Saturday, 21 May 2016


1. Hello again. Is it Sunday already?
This is my substitute mummy. Not bad for a human.
Anyway, enjoy Soppy Sunday. I'll see you later.
2. Close to Chez Conan, where he takes his dugs for their walks
3. Is it always this wet in Scotland?
4 Ta Phrom, Cambodia.
5. How did I get in here, I wonder?
6. What are you doing up there? I can't see to sleep!
7. Some more of Conan's country.

8. You gotta love the elephant's blanket
9. Guess who belongs to these dugs?
10. Maybe not what you'd expect, but this is Greenland.
11. Where did you come from?
12. Three Little Pigs!
13. Who could ask for a lovelier pillow?
14. Skye.
15. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of that!
16. Kirkjubaejarklau, Iceland.
17. We might be a jaguar and a panther,
but we is still just two  tired little cats.
18. Magnificent Iceberg off the coast of Greenland.
19. Proper Japanese Garden.
20. Wait a minute, you weren't supposed to see me getting my nappy changed. Well, I hoped you enjoyed it all. See you next week?


  1. Love the Japanese Garden. My attempt is work in progress - as is all gardening. Visited one in LA, stunning.

    Conan country looks great.

    1. I attempted one for a friend and was relatively proud of it... but next to that. Pffffff

    2. I get the best of both worlds Gerry. Princes St is a short bus ride away.

  2. The lightening is spectacular.
    Conan, the dogs look very obedient.

    1. jimminy

      yeah just before they gnaw yer legs off

    2. It's probably Conan who's the obedient one, Jim.

      Niko. That was only you. The sense unionism, and they don't like it!!!

    3. Until they see something with fur or feathers...

  3. Correction

    no 2 close to chez conan where takes his drugs on his walks

    no 3 Conan having a rest

    no 9 obviously Conans dugs cos they have tongues hanging right out begging for more alcohol..
    they aint as nice as they look the proof

    1. Niko, There's a dummy tree in Coatbridge ready and waiting for you, Be brave, hang it on the tree.


    2. Ha ha, brilliant !

    3. Gerry:

    4. Or it spat him out?

      Thanks for the pictures Conan.

  4. Notice you've ditched Hosie for a rather lovely picture of Ms Robison.
    Weel done.

    1. I noticed that too. Good on you. Lovely photos as usual.

    2. A reader (actually my mum) pointed out that it was perhaps rather insensitive to have a pic of them together.

      I take the view that it's not really any of our business but I certainly understand her point. And so at least for the moment I thought a nice picture of Shona looking pretty as...well, a picture... would be a fine substitute (even if Munguin isn't in this one!).

      [Note to Shona... a pic with Munguin sometime soon please :)]

      I'm glad you approve.

    3. Loved them all and Conan I guessed they were yours, lovely wee dugs, I am typing to the sound of a very disgruntled one who can smell his dinner out but not getting it as I am bribing him so I can go on skype in a wee while to my US friend. Helena
      Niko, Taz is obviously brighter than you.

    4. oh blogger is doing that thing where you can only reply not post. I'd left it a few hours just in case. So I agree with Helena, Conan's dugs look very cute and friendly.

      The Japanese garden is lovely as is the baby elephant and the kitty cats. The fluffy penguin chick - sweet and very proud parents. Topped and tailed with some lovely but endangered primates. No not the human, there are billions of them!

    5. Munguin has no truck with that kind of thing. Dinner is served on the finest china a the right time or there is hell to play!

      Niko's best posts are when Taz gets onto his computer and does the thinking.

    6. Bless it. Blogger has its own rules and regulations!

      I see you liked pretty much everything then, PP?

      The baby elephant and the rhinos are probably my favs... What a privilege to look after such magnificent animals.

  5. Oh so NOW it lets you comment! O/t sort of given the discussion of Shona's photo. BBC reporting that Stuart Hosie has resigned as deputy SNP leader effective in Autumn.

    1. Patience is a virtue, PP.

      I heard that on the radio on my way home.

      It's for the best, I suppose, and in the autumn so that the conference can elect a replacement.

      Of course the BBC radio managed to make it sound a bloody sight worse than it was, and brought up Thomson and McGary. Isn't it time they were either charged with some crime, or cleared of the crime? For heaven's sake.

      Incidentally does anyone know if the found that £10,000 missing from the Labour Party branch office's branch office in Edinburgh?

  6. Have to say those two guys disappointed me, Stuart most of all. Westminster corrupts all it touches, look what it did to the Labour Party. A lesson to all down there, stay awake a n d keep your self to yourself. Helena

    1. Me too, but it's largely their own business.

      But for heaven's sake, as you say, learn your lessons, do your jobs, work for Scotland and keep away from flirty middle aged journalists.

  7. C the snp are looking for a new deputy leader one can keep his pants on
    No doubt ......And that's for being horrible to me

    1. No one's been horrible to you, Niko. Not that you've not given them cause!

      I propose Taz for deputy leader.

      Second anybody?