Wednesday 25 May 2016



  1. Ahh, but will the Greens support it? I think there are excellent proposals there.

  2. Well social security sounds and is a lot
    Better than WELFARE. ... Which was
    a perjorative used by the neo-liberals
    And accepted by New Labour..
    Boo hiss

    The thing is we will now see if the snp are
    a left wing party or just playing to the gallery

    1. And what will you do when it turns out that they are left wing Nico, Join Us?

      best wishes.


    2. I don't know what the Green's position will be, but you would have thought that, if they can see through the red mist of hatred for the SNP (and the Willie Bain school of politics), Labour would have thought it worth supporting.

      Niko: I agree. It is social security, for which we pay National Insurance (supposedly). I wonder what they would think if they claimed on their house insurance when it burned down and got a torrent of abuse for being scroungers getting their house repaired from welfare!

      Time will tell. Who will support these moves in parliament? Or are the other parties too busy trying to legalise drinking, sectarian hatred and violence at football matches?

      Gerry: Good question? Is Slab left wing, Niko?

  3. My wife is a retired nursing auxiliary who worked for many years in a dedicated geriatric unit. When the Community Care and Health [Scotland] act 2002 [Free care for the elderly] came into force there was a large influx from South of the border to take advantage of this. Can we expect the same thing happening if the above measures come into force?

    1. I suppose there will always people who are prepared to make the very expensive move from England to Scotland to take advantage of our more decent approach to care which the Labour/Liberal government introduced back in 2002.

      There will, I suppose be fewer who have been able to afford to make that move in order to collect better social security payments. In fact some of the concessions are already in place, because the Scottish government asked permission from an English lord to use the block grant to help these people out.

      That permission can be removed at any time on the whim of an unelected aristocrat. The government will make it part of social security law. If we haven't had a massive flow of refugees heading our way over the last couple of years, then I suspect that we won't now.

  4. anon

    Reckon your spot on there I can see it now
    English immigrants sailing in rubber dinghys
    Hiding in lorrys etc just to get at Scottish social security.......ya bambot

    1. Maybe we will have to adopt mr Miliband's idea and put up border posts. There could be a 'jungle' at Gretna Green, or Berwick.

      It's not going to be a free for all... we'll just have a situation there those who are sick will get their benefits without having to jump through hoops to show that they cannot jump through hoops!

  5. Forget the bampot comments Niko. There is no doubt that a better social security system in Scotland will attract people and we will have to live with that And the corollary is when you put up tax others can decide to go the other way! Rest assured Boris and his ilk will be happy to export the poor from London

    1. If it means that we have a few sick British people getting their social security money here, where they would have committed suicide or died, so be it.

      The taxes will go up on the rich. Council tax is already scheduled to increase next year. Who knows what will happen with income tax. The opposition is divided. I can't see them agreeing much on that, matter and, with a minority government it will be necessary to come to accommodations to get any budget through.

      But it won't be a free for all. Making a system fair doesn't necessarily make it daft.

  6. No country wants an influx of geriatrics who will be a net burden to their society.
    However,in a forward looking caring society we need to foster a system which gives people confidence in the long term,knowing that when and if they fall on hard times,we will be there to support them.
    The Tory culture south of our border is designed to make people feel insecure so that they will accept low wages and no safety net as being the "norm".
    We need to think long term about where we want to go and how to achieve it,the Tory way or our way,that us the question.

    1. Well, it seems to me that the people have already decided that, bringiton.

      So we have a progressive Scottish government and a large chunk of progressive Scottish MPs. (Not that the arrogant Tories ever pay any attention to anything they say. Off topic, Osborne showed what he was made of yesterday when Angus questioned him over the deportation question. And frankly it sounded to me like he wasn't made of anything much... far less prime ministerial material.)

      I agree that their way of treating people in Britain is designed to make them anxious. It's a great pity Brits weren't made of sterner stuff when it comes to being trodden on by toffs.

  7. I am quite willing to be Englands' geriatric ward. On three conditions.

    Firstly that every penny of their state entitlement is transferred with them

    Secondly, that their income is taxed as being earned here, and

    Thirdly that they see a friendly society, i.e. us, as not the enemy.

    I could imagine one and two as possibilities, three, not so much. There is a frankly huge desire amongst right wing voters to exploit what they see as weakness. Which is our love and respect for other human beings. That, allegedly, is our weakness.

    It is not, and never has been. It is our strength.

    I quite like the diversity I see in our culture nowadays.

    When I was very young it didn't exist. Women wore dead foxes around their necks and that was diversity between the rich and the poor. They shook sometimes about their partners who had died in the war.

    Apart from the religious divide, that was just about it. You may think this ridiculous, but my first encounter with a person of Carribean origin was when I fell against his bus. I walked away and he called me back. For, according to him, an accident had occurred and he was to blame. He certainly wasn't to blame, the bully that pushed me into his bus was. He, the bully, of course was nowhere to be found. The point being that the bus driver stood with me and the creep ran away. I walked away, for there was no way on God's green earth that the bus driver was guilty of anything.

    Well, we all build hopes and dreams on memories.

    These are mine.

    And most of my best friends, on this internet thingy, were and are Asian.

  8. an insight into the snp mind.

    large influx from South of the border...Translation = The English the south being sort of a polite snp racist way of saying it

    There is no doubt that a better social security system in Scotland will attract people and we will have to live with that .

    No country wants an influx of geriatrics who will be a net burden to their society

    If it means that we have a few sick British people getting their social security money here,

    Fascinating how the revealed thoughts of extremist Scottish nationalists can expose how narrow selfish hate filled they
    truly are.

    It never entered me mind about how English social security tourists
    could according to these snp supporters milk the more ??? generous
    Scottish social system.

    But the response of the inclusive civic nationalists and there
    eager condemnation of potential not to say imaginary scroungers.
    Just goes to show the difficulties the snp will encounter if snp
    supporters believe their Scottish tax pounds are being used to help the undeserving English poor living in Scotland

    reality and imagination collide....

  9. Niko,

    Let your imagination glide, it is what it does best.

    You say:

    No country wants an influx of geriatrics who will be a net burden to their society

    If those geriatrics of whom you speak added, rather than subtracted from our economic well being, what then?

    And, what about Spain, that has huge numbers of your phyically unfit little Englanders that went there to die? Have they chucked them out?

    No, ;ike most other coutries in the EU which allow freedom of movement. Even amongst the elderly.

    Away and boil you heid.

    1. Dear Dougy

      Please re read my post and you may realise it was not
      me that said those comments it was your enlightened snp

      Away and boil you heid.

    2. Enough with the head boiling.

      it sinks the place out