Friday, 18 July 2014


For those of you who missed it on the post a couple of days ago this is an unmissable version of Caledonia. Seriously, give it a listen and a thumbs up if you like it. It is spectacularly beautiful. I want to hear more from these guys. (Sorry, the link is not working any more. As soon as we get it fixed I'll reload it.)
Can I instead direct anyone who has not yet see it, to read the article by Peter Arnott published on Bella Caledonia, and the commentary on it published on Wings. We do need to realise that after 19th September life will change for us, whichever way the vote goes. 

And why would they not? The alternative is permanent Tory rule from the Tories or Labour,
with Ukip in the background pulling the strings.
Maybe we could put a railway in Scotland for the money?
Oh look, the border between Sweden (EU) and Norway (EFTA)
I see no barbed wire. 
Add to that a Foreign Secretary who wants to come out of the EU.
They are going to make you prove that you are mentally ill
before you can get benefits.
This is presumably because most of the prime ministers
and for that matter, ministers, of the last 40 years have been barking
and still drew their salaries.
Well done Dundee and Dundee United
Arranged marriages don't always work
Better Together, without any doubt.
Yes, without any doubt.
Despoilment of Glasgow Green
Go on yersel', Flipper.


  1. What were. The O.O. doing, walking on a green?

    1. You would think that, they'd grown out of such childish nonsense by now. I never understood why, any one who purports to believing in a deity, is against others believing in the same said deity; or any other invisible pixie in the sky.

    2. Ho ho...

      It's true of course. You'd think that they would have enough to do fighting with people from other religions without fighting with people from their own...

      But it seems that some people can't get enough of unrest.

  2. Tris, canny hear the music, says it's private.

    1. Anon. I'm sorry. I just tried it and it's prive for me too. The must have changed the settings.

      Maybe because it was unfinished work.

      I'll keep my ears and eyes open and as soon as it is available again, we'll get it linked on here.

      Sorry for the disappointment.

  3. Perfection again Tris, I have the sound off until I get my earphones but I love the song and the version. I know that you have your own style but reblogging the piece from Peter Arnott on Bella would be a service to everyone in the YES campaign. All for the widest dissemination possible as per Cynical Highlander.

    1. I've read the piece. I reckon that it probably gets more reads on Bella than it would here. It's been put up on Facebook 4.500+ times and Tweeted over 800 times.

      So, I'll not reblog (pinch) it, but I do recommend anyone to read it. It is superb. :) And I'll link to it in the next post.

    2. Added it to this post... I think it's been widely read....but glad to do my wee bit.


    3. You do yourself a disservice Tris, I am sure many people come here, many do not comment but they read, and I am glad you have mentioned it. Bella tends sometimes to be too serious for some and we often need the lighter side of the referendum to keep us happy, that is why you and Paul ( the wee ginger dug) are part of my daily dose.

    4. Helena is spot on there. I look forward to seeing your 'snaps'. Humour can get a message over just as well.

    5. Thanks girls... you lot are always cheering me up.

      Your kind words are much appreciated.


    6. First post here, you do yourself a disservice. I visit regularly as you always inform and amuse in equal measures.

    7. Hello Patrician...and welcome (at least to the comments section). Thanks for your kind words too.

      I didn't really mean to put Munguin's Republic down. I'm fond of the blog and it's been a part of my life since Spook and Subrosa talked me into it in 2009... That's 5 years ago... wow.

      But we know our limitations here.

      Wings and Bella are both national institutions, read by thousands, and playing a cruxial part in the referendum campaign, doing what the Scottish Press should be doing. Whereas this place is more a nice wee local where good mates pop in for a bit of a blether.

      I imagine most of the people who read Munguin, also read Bella and Wings. If they don't I'd certainly urge them to do that... and lots more besides.

      That said, I'm chuffed tae bits that you guys like it, and I'll keep on doing my best at least till the referendum..

      Thanks again... and please don't be a stranger...

  4. Looks like there's some formatting errors, I get the crossrail one falling off the side *under* the right-hand coloumn, and I can't see anything about the music that the text is talking about.

    (I'm on Firefox, but that shouldn't matter, HTML should be HTML)

    1. Illy: I don;t know if I've sorted the formatting. I've tried to make it as big as a I could so people could read the text.

      The colour of the text unfortunately was the colour of the HTML highlight, so I changed that, but the link goes to site which has now been made private.

      I'm hoping that that temporary.

    2. Formatting is better, but the crossrail pic is still off to the side.

      Note sure what's up with that, FireBug is acting up for me, so I can't look that well.

    3. OK... done my best... it's ok on Chrome.

      Grrrrrrrr :)

  5. Can't hear the song. YouTube message says its private . . .

    What's the name of the band? Can we hear it somewhere else?

    1. The video has been made private "Aye".

      Richy Duncan originally recommended it. The group are his friends.

      So we need to get Richy to persuade them to put the video up again.

      Sorry about that...

      Calling Richy.... :)

    2. And yes, sorry I don't know the name of the band. Richy just said his mate, and some of his friends.

      I'm sure he'll sort it out.

      Apologies again.

  6. From what I've read about Priti ( A misnomer if ever there was one) Patel is that she, has for a long time been advocating slashing anything to do with Scotland, now she's in the Treasury Office she may well get her way, if we vote no. If we do vote no IDS and Esther McVile, will run amok in the DWP, meanwhile the onset of privatisation of our beloved NHS may well begin in earnest.

    A no vote will see, Westminster take the reins of power back from Holyrood, as Scots will have proclaimed that we really are just a region of the UK, with no ambition. Our resources will continue to be misused for the benefit of the filthy rich, our young folk will be used in dirty wars, under the guise of democracy, we'll get the government England elects, and our small EU voice will permanently be stifled.

    Investment will dry up, just like it has in Northern England because the UK government won't have to bribe us not to leave the UK, because we've already voted no. A £100 billion pounds will be spent renewing Trident in Scotland, along with the 7 new Astute class submarines, which will continue to pollute our lochs. Just today it has been reported in the press (Daily Record) that the price of mail/parcels up north will HAVE to rise, an offshoot of the sale of Royal Mail.

    Finally Labour and the Tories have openly admitted that years and years of austerity are in the pipeline, as only a small percentage of the required cuts have actually been implimented, things in Scotland won't stay the same after a no vote, they'll go down hill rapid, and you'll have wished you voted YES, but it will be to late.

    1. That's a pretty reasonable summation.

      It is undoubtedly true that for many many years the UK has lived well beyond its means. Now the crunch has come and someone has to suffer as money is tight.

      A more sensible nation would say...well we can no longer afford the pretence of Empire; of being someone in the world. We have to admit that we are the gentile poor of Europe and draw our horns in.

      But no, not us. No Great Britian. They will continue insisting on their importance; they continue talking about their clout (not much of that in evidence when Juncker got his seat and all they could muster for support was the weirdo Hungarian pm, Viktor Orbán). They will continue to pretend that the USA couldn't do without its greatest ally.

      And we'll just have to get rid of the poor someway. Probably burn them because we otherwise the lights are going to go out.

      If we don't get out now, I can;t see it happening for another ten years. By which time we will be reduced to serfs, under one of the Tory parties.

  7. Tris sorry i took so long to get back regarding "Caledonia".

    The link i gave was a draft of the original which has been sent away to make a master copy. The video will be online soon. They have decided to sell and the money i believe will go to YESScotland and hopefully foodbanks.

    The guys are also sorting out a date to play at the LInlithgow palace festival

    So sorry but can't do any more for next few days. But i will not forget .

  8. tris do you have an E-mail address i can contact. (I may have a sneeky copy for you) shh no telling.anyone.

  9. Thanks CH got the address.

    Just waiting for news . the boys will be in touch with Tris and hope you all get a chance to hear it very soon.

    1. Richy. Thanks for getting back.

      Aye Yes... I hope you got that.

      I'm delighted to hear that the guys are getting it mastered and hopefully released.

      They have a sale here. Even more so that the profit will go to YES and to Foodbanks.

      These dudes just get better by the day.

      Thanks again Richy.


    2. I shall be delighted to purchase it when it comes out Richy and my Hubby will tell you I never buy music.

  10. My pleasure Tris,

    It's always nice to give something back. I love this site for it's pics and messages . They get to the point quickly. Far too many people won't bother reading these days and i found it easier when they see a picture .

    On this post with the OO

    what a dour faced mob they are . Not a smile anywhere in the pic .

    These dinosaurs should be banned nowadays.

    And those poor folk in the jet shot down. Why fly over a war zone for goodness sake. My thoughts are with their families.

    The news gets worse every week.

    1. Thanks Richy.

      I can't understand what the OO are about now. I mean come on, after all this time.

      I can't say I'd want to ban them. If they get off on marching and calling themselves apprentices and hating for the sake if it, that's up to them. But tif they are violent in their marches they should be locked up. I see Edinburgh council is worried about them marching just before the referendum.

      All I can say to YES people in Edinburgh is, do not rise to their bate. They want you to, but we don;t do what bigots want. Have your wee march kids; enjoy pretending to be soldiers and them bugger off to the pub and get legless.

      We really don't care.

      Must admit I can't understand why that airspace wasn't out of bounds. I bet it is now. Whatever though, for all those people on that plane (and I speak as someone who has flown in the last week) it is too awful to contemplate.

      Likewise the situation in Gaza is horrific. Both sides have their faults, and I'm not nearly knowledgeable to take side, but what is happening is carnage. What Blair doing? I thought it was his job to create peace in the middle east? Another thing he's failed at.

    2. Came across the Orange Order in Stirling circa 1984, I remember it well. We were on our way to collect Mum's wee JR Terrier in Alloa, and went the long way round to make a day of it. Shall we say coming from Edinburgh and Eastern Edinburgh at that, we had not really made their acquaintance before. Mum was about my age by then, so you would have thought she might have crossed paths with them before but she hadn't. We were appalled at them, their behaviour even when marching was appalling. Drunk, and not a good example for anyone. Could not wait to get away but you will realise the town more or less becomes difficult to exit during the march.
      I would council that all YES support remains well away from this disgusting bunch but if they get stuck, just turn your back. It is what is needed for them.
      My other comment is worth a bit of a laugh. We had an elderly roadman who used to pop into the office even after he retired. He was a nice old guy, not a bad bone in his body. His passion was photography and one of his favourite subjects were the Orange Order Marches in Northern Ireland. He used to come in and show us the pictures and my boss, who was a Catholic used to have to sit and make admiring noises. As I say we knew he was such a nice guy and to be honest a wee bit simple but even we felt for our boss.

    3. LOL...

      I have to say, if my passion was photography, I think one of the last things I would want to snap was OO marches... Waterfalls and forests would be more my cup of tea.

      We must never ever sink to the level of them and their violent hatred.

      I'm kinda proud of the fact that despite what must be every journalist in Britain searching for an example of violence from YES, there seems to have been none.

      The first rally in Edinburgh, where people ended up in Princes Street Gardens, the only arrests were some BNP thug nutters wrapped in their union jacks and a pile of booze.

      I think that's indicative.

  11. Speaking of the OO is that Davros in the backgound...?

    1. Had to look but I think you could be right. You are very very naughty.

    2. He is naughty Helena... but Davros is super intelligent, so it can't be him.

    3. Tris, looks like a her to me, and your are right who on earth with any intelligence goes to or is a member of the OO.

  12. It's funny how little folk this side of Scotland (EAST)know about the OO

    My old man took me to watch them 40 odd years ago and i never got explained who they where. I thought they where "scarey drunk men" .

    10 years later and i am in Ulster with the army and the parades where a huge thing. Like a big gala day here. But the hatred and bile poured out from them and was aimed at us??? Preaching and singing god save the queen and then attacking the troops at night with riots everywhere. I just never understood why they allowed this stuff to go on. The otherside have they're walks too. And trouble follows them as well.

    So sad that we celebrate a 300 year old battle in another country . We don't go so over the top with WW1 or WW2. And we were fighting for freedom then.

    I love my city. Edinburgh has its bad side too but in general it is a cracking place for a day out. Edinburgh council must be mad to allow this to happen when the city will be packed with tourists. It shows us in poor light.

    And well said Tris. The YES campaign has been trouble free , inclusive and i am so proud to bursting that they are the first to condone any violence. We will win this ref without violence. What an example to the world that will be.

    With the C.Games , i expect things to quieten down but the OO march should stir things up again. We all must keep the heid. I'll be avoiding the city that day.

    1. Yes's true we know little of them here.

      I don't think there even IS one in Dundee, although maybe I'm wrong.

      I can't remember them ever marching here.

      The NI situation is one I have always failed to understand.

      I've never been to Ulster, and I've only recently been to Eire. I don't know a lot about either.

      I don't understand religion at all, although I had it battered into me at school.

      I'm not sure I understand patriotism, either, which is I suppose, what is at the bottom of it. (My desire for Scottish independence has nothing to do with love of the country or teary eyed pride.) It has a lot to do with trying to create something better that we'll never have as long as we are ruled by and for the South East of England, but a government which still thinks of Britain as a power, but fails to see that it is nothing but America's lickspittle and has about as much clout as a baby spider. I tend to think of patriotism along the someone sceptical lines of Dr Johnson.

      So I'm ill equipped to understand Ulster

      We must never sink to the level of these people. Whatever happens we mustn't let Scotland become a place of violence. The police should lock up people, from any side who try to reduce this referendum to hatred.

      As Alex Salmond said in his interview with the FT. We have a chance to change things democratically and peacefully.

      So far, in the face of being called Nazis by some of No team, and a virus, by Lamont, we have kept the heid.

      It may not win us many votes but doing the opposite would lose us some.

      Let's hope we have a good games, and that the Head of the Commonwealth's visit to Glasgow, for some strange reason, to commemorate the beginning of a war that killed millions will pass off peacefully, remembering the people who died.

      And then, let's win and get going.

    2. Richy, I had no real idea of the hatred between Protestant and Catholic until a. I went on Holiday to Ireland and drove down to the South from Larne. now that was an eye opener. B. was when working for the now defunct Lothian Region and we recruited a person from Hamilton. Then my eyes were really opened. You see I come just like my Husband from a mixed religion family which regardless of the way people prayed got on. Great Granddad came over from Donegal in the 1880's married my Great Grandmother who was a Protestant, now that was as bad as bad could be. My Great Gran, refused to change her religion and there was never any way GGD, would either but still they remained happily married into their dotage. My Gran had a hard time at school (Catholic) the fact that my GGG sent a priest packing did her a lot of harm and she the oldest girl was removed from said school and none of her siblings went in the end. So that left my Great Uncle , her elder brother as the only child who was Catholic and practising. Never bothered any of us, just family, this religious nonsense is exactly that. Live and let live. Those who follow the OO are all brought up to be continuing bigots. I bet none of them are ever in Church, I know the family who moved in above my parents certainly didn't, though they loved to play the songs loudly.

  13. Meant to add Tris, I would also wish that we are left to have a quiet remembrance of a War which deprived Scotland of so many of it's sons. I would say that nobody who is in the YES campaign would do anything, I am not so sure that we can say the same about the Establishment. That the Commonwealth Games passes over without a hitch.That we get to September with no false flag incidents.

    1. I'll drink to that Helena.

      No matter that they use things for propaganda, we must never rise to the bate.

      They were our soldiers too. No matter how silly and pointless that war. No matter how inappropriate the commemoration of its beginning. No matter how opportunistic holding the commemoration with the head of the commonwealth in Glasgow, we must, and we will, treat the whole thing with decorum, because it's not the fault of the lads that went away to war that they are being used.