Friday 5 December 2014


Scotland welcomes the Autumn Statement, or Budget as we would call it, even if it is late (December is winter here), and none of it does us any good at all. Some of it will actually do harm, particularly to the old, and the poor. But what do you expect from a bunch of self serving flea bags like the Tories?

Never mind. Think of all the fun we will have with the Federal road signs.
Or the Treasury as some people like to call it euphemistically 
They are apparently going to go after the tax dodgers,
 just like they said they would do every year since 2010.
It's a government of caring sharing people
They care about themselves and they share with  their friends
and the bankers. Just call him Rich for short.
As they used to sing in the 60s:
"Things go better with Coke!"
This sort of a  .... no just this sort.
And "the brains" of the organisation.
Well, you didn't think he thought up all this by himself,
did you?
I'd imagine tying his laces uses up his daily share of intellect.
Well, you have to turn up for the important stuff.
Click to make the thieving bitch bigger.
IDS wins a prize.
Just like his granny... the rust bucket.
Where there is discord, let us bring war.
Where there is hunger, let us bring starvation.
And where there is misery,
let see what we can do to increase it!...
...Obviously except for "people like us"...
...Unless they aren't donors to the Conservative Party
in which case they are avoiding scumbags... obviously.

Oh yeah, I know there should have been a Liberal or two in there too, becasue they are part of the government and Danny Right Hand Man Alexander was almost certainly largely involved in the autumn statement, but they seem to have been forgotten. There was no news about any of them, except apparently Nick Clegg saying he wanted to spend more time away from the Commons (which I am sure will be arranged for him in a few months time... around May probably).

However, for those who like that sort of thing, here's a picture of Danny, looking ever.


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    1. Oh yeah. The Tories can take a bit of the blame, but they would NEVER have got away with this without the open invitation left by the disaster that Brown Darling and Blair left.

      That was begging for austerity super max... Gave the Tories the excuse they had been looking for since 1950.

      Bravo brave boys of Labour.

  2. They truly are scum, not an ounce of humanity, in any of them.
    As for the liberal, there was no need, as usual.


    1. I think the truth is that they really don't see us as being quite the same species as them, which in a way, I find quite comforting.

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    1. Thanks CH. I'll listen this evening...

  4. well it's a bit colder today so thanks (!!) for this as it has got my blood boiling and I needed the heat...

    Bloody hell what have 55% of the population done. In one way it's roll on May but in another I fear that people will bottle it again and vote Labour to keep the Tories out even though Scotland makes no difference most of the time and Labour are just a slightly less toxic version of the Tories anyway.

    1. The polls don't look that way at the moment PP, but a week is a long time in politics as they say... so 4 months is a VERY long time. Also polls are only polls, and again, as they say, the on;ly one that matters is the one in May.

      We just have to keep repeating the message.

      They don't give a stuff about us. All they want is the income to pour into an ever increasing black hole of greed and corruption.

      I wonder if they will manage to keep themselves out of a war until May.

      I suppose that depends on Mr Obama.

      Anyway, I'm glad we warmed you up.

  5. Tris and Panda Paws, I feel very much as you do, but one thing in favour is the number of people JOINING the SNP. People who have joined are more likely to have made the decision and will vote accordingly. The rest, well who knows, I am sure there will be a campaign to try and put Scotland back in the shortbread tin and back to the old ways. Let us pray that people who were misguided last time will see the error of their ways, I am sure some will.
    We will still have the Brit Nats like Niko to deal with but if we win over some of the rest we could definitely increase the number of SNP MP's.
    My one problem is that we are going to have to inform people that the sMYTH Commission will have delivered heehaw by May and after will vanish soon after. My suggestion is to use the information and put it onto a leaflet and push it through the doors. We may inform some, others will not even look at it.

    1. Yes, that's true.

      We will have to work hard to get the vote out and get past the scare stories of labour and their tactical voting for the Tories.

      Where they have no chance of winning, I believe they are urging thier people to vote Tory or Liberal...

      The people who brought us Foodbankland.

      Anything to keep their greedy snouts in the trough.

    2. Along with Helena's leaflet, an additional leaflet telling people that Labour are urging it's members to vote Tory, if the Tories have a better chance of beating the SNP and thus Scotland. If there is demonstrable evidence.


    3. Apparently Margrit Curran made a speech today telling people that ewven Nicola Sturgeon thought that to beat the Tories you should vote Labour.

      What bloody parallel universe is that woman living in?

      Does no news about Scottish politics get down to London?

  6. War by media and the triumph of propaganda

    It's 100 years since the First World War. Reporters then were rewarded and knighted for their silence and collusion. At the height of the slaughter, British prime minister David Lloyd George confided in C.P. Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian: "If people really knew [the truth] the war would be stopped tomorrow, but of course they don't know and can't know."

    It's time they knew.

    1. There are so many things we didn't know about.

      The Empire... the bizarre and perverted lives of the upper classes... what royalty got up to...

      We're only starting to find out now. Look at Hillsborough, the BBC, these flats that the MPs lived in, that "guest house" where god knows what went on...

      How much more is there that the kept from and keep from us?

  7. Say what you like about the tax dodging Lord Ashcroft... but where would political anoraks the UK wide be without his polling data?

    I can honestly say, his polling in the key marginals is so good it makes me smile. Useful, helpful, and thankfully well conducted!

  8. tris and others a must read and internalize without exploding
    into a zillion pieces

    2There is a propensity to believe that Yes speaks for Scotland, missing that No won. It is a common trait of bad politics to pose the world as you want to see it, rather than it is, and then build your perspective from this.

    Making the mistake that Yes speaks for Scotland misunderstands politics on numerous levels: the nature of democratic legitimacy, the contours of the No victory, and any notion of future political and constitutional change. Pro-independence opinion has to grasp that it does not speak for majority Scotland; it must reach out, listen and empathise, and not engage in the politics of smugness and self-righteousness.

    3The pro-Union majority did not vote out of selfishness, false consciousness or other reasons which can be dismissed. Instead, like independence voters they were motivated by a huge variety of reasons – all of which are valid.

    1. All sensible points. And when YES voters and campaigners insult the intelligence or integrity of 55% of our population by labelling us 'stupid' or 'traitors' for not sharing their nationalist says far more about them than us.

      Most voters voted NO for valid reasons, and in a democracy the winner has the right to set the direction of travel politically. And our direction is a very real conscious desire to be part of something bigger than the tiny parochial world of 'little Scotlander' personalities.

    2. Dean, and Niko, I think NO voters did so for a variety of reasons, yes there were the stupid, the frightened, the uninformed ( mark you they liked being that way) and the Brit Nats. Now I do think that the latter are just what they are. The uninformed will remain stupid. The frightened, believe me when I say they were not all pensioners.
      Democracy lost in Scotland though and when there is only one voice allowed then their is no Democracy. If I am angry and I am it is at the lost opportunity. The opportunity to leave the warmongering Westminster. To leave a society which is becoming more divisive by the day. Scotland can be a better place but sticking with Westminster is not the road forward, it is indeed the road back and if you want that, I suggest travelling south and back in time.

    3. Oh and Dean, I worry if Niki comes out with anything sensible, I also worry if he doesn't.

  9. listen ! listen ! listen !

    Independence meant for many voters that they would lose something valuable and precious, almost existential, and this made them deeply uncomfortable. These feelings should not be caricatured or dismissed as wrong, but understood as they put up a set of impenetrable barriers which prevented the independence argument reaching out to large parts of Scotland. In this the 2014 referendum was very different from that of the 1979 and 1997 votes.

    1. I agree with you here too.

      The loss of the Union was an existential question proposed by the Nationalists. 55% of Scots said, yes to being Scottish, but no to losing another layer to their identity - Britishness. The history it imparts, the cultural identity it has helped inform. And yes the institutions, writers, subcultures ... the whole lot. 55% of Scots felt the loss of all of that too great for the sake of just being nominally independent (I say nominally, after all since Fukyama 'End of History' just how independent are nation-states in our globalisational era?)

    2. Lied and cheated Niko, and many recognise it now. If you want to point to anything then the NO campaign with their blanket coverage in both broadcasting and newspapers, unqualified approval if every thing THEY said with an almost total black out and derogation of the YES campaign, If Democracy was lost it was definitely lost in the Referendum. We shall see but I expect this to continue with the GE.

  10. Will they listen probably not there nat minds are fixed on
    an implausible future there cry is.

    Better a Scottish death than a UK/EU Life

  11. Niko, are you well, you seem to have lost the place here. Surely you mean their and not there, then the paragraph just about makes sense.

    I am seriously worried about you, maybe Tris could pop round and see if you are okay.

  12. Love the pics Tris.

    Everyone tells a story and lifts the lid on the drivel from WM.

    Dean and Nikos.

    Yes lost the vote to scaremongering and lies. Anyone saying otherwise is deluded. But i will give your your win and point out that women took years and many campaigns to finally get any rights so losing only means you learn from your mistakes and try again. You don't give up.

    Snp are nearing 100,000 members. Green and SSP doubling in size. The opposition are falling apart and come the GE 2015 we'll see who really won.

    The WM policies of starving children and abusing the disabled are the very policies we are fighting against. Why are you not fighting with us. You must have a family member or friends who is disabled or poor with kids.

    We fought for rights for the protection of these folk and WM have done away with the protection by claiming they are scroungers . And like a nodding dog you agree. How sad that our countries have come to this.

    I served my country as a soldier . What i believed was an honor. Now in my 50's and disabled , i am classed as a scrounger and benefit cheat. Never mind that my injuries were caused in the defense of my country. They promised to care for me if i could not. I can't and they don't give a damn.

    I watch as children go cold and hungry in this country that gives billions away in aid to others. Tax breaks for the rich and wages paid to folk so low that the govt has to top up with benefits.

    You condone a govt of corrupt expense cheats and peodo's

    You can only complain about the YES movement but offer nothing in return. Why should we vote Lab/Con/Lib etc ??

    What will they do to protect me , the disabled and poor. What would you suggest we vote if we want change.

    All i hear is snipes at the YESSERS and the SNP. Nothing to make me think i might be better voting some one other than SNP.

    Hysterical outbursts at the rise in members must frighten the shit out of the unionists. Come May we'll have even more for you to moan about..

    Independence is a certain , and sooner than you think.

    1. Richy & Helen,

      Helen, if you losing means we don't have a democracy anymore in your doesn't say much for democracy as one of your principles does it?
      People vote for a variety of reasons. And your insistence that we all voted NO 'cos we're either stupid, frightened or just nasty is the height of uncivil and anti-democratic opinion.

      Respect, we all deserve it when being reasonable. And we can reasonably say NO to independence without your antics there.

      And Richy, you have just come out with some rather nasty stuff there. But I'll deal with your arguments before your nasty accusations.

      "The WM policies of starving children and abusing the disabled are the very policies we are fighting against. Why are you not fighting with us. You must have a family member or friends who is disabled or poor with kids."

      This isn't 'WM policies' (whatever that means, given we have three separate parties inside the Commons all disagreeing on the pace of cuts and what to cut).
      But putting your rhetoric to one side, the facts: free school meals across England, and the £2.5bn pupil premium delivered by the LDs in the coalition doesn't strike me as starving children.
      That strikes me as doing the precise opposite.

      And another fact between 1997-2010 the then Labour gov't in WM succeeded in taking over one million kids out of poverty. Doesn't square well with your rhetoric of WM starving kids.

      In fact you seem to be peddling lies. And shame on you for attempting to rewrite history in the way you are doing.

      Taking a leaf out of Uncle Joe book are you?

      Oh yes, and the Tories. They've raising the income tax threshold to now £10,600 and when coupled with the 2m new jobs, it ensures work pays, and people on lower incomes tax home more of their money. That isn't starving anyone.

      Time you get a reality check.

  13. More on Richy vile statement:

    "ou condone a govt of corrupt expense cheats and peodo's"

    So if I refuse to support Independence, or refuse to support the SNP I'm condoning fraud and child molestation?

    Are you being serious?

    If that's the level of your arguments, then kindly piss off you nasty twisted charlatan.

    1. Maybe Richy & Helen should read Gerry Hassan latest article?

    2. Dean

      read it . loved this more.

      puts hassan in his place.

    3. So you stand by your statement that 'cos I voted no I'm an apologist for child rape?

      Rubbish, idiotic slanders like that undermines your entire position.

  14. My beef is No voters telling us to forget what we worked hard for. They offer us nothing but the same old party line with the usual anti snp line thrown in.

    Rome wasn't built in a day and we will gain our independence.

    labour and tory give the tax breaks to the rich. the poor earn so little it hardly makes a difference. And by giving the poor a wee tax break they introduce bedroom tax , aimed at the disabled because London has a housing problem. 80% of the bedroom tax defaulters are disabled. Or benefit caps without taking into consideration the reasons.

    Expense cheats, Sexual abuse being hushed up. Food banks on the increase and single mothers being sanctioned allowing their kids to go hungry and cold and they are on the rise. 51,000 food parcels this month given out in Scotland.

    Low wages subsidised by tax credits . No industry other than the odd warship. A carrier that has no planes. Trident. ???? What a waste of money that is. Interfering with other countries eg Syria. bomb the brown folk when it has nothing to do with us.

    BBC and MSM spreading lies and spin about " Scotland the subsidy junkie" when their own figures tell we subsidise the rUK.

    Work fare forcing pensioners to work for nothing. No wage rises of any sort but the MP's get a 10,000 pound rise and they voted for another rise.

    The Snp have balanced their meager budget well and saved many here from more hardship as well as running the country well.

    The union dividend - more cuts to services , more austerity , more of the same shit that doesn' work. Osbourne needs to borrow more and we suffer because of their incompetence .

    A Yes vote would have saved Billions on scrapping trident. Millions on an unelected chamber of has beens. Given us a choice of trying something new rather than a austerity package that won't effect the rich in any way.

    The united kingdom is a morally bankrupt elitist state. Not fit for the purpose. The political system in force means they will always have power and jobs for their schoolmates.

    Non of the political [parties offer anything to help and have been proven to lie time and time again.

    At least the SNP try to look after Scotlands interests. They have a great record and the 2015 GE will prove we will never forgive Labour by wiping them out of Scotland for good.

    There is no motorway between Scotlands capital and England. pop over the border a few yards though and motorways and duel roads everywhere.

    Scotlands population has hardly budged over decades because the decent jobs are down south. Our Scottish regiments along with our passport offices are in Ulster.

    This is supposed to be an equal partnership. We give , they take and give us pocket money back for devolved services.

    Why wouldn't we wont independence . We could hardly do any worse.

  15. The United nations Human rights team are investigating the UK for their abuse of the poor and disabled. What a disgrace.

    And YES any one who votes for these elitist morons while kids and disabled go hungry are selfish self centered mugs. You do the work for them by giving them the vote and keeping us one of THE MOST UNBALANCED NATION ON EARTH. the gap between the rich and poor is a disgrace.

    Your vote allows them to carry on taking our resources and using them to finance their bloody wars and London projects.

    All it takes for evil to thrive is for a man to say nothing.

    but voting for the bastards who have bankrupt this country and drain our assets makes you worse.

    Your a traitor to allow your country to be ruled by another. Fact.
    No voters made Scotland the only country in history to refuse it's own independence
    The whole world must think were off our heads . But with patriots like these NO voters who needs enemies.