Monday 28 July 2014


So unless I'm mistake from this small quote (the rest of the article is behind a paywall), if we vote NO, the Scottish government will, in future, be kept in line by the central power in London. 

This British (read English) power will never been allowed to be "hollowed out", whatever that means, by the Scottish government, elected by the Scottish people, under a part proportional voting system.

Be warned: If we vote NO Alistair Carmichael promises that we will be kept under the thumb of the British Empire and the question of freedom will never be allowed to rise again.

And that's not any old somebody saying that. It's David Cameron's man in Scotland. The representative of London in our midst. 

Heaven knows what they intend to do... send their troops to make sure that the Scottish parliament doesn't do anything the London parliament disapproves of? 

Bug the first ministers private offices and those of his cabinet?

Insist, as some including Mrs Thatcher's living representative on Earth, Michael Forsyth have suggested, that the unelected House of Lords be allowed a function in Scottish governance and the rights to veto legislation? 

Send one of the royals to live in Holyrood House to oversee our government?

Maybe even Godzilla himself will take over the palace to keep Alex Salmond, or (snigger) Johann Lamont in their Provosts of a regional council? 

So much for respect and "more powers". 

We will be watched carefully and regardless of what we vote for in the future we will NEVER be allowed our freedom.

OK Carmichael. Thanks for the warning. 

Another game changer? 

What IS she doing? Levitating?

Anyway, the good news, apart from the slightly weird old lady trying to fly,  is that the poll appears to show a swing of 4% will deliver victory.

We can do this.

The Red White and Blue Arrows appear to have been privatised by the Ultra Right Wing Nut Case at the Ministry of War (who didn't call the woman 'a slut' at all... he said she was a 'slattern', so that's alright, even if the two words mean exactly the same thing). They seem to have taken on a job for Eire welcoming the Queen and flown a bit lower than usual ... 
The Biased Broadcasting Corporation has been taking lessons in crowd counting from the pre infants classes  or "Better Together No Thanks U Kok". 

The organisers of the protest at Pacific Quay, anticipating a bit of jiggery pokery with numbers, handed all protesters a numbered piece of paper. There were 1,207 pieces of paper given out. It is possible that there were more people there, but impossible that there were fewer.

And yet the BBC estimated 400 people.

You pay £140+ a year for a pile of lies.
I've just seen this. It surely has to be a spoof. Their reporting of the Palestine situation has been Israeli biased, but for goodness sake, even the BBC wouldn't have done this?
The thing that I resent most is that they wasted the once in a lifetime opportunity of oil. Norway's Sovereign Fund now makes more in interest than their oil production makes. In short, if their oil dried up tomorrow, which it won't do, they would still be an incredibly rich country.

The immense wealth that they have created, on top of this, has all pensions covered in Norway, state employees and retirement.

On the other hand, in order to stay at the top table and wield this much vaunted clout (about which we hear a lot but see little) the Uk has frittered the money away on fighting wars it could never win, causing ill feeling around the world, buying weapons that it doesn't own and/or can't use and/or don't work, having embassies and consulates in places it doesn't need them, and generally continuing to act like some Imperial power from the 19th century. 

The result is that the external debt is £1.3 trillion and rising; no retirement pension is funded and a large number of public service pensions are not funded, meaning that taxes will have to be paid in future to fund them. This is an additional inestimable amount (depending as it does on life length). On top of that there is a massive personal debt as people take on loans for housing, education, and credit/store cards.

What a bloody mess of a country.
Don't forget. If you haven't yet bought "Caledonia", you might like to think about it. Food banks need our money.


  1. Tris

    I just don't care about anything carbunckle has to say, the man is a non entity in every way. They just don't get that nothing will ever be the same again whatever the result. If it's a no and things get worse, as they will, the betrayal and backlash the 3 Tory parties will face will shock even them. Independence is coming either way, its just the when that needs decided but it will be in my lifetime as nothing can stop it now.

    The royals are at the games, apparently the athletes love it, gtf. Otherthan the ebc and Ruth Davidson no one gives a shit.

    The ebc are shit, enough said, the mainstream media are dead in this country now. We will see papers going under in Scotland soon, no one takes them seriously any more.

    Bought the song, to be honest I would have bought that version of Caledonia anyway it is so good.

    Commentators at the games have shocking, esp hoy who gets right on my its. They have removing flags as well with yes on them, they just don't get it. They have already lost the argument, they might wknd the battle but they have lost the war.


    1. Hi Bruce. You're right, the version is fabulous.

      I saw pictures of the Strathearns and Harry with his clothes on, which makes a pleasant change.

      Wee Ruth will doubtless have been thrilled to get to meet them. I hope they paid for their bloody tickets. This is coming out of OUR money, and they have enough. Did Willie bring them up in his new helicopter that could have fed all the hungry families on Scotland for a few months?

      All the fusses that they have made about no politicizing the games have just drawn attention to them. They have allowed union flags in, although the union is not competing. That arse Hammond refused the blue and white smoke, which no one would have noticed, as we have seen it before... but he made a big thing about it, and now he and the London government look like petty little public schoolboys.

      Nicola and Shona have been great, and other MSPs too.

      The momentum is all with us. They must be desperate. Wait for their coup de grace.

    2. Apologies, the arse that refused the blue and white smoke was Fallon. They all look the same to me these toffs.

      No chin and looking down their noses.

    3. "They have allowed union flags in, although the union is not competing"

      Watching the swimming on TV I saw one union jack that said Team GB on it!

      "Bug the first ministers private offices and those of his cabinet?"

      I'd be surprised if they haven't already been!

    4. I've seen a photo of a Saltire, a bloody SALTIRE, with NO across it. Was it and it's owner(s) removed by Glasgow's finest? Answers on a postcard to Alistair Carmichael, earsehole of the universe, London!

    5. There's a link on WOS to a Welsh site that shows a picture of a woman being escorted out for having a Yes sticker and saltire. Bloody disgrace!

    6. This actually does us good. People in two minds are seeing the no campaign abetted by the BBC showing how unequal things are.

      it pleases NO supporters,; it angers YES supporters, but it may make some don;t knows a bit sick of unfair Britian.

  2. You don't have to speculate very much to work out what Carmichael is threatening to do.

    After a NO vote Westminster will simply pass legislation that requires Holyrood to pass every single decision they want to make to Westminster for prior approval on the pretext that if it involves spending (and everything does) the Treasury must have the final say.

    Westminster's job of neutralising Holyrood is thus achieved very easily.

    1. That's certainly one thing that they could do.

      I wonder if they would get away with it.

      They need to realise that a fair percentage of the population is now relatively politically active. They are dealing with a new situation here. And the Uk has never been good with new situations. See how have have failed to grasp the power of the internet.

  3. It is now official LibDem policy that democracy will not be allowed in Scotland just like North Korea and other totalitarian states around the world Nice to hear it from the horses or more like asses mouth the future lord chief liar of the Orkney Isles.

    1. It does look a bit like that, CH.

      It seems that they want to exert control.

      It will never be the same again.

      We need to get it through to people it's freedom or submit to the overlords, for that is what they will be

  4. A NO vote puts all of us in the position of Fish in a Barrel

    1. Yes... we give away everything.

      No wonder they won't lay out their plans for devo+

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    2. Download the add-on called "remove cookies for site" (Google that phrase with "Firefox" at the end and you'll get it.)
    3. Read Herald until the paywall appears.
    4. Right-click anywhere on page.
    5. Select "remove cookies for site".
    6. Refresh page.
    7. Continue reading.

    Rinse and repeat as often as necessary. And don't let anyone tell you it doesn't work any more because it does. Perfectly and beautifully.

    1. Thanks Rolfe :)

    2. Hi Rolfe

      I'm ok till point 5, but I can't find a "refresh button". I then came out and came back onto page but still blocked. I downloaded an auto refresh add-on but that doesn't seem to help either. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Here's a wee bit of news for you Tris, unless you've already seen of course. :-)

    Apparently one of Stu's bested mates, Severin Carrell, has written a piece in the Guardian about undecided voters. All I'll say is I don't think he has many, if any, teeth left after writing it. LOL

    1. Thanks Arbroath... Will read. Sorry for delay. Hectic here. :)

      Gotta love Severin. Always reminds me of Harry Potter films.

  7. If we're stupid enough to vote no, (which I hope we don't) then we'll be in deep shit Alistair Carmichael as you say let the cat out of the bag by admitting that Westmister would reduce Holyrood's powers,and smother any signs of another independence vote for at least 50 years. Now Andy Burnham Labour, has come out and said that the NHS in England WILL be privatised, a bit at a time, and that he'd like to see this happen all over the UK.

    If we vote no our beloved NHS will eventually be privatised one way or another, this really is a wake up call for those who haven't decided how to vote you must vote yes, the consequences of a no vote are unthinkable.

    1. I certainly don't want to live in a country where the health service is private.

      As you get older you become a liability.

      If you get seriously sick, you become a drain on a company.

      No thanks.

      They are the sovereign power and they can, in theory take away powers. Particularly if they think that the may be abused.

      The took away the power over fracking, in the House of Lords, for heaven's sake. A room of old people sleeping took away our power to say NO to fracking, so that the Tories could sell off the rights in Scotland to their mates.

      What else can they do?