Sunday 1 May 2016


This poor woman, who has just lost her daughter, has made public for all to see, her fury at Hunt making capital out of deaths (including her daughter's) during the two days of doctors' strikes in England last week.

An incredibly brave and  principled stand against a cheap, nasty, sordid, second rate politician.

Every day in hospitals all over the world, people die. For Hunt to simply get a total of those who dies on the two strike days and use it against the doctors is beneath belief.

We salute you, Mrs Lovell, and pass on our condolences on your loss.

The Scottish Heath Service may not be perfect, but aren't you glad that we have Shona Robison at the helm, and not that man?


  1. The doctors strike shows just how much they care to prioritise patients over pay packets.

    1. Dean, in view of that lady's letter, that is a crass and utterly shameful remark. I'm sure that if you reflect on the matter with the full facts available to you that you may consider withdrawing it?

    2. I can't add to what John said.

      I'm cringing here.

    3. Dean, you sir are an arse.

    4. Deans web page goes under the title "Towerblock Tory". I think that says it all about this despicable piece of excrement.

    5. Well, I think it was unfeeling and heartless, and in incredibly bad taste.

      A silly arse by all means... :)

    6. I see no withdrawal was forthcoming.

  2. Deano

    You see Deano you Tory scum bosses brown noser they are employees with agreements
    They have honoured to the letter unlike their bosses who have just torn them up and spat in
    Their employees faces,

    They also have families and mortgages and all the costs that carry which are not going to evaporate
    Over night and a alleged 13 % wage rise alongside a 20% drop in earnings don't add up do the math
    If you just pull your head outta of the nearest bosses bottom.
    Ans as filthy Tory can you now explain why a capitalist is expected and empowered by our draconian
    Employment and social security laws to maximise the amount of wealth they can and yet the rock it is founded on the worker should in your weird imagining wait cal in hand and beg for a few bawbees
    Begging your pardon sir !

    1. Calm down Niko. :)

      Junior doctors work for a pittance. After 7 years + at university, with massive loans to pay back (in England) and, to be fair, often massive accommodation loans to pay back. In some cases they barely make the "living wage", but because they work such long hours they don't qualify for any social security.

      They are, at the same time, what keeps the NHS ticking.

      Had they chosen a career in merchant banking, sitting in a comfortable chair all day gambling with money, they would by the age of 30 be stinking rich. As it is they keep people alive; they see the most horrible things; they have to make life and death decisions and they have to tell parents, children, husbands, wives, friends, that their opposite number has died.

      I think that they are relatively committed people.

      They deserve better.

  3. If we don't gain independence soon, I fear the Scottish NHS will end up as bad as it is down south. With continuous cuts to the Scottish budget, we can only work within our pocket money.

    1. Hi Jutie. First of all, what news of your own situation?

      Agreed. We will resist it, at least if an SNP government is returned.

      If it's a Tory government, it will be bye bye heath service.

      The Tories, Hunt in particular, don't believe in teh NHS in its current form. It should be a money making concern.

      If they are in for much longer the English won't have a health service.

      I've got friends there that are seriously worried. Some younger ones with kids, some older ones. Some who can't get a doctor and haven't got an NHS dentist.

      Not a good situation.

    2. Im still waiting on benefits. I haven't been paid for 4 weeks since getting laid off. Totally against employment law. I fear i will have to go to a tribunal to get the minimum redundancy pay. My overdraft is getting hammered. At least it is a pleasant time of year to be in the garden. :-)

    3. I suggest you go see Stewart or Chris.

      If they are breaking the law, they should be made to comply with it. Although I can understand if you don't want to get on the wrong side of them.

      On and off it's been good garden weather... but not the snowy day... and today's wind and showers is a bit harsh.

  4. And tonight might be very enjoyable. I could do with a good laugh. :-)

  5. Problem is for people like Hunt, they only need to get through the next few days after letters and protests, then when nothing happens, as is usually the case, they forget about it. It's past.
    Tragedy doesn't impact on them. In our society being elected removes politician from real responsibility for their actions. It will always be that way when they are the court and judge on their own behaviour.

    1. Yes, a week is a long time in politics. There are hundreds or even thousands of such cases.

      As soon as the papers move on so do attitudes... except of course if we keep it alive on twitter and blogs.

  6. Tris

    I don't think Hunt will ever read the letter or care. This is all part of the Tory agenda to introduce more market into the NHS, a seven day service will be more profitable than a five day service even though we have a seven day service.

    I do think they will run it down until it does get that bad that people start looking at an american type system as an alternative. This Government will not be happy until every national asset is sold off and then it will only be about being in government to protect the banks and of course the naysayers will argue that Scotland is protected by devolution with little or no understanding how the Barnett Formula works.

    The Tories of all colours are the scum of the earth. My blog that I am nearly finished is about Ruth Davidson last night and how the mask slipped. Once a Tory always a Tory. But Hunt is just doing what he is told, he is a very wealthy man with no real skills so he's a politician, and a poor one at that, but he is doing what he is told.

    This Government are the scumiest in my lifetime, they are totally playing on the fact they have zero opposition in England having played a blinder with Clegg, Brown and Miliband. The SNP are just noise in the background as far as they are concerned and they will soon have the Lords sorted with an extra 200 tories or something so there will be zero opposition to their plans, and the SNP get accused of one party state rubbish. They are scum and there is worst to come, we need to get ready for a snap referendum, I really believe it will come sooner rather than later.


    1. Of course he won't bother to read it, Bruce, but at least other people will see what he's doing, taking every death as blaming it on the more senior doctors who were covering.

      Because presumably they aren;t good enough. Thank heavens he is all seeing and all knowing.

      Yes, they are driving the NHS into the ground and then they will be able to sell it off to their rich cronies like Philip Greene did with BHS, for next to nothing, because it is a basket case.

      They'll not have many doctors left; they won't have any nurses becasue no one is seriously going to take out loans for a job that at best will pay £30,000 a year after many years.

      Nurses do half their training on the wards. What makes that idiot think that they will do that and pay for the privilege, as if they were doing community service for a crime or workfare for the crime of being unemployed.

      Hunt is stupid, but as you say he's inordinately rich, so he'll never have to depend upon the NHS.

      I can't wait to be short of this united kingdom that's all about the rich.

      I see that second child of William and Catherine got a £30,000 rattle for its birthday.

      How's that for being all in it together?