Thursday, 3 July 2014


According to a report in the Record, one million Scots are living in poverty.

That is to say that about one in five of us is on the breadline.

Needless to say the “I could live on £50 a week, even if I charge you £37 for my breakfast” incompetent who is running the DWP, said that his policies were helping poor people. Iain Duncan Smith said child poverty had fallen, despite the figures showing 220,000 children in Scotland in poverty, an increase of 30,000 on last year. Is he stupid or is he a liar? 
Do I look like I care?
I think, on the basis of his record, we can safely dismiss his statement as a pile of cobblers.

The worst off have been hit by reductions in income of around £20 a week, which is around £1,000 a year. So much for Nick Clegg and his tax changes. The poorest  don’t earn enough to pay tax.

The bulk of people who are suffering are working families. Not Gidiot’s skivers, but strivers. Only striving in this god forsaken land makes you worse off, unless you are a striving banker , Lord, MP or businessman with good connections.

You simply cannot get around the fact that six out of every 10 kids in poverty come from families where at least one adult is a striver.

Across the UK, 10.6million Britons were in absolute poverty.

Peter Kelly, of the Poverty Alliance, said: “Much of this is due to the policies being pursued by the current UK Government. Regressive tax policies and punitive welfare reform measures are pushing more people into poverty. People in Scotland and the UK simply don’t have enough money to live on.”
Giver her a lollipop, for no particular reason,
but it might shut her mouth for a little while
Scottish Labour social justice spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said (and you’ll love this): “The SNP failed to act quickly enough to mitigate the impact of the Tories’ bedroom tax in Scotland.” She has of course forgotten that when the DFM wrote to the unelected aristocrat, Fraud, who for some reason, in this mother of democracies, finds himself in the position of being allowed to grant to, or withhold from, an elected Scottish government the power to act on that matter, the lazy little lord couldn’t be bothered answering.

She also seems to forget that bedroom tax was originally introduced by Labour and expanded by the Tories, and that Labour has promised to be even tougher on Social Security than the Tories.

Still as Baillie has a reputation at least the equal of IDS for being a liar, I reckon we shouldn’t be too surprised.


  1. Replies
    1. Give her 10

    2. I really am finding myself in the most awful situation here. Which money grabbing face stuffing poor bashing poverty celebrating bastard do I actually hate the worst?

    3. Och, I'm sorry to put you in that quandary.

      Iain Duncan Smith gets my vote, but I'd not want to influence you...

      Maybe we should have a top ten, by votes?

      What you think?

    4. Don't worry about that Tris, I'm usually in some sort of quandary every day any way. LOL

      I like the idea of a Top 10 most hateful politician. I just have one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little problem with the idea of a Top 10. Is a Top 10 list actually going to be long enough? LOL

    5. I am getting to the stage of Hating labour more. Let's face it we knew what the Tories were like but this referendum has made us realise what a useless self serving shower the majority of labour are.

  2. tris

    Watched question time with IDS appearance Chris Bryant out and out called him a liar
    to his face . not that it bothered IDS not a bit of it. Just goes to show how low the opinion is of him . Event Gideon thinks he is a thicko . me i reckon they keep in his position one to stop him lying about EU, two he is there lighting rod let him take all the blame/hate for the starving poor and then if needed(as votes are lost ) sack him and pretend to take a more caring ??? approach....bit diffy for the Torys i know.

    See thats the weakness of Abroath point, no good just hating the person who can be changed you should change the policy the person is to a certain extent irrelevant.

    And the way to change the policy is ???

    1. Have you converted to Yes Niko?

      *All* the major Westminster parties are essentially identical on policy, so the only way to get anything different is to vote for independence.

      Nothing else will have any effect.

    2. Niko you stun me.

      As Illy says, Labour and the Tories completely agree on social security.

      UKIp would be even harder ... and the Liberals... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. They don't want to put up university tuition fees, indeed they have signed a pledge about it.


  3. Tris

    We live in a disgusting country with many disgusting politicians and even the ones who aren't do nothing either. Hitchens talked about selection last night and he is correct it produces drones. People like you and me would never be selected so it is time to stop voting for these parties. IDS is a wanker. He appears to take great delight in what he does and it's ideological nothing about austerity. This government aided by the other two tory parties have chosen to reward the wealthy and punish the poor and we accept it. Maybe we are to blame too in a small way as we have the power to use our vote and don't.

    Hating the UK and I hope the bloody ship sinks in the dock today. What a waste of money when people are starving.


    1. Liked the comment on Wings Twitter, "stop calling it an aircraft carrier, until 2020 it is a floating car park". I too hope it sinks, I may be wrong and I usually am but I think they are just breaking a bottle of Bowmore over it and it isn't being launched. It might do irreparable harm to the new crossing. Em, It was suggested many years ago that I could stand for a cooncillors position for the SNP, so i might have got selected. Unfortunately I was kind of busy with Union Business at the time and work commitments.

    2. Thankfully I've missed all the hoo ha so far today over her nibs smashing a bottle of very expensive champers on the side or wherever of this latest version of the "Hunk of Junk."

      I just have one wee itsy bitsy question. When she named the hunk did she actually say:

      "I name this ship H.M.S. Me. May god bless all who sail in ME!"

      Just asking you understand. LOL

    3. LOl. Dunno. Didn't see any of it., Arbroath. As Helena says it's not an aircraft carrier. The aircraft we have won't fit on it.

      I'm not sure it's even a car park. It's just it.

      LOl I'm thinking Bruce... what if it had sunk....

      Still wouldn't have been a very good advertisement for out fantastic shipbuilding sills.

      I doubt any of the English based parties would want someone with a mind of their own... so nope, I don;t think we'd get the gig.

      Helena, you should go for it. You'd bring compassion.

      I couldn't abide all these meetings and the boring officialdom.

  4. “The SNP failed to act quickly enough to mitigate the impact of the Tories’ bedroom tax in Scotland.”

    Says a person who would rather 100 years of Tory rule than Scotland be independant.

  5. Jackie Baillie, my favourite substitute for a bowling pin.

    1. She just opens her mouth and a pile of lies tumble out. I dount she even realises it, Illy.

    2. Helena, I don;t want to be sizist...but aren't bowling pins supposed to be a little narrower?

  6. In terms of the most hated.

    IDS is a fanny for sure, but for me, Baillie wins it - I cannot stand her oily dishonest presence. When ever I see her, I have instinctive urge to lash out or vomit, I think its a DNA thing.

    I think the difference is, IDS is a believer, he thinks what he's doing is right. Baillie on the other hand knows she's talking shit and as soon as she's behind closed doors, I think she congratulates herself for it.

    Hate is a really strong word and I can count on one hand all the people I've hated - Baillie is one of them though. (She shouldn't be because she's a worthless wee nyaff, but like I said, its instinctive.)

    I should probably hate IDS but I don't particularly, I just disagree profoundly & despise deeply everything he stands for.

    1. You're so much nicer a person than I am Paul.

      I don't really know what hate is. I'm not sure if I hate them, but I disrespect them enormously, and I'd love to see them come tumbling down and be humiliated for what they do from the security of their fat salaries and fatter pensions.

      Their ignorance is just monumental. Id love to make them live the lives of the people they abuse.

  7. Ms Baillie just isn't very bright and nor is IDS.

    They have both made lying their political philosophy and don't understand that to be a good liar you have to have a modicum of memory.

    1. But to be a political liar you just need to be in a safe seat.

  8. Can someone give me one good reason why Jackie (Two dinners Baillie) is actually at Holyrood, what actual function does she perform except to say "I told you so " well after an event has occured. She sit there in the chamber with a stupid looking smirk on her face, yet she speaks so politely, even if it is goobledeegook. she's a trougher of no significance, that will be instantly forgotten over time.

    1. She's there because she's a party person, and she represents a seat where they automatically vote Labour, even if they put up a cabbage.

  9. I hate the bitch.Period.

    I watched her lie to folk in Helensburgh only for a local to destroy her argument and she sat there with that stupid grin on her gob and said nothing.

    She is a liar and has had too many puddings . Or maybe that she is a pudding. I'm trying to be polite by the way.Disgusting tub of lard.

    Niko - gone yersel son YES at last.

    If your ever in the Edinburgh area ,i'll forget all the past and welcome you like my wee brother. YES . You know it makes sense.

    Tris . thanks for all the photo's i know a few of my mates don't do the reading thing but the pictures tell it all. Big thanks

    1. Aye Richie...sometimes I'm a bit put off by lots of writing.

      Pictures tell a thousand words...

      Thank you for commenting...

      Actually, thanks to you all for commenting.

      You make the blog.

  10. Anyone going to the Newsroom tonight?

  11. I was thinking about putting a copy of the second picture, above the mantle. To keep the bairns away from the fire.

  12. Careful... you don't want to be done for child cruelty, do you?

  13. Both IDS and Baillie serve a useful purpose in reminding people that voters are so blinkered that they will vote for anyone, even the most despicable and disgusting. Would you tell your friends that you actually voted for one of them or others of their ilk. That question does not apply to you, Niko.

    1. I'd be lynched if I did...

  14. Oops! LOL

    Stick THAT in yer pipe and smoke IDS ya disgusting ignorant bampot!