Saturday 20 December 2014


Thanks to Cynical Highlander for pointing me in the direction of this.

Seen on Twitter:

BBC: The oil business is finished? Expert: No
BBC: It's over for North Sea? Expert: No
BBC: But it's catastrophic isn't it? Expert: No.
Well, Ed, Tony said it was just for show...
Yep... just for a laugh...Nigel Farage started it by saying he felt threatened by people on the train speaking a different language. (Amazing when you consider that his wife is German and his daughters speak German fluently... but maybe he feels intimidated at home would certainly explain why he spends so much time in the pub and elsewhere!!). I wonder if, when they are in Brussels, on a train, or more likely in a bar, the UKIP lot all speak Flemish or French to each other in order not to put the locals in a state of fear?
Anyway, you'd kinda hope that if people were going to have a go at immigrants for speaking 'foreign' on our trains, they might make a wee bit of an effort not to mix the possessive pronoun "OUR" with part of the verb "to be" ..." ARE"...
Oh, and what the hell is the hyphen for?


  1. Not guilty m'Lud. it was him or her unless there are pressies on offer.

    1. Great talent.

      I wish I could draw. Munguin could become the star of a strip cartoon... although he wishes to point out that when he says "strip cartoon" he means "bande dessineée" as opposed to "se mettre nu"

  2. I think an 'S' is missing from the 'ARE'.

  3. tris

    I see the girls are against Trident and Nuclear weapons whilst the lone
    male is obviously for .
    But then the Girls do not understand the males need to Wave their big willys
    about saying..... wot abaht that then darling ?

    Its a man thing

    1. I think Ed would need a lot more, than missiles, to make him manly; or remotely electable.

    2. Ahhh got it Niko... erm, might I spoil your theory a little by mentioning Mrs Thatcher?

    3. jimminy

      Labour races into seven-point lead..............Ah well !


      How so ?

    4. The Guardian...ignoring the Greens and the Nationalist parties.

      That's how.

    5. Niko... Rumour has it Mrs Thatcher was once a girl and she loved her nuclear weapons...

  4. If you read the sign in a Mockney accent, it all makes perfect sense...

    1. Yep Conan... I did that and it does.

      It's surprising how many people have no idea about the difference between 'our' and 'are', or 'have' or 'of' (as in "she could of gone").

      Neat of them to lecture other people about learning English though. Every time that one or other of the governments in Westminster comes up with the idea that we should only pay benefits to immigrants who can pass an English test, I wonder what we should do about our home grown claimants who communicate in a series of grunts.

  5. Good editorial from the Herald:

    IT was a chance to prove he really did mean what he said.

    When Jim Murphy was elected last week he promised a "fresh start for Labour", and said his aim was to "unite Scotland".

    But he has fallen at the first hurdle - hobbled by the weary, useless tribal Westminster-style politics he represents.

    When offered the chance to unite with the four other party political leaders in Scotland - Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie - to save the Aeronautrical Rescue Coordination Centre at Kinloss in Moray, he walked away.

    Instead of joining the cross-party effort and collectively putting pressure on UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon to reconsider the closure, Murphy snubbed the move and went on his own way, writing his own letter to Cameron instead.

    Let's get this in perspective: Kinloss is a key air search and rescue centre. It saves lives. It co-ordinates RAF, Royal Navy and Coastguard search and rescue helicopters, as well as the RAF mountain rescue service.

    If it closes, Scotland will lose a crucial and highly valued service, which will instead move to the south coast of England. At least 27 RAF posts and 10 civilian posts would be affected.

    Murphy's actions were petty and embarrassing - even more so given that the proposal for cross-party co-operation to save Kinloss was proposed by a Labour Highlands and Islands MSP, Dave Stewart. Where Stewart was prepared to put old squabbles aside, Murphy was not. Where Stewart was prepared to think of the people of Scotland above the Scottish Labour Party, Murphy was not. So, there's at least one elected Labour representative in this country who seems to be seeking a new start and a new political paradigm, but it is not Jim Murphy.

    Murphy might have been elected Scottish Labour leader last week, but in truth he is yesterday's man. The tide of history is against the ­tribalism which has for too long driven politivs in Scotland.

    If the SNP promised universal peace and wealth for all by tomorrow morning, Murphy would turn his back because that is the sort of politics he has been schooled in - petty, negative, and serving the people of Scotland not one jot.

    He represents a party which would do almost anything to score a ­political point against the SNP.

    We have repeatedly heard Labour insist it has learned lessons from past defeats.

    The most important lesson it had to learn is not to put political point scoring above the best interests of Scotland.

    Murphy himself suggested as much when he said after his election as Labour leader that he would employ 'yes' in his team.

    Sadly, he seems to have reverted to the depressing Labour habit of rejecting any collaboration with the SNP, which he can only view as an arch enemy of his party.

    1. An accurate assessment of, the man and party.

    2. Umm seems to me and other normal decent and honest people the snp
      has for a very long long time done nothing else but attempt political point scoring at any given time on any given issue.

    3. Normal Niko?


      So all other political parties don't attempt point scoring?

      Fair enough, SLAB may 'attempt' it...

  6. So why should middle class loveys be allowed to drink alcohol at rugby
    matches whilst good ole working class men are unable to drink alcohol
    at football matches ??

    Cos they dont fight at rugby matches off the field that is ..
    nice one Jim .