Thursday 31 July 2014


Mrs Thatcher was using the fishermen to get a rebate
After all the fishermen didn't live in the SE of England
A bit like the farming deal
Scotland loses out again.
Shameful and heartbreaking
Proud of this, are you Politicians?
Well, no one much listens to war criminals, so sod off Blair
Ah, a socialist in the Labour Party. Hoorah.
Lordy, you wait for a socialist for 10 years
and then two come along at once
Then of course, the disappointment is that these two Tories,
still drawing salaries, while making most of their money elsewhere,
come along and make a sunny day cloudy.
Says it all
Just sometimes, as we get closer to success,
we get a reasonable article
This is according to Hansard
Oh well, people are entitled to change their views,
and a political career needs a little manipulation
of ideals from time to time.
Butter Together
Dear Old Danny Alexander, George Osborne's boot boy
Oh don't worry Alistair, you'll get your seat in the Lords.
There's always a place for a flipping liar in there.
Well, I never
A third real socialist. I hardly believe it.
Well, they are a sharp set of old fella, aren't they?
Well the one or two that are awake are...
Three hundred a day from sleeping?
I could do that.
So we are actually doing worse than everyone else except Italy?
That's not quite how George described it, is it?
Oh stick around Mr Panda. You'll get used to the lies they tell here
Z list celebrities will do ANYTHING to get their names back in the press.
I'd only heard of a couple of them, and I'm told they were all Blair's friends.
Why weren't you asked to sing at the Games, Annie?
Do you, Stan the Man?  Oh dear. Never mind.
Better luck next time.
Congratulations to all the athletes taking part in the Games.
Win or lose, thanks for coming to Scotland and competing.
Take away a good memory of your stay here.
And Stan the... erm Man? 
Crawl back into your hole.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks CH... That's a bit of a mystery. For those of you who can't read it. it's a list of some of his many failings...

  2. I always like sticking this map: next to the "Where the money goes" map.

    1. Almost "here there be dragons"!

    2. Dragons?

      Dragons are friendly in comparison to those monsters. One virgin a month or so for dinner and a big pile of gold to sit on and the're happy.

      Actually, now that I say it...


      I just like reminding people that the current government is still very much the old feudal lords keeping money in the home territories, from back before *England* was united. Mercia and Northumbria on that map were one kingdom, Wessex, Kent and East Anglia on that map were another (roughly, anyway, those borders changed on the details quite a bit). And those two kingdoms were the ones that joined to form England. If I'm remembering my history right, it was the Essex block that conquered the Northumbria block. Just goes to show that sometimes countries really do have minds and agendas.

    3. Yes... now that you say it...


      Yes, I agree. They are going back in time. And we are nothing. Merely a place from where they can extract wealth... abit like India, Africa and the Americas were.

      We know what they did about it!

  3. I bet Stan the Naw man, is hivin a wee greet tae his sel.

  4. Brilliant stuff. Given Munguin's friends in high places maybe you could send the Darling quote to evil "Aliqsammin" prior to their "debate".

    I expect Eyebrows will try to make it about the "Essenp". Well Eyebrows I've never been a member of any political party and I'd crawl over broken glass to vote yes.

    1. Thanks PP.

      I'm sure that, given Munguin's high profile amongst those and such as those, the people in high places will have already seen that particular quote.

      However, I'll make double sure and email it to them...


  5. On Tony Blair, thousands dead in Gaza, Blair Middle east peace envoy, has Blair been in Israel fighting for peace, Erm! nope he's been throwing a lavish £50.000 party at his plush mansion, do wei n Scotland even want to be associated with this son of satan. I see West Dumbartonshire has started flying the Palestinian flag, over its council building, good for them,meanwhile the Scottish Government, has sent £500.000 worth of aid to Palestine, Westminster and the UN have sent zero, all they do is talk.

  6. tris

    Too many pics by the time you scroll down them you lose the will to live
    less is more sometimes...
    anyway so the lost Labour supporters should take advice from those who
    hate them always have hated them and would like to see them dead in a ditch.
    im wondering if you are getting desperate for votes.

    1. Looking at a few of your previous comments, it appears, its you who's a bit desperate, desperate to be taken seriously, are you Alistair Darling in disguise, Oh dear!

    2. anon = cowards as usual

      Be taken seriously ?? I can think of nothing more horrid
      the very idea...yuk

    3. 'you lose the will to live'

      Don't let us stand in your way niko.

    4. As Tris might say, Nico is harmless a bit like Loki, mischievous but ultimately powerless. Personally, I think he can be quite funny.

    5. Oh Sorry, Niko old stick. I'll do fewer next time matey.
      We don't want you losing the will to live when you're on the brink of a new life, do we.

      Yes, JnA, he's a unionist, but he's OUR unionist and we love him. And you're bang on, he's a good laugh., when he doesn't go too far.

      Talking of unionists, I see Dean seems to have returned to the Tories.

    6. Sad Niko, sorry dear but you know Tris will ensure that you are made to see the folly of your ways eventually.
      Dean, gone back to the Tories, how could he?
      Thought that was a pretty inspiring lot of photies Tris, I certainly did not know that the we had a YESTUC, but good on them. Nice to see that you get your senses back when you retire from the Labour Party. Might we see oor Niko actually getting some sense some day soon?

  7. I've asked before Niko, and you never answered. Have you seen the inside of a van with restraints? Have you ever been forced to sleep with your hands and feet tied to the bed? Have you ever been forced to eat gruel?
    Sorry for beating about the bush, what i'm really asking is are you a Tory?

  8. Jutemna

    Have I ever been sectioned.......and if i had does that make me a non person??
    in the inclusive caring snp nation .

    1. NOw Niko, he didn't ask that. He asked if you were a Tory?

      Not quite the same thing!... Quite!

    2. Tsk Tsk, Niko, not up to your normally high standard, you got MR Juteman's name wrong. Are you a Tory?