Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Gordon Brown yesterday told people waiting for transplants that, in the event of independence, Scottish residents would no longer be able to avail themselves of the services of the  current transplant organisation which covers the British Isles.

It turns out that he was wrong.

Stuart Campbell, seemingly one of the few real journalists left, contacted the organisation to ask them for clarification. This was duly received. The service would remain the same  as at present.

It turns out that not only was this information readily available (Stuart got it in extremely short order), but that it had already been supplied to a Conservative MSP, Nanette Milne, as long ago as August last year. (Thanks to Helena for the heads up.)

Your might have thought that Brown would have known, having been the head of the Scottish branch of the Labour party, and then Prime Minister of the UK, that there are four health organisations in the UK, each one entirely separate from the other. Each one organised differently; each one an entity of its own. And yet co-operating and working together for the benefit of patients. 

As far as I can establish, the separate governments of Guernsey (and its dependents), Jersey and the Isle of Man, which are British Crown Dependencies, also have health services which benefit from  this co-operation, which of course is a two way street. Organ donations from Jersey may save the lives of residents of Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, or, of course Scotland.

Nothing will change on independence. The separate countries will continue to work together.

I read on Twitter of one desperately ill man who was canvassed who said that he was voting NO because of this very issue. 

So if Brown's idea was to scare the living daylights out of chronically ill people then it worked.

I can't say I was ever particularly taken with Brown . Even as a Labour supporter in 1997, I found him unappealing by comparison with the rest of the leadership. His disastrous handling of the economy as Finance Minister, his end to boom and bust alchemy rubbish, and his catastrophic Nokia-throwing, tantrum-ridden, sulking, ashamed to be Scottish premiership, further eroded what little appeal he had.

But this is sinking to the depths of a nasty stinking bog. Brown is either a fool or a liar. Or both.

Credit to Fife News on Line for their coverage. But where is the BBC? Where are the newspapers who covered his lies yesterday?


  1. TwoPandasOneToryJuly 22, 2014 5:21 pm

    I don't believe brown is a fool, although he is acting very foolishly in his attempts to deny the Scottish people their right to self-determination.
    I do believe that he is a liar and a very accomplished one, like all of his fellow Scottish MPs who have backed the nay camp, he is fighting for his job, money, second home, expenses trough and his unelected seat in the house of lords.

    They will do or say anything to protect all of that, even if it means lying to their fellow countrymen, or even selling them out.

  2. Two Pandas. I agree. Misguided but not stupid.

    And looking after himself, as usual. But he's a bit pathetic really. The "never really was" prime minister.

    I read something the other day in Private Eye about him.

    Apparently there is a seat vacant in the highly prestigious English honour the Garter. Only the very top people get it and it is in the personal gift of the queen.

    She has offered the vacant seat to Blair who has turned it down, probably because his wife loathes that sort of thing. Anyway, convention says that Brown can't be offered the honour unless Blair has accepted it. In short he can never be a knight of the garter unless Blair has become one... (or died off I imagine)

    Anyway, the deal is that once again Brown is kept waiting for something he wants, because Blair is standing in his way.

  3. Honoured as I am to have a mention I pinched this address of Scott Minto, so may I credit him with finding it in the first place. I am a people watcher, and like all of my dogs I dislike people who do not seem to be kosher. I disliked Broon's boss Blair, did not like Brown, why does he have to be a Brown? Something with him never gelled with me. He has a guid Scots Inferiority Complex , you have to have when as Premier and you are asked where you come from and you say North Britain. Surely that was enough to brand him. To tell lies such as he does says much about his character.

    1. Scott and I banter on Twitter Helena.... and I'm happy to give him credit from telling you. Great guy. But you know, he's gonna come along and tell me that it was Doug Daniels that told him... etc..

      Anyway... thanks for the info to all of you :)

      Yes...North Britain did it for me too. Wretched little man.

  4. The BBC and the *cough* newspapers, will be drawing lots; to see what scare story they can rehash next.

    1. It's about time that story from the daft old nobleman about how the world will come to an end if Scotland gets independence (it seems to be falling apart at the moment anyway) should be rehashed.

  5. Umm! so Gordon Brown one time chancellor of the exchequer, prime minister of the United Kingdom is a LIAR yet Stuart Campbell Who ! i mean Who is he oh i know
    the guy disowned and denied by the snp and Alex Salmond.

    Oh well nice try but no cigar

    1. TwoPandasOneToryJuly 22, 2014 7:50 pm

      I know I shouldn't feed trolls but you are such an easy target.

      Gordon Brown isn't the prime minister, that would be David Cameron. How did the SNP deny Stuart Campbell, did they say "we deny you" or something like that?
      If they said something like that then they admitted he was there and therefore did not deny him.
      If they said nothing then how do you know they denied him?

      Pedantic, probably but then if trolls want a say they have to say something that at least sounds true.

      How is the weather in Cyprus nico? Pass on my best to George the dancer.

    2. He lied about the economy and with Blair, about WMD's in Iraq and omitted to tell the Scottish peoples of the true extent of the oil in their waters.
      The Rev. Stu. on the other hand is in the business of informing and exposing unionist propaganda and lies.
      Hope it's not too hot over there, have a nice glass of wine and relax.

    3. How's the flute practice coming on Niko?

    4. Gordon is a liar, Niko... or if he didn't know that the the people in charge of the transplant organisation had already said that as they will continue to cooperate with people who continue to find them. It was despicable because he was playing with the fears of very sick people. I call that wicked.

      So he either didn't know it, in which case he's a fool for having said it. It's not like we don't pay him a vast amount of money on top of his salary to have a office full of researchers. He could have found out.

      or he did know and he just doesn't give a stuff about the worry he caused people, as long as he is still in line for his title and £300+ a day.

      Stuart Campbell is a journalist. I appreciate his work. I don;t know about the SNP 's realtionship with him or any other journalist. I'd hope that it was not too close.

      Closeness between journalists and politicians usually seems to have ended badly. Ask Cameron about Andy Coulson and the miraculous clearing of rebekah Brooks.

    5. Did anyone understand what niko was getting at there?

      I can't make heads or tails of him today, maybe I'm just still too groggy...

    6. He's a hard study Illy...

  6. Gordon Brown is no fool,that's for sure he knew exactly what he was saying, and doing, with regards to the pathetic transplant scaremonger story. Forget whether a story is true or not, the public so a certain degree will believe Brown, and therefore vote no.

    Its all about winning votes anyway they can by deception if it must be, and don't forget they have the most powerful machine in the world, the propaganda machine that is the media. The film Network summed it up perfectly, "We make or break presidents, popes and countries.

    1. Maybe so, but lying to keep your chance of a Lordhood is a dodgy thing to do.

      It makes you even more unliked than you were before.

      And isn't he supposed to be some kind of a Christian. I thought they had a bad time when they went to meet St peter, if they have been lying bastards all their lives.

  7. Brown has no moral compasses left as they are in Dalgety bay.

    Leanne Wood lecture, Mitchell Library

    On air now.

    1. Ta...

      If it's at Dalgety Bay it will probably be glowing green by now.

      I hope he sits on it.