Friday 19 December 2014


When Alistair Darling's Better Together were spending money on the referendum, they seem to have had vast amounts of cash to spare. Certainly more than the cash that YES had.

Now, form what I read over at Wings, they don't have enough money to pay the staff they need for the election.

So where did all the money that they were splashing about come from?

Oh yeah, the rich English Tories. Silly me.

I'm not, as you know, a fan of the Royal Family, but when Cameron the amateur was caught out telling some American blokey that she simply "purred" down the phone when he woke her to tell he that the Brits had won the referendum, I felt sorry for her. Who'd want an incompetent, loud mouthed, bumbling idiot show-off like him for their prime minister?

However, the recent news that Downing Street, in its desperation over the last weeks of the referendum campaign, had asked the Queen to get involved, with his Cabinet Secretary and head of the Civil Service actually meeting with the Queen's Private Secretary to sort out something that wouldn't look too dodgy, and the resultant comment from the Queen at Crathie, have sickened me.

No one could seriously have doubted that the Queen would have privately supported the status quo. That is understandable.  

From a completely personal point of view, she is part of the generation that voted decidedly NO. And from a professional viewpoint she is the pinnacle of an "Establishment" that desperately wanted to keep the UK together. 

She might too, have worried that, as the Scottish monarch reigns by the grace of the people (as opposed to the grace of God in England...and therefore the UK) that in an independent Scotland, probably not right away, but when she dead, her son and all his nuttiness would be rejected by the Scots and the monarchy would disappear. But whatever she thought, she gets paid multi millions to do the job and... as they say: heavy is the head that wears the crown. 

She should have kept her personal worries on the future entirely to herself and left these issues to the conniving devious politicians. 

We are told that along with being old, she is wise and vastly experienced in matters of state. And to be fair to her, unlike most of her idiotic family, she has trodden a careful path through her years on the throne, inviting no scandal (even if in the doing of it she gives the impression of being cold and unemotional). By and large she has even dealt  as sensibly as is possible with the lunatic behaviour of her rich and spoilt relatives.

But suddenly her good sense seems to have deserted her.  She connived with the prime minister to influence the people of Scotland with her own views.

I can no longer see the woman without an image of a conniving cat coming to mind.


  1. Off topic but, thanx to Cearc via WoS.
    These are really funny......


    1. Wow...

      Just wow...

      I see Stuart caught out one of his diary items about the Governor of the Bank of England, and it's hilarious that Alistair Darling acted as editor of the Daily Telegraph by telling Cockraine to spike stories that were damaging to BT.

      Rumour had it that the chap was on a promise of a massive cash bonus from the Barclay Brothers, who don't live in the UK, but on the island of Brecqhou, which is part of the Norman territory of Sercq in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, if Scotland stayed in the exactly what it had to do with them, I'm not sure.

      Still he is a comic figure and he's always good for a laugh because he, like the Barclays, lives in altogether a different world from the rest of us.



  2. You used the wrong 'c' word there Tris.

    Am I allowed to point that out?

    At one time I was prepared to say that if Scots wanted her as Head of State, I wasn't fussed.

    That no longer applies. As soon as we obtain Independence we declare ourselves a Republic say I.

    1. Yep David... you can point that out... in fact you did! :0

      I've never been fussed about them. It''s all a bit fairy tales and old womanish for me. But I'd never be president. It's far too much work kissing...well kissing... so she isn't getting in the way of me getting a plumb job with a fat salary and loads of flunkies bowing to my every whim and squeezing my toothpaste.

      I have friends who wanted to make a point of it in the referendum... But I reckoned that when Liz dies it will only be a matter of time before Charlie kills the monarchy stone dead, either by insisting that the Archbishop of Canterbury crown the woman he lives with, but, in the eyes of the Church is not married to, as Queen Mrs Parker Bowles, or by demanding the daily attention of the government about all his hair brained schemes and insisting on being involved in the daily government of the country.

      I don't give them long under Charlie the third.

      But Liz let Scots down. Not by siding with the union, which as I say I'd expect from older people, specially those with vested interests. But because she was stupid enough and corrupt enough to get involved with a scheme set up by the moron Cameron. What could ever go wrong with that?

      Once you become a figure of fun, purring away down the phone at 3 am, to a knob head like him, you are finished.

      It also makes you think about a lot of other things that she may have been involved with, and in more secure and reverential times, got away with...

  3. tris

    a conniving cat which happily after eating the snp yes team liicked
    her lips and smiled..

    1. That's a strange post, for a self- confessed socialist.


    2. Eating Alex Salmond is likely to cause severe vomiting, niko.

    3. jimminy

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend and after we destroy the snp
      durfing the revolution we will fix the monarchy the old way up against
      a wall then BOP ! BOP ! BOP !

      And we will keep a special place for you in the peoples firing squad

    4. I didn't realise you were Wolfie Smith.

      Er, I hope I'm not on the receiving end of the firing squad.

    5. How can I put this Niko is definitely not well, not sure in what way but definitely not well.

    6. We should save up and get him some help.

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      Very warm probably LOL

  5. Somebody should tell Betty that her distant relative from the wrong side of the Blanket has just flushed the long term prospects for the family business down the pan.

  6. Replies
    1. Do you not think there is something strange about this so called love of Monarchy in the 21st Century. Oh I know that there are monarchs in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Spain, but they do not live in the style of her grace. We also need to get shot of the relatives and the hingers on, you know the pensioners who are raking in money hand over fist for sleeping in the House of Lords.
      You see Dean, without our Grace, we would not have all those toffs licking her boots.

    2. I never understood the concept, of a monarchy.
      It is based on the belief of a belief. Firstly, you have to believe in a God. Secondly, you then have to believe that God, chose one family above everyone else, to rule over everyone else.
      Now that is plainly rediculous, the reality is; some heavily armed thug set about another heavily armed thug and stole all their worldly goods. Then the process continued, till they had the lot and presumably at one point one of the later, heavily armed thugs came up with the, God has chosen me, so there, bit.

      As for Betty, I couldn't care less. The quicker we are shot of these parasites, the better.

    3. I disagree with you that she is solid, Dean.

      We hear more and more these days about her poking her nose into the making of laws that we (and not she) have to live by.

      There are too many things that we now start to wonder about.

      I agree with Helena. Time to look again at the who;e monarchy thing.

  7. Queen interfering in Referendum. Here is a tape recording of her Maj willing to help out in any way I can. Quebec/Canada Referendum.
    FAKE Prime Minister of Canada.
    Genuine Queen Elizabeth.
    This was broadcast live when the broadcaster phoned Buck House and got straight through to her Maj !!
    It's true----not a spoof.
    She has 'form' on Referenda !!

    1. Wow. I heard about this but I have never actually heard it.

      She certainly was on the side of the federal government.

      She did well with the French, I have to say. The Canadian accent isn't the easiest to understand and I was struggling with it. But she seemed to know what he was saying, and her replies weren't bad, although she mixed up the gender of nouns a couple of times... ("choses importants"should have been "choses importantes" and she said that she was 'heureux', when 'heureuse' would have been correct...) but hey, we all make that kind of mistake.

      Certainly it indicates that she is far from idle when it comes to political matters, and getting involved.

      Thanks for sharing this.

    2. On one occasion when it would have been reasonable for the Queen to intervene, both as head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces, she did nothing and let Blair involve the UK in an illegal invasion.

      The head of state should act as a check on the power of the Prime Minister. Instead, a monarch, whose main concern seems to be the preservation of the monarchy and all its outdated ceremonies and protocols and parasitic hangers-on, occupies a place in the constitutional arrangements which should be filled by an elected president, answerable to the electorate.

    3. Yes, that's true. As the head of the armed forces she could have simply said NO. Then where would Blair have been...? No congressional medal.

      I know that, particularly among the old, the royals have a fan club... and even younger women seem to go gooey eyed when Middleton has a child, like there weren't thousands of women having babies every day.

      But the magic of royalty rests on the belief that they are different from us... and let's be honest, they are just the same as us. Good qualities and bad...

      And in recent times we have had plenty of examples of how bad they are.

      If we must have them, then those farther down the tree should be put out to work at something useful. I reckon that we could get away with 6 of them, in one palace. The rest, get a job, or claim the pension the same as other people do.

      So Liz and Phil, Charles and Mrs P-B and, Willie and Kate Middleton. All living in Buckingham Palace (There are over 700 rooms, there should be enough room for them.)

      That way we could sell off Windsor Castle, St James. Kensington and Clarence House... and all these other places we won where the old private secretaries and equerries live. And think what the art treasures would bring in. We could pay off the debt. The crown could be sold off too. If they queen's head gets cold she could always take Edwina the Egg Woman's advice and knit herself a bobbly hat!

      That would make the costs a bit more suitable for a country £1.6 trillion in debt.

  8. Re Anonymous above @ 12:07pm
    One of the Queen's comments:-"If I can help,I'd be delighted to do anything I can of course".
    She genuinely believed she was talking to the Prime Minister of Canada who was asking her to intervene in the Referendum!!
    She Has 'Previous'------Scotland next perhaps?

    1. I think Robert is/was her private secretary. They had clearly been expecting a call, because you can hear her say that they (The Canadians) wanted her to do what they (the Palace) had suspected they would.

      I suspect that someone must have prepared them for the call so that they would be put through.

      So much for a non political queen.

  9. tris

    So much for a non political queen oh do come on tris the innocent?
    the whole of history shows how the royal family of windsor/saxe-coburg
    are political to there very fingertips.
    The art is with the connivance of the political classes to give the appearance
    of being apolitical.
    just look at Charlie and the guardians attempt to expose his interference in
    the political process and how the governments of Labour and Conservatives
    are moving heaven and earth to keep him from being pushed into the light
    of media investigation and comment.

    1. Yes, I know we know it, Niko, but the governments in London continually tell us that she has no political power (nor does Charlie) and that she doesn;'t interfere.

      Until recently we only suspected that she poked her nose in... now we know.

      We don;t have keep a lot of them too. I just had a look...

      Queen, Philip, Charlie, Mrs Parker Bowles, Willy, Kate Middleton, George (plus 1), Harry, Air Miles, Tubby, Goofie, Anne and her bloke, Edward, Sophie, and their two, Kent, Gloucester and his wife, Michael and his wife, and Alexandra.. plus any of their kids that need somewhere to live.

      We have to pay for accommodation, domestic servants, transport, admin staff, drivers, and most of all security for them and all of their homes, state owned or privately owned, even if they only use them once a year.

      We must be mad.

  10. Replies
    1. Isn't Iceland the most remarkable so many ways.

      Oh for the good luck to have been born Icelandic instead of Brit.

    2. ... and equality....


    At 11.00am on Sunday Jim Murphy will be on air to answer your questions outwith of his comfort blanket the Boothman broadcasting protection company aka BBC Scotland.

    1. Thanks CH. Missed it. Anything interesting??

  12. Tris

    In this day and age the windsors are an afront to democracy and the idea that they do not intervene is a myth, they have blocked numerous bills alone this last wee while. I think I read somewhere that they had blocked 33 bills as they were deemed to affect them or their wealth, they also have an exemption from the minimum wage legislation, I believe their Chief Staff Guy, you know the Navy person that we pay for, said that it was fine as it looked good on a cv.

    Middleton just spent £4million on doing up a hall in some bloody palace at our expense. How many food banks does that provide, they lecture on things like animal welfare and go hunting, house building then block legislation that frees up land. I am sorry but they are a luxury that we stopped being able to afford a long time ago.

    As far as the referendum goes I am not surprised her Maj intervened, not surprised at all. Maj has sat and watched the demise of the empire and the slow demise of her family so of course she is going to fight tooth and nail to keep what they have left, and as long as certain people keep fawning over this bloody family we are stuck with them. If only society fawned over families that are in desperate need, now wouldn't that be good.

    There are rumours that she is going to step down at the end of the year, although I doubt that, so wee Charlie can have a shot as she might just out live him, they do tend to live for 100 years the women of the Windsors, just shows what the best of everything can do to your life expectancy, bet people in Shettleston would love that. I think the funny thing would be Charlie missing out due to age and having to call his wee spoilt son His Majesty, that would be a laugh.

    No Tris, they are an historic anomaly that reinforces everything that is shit about this country and I really hope they are gone the sooner the better.