Wednesday 30 July 2014


David Clapson was once a serving British soldier who for two years patrolled the mean streets of Northern Ireland which at the time of the late 70s and early 80s had been labelled as one of the most dangerous places on earth.

After leaving the army David moved directly into work with BT where he stayed for over 16 years and then left to be a full time carer for his elderly mother, saving the taxpayer many thousands of pounds in sheltered accommodation and nursing care, after David's mothers health worsened and she eventually had no choice but to be moved into a home David began to look for work and turned to Iain Duncan Smith's DWP to help him while he went through this transition in his life, made even more difficult because he himself was now nearly 60 and a diabetic.

On the 20th of July David Clapson was found dead, he had died alone in his home that was without electric, his food cupboards were empty apart from a few tea bags a tin of soup and some out of date sardines. Next to David's body were dozens of CVs for job applications and a letter from iain Duncan Smiths DWP informing him that his £71.70 p per week JSA had been stopped or as they like to put it sanctioned because David had missed one interview, so David had simply stopped taking his insulin which was still in his fridge that no longer worked, the coroner also found that David's stomach was completely empty so he had not eaten in days and was slipping in to an advancing stage of starvation before his death.
That's his cv, along with the fact that he refused
to pay back the expenses he over claimed. Greedy fat Git
Iain Duncan Smith's DWP has become a department of fear for so many now, as it meets out the punishment of coldness and hunger with impunity and scant regard for human life. Over a million sanctions have now been issued to the sick as well as the jobless that has meant that unless you have a charity or friends and family to turn to, you will suffer hunger and coldness regardless of whether you have paid into the system as David had done for many years. People are now so ashamed to be labelled a scrounger by their fellow citizens that many admit to just going hungry rather than be seen using food banks or asking for a hardship payment which is another way that Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP heap a little bit more embarrassment and shame on people.

Some people may think this is simply one case that slipped through the net, but most people who care know it is most definitely not. Since I began this page I have come across stories of people dying in absolutely disgraceful conditions almost monthly and if you read back on my page I have covered these shameful stories of people's lives just being snuffed out by chance and circumstance on coming into contact with Iain Duncan Smith's DWP and their treatment at the hands of that department.
Says all you need to know about this upper class low life
Somewhere in Stevenage there will be a person sitting at a desk in the job centre plus, who was there to help David Clapson get a job and improve his life, instead they sanctioned him to keep up the number of sanctions they are expected to issue each month and in doing so, drove a proud man into a lonely and squalid death, and they will sit at their desk this morning and issue more sanctions against people who they have no idea of their vulnerabilities and life experiences. We should all feel ashamed at David's pointless death and feel a burning rage at the pampered millionaire Iain Duncan Smith and this near religious crusade he is on, in punishing everyone that has the misfortune of circumstance to come across his DWP department that now openly fosters resentment and hate and fear, but the real killer is the shame and dehumanisation it spotlights onto ordinary people at the most vulnerable times of their lives.
A sorry excuse for a minister
One day, maybe not this week or even next month or next year, but one day we will ask ourselves how we allowed this to happen, how we allowed MPs like Iain Duncan Smith to take hundreds of thousands of pounds from the tax payer in bogus expenses and for second homes and fine foods and even finer wines, and deny the likes of David, 71 pounds to feed himself when his life took a difficult turn, just because they simply have the power to take it all for themselves, and to takeaway it all away from the likes of David who was powerless to stop them, even though his years of paying taxes were gobbled up by the likes of Iain Duncan Smith on a luxury life style that he himself did not even work for but acquired by simply marrying a wealthy barons daughter and has lived off his father in laws wealth from that day onwards, even his mansion is the property of his father in law and he lives there rent free.

I hope for some that after reading this post, today will be the day you ask yourself that question.... HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN !!!l


  1. Tris,
    I defy any no voter not to change their mind after reading this.A result of a system of a westminster government that truly is heartless.They only care for themselves.

    1. Strangely, there are many who will read it and still shrug their shoulders and witter on about border posts and not having the pound and now Danny Alexander's world crash... or the end of the world as we know it, as foretold by Lord George Prat Robertson of No Gaelic language Islay.

      This is what I'm voting yes for. Not some romantic dream of bonnie Scotland. I'm voting to get rid of bastards like Baldermorte, Fraud and McVile. I'm voting for a decent country.

    2. They've been cultivating that attitude of "there's nothing we can do about it" in the population for centuries.

      That's why they're so scared of the indyref, we're challenging that, and we're right. And I'm not just talking about voting yes in september, we can change the system without that: All we have to do is refuse to cooperate, refuse to follow orders, and do the right thing, regardless of what we're told is possible by our "superiors".

      If enough people did that, we'd change the world. (and if the right people did that, we'd have a whole tonne less war)

    3. Yes Illy.

      Actually I just told the tv licensing people to cancel my DD for tv licence. I'm paying for no more of this tv that lies against the country that pays 9% of its income.

      It's a small start, but one I think we should all take.

      I never watch them, and I'm funding them to hirtle propaganda at us. No thanks.

      No more for me.

  2. This should be on a bill board outside every polling station on the 18th of September. Any one voting no is voting for this - actively or passively.

    No excuses.

    1. Yes Pa, I'd love everyone to know about this so that they could reflect on what is happening and the fact that whatever it is, it's not yet half done.

      Who else will they kill off in their attempts to save money and rid the country of people who take rather than give (in their opinion) even if it's after a lifetime of giving.

      We have seen over the years a vilification of people who are unemployed despite the obvious, staring them in the face reasons for unemployment.

      They created unemployment by shutting everything that wasn't a call centre or a financial institution. To massage the workless figure they transferred people onto sick, then when the massive sickness benefit bill became known they started vilifying the sick...all of them, even ones who were dying.

      Now anyone on any kind of benefit is hounded by them. Inefficiently of course.

      And needless to say the most hardcore abusers of the system are ignored because the people at jobcentre admit to being frightened of them.

      Who's next on their list?

      Well Cameron is on immigrants at the moment. EU immigrants too, in an attempt to win over UKIP voters. After the next election I'd be willing to bet they start hitting OAPs.

      Who'd want to live in such an immoral country? And when it suits him the lying bastard runs off at the mouth about this being a Christian country.

      I wonder what kind of Bible they have at Eton. One written by Margaret Thatcher?

  3. Yesterday I replied to a woman, a sanctimonious woman on Derek Bateman. She read Derek who was utterly on fire and said your write a good story but I am still voting for the Union. Somehow I think she would have an answer for the Story of David Capson who I had read about already. some how Tris you made it much more human and made me very angry again.
    I have to say that the "how did we let this happen". Well not very many people in Scotland did, we those of us who commented in the Paper in the South said to the English that they were the only ones who could by not voting Tory. Unfortunately they are still stupid. Watched a bloke, an elderly bloke last night at the end of a news Programme saying he was voting Ukip after a lifetime of voting Tory, Didn't look like he was worth much, so many people vote against their own interests.
    Tell Mr Munguin I apologise, of course he must have his place. Prince Hektor, I had to correct the Vet this morning, he is Prince of Troy Hektor and not the ordinary common or garden Scottish Hector. Actually he is Butch Cassidy on his pedigree.

    1. There's a particular kind of Tory that drives me wild. That's the one who votes against his own interests and those of the people about him, because it is 'posher' to vote Tory.

      I have a neighbour who almost certainly votes Ukip. He hates all foreigners like they were some deadly poison. No matter what happens in our neighbourhood, if it's bad, it is always the fault of the Poles in his opinion. That is probably because he's too stupid to know any of the other Eastern European nations. He must be well angry with me that two of my best and dearest friends are Bulgarian and Hungarian adn they are both utterly charming with him.

      I never tire of pointing out to him that his assertions of guilt are wrong. It turns out that the broken window was done by a drunk Scot; and that the empty beer cans in the park were left by some drunk local teenagers.

      A definite No voter despite the fact that he'd by better off if he voted Yes.

      Prince Hektor, hmmm? Well, at least Munguin is a republican!

  4. Tris,

    I've just read your poosts and then hopped to Craig Murray where I read about May and Cameron posing in an evicted immigrant's house and they both make my blood boil. They obviously do not give a toss and have no sympathy for the misery that inflict on others. I strongly suspect that both these issues are designed to capture the votes of the "I'm alright Jack" individuals who would be inclined to vote for UKIP. I think we can expect more of the same treatment of the poor, the disabled and afflicted from them and NewLabour in the run-up to the election.

    With a no vote I reckon the future is truly grim and, as your post shows, tragic for all but the privileged few. I managed, to my amazement, to post that without swearing.

    1. Did he do a selfie, with Teresa perhaps?

    2. Well, hopefully John, they are making other people's blood boil and they'll vote to get rid of them in September.

      No use waiting till May. We're outvoted by the English that want them, and in any case even if we got rid of these horrors, we'd get the other set of horrors.

      There's only one thing to do.

      And we know what that is.

    3. They could sell it instead of garlic to ward off vampires Panda.

  5. And the Graun is reporting that once public finances improve the Blue Tories (no doubt to be followed by the Red ones) are looking to introduce flat rate taxation so everybody pays 31%.

    Honestly everybody should read the "Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. This is nothing less than the subjection of the 99% and enrichment of the 1% cos "they are worth it".

    Watch the Mill on ch4 Sundays, a drama based on the true experiences of 19th mill workers in Cheshire and you'll get a taste of what they'd like to restore. The main character Esther was complaining that she'd an unemployed 9 year old nephew!

    1. Actually John my reckoning is that the Tories would love us to go back further than the 19th Century. I rather think when they used to run the peasantry down on their big horses and before the improvements after the Black Death, I know improvements, but with a small work force they had to pay the going rate. Now of course with so many starving not only in this country but all over Europe they look forward to seeing us cringe again.

    2. Sorry Panda, I meant you and not John.
      Memo: re read the comment you are commenting on before publishing.

    3. It's all right, Helena, most discerning people ignore my nonsensical posts anyway, apart from Tris, in his typically condescending manner, and Niko when he's not howling.

      What gets me about the whole scenario is that these actions by the Tories go largely ignored or deliberately misleading by the media or are buried away in the depth of a newspaper. You would think there would be enough people with a social consciene to stand up and say "enough is enough"?

    4. Hmmm...

      I heard the flat rate suggestion from Osborne and that half witted old fool in the cabinet office that wanders around throwing his constituents' letter in public bins... I currently forget his name.

      Yes, put 10% on all the poor and take 10% off the rich. Seems like a Tory plan.
      I wonder how long before New Labour adopts it...?

      I am not patronising Mr Brownlie. Am I?



      Surely not?

      I think the trouble with Brits ...all Brits... is that in general we are too apathetic to do anything about what these people do to us.

      I mean if they did these things in France there would be riots, and cars burned...

      Here everyone seems to say "that's terrible" "shouldn't be allowed" and then goes down the pub, or watches Corry!

      We are too respectful of our "betters".

      Time we put a bit of stick about.

  6. This story illustrates the huge deficit in democracy we live, and die, with.
    The story is written, we read it and feel anger or heart felt sympathy, but beyond that, effectively, all we are left with is asking for understanding.
    This is, "please Mr I D Smith, try to understand the humiliation and despair your actions cause".
    Whereas the reality should be, "Look prat, this isn't happening again".
    The union leaves us asking for 'understanding'.
    Independence gives us, 'you don't decide on this, not ever again'.

    Of course many in Scotland are looking to 2015, and the Conservative Mr I D Smith, will be replaced by a Labour 'Mr I D Smith', and their appeals for 'understanding' will be looked on more sympathetically.
    And that dearth of vision will kill may more.

    1. Absolutely Brian. I couldn't agree more.

      I think it's all to do with the class thing we have here. We tut behind their backs and they come along and look down their noses at us and say "Well peasant? What do you want to say?"

      And we say: "Nothing, thank you kindly sir" and doff our caps or bob a curtsey.

      Thousands of people have dies because of that man's half witted planning.

      He's still in the job. Maybe Cameron reckons to give him enough rope to hang himself, or that only IDS is stupid enough to want to go down in history as a mass murderer of the sick.

      Who knows, but we must take the democratic opportunity to bin this kind of bastard forever. Not that there aren't Scots like him, but Edinburgh's not nearly so far away from us as London is. Much more difficult to hide.

  7. Please read
    DWP Admit Knowing They Would Cause Harm
    "This was recognised from the outset. In developing the PIP assessment we were aware that the vast majority of recipients of DLA were individuals with genuine health conditions and disabilities and genuine need, and that removing or reducing that benefit may affect their daily lives. However, we believe that these impacts can be justified as being a logical result of distributing limited resources in a different and more sustainable way…”. DWP
    How's that for political doublespeak eh! Absolutely disgraceful and shameful, the sooner we can be shot of these liars and rogues the better.
    (Paragraph 80)

    1. Thanks M,
      Yup, it was planned....isnt it wonderful when a plan comes together. ... Who are these people? What are they thinking? Bastards

    2. It makes you want to.... do something to them.

      Distributing limited resources?

      Don;t seem to limit the resources much when they are off fighting wars in countries that they reckon can't fight back.

      Don't seem to stop them buying £120 billion worth of nuclear weapons they can;t use and that won;t belong to them.

      Why don't they divert the monies from the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and from the Crown Estates in to helping sick people? Instead of buying helicopters for part time princes?

      Why don't they tell people in the Lords to pay full price for their food and drink? Why don;t they cut MPs' salaries?

      Why don't they stop fighting wars?

      No. It is my contention that they actually want to kill off the sick and the old. Or at least the lower class ones. They are a drain on society and that which doesn't make money is considered a liability by any of the three Westminster parties.

  8. I really *really* wish we could get the name of the person who pushed David Clapson to suicide. And the name of their manager, and their manager, all the way up the chain to IDS. Eventually we'll find someone we can hit with a manslaughter charge.

    Maybe, just maybe, if we start going after these people at the bottom they will stop seeing it as "just following orders"/"just doing my job" and start seeing what the machine they are a part of is doing.

    1. For a very brief period (8 months) I worked for JC+.

      It was the most awful job, the most horrible conditions and the most incompetent management you can imagine.

      There were times when my boss told me to do something and I looked in total disbelief at her and said WHAT?

      I think we should start with Office Mangers. There's no point in going after most of the clerks. I've seen them in tears over the situations (although there are a few nasty ones).

      The managers should be able to stand up to the area management and the civil service and the hateful scum that is the ministerial level of management.

      Let's get them on manslaughter charges.

      And specially for McVile and Fraud and Smith, I'd happily bring back hanging... or stoning!!

  9. Evil, unfeeling, uncaring bastards. The quicker we are shot of the vile beasts, in Westminster, the better. Truly disgusting the lot of them, Tories of all shades, Selfservative, money grabbing, scum bags. The UK, a land fit for sod all.

    1. Hear hear!!

      And the great thing is that we have the choice in a few weeks' time.

      More of this... or get rid of it...

      Hell, you really would have to be a total loonie not to vote yes.

  10. Very touching article and so sad, I've read that over 10.000 people have died, due to their benefits being removed or stopped one way or another. The most frightening thing is that its set to get worse, Labour and the Tories, the on;y real two candidates for the 2015 General Election have openly admitted that more deeper cuts have to be applied.

    There will be many more deaths under Westminster's severe austerity the poor, sick and elderly, and unemployed will be victimised, because Westminster is skint and £1.3 trillion pounds in debt, yet monies can be found for ships, missiles, and foreign wars when needed.

    Scots must break free from this Dickensian style persecution of the less fortunate in our society, the only way to do this is to vote YES, then we can change things for the better without a foreign government scuppering our plans, a no vote will see more people die, do we really want that on our conscience, I for one don't.

    1. Yes. As I said above, we have the chance to get away from it.

      We have the chance to ditch them.

      The notion that we would want to stay is completely mad as far as I can see.

    2. Or if we don't get away from them......

    3. Wow... That's amazing.

      I reckon if we stay we will be expected to pay our share of this, after all, most of us use the facilities on a regular basis, don't we? Don't we?

      The thing is that they will find the money for that. There are other places which desperately need infrastructure revitalization, but they won;t get it, because we can';t afford it.

      But we all know that when the "status" of London as a leading world city is in question, the while game changes and the money WILL be found.

  11. How did we let it happen

    people went out and voted for it thats how.........others didn't bother
    the English torys are a poison pill the uk swallowed look in the mirror your the one to blame.

    1. Well, Scotland didn't vote for this bunch of slime, did we?

      But to be fair to you Niko, we did vote Labour and they have said they will be tougher.

      So yes, you're right.

    2. Niko, I agree with you that WE vote for it, no we do not but what we do not do is make a real humdinger of a fuss about it. Would that work, not a bleeding bit of it. There is only one way and one way only Vote them out of this Country. This just might inspire those who would like a more socially concerned Government to do the same in England and in Wales, I cannot say right now I think Northern Ireland is ripe for the removing from GB but it will go eventually. You know who is actually stopping said revolution, people like you.

  12. Scots must break free from this Dickensian style persecution of the less fortunate in our society,

    Err! Alex has sworn on the holy bible to uphold bank of England Governance of Scotland unto death he return for the English pound
    Now explain how this Dickensian style persecution is kept of of Scotland under English Tory /snp misrule???

    1. Hm...

      Niko. Sharing the pound doesn';t mean that we have to kill off the sick.

      We can spend money on the things that we want to.

      So they have nuclear weapons and we have social security... Simples!

    2. Okay Niko, you just haven't got rid of your visceral hatred of Mr Salmond. You haven't been listening. Mr Salmond has said that there will be a currency union after we achieve independence, don't remember him saying for how long. Right now we actually have one, one in which we have absolutely no voice. If we join in a currency union we have that voice to decide our path.
      Any road, Alex is getting older, now 59 as he says he will not be here forever.

    3. There seems to be a great lack of confidence in the Labour Party to be able to form a government in an independent Scotland.

  13. I thought NATO via the UN bombed the shit out of despotic governments or was that a dream.

    1. Only ones of Brown people with oil.

      Not friends of America.

    2. Seems that the US are not happy with the way things are going in Nato. Too many people going their own way and not pulling their weight. Going to have lots of more war games, now if we vote NO in September, any guesses where they will be held?

    3. Jeez. If it's in our street on a Saturday you won't know the difference. :)

      Well, if they have war games in Scotland, at least we will have some covert from the massive military we help fund. That will make a change to having to get services steamed up from the English Channel.

  14. Is it not people that its all supposed to be about. I agree there should be a sanction but not one that deprives someone the ability to feed themselves and be able to keep their medicine cool. WTF I am at a lose to express how I feel as I am disgusted, shocked, angry but worst of all I feel helpless except I have the choice to vote yes for many other reasons but to live in a more socially caring and just country.

    1. It's become a very unlovely society. The wonder is that we accept this, but of course for years successive governments have told us that people on benefits are scroungers, lazy, wasters. Skivers not strivers.

      People begin to accept what they read in the papers and what the politicians say, even if they don;t think they are affected by it.

      It doesn't help that some people are. You can see some every day with a good phone and a collection of children. And so the message is reinforced.

      What they don;t want you to think about is the millions who are ill; who are in a mess; who have fallen on hard times.

      Nope. It's much easier to make you think about the skivers. And make you hate them, so that when they start killing them off, you don't actually mind too much.

      We must use our choice for the better.