Tuesday, 17 May 2016



  1. Thatcher will be you turning in her grave.
    Scots don't do uturns,we prefer birlin.

    1. Well, she might have been, if she hadn't been incinerated...


    2. But I expect they still should have put a stake through her heart,just to be on the safe side.

  2. I wonder why you ran with this story rather than the SNP scandal with (yet more) of their MPs? This time Mssrs Hosie and MacNeil charging the taxpayers to chase the same woman!


    And Nats have the ruddy cheek to pretend to be 'whiter than white' like Blair did...

    1. Nobody said they were "whiter than white", just under more scrutiny via the MSM, than the other parties.
      Let those without sin, etc...

    2. There's not a great deal you can write about it. It appears that it happened. Both are people I respect and like. I'm disappointed.

      I realise that there are temptations when you live alone, away from your family and there are other people around who may be equally lonely. And of course people's private arrangements are their business. But certainly people in high positions in a party might just have thought of the party, and the followers, not to mention their partners before they acted on their loneliness. Specially, as Jim points out, when they know they are under such scrutiny by the UK press.

      I'm not sure though that either the SNP says it is "whiter than white". Nor am I sure what you mean about Blair, unless it is his alleged affair with a media moguls young wife. I'm a bit more concerned with his warmongering to please DubYa, or his dodgy dealings with dictators, while professing his deep catholic faith.

      Fortunately the person concerned with both MPs is over the legal age limit, which is more than can be said for some politicians' choices.

      The whiter than white Mrs Thatcher seemed to turn a blind eye to that sort of thing.

  3. tris

    Ohh la la what a French farce the snp have provided for our delectation
    Ha ha blinking ha ha"............

    Oooer ! snp where is yer troosers. ha ha ha

    Ya see tris and nats snp lot

    Hubris hubris and more hubris just like new labour
    Just like the English torys

    Politics as usual

    1. Hmmmm. How tabloid. George Osborne story. Him criticising the Labour government for imposing English student fees, when he tripled them... or two SNP blokes with their trousers down.

      I can see why Dean would want to deflect attention from the fees. Less so you.

      Still, SNP baaaaaaaaaad, I guess.

  4. niko the GloaterMay 18, 2016 7:51 am

    Schadenfreude schadenfreude by the bucket loads we shall gorge on it
    Till we Throw up ...the shame is I have to share some with vile Deano
    Still life is not perfect......
    But this snp so holier than thou scandal is just so revealing of the dark side
    Of the snp


    Yeah well sinners must repent and be punished for their indiscretions
    Anyway this one is regardless of political party pretty damn seedy I mean
    Two married men sharing Unknown the same women yuk .
    As for the spouses I hope they move on and find some closure on this at the end of the day
    They are better of without them....
    Perhaps the snp would be as well

    1. Point 1. Deano is not vile. I'm sure he would appreciate an apology.

      Point 2. The SNP is not "holier than thou" adn as far as I know has never claimed to be. They just haven't been up to as much fiddling and sexual misconduct as some other parties despite the right wing press searching desperately for anything to tar them with.

      I'm not sure that you throw people out of the party for having an affair with an adult woman. Maybe you should do so for having affairs with children. It just never happened. They tended to be promoted.

    2. They do tend to be promoted, Lord Prescott is an example. Now as for Lord Janner......

    3. As far as I know Prezzer never went for under age. Janner, as you say, on the other hand.

  5. Tris

    They don't care, they will say whatever to get a vote. We must have one of the most morally corrupt parliaments around and certainly we suffer the most propoganda of any nation. People go on about Fox and RT and I ask them if they have actually watched BBC News.

    There is one thing in his letter though that I found interesting and that is the part where he said getting rid of the targets of how many young people go to university. I actually agree with that if we balance it out with vocational/trades training of a very high standard. you know 5 year 7 year apprenticeships where you do actually learn a trade.

    There are so many graduates now with little hope of finding a job in their chosen field. I meet young people all the time who want a degree in forensics, phycology, etc and there are few jobs in those fields if any most of the time. Too many graduates are working in ASDA and William Hill. More focus on high standard secondary education and actually creating jobs would go a long way to allow people to reach their aspirations rather than sanction them for the politicians failures. University is not for every young people and like owning a home we are selling them a pup in many cases that comes with massive debt and for them to be beholden to the state or the banks for their whole lives.

    Just my opinion.


    1. I tend to agree Bruce. Tony Blair set targets for university. I'm not sure why, although I can understand the idea that, in theory at least, we need more and more highly educated people for the kind of jobs we would like to have... the kind of jobs that are there, particularly with regard to technology. We are also desperately in need of doctors, nurses, and other medical people.

      But so many people with Arts type degrees end up working in jobs that they could have got with 2 standard grades.

      Meanwhile there is a shortage of plumbers, electricians, etc.

      I think that it should be looked at again. In Scotland of course, it is the business of the Scottish government. Happily Gideon has nothing to do with it.

  6. There but for the grace of God go you or I.

    Wee e mail off to Nicola to say well done on once again being first minister.

    1. Well, exactly.

      Nonetheless I wish it hadn't happened.

      People in the party should remember all the little people who work very hard for no money to get them elected to well paid jobs, and who'd rather not take the flack for this on the doorsteps.

      But as you say... who knows the temptation.

  7. Boycott all britnat media - print, TV and internet.

    1. Done a long time ago Dan and always trying to convince others to do the same, but I still take the local newspaper, mainly because it prints my letters when I send them in.

    2. Stick with Wings, Scot Goes Pop and Bruce.


  8. Politicians meet huge numbers of people – and by the law of averages, this must include a fair number of eccentric characters. Then add to that the fact that I am a bona fide nut magnet.
    Here’s what I mean. If there’s someone who is in any way eccentric, unstable, drunk, on drugs, or otherwise misfiring socially, you can absolutely guarantee they will gravitate towards me in a public place. They will ignore hundreds of other passers-by, eschew dozens of empty seats on public transport, and beeline towards me with a level of commitment that you rarely see these days.’

    Serena cowdy

  9. is it just me or is it somewhat worrying when journalists... the woman involved, sleep with their targets to both create and publish the stories. This i suggest makes phone hacking seem like small beer! If the press is allowed to "create and report" the story we have no freedoms whatsoever. Where does it stop, journalist snorts cocaine after interview in politicians hotel room... SNP Hotel Used as Drug Den?

    1. I can't wait for her to track me down with a gram of coke hidden in her thong.
      She could even forget about the coke.

    2. It's incredibly sad, Donald.

      I wonder what she will do for a living when no one wants her any more.

    3. Don't hold your breath, Jutie.

  10. Surprised at Hosie,thought he had more sense. MacNeil is a clown. Going on past history, the man is incapable of hoisting his mind above his navel. I am less surprised at the resident Tory troll,Dean,homing in on this. Anything to deflect attention from the election scandal and the party tearing itself apart over Brexit. What can one say about Niko? His own party is a Groundhog Day style train wreck and anything that deflects opinion from that soap-opera is welcome relief.

    1. I don't know Angus, but I've always liked hos hard he worked at Westminster for his constituents. I do know Stewart and I like him. He is sharp as a tack on matters financial and wrapped Osborne up in a parcel on any number of occasions.

      And frankly it's not my business what goes on between their sheets. I just wish they had stopped to think of the people who work hard to get them these well paid jobs.

  11. Just think, if we had voted Yes, we would be free of this nonsense.
    Niko might even have sold his Orange Order apron by now.

  12. Jutey


    Just across the Irish Sea
    Stirs a heart of Loyalty
    Raised in Honour and in dignity
    Drives a will to keep us British free
    Not alone are we on this journey
    For in a land just across the sea
    Is a hand that reaches out in friendship
    And a bond thats lasted centuries

    And it's hands across the water
    Reaching out for you and me
    For Queen, For Ulster and For Scotland
    Helps to keep our Loyal people free
    Let the cry be "No Surrender"
    Let no-one doubt this Loyalty
    Reaching out to the Brave Red Hand of Ulster
    Is the hand across the sea

    1. I like a land across the sea too. Our sister nation of Eire. I look forward to the day we join her among the free nations of the Earth.

    2. Hear hear... and a lovely land it is too.


  13. The Seven snp

    Deadly Sins

    -Lust- (been done cross that one off)







    1. Goodness Niko. How many of these could slab tick off?

    2. Thanks Nico. You've just described Jackie Baillie better than I ever could.