Sunday, 10 August 2014


Neil Gillespie says:

A little background about myself:

I am a firefighter of 18 years, aged 42 married with four children. 

Professionalism, honesty and integrity are things that I hold in high regard. 

I was selected, along with a no voting friend of mine from Barrhead Main Street by a representative from Ipsos Mori to attend Tuesday Night’s Debate. 

I was really looking forward to it. 

I had to get the night off as I was working. 

I received a text from the Ipsos Mori rep 20 minutes before the opening of 18:30 hrs asking if I had received a call from STV today. 

I hadn’t. 

She replied to say that this would be a problem and that I wouldn't get in!

I tried anyway.

Here is a rough transcript of the conversation:

I was asked by a STV Rep for my Name.
I said Gillespie.
He said, John, we spoke today.
I said, No its Neil.
He replied, I don’t have a Neil Gillespie. Who contacted you to attend this evening?
I said the Rep from Ipsos Mori (Name).
He replied. You are the third person to mention her name. I’m afraid that your information was never passed on to us and as a result, that you won’t be getting in this evening.
I argued with him telling him that I had taken time off and that a mistake had been made.

I was still refused entry.

I had the Ipsos Mori Rep’s Mobile number from her text to me and I called her to see what she had to say.

She stated that this was all bull shit and that she had given them the details the Thursday before. She said that she would phone her boss in London and find out what has happened.

I walked down the steps of the auditorium and felt deflated. I was gutted.

5 minutes later she phoned me back.

This next bit took me aback.

She said that all of the Yes voters and undecided persons that she had put through to attend the event were not contacted and instead STV had replaced them with their people, No people. This came from high up in STV.

I will repeat that as this is the important part.

She said that all of the Yes voters and undecided persons that she had put through to attend the event were not contacted and instead STV had replaced them with their people, No people.

This made my blood boil. I was, and am still livid. I have spread this everywhere I can. Please share it, it needs done.

Oh and one last thing, my no voting friend who was vetted at the same time I was, what happened to him…….?

He was in the audience; he got a call from STV;  he was allowed to attend! So the bullshit response from STV stating that Ipsos Mori hadn’t passed on the details is exactly what it says on the tin….Bullshit.

I have made formal complaints to STV and Ipsos Mori and I am still awaiting a reply from this.

I wouldn't lie about this. I could lose my job if I was caught out lying about something as important as this.

I am a passionate Scot who loves his Country and this is just another example of the lengths the powers in Westminster will go to, to win this referendum.

Neil's original article says that he will chat with anyone about this, and the site, linked above, has a place for comment.

I hope that we will see some response from STV. 

This is a very serious charge to make. But as Neil points out, as a firefighter, he is a government employee. Fabrications would be severely punishable offenses, and frankly not worth the making unless they were cast iron.

Please spread this widely.

Answers are required.


  1. tris

    Stand on me but i don't believe a word of it sorry but i just dont
    Alex was soundly thrashed and now some Nats are attempting (badly)
    to use the old snp backup of Unionist conspiracy.
    Obviously there wont be any substantive evidence just the usual nebulous
    allegations, distortion and downright lies.

    Dont allow yourself to become the sewer pipe carrying the Nats
    sewage .


    1. Niko. I don;t think I am.

      If this bloke is lying, then he's in serious trouble.

      I can't guarantee it of course, but I can't see why anyone would lay themselves open for that.

      I'm sure that STV will sue his ass off if it is a lie.

      Let's see, shall we.

    2. Why bother feeding the troll? If you don't it will disappear back down its own sewer pipe, where it belongs.

    3. Ahhh Anon. Niko's an old battle buddy of this site. He's a unionist, but, as I've said before, he's our unionist... adn we do agree about some things.

    4. Niko, you believe what you want sunshine, but he is not alone in saying this, quite a few people who were elected to attend by Ipsos Mori those who said they were supporting a YES vote had the same problem. I would be extremely annoyed nay boiling if the side I supported descended to this behaviour, it really puts them into a bad light, but then so much of their behaviour has been so. You talk about Alex Salmond, but he has more decency in his little finger than the whole of the BT Gang, one which supports Lords and Ladies over the poor of their own country.

    5. Yes, good point Helena. If that were what Yes had descended to, I'd be staring to think about voting no.

    6. Hi Niko, I get what you're saying, but there seems to more than one reportage of the skullduggery; as of the above. There will be spurious attempts all,bover the interweb, by trolls; masquerading as NAE sayers and YESsers. I can only imagine they have sod all to do, with their time.
      If, on the other hand, there has been a,complicit, attempt by STV; to sway the outcome of the debate, surely it is in the public interest to find out:
      If it happened.
      Who was involved.
      For what purpose or intent.
      How high, did the orders originate.
      Finally, how it may be prevented.


    7. Over not bover....JimnArlene

    8. Yes. Actually this is such an important issue that if anyone has been interefering with it, on either side, in any way, surely that has to be a criminal offense.

      We are now hearing form someone over on wings that he reckons the sound was interfered with, so that when Salmond was booed it was louder...

      I know people can be paranoid about it.

      I make no comment one way or the other. Just that if allegations like this are made, then they must be answered, otherwise we will distrust the results of the poll.

    9. If Niko was a No supporter with any honourable intention to dispute this account - which he is entitled to do - then he wouldn't have used the pejorative language that he did. Unfortunately he adopts the aggressive tone that is the norm for UKOKers. Therefore he is dismissed.

    10. It's certainly in the interests of everyone to investigate this, Fordie.

      Niko is Niko. Under all the bluster and intemperate language there is a decent guy. He probably is just as concerned that the truth comes out as everyone else is... but he has a reputation to keep up.

      I just read a comment on the Dunblane site from a no voter, saying that they wanted the thing investigated.

      Any serious person on either side does.

      A win based on lies, isn't a win. And I suspect that if if it were the other way around, I would be mortified by allegations of YES bias. I'd not want to win on a lie.

  2. I used to work for STV, so I'm not too surprised by this. No even disappointed. It's what I'd expect.

    1. Interesting Iain.

      Are they pretty unscrupulous on getting the results that they want?

      Would they sue the guy if he is fabricating the story?

    2. A troll's a troll for awe that.

      Personally I don't see how someone with half their supposed country occupied by an aggressor state could side with another aggressor state to thwart the democratic process of another country.
      But then it takes all sorts of people to make the world.
      If you want to keep a troll as a pet then you are welcome to it.

    3. Anon: I like to think that folk can come here and say what they like... long as they keep it decent and remember that my mother reads it. :)

      Niko is entitled to his opinion. On occasions I know he's mad, but sometimes he talks sense.

      Like you, he'll always be welcome to comment here... unless munguin get's fed up with him and sends out his hit men...

  3. Sorry but it sounds like rubbish. If it were me I would have blown my top. Every camera in the land would have been pointing at me while I was exploding. I'd have involved the police and everyone that was within ear shot. I would have contacted the papers had my name in bold capitals on every paper in the land. The story is rubbish.

    1. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 10, 2014 11:07 pm

      Of course you would, and the Tory press would back you up 100%, your name, picture and your story would have been, nowhere, like 99% of any positive Yes stories.

    2. Not everyone likes to make a fuss.

      Had this been me and I'd lost my temper I might have been inclined to shout and stir all kinds of trouble up, which would probably have got me lifted.

      Some people get quietly angry then go off and kick up a stink in a different way.

      If it had been me and I had NOT lost my temper, that is what I would do.

    3. Exactly two pandas.

      BTW...have you seen that one Tory yet?

    4. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 10, 2014 11:32 pm

      Wrong part of the country for me to see thank goodness, I was going to go to Edinburgh zoo next Sunday to see the two pandas but they have stopped the viewing until after they have their new baby, if they have a new baby.
      I'll wait until it happens, I was at Arbroath today at the WOS stand, that was good fun, then we bought some smokies and went home ;-)

    5. Ah yes... can't leave Arbroath without smokies (although personally I can't stand them... boney creatures!!). My friend went home to Hungary last week clutching two shrink wrapped Smokies for his folks...

      Me, I'd have taken them shortbread!

      I'd like to see the pandas too. Maybe when they had the baby and we got rid of the tory....?

    6. ThreePandasNawToriesAugust 11, 2014 12:58 am

      Love it ;-)

    7. Perfect name change!!!

    8. Smokies are great. To get the bones out, give them a wee squeeze, pull the spine via the tail, slowly towards the head ( like a zip). Get's most of the bones in a oner.

    9. :) Thanks mate....

  4. Nae harm tae Dunfermline, but the link is to the YesDunblane site! :)

    Since we published it the figures have kept going through the roof - I'm monitoring the web site live on Google Analytics and there's over 50 on site at 11:00pm. Our Facebook shares and viewing figures are constantly rising as well.

    1. Bill. Thank you.

      It's been a day of making mistakes from morning to night.

      Two on the last post and one here. My apologies. I should drink less on Saturday nights!!

      I'm glad to see the figures rising.

      The post has only been up a short while here and been seen by over 150 people...

      Have you any comment for the sceptics who think that this has been made up...?

      Once again apologies for mixing two lovely places up.

    2. tris

      It seems genuine to me - we were forwarded Neil's original email from a well trusted source and posted it in good faith.

      I'm only surprised that it didn't hit any of the Sunday papers, and not a cheep from STV or Ipsos Mori.

      On the YesDunblane FB page it has now reached over 41,000 people through 775 shares, over 1,000 shares from our YesDunblane website to Twitter and FB and had 108 shares on my own FB page. I don't have a clue as to how many have seen it through Twitter, but would estimate that given all of the above data there must have been a potential audience of well over 100,000 people.

      Neil added a comment to the the original post on our FB page, which gives some further insight.

      'Neil Gillespie Thanks folks. My mate is still a no because he's scared, I've tried so many times but he is blinkered to the truth. I have since been offered a financial recompense to compensate me for not being allowed in? Why I ask? Is someone feeling guilty and trying to buy my silence? STV Blame ipsos Mori for the while affair and still claim the audience was a 40/40/20 split. I know that 35 people didn't get in. Mainly yes voters and undecided people. I haven't heard of one no voter who didn't get in. This post has went viral and has been shared on 100's of sites. I know of at least 12 no's that have changed there opinion now as a result! So as they say, every cloud has a silver lining ! Take care guys and keep fighting the fight.
      Unlike · Reply · 25 · Yesterday at 06:25Reply''

      Hope this helps.


    3. Thanks Bill.

      I'm massively impressed with the numbers you have got.

      Thanks for updating us... please can you keep up informed if it's not too much trouble?

    4. tris

      3:30am - Yes I know... Insomnia! :(

      I posted THIS article to the YesDunblane FB page 4 hours ago, and it has attracted 31 shares and reached over 1,800 people already at this time of night. The figures continue to grow on all our platforms - at one point Google Analytics showed live links on our website in the USA, Oz, Africa and Europe as well as all four countries in the UK.

      Is there any way I can post screen shots here, or would I have to email them to you?

    5. LOL yeah Bill. Still you can't sleep when you are on a roll.

      I think you have to email screenshots to me. I can only put them up in articles, not posts.

      You are doing a great job.

      I wonder when the MSM are going to pick up on this?

    6. tris

      12:30pm Monday.

      Like Topsy mate...

      Our website is being hit 90 times every minute just now, and we had nearly 5,000 hits yesterday - 99% on this story. Nearly 2,000 shares from our blog on the site.

      Original article on FB now over 800 shares, over 43,500 people reached.

      The link to YOUR site's article has had over 70 shares and nearly 8,500 people reached.

      Considering we posted it first on Friday morning and have posted probably 60 or more articles since it's remaining a remarkably strong attraction.

      Truly viral!

      Could encourage people to visit :)

    7. Well, I hope so...

      I guess everyone here has....

  5. Now who issues STV broadcasting licence nah they wouldn't would they I'll ask McCrone.

    Three new events this week alone we will do this big time.

    Independence Live Events

  6. It's not the erm ...English dept of culture media and sport is it?

    Best keep in with them then, huh.

    Yes, good things all week....

  7. It would seem that the Nats have been using taxpayers money for political purposes

    1. Would that be printing stuff which they are actually entitled to do, or like the Government printing drivel twice because of errors and taking polls without actually allowing the Taxpayers to see the results?

    2. Yep. I think the words pot and kettle come to mind.

    3. No?
      how very effing dare they.

    4. Because they are the Eton boys... Simples.

  8. Being a Scottish who has been living in Norway for 26 yr I try to gather as much info as possible from various online news papers and YES no sites. The thing that strikes me most is the one sided campaign that seems to be going on in Scottish news papers, it reminds me of communism, biased one sided 'propaganda' aimed at frightening Scotstoun into voting no? This has the opposite effect on people who have the ability to think themselves, It scares me to think that freedom of speech both in newest papers and now apparently Scottish TV is being controlled . Controlled by whom? The ruling government? I don't pretend to know enough facts and figures but the stench of corruption has definatly secured my YES vote (if I could vote)

    1. Hi Anon in Norway,

      Until recently every newspaper was unionist, because almost all of them are based outside the country. The BBC is dependent on the UK government for the amount of tax revenue it is allowed to raise and STV is dependent on the same government for its licence.

      Of course all newspapers are short of staff these days. It's a dying medium. As net use expands, fewer people actually buy papers. They make less money; they have fewer journalists, paid less, and they depend on organisations providing them with press releases.

      The net has taken over from tv in a big way too. At least as far as many younger people are concerned. People are watching youtube instead of the BBC.

      But newspapers and tv still have influence, if only because people walk past newspaper stands in supermarkets and see the glaring headlines.

      It has been a very uneven contest in the media but for all that Yes has seemed to make gains.

      In this case it originally looked as if the pollsters were guilty of bias in their selection. Now it appears, from the information supplied by Neil, that it was STV, owned by ITV in England and dependent on the English culture secretary or the English business secretary for its licence, that is guilty.

      The referendum has brought life back into political discourse in the UK. But it has also divided people. The UK government desperately needs to win this. But winning by lies is a dangerous way to try to keep your country together.

      There will be people who will never forget these deceptions.

      Hope the weather in Norway is better than the hurricane end that we have suffered here.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Ha en fin dag.

  9. " If this was me I'd blow my top and ...bla,bla,bla"

    The problem with what you would do, is that not only would you blow your top, you'd also blow your chance of having a job next day!

    As the guy said he's a fireman and would be sacked for lying about this, so I don't think it would go down well if he was on national television 'blowing his to'

    1. Sorry, that should read 'blowing his top'

    2. I agree but I also think Patrick, in any case, that there are some people who don't like to make a scene. They will quietly argue their point and then when they see themselves up against something that is bigger than they are (the security at the studio), they more on.

      What do you do. If you can;t gain entry by putting your point of view across, you are certainly not going to get entry either by shouting the place down or punching some person on the nose...

      So what do you do? If you're smart, you don't get mad; you get even.

      That's what Neil is doing, I suspect.

    3. It must be true, the guy is a Firefighter, he would get in serious trouble if he made stuff like this up. however, for this to mean anything we first have to accept that he is actually a firefighter and has not just selected a profession that is beyond reproach in order to support his allegations. I have tried to come up with another profession that would gain immediate respect and not attract any difficult technical questions from doubters but I am having some difficulty thinking of one.

      It just comes down to who and what you want to believe, unless the emails from ipsos/mori or stv are available for us to see, I suspect that if they were we would already be seeing them.

      Just saying.

  10. There was a few comments about this the day after Tris.

    Nothing concrete mind you and we needed someone who was refused to come online and tell us.

    Now we have it we can share this around and STV 's colours are showing now .

    Brilliant work thanks for this it's being posted everywhere.

    1. Well Richy, I can't claim any credit for it. I just saw it on Twitter and decided to give it a little more airing. But it is the Yes Dunblane site that his made it go viral. Bravo to them!

  11. That is an attack on democracy and a contravention of the licence agreement for them to broadcast.

    Their broadcast licence needs to be revoked.

    1. Well, if it is proved, yes, it probably does need to be revoked.

  12. This doesn't surprise me. I thought the audience were particularly hostile towards Alex Salmond....and when summing up were overly confident towards Darling.... I also thought Alex Salmond was stronger and more genuine. The English nationalists control the media so what do we really expect

    1. Well that's it Ally.

      There is so much at stake for the UK government.

      They can't afford, literally, to let this happen.

      Pressure put on companies in secret?
      Offers of the endless supply of seats in the lords?
      Who knows?

      But we never expected them to fight clean.

  13. Surely any complaint should be addressed to OFCOM not STV whom the complaint is about?

    1. Seems reasonable... I don't suppose they are monitoring this sit, so would you like to make that comment on YES Dunbal site as linked above?

  14. I remember reading about this Tris on Wings the other day. Can't say I'm surprised but let's just say the list of people who distrust STV as much as the BBC is long, VERY long and distinguished these days. LOL

    By the way did you know that the Wee Blue Book is now available for download?

    I see another few thousand YES supporters heading our with this one. :-)

    1. Yes. I know ... was going to mention it in next post, but i guess he doesn't need me for publicity. :)

      I've read through. It's good stuff and our congratulations to everyone who was involved in it.

  15. tris

    Part two coming up shortly! - Will be posting to the YesDunblane blog shortly once I've confirmed a couple of things - wi' photies, emails from STV and everything from someone else that went through much the same as Neil.

    Send me your email address and I can give you more that is not for publication but will confirm all that has been said. Use the contact form on our website or just post to

    BTW - According to our FB stats, over 1,300 people have now clicked on the link to THIS article on your page out of the well over 10,000 that have seen the post. Our website continues to have around 80 people on site live, only going up or down by a few over many hours.

    Yes, I'll post a link here as soon as...


    1. Bill my email addy is available on this site...


      I respect that which is not for publication, of course.

      Will keep an eye open for the post on YES Dunblane site and link to it here.

  16. "Neil Gillespie" was so outraged it was all over his twitter page too - oh no wait hang on a minute...

    Hook, line, sinker...

    1. What's your point? Man doesn't use twitter feed for a couple of weeks, even when he's angry...

      It's not news. The guy has 4 kids, a wife and a full time job.

      He seems to have colleagues on Twitter.... except he now has me.

  17. Don't know about this. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that this is mischief making by a 'No' supporter. If true, it's explosive. If not it could blow up in our own faces. Handle with care.

    1. Well, I think that it is being handled with care Anon.

      This man has made accusations. Some other people on the Dunblane site have said they suffered the same thing.

      If you read above comment from Bill, it seems STV have sent an answer, which will soon be on his page

      We shall see what they have to say.

      I've no reason to disbelieve it, but I agree one must be careful.

      But all anyone is saying here is that if this is true, it must be dealt with at the highest level. All we are saying is that STV has been accused of this ...

  18. Yeah read something to this effect on Craig Murray's blog that the audience was pre-loaded with anti-independence supporters, and that yes supporters were being turned away,also read that IPSOS/MORI, were secretly in charge of the debate and that STV were fine by that. No wonder for the first time ever in a political debate, Ponsonby started with the figures from an IPSOS/MORI poll.

    The whole idea was to put Alex Salmond on the back foot the minute Ponsonby opened his mouth, the BBC are due to host a rematch between AS and AD near the end of the month 25th I think. You can bet your bottom Dollar that debate will be rigged right down to the last word.

  19. The answer is to have a truly independent and trustworthy organisation checking as people go in to the televised debates to make sure the 40, 40, 20% is being upheld. By the way, I have noticed loads of YES meetings open to the public and the only No meeting in my area was Labour for No and it was invitation only!

    1. Hi Deirdre

      I think the problem would be finding an organisation that both sides would trust.

      Clearly No trusts the BBC and STV to be "impartial". I wonder who else they would trust ... but that YES could trust too.

      40/40/20 would be fine... or better still 33% of each....

      Yes. I know you can';t just walk into a NO meeting. and if, at one of their stalls they sense anything but total agreement they appear to shut down and walk away.

      The only No people I've seen stand their ground in the face of argument was one drunk bloke from the Agent Orange Order or some such place.

  20. OK all you doubters - Part two!

  21. Tris

    There have been enough comments in many places to feel this gentleman's story is accurate but I can't say I am either surprised or shocked and no one else should either. The media's coverage of this debate for the last 3 years has been nothing short of a scandal and I am surprised anyone buys a paper anymore or even watches TV political programmes. If I buy a paper, which is very rare now, it's the Sunday Herald or one of the local rags for the football, but like I said it is rare. I tend to only see them now if my family give me the Sunday papers to have a look at but half the time I don't bother even though they are free to me, they are just rags and you know what they will contain before you open them.

    Scotland2014 and Scotland Tonight are both crap to be polite, I had hope for ST at the start but I just can't get through an episode anymore due to the bias they show and the contempt they have for the viewers. We should all be ashamed of the media in this country because it is not a free media, a media that investigates, a media that challenges, it's a media that is told by the Government and it's owners what to say and what to think. I am not surprised that STV are being found to be the same as the BBC.

    Scotland might become the first country ever to vote away their chance at independence and that is embarrassing enough but it will not be because people believe in the UK, in the main it will be because of the most disgusting propaganda campaign in the history of the world. While I believe that Scotland is on a path to independence and it is just a matter of time when that happens, I will always hate the main stream media for the role they have played in this campaign of mis-information and fear to the people of Scotland. I will never forgive them or the Scottish branches of the Unionist parties for being a part of this campaign, add in the fact they are campaigning for themselves not for the country, it all demonstrates that we live in a disgusting horrid country and I for one will never forgive them and the no voters who know exactly what they are doing. It will all come back to bite them on the arse, and for some it will come in the form of food banks, lack of local services, unemployment and poverty because I really believe that is what is coming for many in the event of a no vote. Possibly even myself as I work in the public sector and the cuts that I have heard that or the way from Westminster to Scotland next year are frightening, they honestly are, if they are true than I don't think I will have a job as there is nothing else to cut. Depressing but true, I just hope the no voters out there will be happy with their choice, and the so called journalists happy with the part they will have played in the realisation of 1984 coming to life.


    1. I think they are causing strife where none exists.

      I believe most people are reasonable, Bruce. In a fair contest where people are given decent information to make a decision, it seems to me that most would accept that decision, whatever it was.

      Thats not exclusive to Scots or British ... it's just the way people are. We all know you can;t win them all.

      But this has been so loaded by self interest on the part of the media, that it is not a fair contest. If we were to lose I think there would be people who would forever hate the BBC and STV and the newspapers.

      I can imagine that about half the licence fee payers in Scotland will stop paying for the BBC crap.

  22. There is an awful lot that doesn't sit well with that debate.

    They must be taking lessons from the BBC.

    Vote Yes for democracy to get out of this UK Dictatorship.

    1. heaven's sake... They messing with the sound now....

      CH can you take Bills like and hyper link it please for me. It doesn't work in Chrome.

  23. Me too.

    I think Nichola, on form, as she is here, is perhaps the UK's best politician by a country mile.

    There is a certain ability to absob other viewpoints.


    We are lucky to have her.

    1. Yes Douglas I agree.

      One day she will be a first rate First Minister.

      She's sharp as a tack, but she's totally down to earth and friendly with it.

  24. When it comes tobthe media I would not put it past Cameron to use his powers to get what he wants, I.e a room full of fake people and no voters.Just watch and see the referendum will be fixed by Cameron. We need independent counters for the votes and same for the result as Cameron will be doing all he can gto make sure that tthe no vote wins, that is how it will be.

  25. HI George.

    Id think it would be really hard to really "fix" a referendum.

    I don't say for a second that Cameron or the British state wouldn't do it. They aren't called the Perfidious Albion for nothing. Britain has always been sleekit and corrupt. I just don't think they could pull it off.

    It's far too big a job.

    We all know that there have been individual elections which have been fixed with postal votes (I think most notably in Birmingham, but the Labour Party) but to fix a whole referendum they would have to have fiddling all over the country.

    The idea that someone wouldn't fall out with someone and spill the beans is a bit fanciful.

    I have long expected some great plan to come just before the referendum. Prince Philip... the Queen seriously ill... A terrorist attempt on Balmoral or Holyrood, saved only by the broad shoulders of the British Secret serve taking the day off form hiding weirdos, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time... thanks to the broad shoulders and clout of the most important nation in the world after America.

    They are desperate.

    But I've said all along we should have international scrutineers whether from the UN or the EU or maybe Malawi. Who knows, as long as there was a chance that some of us would trust them.

    Counting by Brits... pfff dubious.... but I doubt they could pull off a real fraud. They aren't clever enough.

    1. Hi Tris,

      There has been quite a lot of concern about fraud in some quarters. The consistent lack of real movement in opinion polls is seemingly denied by the reception YES people are getting on the doorstep.

      Paranoia is an easy accusation to make and I admit I may just be paranoid but what if the polls were set to determine a level of expectation and what if the ubiquitous "They" had already tried a dry run, so to speak, and the result was a UKIP MEP? Just asking

    2. Hi Anon.

      Frankly I no longer know what to think of them... As you say, paranoia is thrown around everytime anyone makes an accusation of cheating...but as I've said before the British (and probably most other ) state has always been a set of lying cheating bas***ds.

      It's not paranoia to suggest that they are doing what they have always looking after themselves.

  26. More evidence.

    Who is it... STV or Ipsos?

    " I was selected as a yes voter to attend tonight's debate. I turned up, eagerly awaiting to get stuck in and ask some serious questions like about the Clair oilfield, public sector pension act and a lot of other important issues. When I got to the front and asked to clear security, that I was told that ipsos Mori had not processed the paper work and I would not get in! I phoned the rep from ipsos and was told that was bullshit. All the yes people that they had put forward had not been selected and had been replaced by no voters. That's around 30-40 people in that audience that have been swapped in favour of no. You may ask the significance of this. Well I have reliably been informed that a poll will be carried out after the debate to see what the audience thought an to ask them the referendum question!".

    "James McMillan WELL THE TRUTH IS OUT.

    It seems that all the agencies of the crown and its tentacles of power are being turned to ensuring by whatever means Scotland does not vote YES! To say they would stop at nothing to achieve that is NOT being melodramatic or paranoid! They have sent Britain to war for less!

    Duncan Woodward.... From his Facebook page.

  27. I have watched a lot of 'media' about this debate. I thought,off first bat, that the audience was 'selected'.

    Good to know that I was not wrong.

    I'd assume that you good self giving air to compainants, might give some oxygen to this stitch up. Beyond that, I do not know where we could take it.

  28. Quite apart from anything else, it is frankly disgusting that people travelled to attend on the basis of being invited, as you do. And some jobsworth was employed to reject them. Who, exactly, employed the bouncer?

    That has the makings of a Police State.

    1. From my first reading of this I've thought that it wasn't unlikely that it was true.

      The state simply can't afford to lose Scotland, and we know from the "concessions" being offered the other day by Cameron, Miliband and Clegg the Serial Pledger, that they must think there is a fair chance that they will.

      So I have all along expected nastiness.

      As I've said before, I believe that is a huge mistake. They aren't clever enough to keep it secret that they are fiddling. They constantly forget that although the MSM are still still important, there is another media going on and the truth is disseminated on the net.

      I remember reading that in 1936, when Edward VIII was carrying on with Mrs Simpson, the British Press was gagged by the government in various ways. Threats and Promises.

      The public in the UK knew nothing about what was going on because the press wouldn't publish.

      That sort of thing won't work now.

      I think I read somewhere in the information that people were offered some sort of financial reimbursement for a wasted journey... Not that that is any real compensation at all.

      Not when, as you say, there are the markings of a police state.

  29. Sorry for being slow on the up take, but if they are busing English people up here to give their opinions on a Scottish referendum, yet a Scottish person has to be invited to something that concerns them biased all the way. Next debate is being televised nationwide why, are stv going to make sure its even more biased against Alex Salmond ?

    1. The next one is being organised by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

      Obviously we know what side they are on.

      But after this fuss they will need to be a little more subtle in their attempts to rig it for Darling.

      STV were clumsy in the extreme, and now most of the country knows it was a fiddle.

      BBC will have to try to find another way. I'm sure some of the best minds in the Cabinet Office are working on it just now... so that should put your mind at rest!

  30. Tris I can see your next project already, Wings and Foodbanks make us a normal European Country as per their introduction to both France and Germany since their creation in the US. Blazing today I am, some bleeding Tory but picked up and run with by our favourite Labour liar Jackie Baillie. Now that is someone I am prepared to see starve.

    1. I've seen the post Helena, and that over on Craig Murray's blog.

      It's absolutely amazing that they think that this is OK. That hungry kids are a way of life. That Scotland has joined the real world because it has starving children. Whoop de do. Maybe we could join the real word more if we starved a few more people. let's do pensioners next.

      OK. You expect that from Tories. They believe that the wealth should be in the hands of those who can make it or inherit it. Fair enough. That is their philosophy.

      I disagree because I don't think everyone can do that. Firstly because in a dog eat dog world of business, not everyone wants to be a cannibal, but of course because if everyone could do it, who would wash the dishes and empty the bins...?

      Still that's what Tories believe, May the devil take the hindmost. That's why I will always find them despicable.

      But Baillie is supposed to be in the Labour Party. The Labour Party is supposed to be the party of the People. The Labour Party was supposed to look after those who weren't able to marry into the right family, go to the right schools or start with very little, but make more by sending children up chimneys or down mines.

      Seems that a bigger than she deserves salary and meeting important people, not to mention the lure of the House of lords has converted her into a poor hater.

      I wonder how many food banks there are in Norway and Denmark. I wonder if they would take starving kids as a badge of honour.

      They make my flesh creep.

  31. Does anyone know if the BBC tv debate will follow the same format? Presumably they won't, since they don't have ad breaks.

    How will that impact on the performances of the two interlocutors? Who will be chairing the BBC one?

    1. I certainly don't know the answer to any of these, Dean.

      I see no reason why they can't use the same formats though. You can stop the discussion and go to panelists like STV did.

      I wonder if they will have the nerve to have Dumblebum as the chairman.

      Any other opinions?