Thursday, 3 July 2014


According to the Daily Express, MPs on the Commons' Finance and Select Committee have decided to postpone any price increase in Parliament's bars until next May.

That means MPs and their guests can continue to enjoy pints of beer for as little as £2.90, with taxpayer's subsidy contributing £7 million a year to the bill.

The freeze actually works out to a cut once inflation has been taken into account, means prices have only gone up once in the past five years.

As well as cheap booze, MPs are also set to benefit from a ten per cent pay rise by the time the freeze comes to an end in May.
TaxPayers' Alliance's Jonathan Isaby said: "Drink prices have not been frozen for the rest of us — why should it be any different for our MPs?"

A Commons spokeswoman said: "Benchmark prices have not moved significantly and current targets to drive sales and control costs are being met" whatever the hell that means.


  1. What the establishment does best is protect itself in more ways than one as they think that they are the monarchy in civilian clothing, greedy pigs.

    1. You bet, and today they are protecting themselves by repeating the lies they told over liquid bombs to get some unpleasant speculation of an incredibly embarrassing nature off the front pages.

    2. I'm just waiting for them to start blaming all these price freezes and 10% pay rises on Alex Salmond. They seem to want to blame everything else on him so why not these as well? Let's face it all this shite has absolutely nothing to do with these moronic money grabbing scheisters!

  2. Pet subject in my house, why we should be allowing alcohol to be taken in the place where law is made. Husband says he was not allowed to take an unopened bottle wrapped into his place of business or he would face sacking, far less subsidised booze.
    MAny years ago when working for the then Lothian Region Highways, we brought a bottle of whisky in for the afternoon when the yard we worked at was closing. Our boss went mental, as he said the number of recovering alcoholics working in that place, it was just stupid. We took ourselves off quite chastened. He was right. So what excuse do our lawmakers have, they are feeding their constituents, aye right, more like bribing, sorry entertaining their lobbiests.

  3. Speaking of drink, who's coming to the Newsroom gig? It wouldn't have been my first choice of venue, but it is close to Waverley and the bus station.