Friday 20 May 2016


It appears that the BBC has a low  impression of our Scottish intellects. It's a bit like... "In Jockland they only like really stupid comedy with lots of swear words and references to being drunk and fitba!"
His own words here. Does this not give you another good reason for telling the BBC to stick their licence fees and finding another way of spending the evening?


  1. I like intelligent comedy, I quite liked the intellectual heights of the Benny Hill show. I completely loved The Black and White Minstrel Show which was side splittingly hilarious. And that peak of humour, Terry and June.


    1. Aye, some really mind stretching stuff there...

      How did you cope?

    2. Owen Jones talks an enormous about of sense:

    3. Fantastic.

      We should be grateful for Owen.

  2. tris and the snp whingers

    Putting aside the racist stuff you know the English calling
    the Scots thick thinly disguised as the BBC .

    The fact is the BBC is a middle class construct made by and for
    the middle classes from all over the UK including Scotland.
    Overwhelmingly the administrators, producers, actors, managers
    are middle class. They have a few token working class in the mix
    but they are just to give a mirage of representing all the UK.

    You lot seem to mix up accent with class the BBC hierarchy are just
    as ambivalent toward Geordies etc anybody who can be placed/forced into the working class bracket.

    The BBC is an arm of the state which is run for the benefit of
    the oxbridge elite and they hate and despise all ordinary working
    people regardless of ethnicity or nation....

    and the mad idea a Scottish broadcaster would be a different
    kind of beast is laughable...The snp is just another tool for
    middle class repression of the working people of Scotland
    wrapped up in a Saltire...

    1. And what were the Tories in the Labour party (northern outpost) doing? Darling, Brown and all the other ennobled rejects, pretending to care about the working class; while feathering their nests.

    2. Actually I wasn't whinging about anything. Someone who wrote a smart comedy and pitched it at BBC Scotland was told that we weren't brifght enough here to understand anything clever. I didn;t say it. The BBC did.

      They were told to send it to London for BBC2. That's where the clever people live.

      I've no doubt that the BBC elite hold Geordies or Mancunians in equal disregard and as for Northern Irish... I can't begin to imagine what they the BBC thinks of them.

      I don't believe there should be a state broadcaster. It will necessarily always be in the pockets of those who hold the purse strings. The English culture secretary.

      Why do we have one? How can other countries manage without one?

      As for the SNP being a tool of the middle classes, you best go tell that to all the working class voters in Glasgow and Dundee who used to vote almost without exception for Labour, and who now see the SNP as their saviour.

    3. Niko, nobody is denying this crap effects other parts of our glorious 'family of nations', but your classic defense of 'everyone gets treated equally badly so live with it'is very sad coming from a 'socialist' and has been completely blown out the water anyway, with this new 'Glasgow effect' report from Glasgow uni.

      It shows that Glasgow has 30% worse mortality rates than the rest of rUK (including Liverpool, Manchester etc). It should actually be getting called the 'Scotland effect' though as it also shows that Scotland has the worst mortality rate in the UK and western Europe.

      The report actually sites active UK governmental policy, both Tory and Labour (since the war and before), as the root cause of this health 'mystery'.

      No mystery is it, when your own government considers its country to be a worthless basket case and not worth investing in. Best just milk it for what you can get yourself and advise everyone else to get out of it as best they can. After all, 'anyone else that stays in this dump must be a real loser anyway'

      F'n shameful !



  3. "The BBC is an arm of the state which is run for the benefit of
    the oxbridge elite and they hate and despise all ordinary working
    people regardless of ethnicity or nation"

    And Niko loves it.

    1. I knew Niko had a classical education... I didn't know he was Oxbridge though. Why, he may even have been "up" with David and George.#

  4. I know the rose tinted view can easily overwhelm. However I am actually appalled at how poor the radio comedy has become. Being of a liberated mind I no longer watch the crap they put out on TV.

    I catch some of the shows at 6:30 now and again on R4. More often than not I tune to Get It On very soon after. I attend lots of fringe shows. So I know there is comic talent out there. But the stuff on what used to be an entertaining slot is just beyond me.

    And I detest that Calman wifey, who seems to have joined the "much loved" set. On every bloody show.

    I realise now that I'm clearly too thick for them.

    Saor Alba

    1. That Calman wifey joined the "much loved" set as a reward for her "sell out" performance as a put upon yoon in 2014.

    2. Know your place SA. You obviously should have been born in London and grown up on BBC 2.

    3. I remember that Lochee. It was strange that she could never actually produce one single shred of evidence about any abuse.

      I think she must have a victim complex.

      Anyway mostly she's not in teh least funny.

      I used to listen to the News Quiz, but it went downhill and even brilliant comics like Andy Hamilton can't rescue it.

  5. Tris

    Ignoring Niko the BBC is a joke, I'm not surprised by this and no doubt they will explain it away, as will the naysayers and Yoons, but it is a slight. It doesn't matter if the BBC is filled with UK luvies and the middle class if that is the mind set then it has to be challenged.

    I personally don't care what they BBC show or film, commission or make anymore. The BBC is a joke and the propaganda arm of the state and thankfully many in other parts of the UK are seeing that too, well apart from Niko. It is however not good enough.


    1. You ahve to ask yourself, Bruce... given this government's propensity to sell off EVERYTHING, why is the BBC still owned by the state?

      And then you have the answer. A state broadcaster can be made to say whatever John Whippingboy wants it so say.


  6. Scotland's people have been denigrated for centuries into believing we are unfit to govern ourselves, that we are emotionally and intellectually unable to deal with the challenges nationhood presents us.

    This is a prime example of a deeply ingrained mindset.

    1. Was a prime example, you read Munguins Repubic don't you?

      There is hope.

    2. There certainly is and yes I read all the articles posted here.

      I was referring to the cringe and how deeply ingrained it is within many of the people who run Scotland's institutions. Another good example of this is Susan Calman, mentioned in an above reply.

  7. Don't pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

  8. I've linked this to Severin Carrell's latest piece of propaganda on the Guardian, if anyone is wondering about the smell of soy milk lattes and vegan salads hanging about the place...