whiff?

      Stench more like, Jim!