Sunday, 20 July 2014


You have to ask yourself how Norway manages to feed its people
and Scotland fails to. We have even more oil than they have.
It's notable too, that, although Norway is a lot colder than Scotland
they don't have anyone dying as a result of it whereas here
the story is somewhat different
I know that a lot of people were disappointed last week when I linked to a version of the song "Caledonia", and it turned out that it had disappeared from Youtube.

Thanks to Richy, who is a friend of the lads who recorded it, I've had an email from Martin, one of the members of the band.

He explained that that particular video was a draft. It has now gone to have captions added to it explaining a bit about the background of the recording.

The fact is that these guys have recorded the song to raise money for food banks in their area. 

It's that simple. 

Too many people are starving where they live and they have decided to do something about it, using their talent.

The video is being annotated and the song will be released as a "commercial" venture, probably within the next week, so you will be able to buy it for download on iTunes or Amazon.

All the monies raised from the sale will be given to the food bank.
Like the Queen opening a new bridge a beaming smile on his face
The shame of it Mr Mundell. The shame of it.
I know I'm preaching to the choir here, so I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything. I'm just venting steam.

The thought of kids going to bed with an empty stomach, or having to go to school hungry, is too horrible to contemplate. It's all the more repulsive when you know that there are people, some of whom are responsible for the mess that causes this hunger, who are dining in restaurants where the entrée costs more than a pensioner gets to live on for a week.

It physically repulses me that someone like Duncan Smith can be responsible for this and yet get away with charging you and me nearly £40 for his bloody breakfast! Shame there weren't bones in it.

Anyway, we have to confront it. We have to think about it no matter how painful.

What can we do about it? Liar Duncan Smith and the McVile creature have it sewn up. The poor will starve! The country will save money.

Well, inspired by guys who get organised, get arranging and rehearsing, get into a recording studio, record and make a video, get it annotated and out there, I know I'm resolved to do more.

And no, Munguin and I will not be re-recording "How much is that Munguin in the Window?" (Although it's an idea and if we got enough requests...). 
But somehow we can still afford nuclear weapons we will never use
But we can all buy a few extra cans of something every week in the supermarket and take them along to the foodbank. Or we can donate to the Trussell Trust or locally.

And we can buy "Caledonia" when it comes out, and hopefully, in numbers, get it into the download charts. Not only will the money be going to help people who have been rendered hungry, at least in part, by the Westminster government's policies, but we will be raising the "Scotland" brand at this crucial time when we have a chance to rid ourselves of the Duncan Smiths of this world forever. What bliss.

This is a piece from one of our readers, Bloo Choon, which should bring tears to your eyes. Thanks for putting it up Bloo. Lovely chilled music to go with it too.
Full details on the song here as soon as the guys let me know its out there, which they promise to do.


  1. Great to hear the guys are planning to release "Caledonia" to raise funds for Food banks, can't wait.

    It is just a pity that the picture of Mundell the Blundell opening a Food bank came out, on line, just too late for me. By that I mean that I was at a debate in Eaglesfield the other week between Joan McAlpine and Mundell. Now I am not one who usually gets stuck in and asks questions but this time I did, my first ever attempt to do so by the way. As it turns out I apparently torn him off a strip about the Euro AND using the pound. Had I known about his *ahem* royal opening I would most certainly have torn him another strip about that as well! As it was he got rather flustered and red faced trying to fight off my strip tearing episode. LOL

    1. Awwww poor wee Muddle.

      Gie him laldy Arbroath.

      But don't go too far. He's an endangered species... A Tory in Scotland.

      The Chinese might want him back...

  2. Hi. After I read Stuart Campbell's article 'The pride of Britain' in July last year, the issue of foodbanks became a bugbear of mine and I felt the need to vent steam too. With your permission, here's my wee effort:

    1. Sorry it's a copy and paste job. I'd have made it a link if I knew how

    2. Thanks bloochoon. I've put it into the article now. It a touching piece of work.

  3. Mr Mundell looks proud as punch, he's probably thinking, (I hope they invite me to open more of these foodbanks, I like getting my picture taken). I'm pretty sure there was a foodbank opened in Scotland with Danny Alexander grinning stupidly from ear to ear, as if it was some kind of achievement, I can't remember where though.

    1. You'll see it in Bloochoon's video Anon. He was left without a name o0n Twitter.

      Muddle does look as if it's an opportunity to get his wee coupon in the papers.

      I've no idea why they invited him, or why they invited Danny Alexander, unless they thought it might embarrass them.

      No luck. These people have more front than Rothsay.

  4. If you provide free food, folks will turn up to take it rather than get a job to pay for it.

    1. Aye! and if you give them bath tubs they will just keep coal in them.WOW!

    2. I assume, Quiet _Man you are for real. You obviously do not know but people cannot just turn up at a food bank, you need to referred. I do not know many people who would not rather earn the money to eat for themselves and many are so embarrassed as was the Lady documented who was sent to Maryhill as she had not been able to afford to eat for four days she ripped the lid of a tin of beans and was eating it with her fingers. She was so grateful she turned up subsequently with a bag of groceries.. You disgust me, obviously never had a hard moment in your life.

    3. Quiet_Man it shows you how much you know, people who go to foodbanks have to be referred, they don't just show up and take what they want, unlike Westminster troughers who have a subsidised canteen,so in future either do your homework or KEEP QUIET! man.

    4. Yes. Disgusting comment. Social services or the job centre or a church or other such group has to make a referral.

      Wasn't it the McVile creature or that Tory Lord Fraud who said something of that sort?

      Not company I'd be happy to be keeping.

    5. QM. Watch the video I've added to the text. It shows the causes of referral by professionals to the foodbanks. The biggest single cause is delays in paying benefits. Iain Duncan Smith's department.

    6. Quiet_man, be quiet man, unless you engage your brain first.
      Be thankful you have not required, the services of, a foodbank.

    7. The thing is it is only round the corner for some people. The company you thought was safe, suddenly isn't. You can;t get another job, because you are too old. You start falling behind on the mortgage; your partner and you spilt up. You need social security because you can't sell the house.

      You apply for social security and IDS's cuts lose your claim for a few months ... and you get hungry.

      You shouldn't believe the garbage that the Eton adn Oxford boys chunter.

      If the lights are off as you head off to work, it may be because your neighbour works shirts, or he went to work an hour ago, or he works Sundays and has a day off in the week, or he can only get a part time job.

      Only a moron whose daddy had pots of money would imagine that the obvious reason was that the lights off household was full of skivers.

    8. What about the kids you fuckin moron.

      Are they there cos it's free.

      Spread your filth somewhere else, you are not wanted here.

      Can you block idiots like this Tris ?

      Trolls i can handle , blind ignorant toe rags who don't have a clue. You shame us all

    9. I don't know how to block people, Richy, but I think he's been shown that that's not the way we feel in this country. It is popular in some places in England. Not here.

      I'm sure he's bright enough to take that as a lesson.

  5. Hi Tris just me,

    i had a chat with Darren the singer, i do most days, he's shocked at the response and support. I cannot thank you enough for giving the song and the boys time on your blog. We all detest the system that forces folk to starve and these lads were desperate to do something positive.

    Darren (singer) is my closest friend , a talented real mr nice guy. They all are. Folks in Edinburgh and Aberdeen may spot the boys and know them as they do a lot of work in these cities. I am a wee bit bias but also critical if i think they are going the wrong way. I was amazed at the song. It's one that Darren has sung before but this version is so much better.

    These guys don't get a penny. Everything goes to the food banks. But i expect with the publicity that you give will boost the sales substantially . Thank you for the support Tris. Made my day.

    I continually direct as many people i can online to all the reg sites. But i always have Munguin's at the top. People are lazy and don't read too much ,your pics and the comments from those on the site do persuade many to go into things further.

    I have to say i am really proud to see sites like this. Scots are coming together in a big way and now we have a very loud voice. I even met a few at the last Wings meeting and they were a fantastic bunch. The referendum has finally brought us together. Food banks were the reason i changed from NO to YES. I was ashamed to say No , knowing more cuts were on the way and folk were going hungry.

    We all have a part to play here so it's nice to be part of something that will aid these poor folk.

    many thanks to you and all at Munguins

    1. Richy: Don't thank me my friend. I'm just doing what any decent person would do.

      (But Munguin said, if you are speaking to Alex Salmond he wouldn't mind being a Thistle knight. Sir Munguin of Munguin... no pressure but tomorrow would be fine!).

      Joking apart... The song is great, the performance is awesome, the video stunning and, above all, the cause is one that is close to my heart. I'm more than delighted to help in whatever way I can. I hope other bloggers will do the same. When we get the link, it would be great if we all tweeted it and Facebooked it to an many people as possible. Let's make it global.

      I did do some work with the Foodbank in Dundee a while ago. And I know that my mum, sister and niece have been buying food. But I'm restirred to do something again because of the lads' efforts.

      This situation is getting worse. People are starving in a country that boasts (rather untruly) that it is the 6th largest economy in the world. (It lost that title years ago when France overtook it, and since then Brazil and India have probably put it further back... but if you brag about how big and important you are, and how you have clout everywhere, you really should be able to feed your population.)

      I'm impressed that you are a convert from no, and that this is reason you changed your mind. It's true that the Labour and Tory parties are hellbent on hurting the poor. Quiet Man's comments above show that there is support for that attitude. Where he makes a big mistake is that assuming that the people who are forced to use this facility are unemployed and all they need is a job. Often they are employed, but paid a pittance, on zero hour contracts, and on occasions sick folk owed money by the DWP, which is in such disarray that it can take months for payments to be processed.

      Thanks for your support for the blog. There is no doubt when I look at the reports from Blogger that the numbers reading are increasing hugely, so I'm pleased about that, and I'm grateful to all the people who faithfully support Munguin.

      I'll continue to do more of the picture blogs, because you're right. They are popular, and a picture paints a thousand words...

      Thanks again for your support.

    2. Sir Munguin - does roll off the tongue rather easy . Get a YES vote and we will have a few to thank . If i have a choice the knighthoods already in the bag.

      So sorry about the swearing . Quiet man is a douch bag . There was no need for the comment. We were not discussing the merits of those who go but as you know they are desperate and the the loss of dignity shows in the faces of the adults who go there. It is such a shame . I have seen it up close Tris . Got too upset . It haunts me now.

      Tris i spent years a soldier taking aid to some of the most deprived areas on earth and the knowledge that it would never happen here gave me comfort and the will to do more. Seeing it here in my country shamed me so much i have never and will never forgive those who did this to these people. They are all someones Son or daughters but the kids being hungry really got my goat. A friend who teaches in a primary school not far from me told me they take food in for the kids. I was gobsmacked.

      Most never see it for themselves and for that i say good. You don;t want to . But never forget it does exist and it will get worse unless we do something now. As you rightly pointed out , your safe job goes and then you find out what happens for real and it will shock you to the core.

      We can buy the single Caledonia and help that way. Bloochoon has done his thing and every little helps.

      People want to help Tris. Each does in they're own way. We are not blind and that give me so much heart. We can make a difference.

      Again thank you and all your wonderful readers for all the support and humor as well as educating and informing us.

      YESGUY ( my nom de plume)

      P.S. Plans to get single out this week so i'll be in touch.

    3. Yes, I agree it's the kids. It's not their fault. It's usually not the fault of the parents either. That's just the kind of filth that the government has been spreading since the days of Peter Lilly and his attempt at Tory humour with his "little list".

      yes, of course there are people who could work and don;t but like you, Richy, I have experience of working with people with problems and it is a very small percentage who are cheating.

      A far smaller percentage at that end than the thieving gets at the other end, with the palaces, expenses, helicopters, and tax evasion.

      It is ironic that you helped to bring aid to people abroad, never dreaming that you would have to do it here too.

      I'm so ashamed of the UK. I really hope we get out of it, so I don;t have to own up to being a Uk subject any more.

      Ok... You , Martin or whoever, let me know, send me the links and we'll do the post.

      And we'll have a drive on Twitter and Facebook too, if people are up for it.


      Some more pics up now...

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, pretty much no difference one way or the other.

      If we stay we have right wing Tory policies that will kill our old and our sick.

      We are now hearing (Daily Mirror, I think) that to make up the money that they are being denied, English Hospital Trusts are selling healthcare to the rich, for cash, and ordinary people are being pushed back down the waiting list to make way for those who can afford to pay from their operations.

      For the poor, in some areas, healthcare is only given when it becomes crucial. Grants reducing, money has to be made some other way to pay the ridiculously high salaries that doctors and consultants won from Tony Blair (and Jack McConnell).

      Barnett Formula is therefore reduced, and unless we start paying out for health care, we'll all be left lying in our own waste product till we die of dehydration. just like in England.

      Bright future or what?

    2. When are the English going to wake up and see their country being sold of to the rich. They cannot just stand by and allow this to happen. Maybe with the independence of Scotland they will shake off the " i'm alright jack" attitude and do something before it is too late.

      Even Thatcher didn't go this far. But she laid the groundwork with the greed is good attitude.

    3. I don't think it will ever change. You're right. Thatcher is the root cause of it.

      What an evil woman she was... and we may not have known the half of it!