Wednesday 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Watch me now, here I go, all I need's a little snow
Starts me off, sets the theme, helps me dream my Christmas dream
Every year I dream it, hoping things will change
An end to the crying, the shouting, the dying

And I hope you will dream it too
It's Christmas, remember? We've got to remember
So, light the light, I'm home tonight
I need you to warm me, to calm me, to love me
To help me to dream my Christmas dream

Crazy things, said and done every single day but one
Every night should, I believe, be the same as Christmas eve
Nights should all be silent, days should all slow down
An end to the hurry, the noise and the worry

And I hope you believe that too
It's Christmas, remember? Does no one remember?
The whole world needs, a Christmas dream
We need it to warm us, to calm us, to love us
To help us to dream our Christmas dream

Neither Munguin nor I are particularly Christmassy. We certainly have no time for the rank commercialisation of it, but we do, very certainly, believe in the message of peace. 

It is, however, a terrible pity that the people who might be able to bring that a bit closer, don't seem to care much for that aspect of Christmas, and seem more interested in the ringing of tills.

Of course peace doesn't make as much money as war...

Anyway...have a nice day tomorrow and we'll see you on Boxing Day.


  1. PS... If John Brownlie is looking in...Mum says...where's that bottle you promised?

  2. Robins are aggressive wee buggers, it's strange how they are printed on cards to promote peace on earth to all mankind...

    Merry Christmas to all at Munguin towers and all the assorted hangers on (Yes, that means you Niko and John).

    Next year in Jerusalem...

    1. I suppose they are... I mean they don't much like any other robin moving in on their territory, but they are, by and large, friendly to humans, and because you only ever get one in your garden, you know him, and he knows you.

      I had one last year who would sit only inches from where I was digging or moving pots, not of course because he enjoyed my company, although I did speak to him all the time, but because he knew that I would be uncovering all sorts of interesting food, and he trusted me. Strangely, this year's robin is a timid soul who won't come anywhere near me... We'll see in the spring, whether he changes his tune.

      Anyway... Have a good one, Conan... stay sober...ish....

  3. Merry Christmas folks. Saw on twitter that 1 in 10 people won't see or speak to another person today. So very warm wishes to those, like me, in that situation. Hopefully they won't also have the cold though, grrhhh!

    1. Well, you've just spoken to all Munguin's readers (probably about 5 !!! We're not Wings, y'know).

      I'm going to see my mum today, but I wont see anyone else. And we aren't doing presents, becasue we thought the food bank needed the money more than we needed presents.

      I've spent the later part of the morning cutting down some ivy that was blown off the top of the wall, and generally tidying up the garden as the weather here is fabulous. I'm cold but all rosy cheeked now.

      Munguin will be entertaining high level friends, but of course I won't get an invite.

      Sorry to hear you've got a cold, PP. Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C tablets... And of course a little bit of alcohol seems to work wonders...

      Get better soon.