Tuesday 24 May 2016


Tories go to court to try to prevent Kent police having extra time to investigate huge sums they spent in defeating Farage in South Thanet.

Osborne is on course to miss his deficit targets, yet says Brexit will bring Britain into recession


  1. Tris and Munguin, you chaps really know how to rattle Dean's cage; carry on.

    1. It's Munguin. I'm but a humble vassal!

      He's a mischievous little imp!

  2. The cognitive dissonance of the rights of Brits to settle in Europe is greater than the rights of Europeans to settle in Britain fries my brain! These people have no idea and have probably had a silver spoon thust down their throats and their brains removed!

  3. Great stuff. Britnat politicians and the britnat media are truly the ugliest, most bloated bunch of hypocrits on the whole planet.

  4. thats pretty horrible..it jolly well is and new Labour
    had a big part in normalizing greedy self interest
    weakening collective bargaining,championing the elite
    passing laws entrenching their power.

    The question what has the snp done to rebalance the status quo
    meaningfully or at least attempting to they are just crying wolf claiming Westminster blocks them this really dont just cut it .
    the snp has inherited the power but the elite still call the tune
    and the snp are happy to dance a jig for them...
    s recent events within the snp clan have shown

    1. Well they tinkered (as much as they were allowed) with social security.

      Bedroom tax and housing benefits.

      It's not enough.

      It was true that the Noble Lord Froid ignored Nicola's request to use block grant money to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax. He didnt respond for months. Of course he does have blue blood and so that understandable (maybe he couldn't read, what with all the inbreeding in teh upper classes).

      Some of it can of course be blamed on London; some probably can't.

      The Scottish parliament and government isn't perfect. It's just a lot better than the UK one.

  5. Tris

    I hate the Tories, I really hate them and anyone's politics in supporting them. They are the shit of the earth and are destroying this country, we better wake the f up soon or we will all suffer beyond belief. Cameron is a wanker and a scumbag, the man is evil beyond doubt. Anyone who does what he does and supports what he does has declared war on poor people. Labour and the Liberal are complicit and deserve our scorn as well. The other things like fracking etc are just the usual, Tories looking after Tories and Murdo useless Fraser can go f do one. I really am at my whits end with these planks and it's time for YES to re-organize and get cracking. We can keep battering away at the Indy cause and we can also slate those Tory bastards and highlight every single wrong they do, although that may take more than a lifetime. Sorry for the sweary words but if people are not angry with the Tories then we might as will give up on those people, they have no hope.

    Another thing that is annoying me today, just because Cameron is away abroad upsetting some other country the other parties but their lesser lights up against Osbourne when it should be the leaders, it's time for this nonsense to end.


    1. I think there will be a push to make the points that Stuart made so well in his Little Black Book. Most of what they promised never arrived... and that is not down to Brown or to Darling. It's well and truly down to Cameron.

      If the Uk votes to come out of Europe, I suspect that the UK will break up. Northern Ireland will lose a huge amount of money and there are bound to be trading problems across the border.

      Cameron will be finished and we'll get Boris for prime minister. The archetypical English upper class buffoon.

      That will not the UK very little good.

      As I understand it it was Angus as usual against Gidiot, and he was fantastic over that Gaelic speaking child that's about to be deported. Gidiot of course knew nothing!

      Angela Eagle roasted him and Angus burnt him all over.

      Hardly prime ministerial material.

    2. Tris

      I thought Angela Eagle was poor to be honest, she did get the better of Gideon but to be honest that would not have been that hard.