Sunday, 20 July 2014


So it is going to be "starve the poor" no matter
which one of the Tory parties get in.
Says the arch unionist.
Says it all.
We all take whatever we read in the MSM with a half tonne of salt
What would Hardie have thought of you traitors
to your cause, all you belted lords?
Aye well, you're not wrong there Arthur
I'm surprised he even knows who she is...
Another one tells you
Lard Plonker of Mad as a Hatter International Armageddon.
What a wally.
Try telling that to Labour Tommy.
They can't wait to join in.
Aye... what they mean is that the rich are
stronger together with our exports
Labour Lord should really be an oxymoron.
What was in every manifesto ever, until Tory Blur took over?
This will be another lie, just like the EU one
that Dave's mate Juncker has just blown out of the water.
See Dave, the first rule of diplomacy is don't pee in your own bed.
Oh dear... no comment
Well no, seriously what do they look like?
Takket Kristian. Du har rett
Beats the **** out of me too Fraser.
There Dave. I've been nice to you.
If you want to know what I really think...
Yes, it's time for a change here. And we can do it.
Let's banish this bitch to wherever unpleasant greedy
thick people belong.
Well... it's the Tories. We can count ourselves
 lucky that they didn't all go to Eton.
But wait... the face of Britain Dave?
Aren't these English ministers?
Did you know we have our own Education system?
I'm sure you do, so you'll already know what we think of you.
In case you were having difficulty with it,
the second word is OFF.
No comment.  But just read what they wanted
And look at what Lamont wants.
Are they on the same planet?
One of Munguin's little mates...
Thank you Prime Minister
We'd be proud to be your allies and friends
I hope you have forgiven us that idiot Brown
who called you terrorists because he failed to regulate your
 banks in his jurisdiction because he was an
incompetent muppet.
Has anyone heard anything of Killer Carmichael recently. The Slayer of Nats been seen round your way? Or anywhere? Anyone? ... Oh well, never mind. He wasn't of much significance anyway.


  1. Love the pictures but I have to say I think Esther McVey is probably on more than a THREE figure salary! As a minister it should be c £147,000. Of course she's only worth three figures, if that.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that PP, but it wasn't worth ditching the pic for. I expect they meant 3 figures before the 000s.

    I don't know what prisoners get per week in HM Prisons, England. But I reckon she's worth every penny of that. How many people have died as a result of their policies?

    At least that way she'd be guaranteed a bit longer on the job than Michael Gove.

    Talking of whom, does anyone know what he was doing in the opposition lobby toilets?

  3. Scored another good one Tris with every picture tells a story, I just do not know how you and Munguin keep it up. Worrying that they are still fiddling the figures in the polls do you think anyone actually believes a word of them I certainly do not but what is worrying is that they will use that to justify a fiddled vote. As for Esther McVey, another sell out of the working class, she is the only one that I know in Government with an accent but of course like John Prescott one which can be held up as being representative. God doesn't it stick in the craw.

    1. Ah yes, His Nobleness the Lord, the Baron Prescott of I Only Took it for Pauline Seeing as I'd Been Playing Away from Home, and Kingston upon Hull.

      That would be that stalwart of the working classes who played croquet with his staff at his country estate (paid for by us).

      I imagine that they fiddle everything from inflation to unemployment to exports to crime figures and of course who's been doing what to whom... not to mention their expenses.

      It's been a long long time since I believed a single word that has come from anyone in Westminster.

      I can't bring myself to talk much about McVile. I'm just reminded that normally when you turn up for your first day in a promoted job in a managerial position, you don't wear a party frock that is slit up to your backside, and shows off your legs. That is more appropriate if you get a job as a hostess for a nightclub in a sleazy part of the town. Just a thought.

      Still she should make cabinet meetings a little less boring for some of the remaining middle aged, male Eton toffs that attend. if they are interested in that sort of thing...

      Munguin says thank you. He doesn't know how he manages it either... :)

    2. On fiddling the stats:

      Can someone confirm for me that the UK reports murders as convicted murders, as opposed to "it's a murder but we don't know who did it yet", so that the murder figures for the last few years always seem to be decreacing?

    3. No idea. I think the English and Scottish (and for that matter Welsh and Irish) figures are separate though, so there isn't a whole UK figure (unless they add all the constituent countries' numbers together.

      I know that they English Dept of Justice keep on redefining crime, so that the figures look better. Started when "Something of the Night" Howard was the Home Affairs minister.

  4. I hate to say this but the Eton toffs are so frightened of strong ( well a cream puff is strong to them) women that they voted for the last women in their droves. Let us hope we get away in September so we do not have to suffer another one.

    1. I think they see strong women as Nanny or Matron, and are afraid of them, at the same time as fancying them. There really is no easy explanation for the machinations of the Upper class's minds.

      Esther McVile for prime Minister LOL LOL

  5. Tris,

    I think you are being too kind to post that the noble lords are "earning" £300 pounds per day - I thought they only had to turn up? I wonder how many "Scottish" Lords there are and how much they cost? I suppose there will be a few more after the next "Honours" awards!

    1. Lordy, did I use the word 'earning'... OK. Big mistake. Claiming for sleeping and burbling a load of unintelligible gibberish, as the result of a heavy luncheon at our expense.

      From the Daily Record: According to official records, out of 63 Scottish peers, 14 of them have failed to utter a word or table a single written question to the Government in the past 12 months.

      A further eight peers have spoken only once in the entire year. Baroness Adams – formerly Paisley Labour MP Irene Adams – has spoken in the Lords just eight times since joining in 2005.

      Yet between March 2012 and February this year, she claimed £37,500 in daily allowances and £26,700 in travel.

      Lord Irvine, 73, once provoked ridicule and outrage when, as Lord Chancellor, it was revealed he decorated his official residence with wallpaper costing £300 a roll.

      Tony Blair’s former flatmate is still costing the taxpayer a bundle. Despite only speaking in one debate in the past year – to question Legal Aid reform– he has claimed £41,000 in daily allowances in the year to February.

      John Dalrymple, the 14th Earl of Stair, last spoke in the Lords in October 2011 on a debate in aviation when he revealed he is the owner of a small airfield.

      The 53-year-old peer, a second cousin of Prince Charles, claimed £4500 in daily allowances and £19,106 in expenses last year.

      Well worth the dosh, don;t you think?

  6. That despicable excuse of a man Gordon Brown claimed in the press today that, Scots would lose out on organ transplants if we voted yes to independence, well Rev Stu went straight to the source, in England and asked them if it was true. They replied no, nothing will change in an independent Scotland with regards to needy people requiring an organ transplant, what a vile lowlife scumbag Gordon Brown is.

    It really does show you what Gordon Brown thinks of Scots when he can spread malicious lies regarding life-saving organ transplants, Brown is a shallow egotistical man, yet he brags about how he studied Maxton, Brown couldn't lace Maxton's boots. phew! rant over, sorry about that, but unionist lies especially when they come from a Scotsman really rattle my cage.

    1. My conclusion is that Gordon Brown is either an idiot, who opens his mouth and says the first thing that he thinks will hurt Scotland without bothering to check if it is true or not.

      Or he is a liar who just makes up scare stories, safe in the knowledge (he thinks) that the docile public which pays is wages, is too thick to find out the truth.

      Despicable is a good word in either case. He was a disaster as a chancellor and a total joke as a prime minister. He's a money grubbing git like his ex boss, Middle East Peace Envoy (good at that job too) Tory Blur.

  7. John there are far too many Scottish Lords or lairdies as I prefer in facr perhaps lardies are even better. I imagine should we vote YES there will be a wheen of them being awarded some lardship or another. I think it was said they had to turn up and sit down for a wee bit, as someone got a wee slap on the wrist for leaving as soon as he clocked in.

    1. Jim Wallace of Tankard says that if Scottish Lords want to stay in the House of Lords after independence, they can, although they would have to make their first residence in the UK.

      I hope he does. He really is a useless toss pot. I doubt we want him here.

  8. I wonder if the Lamontable one, even knows who Kier Hardie was.


    1. If she does know anything about him she must be one of the most hard necked excuses for a politician.

      She's as right wing as Margaret Tahtcher.

  9. Keir, ffs. Can't ridicule with spelling mistakes.

    1. Why do I always spell Thatcher wrong....?

    2. Because she stole your milk

    3. LOL... Thieving old bat...wait till I get my hands on her...

      Damn... too late.