Sunday 15 May 2016


1. Oh look at all these peoples come to look at us. It must be Sunday.
Sorry we're a bit late. We're still in bed as you can see!
2. Whatcha think of them teeth?
3. Hooker Valley, New Zealand.
4. We've found a handy shelter.
5. Dunotter Castle.

6. Come on, share that nut.
7. Must be the right kind of snow.
Mustn't be Britain!
8. Gerry's granddaughter's nursery. It's called the dummy tree because when the kids get big enough to no longer need their dummy it's hung on the tree. Cherry Blossom  is such a cheering sight.
9. Nebraska sky.
10. What do you do when your dinner is covered in snow?
11. Thankfully no snow here.
12. I'd love to be there right now.
13. Fine pairs of horns. I just wish that the horn poachers would get the rough end of them before these magnificent and endangered animals get the rough edge of their rifles.
14. Cute pussy cat.
15. Anyone seen any ants about the place?
16. Hello to John's daughter.
17. Hello to John's other daughter.
18. Wrong time of the year, I know, but its redness caught my eye.
19. Because my mum loves donkeys, and this one is super cute.
20. I'd just like to say that we are super cute too. Anyway, thank you for calling in. Have a nice week.


  1. Nice to see the anteater, making a return visit, they are cute in their own way too.

    1. Oops... Well, he's a nice fella, and I was out rather late last night!!!

    2. It wasn't a complaint I like anteaters, all animals in fact.

    3. I know... but I should have noticed that one was up last week!

  2. Noticed you were late Tris.


    Even on my only day off during the week I am up at 5:30.

    Thanks for posting the photo.
    I am out and about a lot during the week and noticed a lot of cherry trees in bloom, but the one with all the dummies on it caught my attention, it's a rite of passage during their nursery years. For some it's easy and others not so easy but I've yet to see a primary one with a dummy so it works I guess.

    Gorse in flower on the Kilsyth hills and some of the pirus in gardens are truly outstanding.

    Thanks for a great bunch of photo's

    1. A few glasses of wine in the garden with a fellow gardening enthusiast from next door Gerry... and when I got in I thought... ZZZZZZZZZZ

      Thanks for sending the photo.

      I guess it's whatever works to encourage the dummy out of the moth as soon as possible. inventive staff.

      Everything seems to be flowering so well this year. I've had a month of the broom in the garden smelling like heaven.... and yet there are still some daffs out... the Montana Rubens is looking fantastic and yeah a couple of lovely pirus.

      Blackbirds taking away beakfuls of sultanas, and a great tit nesting in one of my nesting boxes. The mice have discovered jam doughnuts from Lidls. Not good for them I'm sure, but an occasional treat is good for you...even if you are only 3 inches long!

      I hope that's not a bad sign

    2. My Montana Rubens is also looking great, as well as the M. Elizabeth and M. Grandiflors. Also the Alpina Ruby and Blue Bird are in flower. I think I have 22 Clematis at last count. Do you think I like Clematis? :-)

    3. Maybe. Have you seen someone about it? I'm sure there are pills.


      Seriously Jutie, it must look awesome.

    4. I started off simply trying to hide an ugly concrete bin sheltet, and it got out of hand! :-)

    5. LOL That sounds like my whole garden!

  3. Woke up, looked for cute animals and found UKIP instead... What a relief to find a better late than never SS! If number 15 is keen to travel, I've tons of ants and s/he's very welcome to them.

    The Cherry Blossom was lovely, as was the giraffe and the donkey. Does this mean mama P-W reads MR too? Those ducklings had the right idea.

    And of course, the first and last pictures melted my heart.

    1. I was really just testing you to see if you would complain.

      I'm sure 15 is willing to go anywhere for his/her ants! But wait, you've got a Tory MSP>>> That may change things.

      Munguin's granny has been a strong supporter of the republic since its inception all these years ago in 2009.

      She occasionally phones me up to point out spelling mistakes my proof reader has missed!!!!!!

      The little orange boys/girls are plain lovely!

  4. I like the sky over the Nebraska prairie. And of course the Bison in the snow.

    Although this Telegraph article failed to mention the significance of Soppy Sunday in this recognition, the importance of the many Bison appearances cannot be overestimated. ;-)

    1. Ever since Munguin fell out with the mad Barclay twins they have gone out of their way to ignore his global importance.

      We all know that Munguin had considerable influence on Mr Obama's decision.

      The Daily Telegraph these days is but a step up from the odious Daily Mail.

      How the mighty have fallen since the days of Conrad Black, when the paper was unashamedly Tory, but at least carried serious reporting. I await the day they start the page 3 nude.

    2. I only see the websites, but for tons of big splashy color pictures, I'd say that the Daily Mail can't be beat. ;-))

      Now let me get this straight Tris. In newspapers, you also want printed English language TEXT with your pictures?

      As for the internet editions, I'm annoyed by every article which inserts Tweets into the text. There seems to be no way to get away from social media garbage. Even in the internet editions of newspapers.

    3. Ha ha Danny. I expect far too much from the press. The Telegraph used to be a good (albeit Tory) newspaper at the top end of the market.

      The mad Barclay Brothers have brought it down to a level only slightly above the lowest of the tabloid press. Sad, because it used to be good for a long train journey, and the crossword was doable without being easy.

      Tweets save journalists going out and seeking others' opinions, I guess. Munguin has been known to use them himself!!! (so it musty be alright!)

      Do they use them in print editions? I never buy them any more.

    4. Apart from the KC Star, I seldom see a print edition of a major national newspaper like the New York Times or The Washington Post or The Wall Street Journal. No Tweets there I would think. My main concern with the internet edition of the NY Times are the popups that tell me that I've just gotten the last of my allotment of 10 internet freebies for the month, and that they'd like me to send them some money if I want any more before the next month comes around. I did in fact buy a one-month online subscription to The Times for all of 99 cents (an "introductory" offer) during the 2012 election campaign. I might have to do that again come next October or so.

    5. lol As long as it's 99c, it's not too bad a deal.

      Much more and it becomes a bit of a liberty!!

  5. I'm lucky enough to have four cherry trees in my garden in full blossom at the moment. Well I say garden, two terriers make having a lawn a pipe dream.

    1. Must be fantastic to look out at.

      And a garden is what you want it to be. if it gives your dogs a place to play and run about, why not?

  6. Hmm, too many postprandial pernods for Munguin last night? Girls say thanks again but teenage son disappointed in 'Hooker Valley' - I've got no idea what he expected? Hunting of rhinos quite disgusting....

    1. I was on my way home, John and the guy next door was digging his garden... 9 ish. I went round to offer some help and he handed me a beer. Then he opened a bottle of wine, and before I knew it, it was 12.15.

      I'm glad the girls are happy.

      I'm sorry the guy is a bit disappointed. Can't imagine what he found wrong with the place. mr Hooker will be upset.

      In the interests of fairness we feel obliged to offer him the opportunity to choose an animal he's like to see. Alternatively I can try to find another kind of hooker for him?

      I don't think that it is over the top to hope that people who go out to kill an animal just for the joy or killing it, or for the worth of its horn, will get their just deserts.

      Every time I see a picture of some fat rich bloke (or woman) standing over a corpse of an animal, I always hope that its partner is creeping up ready to pounce and create another corpse photo opportunity.

  7. Photies are wonderful as usual, started replying on my Kindle and realised how difficult it is to veer off track words wise. Juteman I am trying to catch up with the clematis, only got seven so far but the spring ones are doing well, will have to get some autumn ones as well as fence becomes available. I had to hold my hand today as it was creeping towards another honeysuckle.
    As for blossom, it is looking wonderful isn't it. Our new apple trees arrive on Tuesday so looking forward to blossom in profusion next year. Fortunately our neighbour has put a couple in and we have one which will help his triploid.
    I am grateful to John's daughter for introducing me to the Oriental Kingfisher, is it beautiful. As for Killing animals for Sport, sport! what is sporting about smething which cannot shoot back. Helena

    1. Agreed about the animals and the so called sport.

      If you want shooting sport, either pit yourself against a target, or against another human with a gun.

      Stick his/her head on your wall.

      On a brighter note, I've just been watching my favourite Blackbird feed his very fat (on my sultanas) baby!

  8. Erm, could I just point out that it's Dunottar Castle, not Dunotter?

    1. Indeed you can, Mike. I'm sorry, I'll correct that! :)

  9. Oh, I always love soppy Sunday, even when it is late!

    There is a 'road less travelled' about 18 is there not?

    And 1 and 20.

    Just amazing.

    Thanks for these interludes.

    1. Thanks Douglas.

      I'm glad they bring pleasure.