Monday, 21 July 2014


The Labour Party, from the much loved and highly respected socialist, Tony Benn, to erm... Maggie "Stairheid" Currant, who is..erm... an MP or something, is fixated with the horror of people becoming foreigners when Scotland gets her independence.

I always thought that socialism was an international thing, but then again, I'm forgetting that socialism and the Labour party have about as much in common as the Queen and a kilo of cheap margarine.

Anyway, it seems that the foreigners who make up the extensive diplomatic community in Edinburgh, feel that the Negative side are on the slide and the Yessers are starting to pull up towards a win.

Maybe better start looking at enlarging your consulates there people. 

Embassies take up a lot more room.


  1. Now we all know why Maggie "stairheid rammy" Curran hates all those pesky foreigners so much, they tell the TRUTH! LOL

    1. Damn, Arbroath. Don't these people have any British values at all?

  2. Take up more room, do they? Depends on whose Embassy and whose Consulate. Just how many properties does the Foreign office have in Washington?

    1. Sort of guesswork on my behalf. Of course, it does depend, as you say, on the country. I'm just comparing the size of consulates in general with embassies in general. Because, of course, Embassies also include consulates, so if nothing else, they'll need an extra room for the Ambassador's office.

      So there is bound to be some expansion.

      I imagine the UK embassy in Washington will be huge. I've never been there, but the one in paris is pretty big and bang next door to the American one, so the British Ambassador doesn't have to go far to get his instructions. Both of them are, as befits the two most important countries the world has ever known, or will ever know, are within a stone's throw of the palace.

  3. tris

    perhaps the truth is the ' foreigners ' are being polite to the current Scottish Government and do not wish to have the snp mafia attacking them.
    Talking up electoral wins is as old as politics and a lot of hot air ( and insulting pics) is being spewed out by the nats.
    Shame is all empirical evidence points to a comfortable win for the the good guys of the UK. and a convincing loss for the yes or as we call them the ' SEPARATISTS '. Have you noticed how the Ukrainian pro Russian forces are now being called SEPARATISTS ' in the MSM......

    never underestimate the power propaganda to influence people

    separatists = murdering violent terrorists ......not nice at all you really don't want to vote for that kind of thing

    1. Ahhhhhh Niko. I knew if we waited long enoyugh that you would provide the answer to this mystery.

      La politesse française?

      Or fear that the secret service of the Scottish government will be down to sort them out if they don't comply? McI 5.1?

      Of course they can't rely on the UK secret service doing much for them at the moment because they are all tied up with MP protection duties, lest anything should slip out. Wink wink.

      You are right though about the power of the press deciding certain words, and some of the politicians (of all sides) using them, and little catch phrases, over and over again.

      To anyone with an IQ of more than 6, it is all a tad tiresome.

      Still there's 8 weeks to go, and all to fight for.

      Now, on another matter, I was thinking about you yesterday when I read that Gidiot is going to tax the withdrawn pension funds as income. Does that affect you and your plans?

      You can always trust a tory to have some nasty little plan up their sleeves to relieve ordinary people of their money.

      In any case, the art, it seems, is to take the money out in small amounts, and in different tax years.

      PS Niko: You don;t think that either Munguin or I are murdering violent terrorists, do you? (Q: How can you be a murdering NON-violent terrorist?)

    2. TwoPandasOneToryJuly 22, 2014 11:05 am

      "Talking up electoral wins is as old as politics and a lot of hot air ( and insulting pics) is being spewed out by the nats"

      For once I have to agree with you, but with the printed media and the BBC in their pockets there is not much we can do to stop the Britnats propaganda and rhetoric.
      The Yes side can only counter if with truth and facts.

    3. The Separatists Niko is taking about are those Unionists, you know the ones who want Ukraine back with Mother Russia, but of course that does not suit the narrative with people in the Establishment and the BBC, well one and the same thing.
      Question Tris, is Niko one of those Foreigners you know the ones that Better Together are always talking abou, I mean it isn't a Scottish Name, sounds vaguely Greek.

    4. LOL @ Pandas

      And we do, but we don't have a lot of luck in getting it published.

      I mean Gordon Brown lied through his old teeth yesterday about the transplants. Stuart actually did what no other journalist bothered to do, and contacted the Transplant organisation.

      They pointed out that there would be no change. Although they did not say the actual words "Gordon Brown Lies" they might as well have.

      But, as Stuart points out today. Not a word of it in the papers.

      Seriously, that is out and out lying for Britnats.

    5. TwoPandasOneToryJuly 22, 2014 2:22 pm

      I personally think that we, the whole Yes campaign, should be sending press releases to every newspaper and media outlet, both here in the UK and abroad, debunking these scare stories, and letting the world know what is going on in the UK MSM.

      Then if they don't publish them in the UK we can legitimately cry foul and bias.

    6. Q: How can you be a murdering NON-violent terrorist?

      Tony Blair seems to pull it off quite well.

    7. tris

      Taxed after your allowance 20% up to £ 45 000 but just draw out up to
      £45000 per year to minimise tax take............for me well worth it plus
      your 25% tax free.

      you can plant a bomb etc and be called a terrorist and go to jail for life or drive people into life time lifetime of poverty deleterious health and a very slow death.
      For that you get knighthood.baronetcy and a statue outside Westminster.....

      Umm what is a terrorist ????? me new meds haven't kicked in yet...

      Helena replied by not replying.....typical womans logic using the old nonreply reply to confuse me

      After listening to our tone and considering the outcome of the Labour partys National Policy Forum . one asks would the current Labour party who profess much undying love for the NHS.would they actually create the NHS today..the answer Im afraid is not on your nelly.

    8. So Niko tumbled to my not replying by replying. I should warn him that my husband has never had a quiet moment when he annoys me. I told him before we married I would never go in the huff with him, punishment would be talking him to death.
      Niko, read this particular article this morning regarding the left in Britain and Scotland particularly the RIC. So I am giving you the link. It is excellent, some I agree with some I have doubts. See what others might think. I also pinched this, I will give the person credit later once I post this.

    9. Thanks to Goldenayr for kindly putting this on Wings this morning.

    10. Thanks to Geoldenayr for sharing this article on Wings this morning.

    11. Yew Two Pandas, sounds like a plan.

      Yes Scotland are the ones to do this.

    12. Aye OK Niko. I saw it, and thought ... I wonder if Niko knows. Clearly you do. That's fine.

      Remember to take into account anything else you earn though, so your £45,000 will have to be ALL you earn that year... So you'll have to start in April and count how much you've earned before you start taking money out.

  4. I have decided not to bother replying to Niko as it is really awful argue with someone who may turn out to be deranged. I see on Wings this morning that the Fife News online gave oor Mr Broon a good hard kick.
    Specially as it was auld news and it had been all cleared up all ready.
    It also seems that those fol in the money market are just like the Consulate people, a bit concerned with what Scottish Independence will mean to Sterling.

    1. Niko is stressed. His beloved Brown is a lying git and his beloved Britain is falling apart. His Labour Party is in some cases to the right of the Tory Party and has become a hotbed of racisits babbling on about foreigners in tones of horror and disgust.

      No wonder the poor man is deranged.

    2. Good story in the press there... belatedly. But well done to Fife News.

      Editorial comment: This is one of the clearest cut cases we have seen of trying to scare people into voting No in the referendum. It is all the more disappointing that it comes from a former Prime Minister from Fife.

      A letter originally addressed to Tory MSP Nanette Milne set out the position clearly as far back as August of last year and we would encourage our readers to click the link below and read the letter in it’s entirety. It emphatically disproves Mr Brown’s position on the matter.

      Nanette Milne MSP letter from NHS Blood and Transplant

    3. TwoPandasOneToryJuly 22, 2014 2:16 pm

      "This is an issue area where the No campaign’s scaremongering is not only silly but deeply offensive."

      I love that quote, we know that they are trying to scare us in to a no vote, but now it is offensive ;-)

      As if not representing them wasn't enough, calling himself a North Briton, describing himself as a retired politician whilst still collecting his MPs salary, claiming expenses and a second home in London, frightening OAPs or collecting £3,000,000 for his charity and only handing over £100,000 (the rest went on “expenses”.

      Maybe the good people of Kirkcaldy will vote him out at the next election now they know for sure he is a liar with only his interests at heart.

    4. Actually he really is a scum bucket... Noty much more you can say after that.

      I don;t think he'll stand again. He'll be looking for his seat in the Old Codgers rest home

  5. Niko, old chum,

    How can I put this kindly? Looking at your post there it occurs that you are either brilliantly taking the mickey or that you are stark howling mad. Your comments over the year seem to point in the latter direction!

    1. Like I said John, the poor man is being driven mad by the miserable inadequacies of the Uk nats' argument, and that fact that Gordon Brown is a liar.

    2. Well, he *could* be a spoof account. Poe's Law and all that.

    3. Niko the spoof?

  6. Yeah Labour and the values of socialism parted company many moons ago, Labour then embraced Neo-liberalism, and called it new Labour, aye right. As for Margaret Curran, the Queens got more in common with the foodbanks (ie nothing) than Mad Maggie Curran has with social welfare, good to see RT take our side though, I've never seen a tv channel put a positive spin on Scottish independence, what does that say about UK broadcasting?.

    1. RT doesn't have a government to keep happy so that it gets to keep its ridiculous fees in place. I guess that's what it's about.

  7. He may be the new George Robertson. I remember seeing George in a photo opportunity with George W Bush. Sitting in those two chairs in the White House. G W Bush was sitting comfortably in his chair legs apart, right hand casually out to do the handshake with Robertson in the other chair.
    Robertson, wearing what appeared to be a raincoat, had to reach right across his front to take the hand and was scrunched, in a slightly bowed position, against the arm of the chair.
    He was looking at Bush but Bush was looking out at the cameras, and his expression was one of, "Who is this guy?".
    It was like watching the boss casually handing a pen back to one of his assistants.
    I suppose George Robertson reported his 'meeting' with the President, and talked about it often.
    It makes the UK look sad and small,and desperate for approval.