Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Thanks to "Trying Hard on Twitter for this collection of reprobates


  1. tris

    And not one snp MP or MSP well ill just have a dig around
    and post some examples later on...........


    i wont mention the wife beating snp msp who
    Alex said was a fine fellow .obviously that was before
    the msp who i wont name was exposed as a viscous
    brutal wife beater and member of the snp ,
    only good people in the snp.......yeah right !

    1. Not at all Niko. There just weren't any MPs in the pictures that were from the SNP.

      I don't mind highlighting wrongdoing from SNP members any more than anyone else.

      If you find some, then please send me the pics and I'll add them.

      I was actually looking at Westminster here, so the serial wife beater wasn't on the radar.

      But I'd be happy to highlight him even although he was an MSP, and to be fair there are not many very rich MSPs, nor are there any that have fiddled too much, although it's fair to say that the late David McLetchie had to resign his leadership of the Tories over his state funded taxi rides to the golf club. I just can't remember the bloke's name.

      But he seems like a pretty despicable sort of a bloke that beats up women. I can't abide violence of any kind male on female, female on male, or men fighting each other , or cat fights...

      Hate them, so he's the kind of bloke I was cross the town to avoid.


      If you want to, go find a thieving SNP MP story and I'll put it up with the rest.

    2. As he was my MSP I will happily fill in the blanks, his name was Bill Walker, his ex wives waited until he became an MSP before taking him to court or informing the Party who could not act until he was charged but as soon as he was Niko, he was thrown out of the Party, unlike some of those who Tris has shown to be thieves and spivs. I have not seen one member of the Laour/Tory/Lib Dem fraternity who have had the same done to them, they are normally allowed to resign.
      There was some talk when Jim Murphy was found to be charging rent and renting out his second home, that and again I may be wrong with the name, Angus McNeil was doing the same, but then if it is okay for the goose the the gander should be allowed the same laxity. I do not condone though, thieving is thieving even if it is in the rules. I personally would enjoy the piano wire and hanging which should have happened after a short trial.

    3. There was certainly an element of opportunism in what his wives did, Helena.

      I would have thought that the time to come forward was when he was standing... although of course they may not have known about it.

      I heard that Murphy, along with many other MPs found a way round the new restrictions. I didn't know an SNP person had done the same thing.

      I condemn it absolutely. Whoever does it, it's a fiddle. So if an SNP MP did it, then I condemn him too.

  2. Why would you want to own 10 houses? Apart from making money.

    1. Lets see:

      One in London near Westminster.
      One in London, a bit farther out.
      One in the countryside, just outside London.
      One by the beach.
      One near a fox-hunting wood.

      And then a few for family.

      Yeah, it's excessive, and I doubt they spend much time in most of them, but hey, it's on the taxpayer, right, so why not?


    2. Beats me...

      So I'm guessing it is investment. It does open the possibility of a lot of flipping...

  3. Just going to point out that "Calum Cashley SNP" on the blogroll has closed reading.

    1. I should take him off, I guess. Thanks

  4. And a song for the day:


    Seems appropriate :)

    1. I love someone with absolutely FANTASTIC musical taste. Well done illy! :-)

  5. Lets be honest even after independence, if we never did a bloody thing, we'd be still well better off, by the fact that we had dumped that troughers paradise, known as Westminster.

    1. True. If nothing else we could spend that money on something useful.

  6. That's some (ahem) honour role, of self serving bilge rats.
    Apologies to rats, bilge and non-bilge everywhere.

  7. I've had a lot of complaints from Rats.... I'd keep away from sewers if I were you... :)

  8. If you want a good reason for voting YES!
    Look at the people above who sre telling you not to.

  9. Perhaps after 15 days we could see these examples and how they compare?

    1. Sorry... you've lost me there Stephen...