Monday 22 December 2014



  1. tris and other nats

    Why dont you lot ask for a voluntary Scottish license fee from
    the Scottish people money to be donated to the Scottish
    evening news

  2. Yes BritNat, half of the Scottish population should pay two television license fees, the North Britain's need only pay one. Seems fair.

  3. Coward anon (the nats usually are )

    Note the use of voluntary

    adjective: voluntary

    done, given, or acting of one's own free will.

    If you nats are so supportive of snp propaganda why dont
    you donate some cash....Or is it like the snp membership
    surge based on individuals paying an almost zero fee of around
    50p a month.
    And you are welcome to organise a boycott of the BBC license fee
    and use the money saved to donate. But then again not many aside
    from the nat extremists would support you in that action would they ? no.

    1. I have already donated, to Scottish evening news and will do so again.
      You can join labour northern outpost for £5. That's 41.6p a month, though apparently, not too many are taking up the generous offer.

    2. Niko are you still on this blog looking for a reaction from folk, I find that quite pathetic, grow up.

  4. Ah Niko. I see you are in fine fettle today. I too have made a voluntary contibution to the Evening News.

    I think what our correspondent mean was, why should people in Scotland pay for the BBC by law and then feel obliged to pay extra for a service that actually covers Scotland so that they can actually get some news about what is happening in Scotland.

    I don't pay a tv licence because I don't watch tv in my house.

    However, I was at my mum's house today at lunchtime and we looked at the BBC news. It was all English news. English NHS, London crime figures; and not one mention of the fact that the estimable John Mann (Labour) has given the police a file with the names of 20+ MPs and some Lards who were/are members of pervert rings abusing boys.

    They did mention that Tessy May is considering disbanding the inquiry that has so far gone through two chairmen, who had to resign because if involvement with suspects, and a panel who have sent rude letters to some of the people who were on the receiving end of the paedos. No one, it seems has any confidence in it. Surprise surprise!

    1. Jim is right about the SNP membership. If you are unwaged you can join for £5 a year (pensioners, students, unemployed, etc.

      Jim Murphy has made much of this.

      But you can join Labour for £5, even if you are in work...

    2. Sorry Tris, I have to correct you, it was Labour's membership fee I was referring to. Highlighting, it too was around the 50p a month mark.

    3. Sorry Jim. I mixed that up.

      I realised what you were just came out all wrong.

      In fact both Labour and SNP have cheap memberships. In the SNP it is for the unwaged only. As I understand it anyone can get a £5 membership.

  5. Aye, 'cause you're a green monster called Nikostratos?!
    True knuckle dragger's stay away from anything green all together - you are a very confused person.
    It costs 41.7p a month for labour party membership btw.
    Why would anyone support me in a boycott of bbc license fees? I have scanned my reply - watched the video again - scratched my head and still I can't see any mention of a boycott?
    I truly do feel sorry for you though, after such a wonderful political awakening in Scotland you still just sound like an angry wee toddler. All you talk about is nats and the snp, honestly - have a wee look at all your posts, you are obsessed.
    Mr B. Banner.

    1. There are people all over the UK who are refusing to pay the licence fee.

      Nothing to do with Scotland or independence, but because the BBC has a few channels out of several hundred that are available for free, and many people don't watch the BBC for whatever reason.

      The coverage of Scotland is one thing... the coverage of the Israel-Palestine situation another...

      There are others who object to the massive salaries paid to second rate "stars"...

      And still more who have a problem with the "turn a blind eye" attitude of BBC management to our money being used to fund a debauched culture of sexual abuse in the BBC offices and dressing rooms...

      Not to mention those who think that the salaries paid to layers of management who do nothing, are a waste of money.

      Plenty of people are telling the BBC to shove it.

  6. anon

    Yes I am obsessed with being and staying a free man able to live
    without the snp/nats arranging everyones life in snp/Scottish way .
    seeing life through a tartan prism wherein we are so special tartan
    sunbeams shine outta of our Scottish arses and human kindness
    stops at the border.
    Only the Scots live as one happy human family if it weren't for the
    dastardly English corrupting our very souls there would be no crime
    cos no True Scot would ever steal from another true Scot,

    Why in the whole of recorded or unrecorded history there isn't any example
    of any Scots doing harm to each other until the English turned up that is .
    Why its genetically proven that the Scots are the fairest kindest and nicest
    peoples on planet Earth.
    In fact the Scots are God chosen people on Earth and not those others
    them jews somebody should give them a compass. why its widely known
    that come the day of judgment the Scots will the first raised up to heaven
    (which looks remarkably similar to 12th century Scotland ) to sit
    at the Lords right hand.

    I defy anyone to find any Scot anywhere who dun harm to a fellow
    human being that did not have an English of half Englishman within a
    hunnnered miles influencing them in an evil tricksy way .

    It wuz the English who invented dungeons ,prisons etc just to
    throw the Scots into...............

    Not a lot of people know but it wuz the English who invented Gold yeah really just
    to corrupt weak minded Scots also known as Unionists

    1. That was as bad as Jackie Baillies pre written nonsense on salmonds final fmq's. Stay happy in your own little world my friend

    2. Come on people, get a grip. We may; disagree, argue or refute each others arguments but, for F##£S sake, a little understanding and maturity, can go a lot further than playground tactics.
      Nico, no one is saying the Scots are god's gift, or the English are the devil's children. We just want a chance to prove that we are a country, like every other country; we may make mistakes but, we may actually make a difference, for the better for our peoples.
      Annon, or is it Dr Banner? Please calm down, we on the YES side were and still are, disappointed about the result of the referendum but, we will never; change hearts or win minds, by insulting the intelligence of no voters. To them and quite rightly, their reasons for their vote, were and, are as valid as ours.

    3. Niko needs counselling desperately get Jim Murphy.

    4. He prefers to live in a world where the Brits know best, indeed are the second most important nation on earth, and where London knows best about everything whether it be in Cornwall, Scotland, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or the moon!

      It seems to afflict a lot of people. It's an illness.

  7. Replies
    1. Indeed, it's bad any time of year but, at this time; very upsetting.

    2. Just done a wee post. So sad to hear it. Put yourselves in the place of victims' families and friends. Horrific.

  8. It's not just the BBC's total failure to adequately represent Scotland that puts me off for you just have to look at the BBC's Chistmas schedule to see that it is stuck in a time warp of nostalgia for an England of the last century full of luvvies and so called "national treasures" that pop up year after year repeating the same dire tripe.

    1. I've not looked at what the BBC are putting on at Christmas (as I no longer have a working tv, it doesn't interest me much), but I read it's virtually all repeats. It seems most of the licence fees goes on managers' expenses, salaries and redundancy payments for the few that they got rid of....and massive fees for Z list stars.

      I watch a bit of ITV on catch up, and some French TV in the same way.

      None of it is particularly good.

      The BBC is atrocious, and I'll never get over this year's referendum nonsense, the bias in reporting the Middle East situation, and the paedophile scandals.